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“Beyond the Pale” and “Terrorists & Heroes”

Not only does Obama trade away five Muslim terrorists in exchange for one deserter, but at the same time he lets a Marine stew in a Mexican jail and rolls out the red carpet for thousands of Honduran and Guatemalan children, who first had to pass through Mexico to reach and then cross our border. I’m just asking, but isn’t it high time we declared Mexico a rogue state and cut off tourism and diplomatic relations, as we did with Cuba?

What Happens In D.C. Should Stay In D.C.

I keep hearing that Obama’s poll numbers have never been worse, and I realize that as a conservative, I should be reveling in the news. The reason I’m not as gleeful as I might be is because they remain so damn high. For instance, a recent poll reported that whereas 52% of us think Obama…

They Don’t Seem All That Gay

There are certain topics about which I write that inevitably trigger predictable responses. If I write, say, a defense of Israel, I know I will be called one of three or four obscenities by anti-Semites. If I write a piece bemoaning the fact that 80% of Jewish Americans invariably vote for left-wingers, I can expect…