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Late Night Lip Service


Anytime Bill O’Reilly is a guest on David Letterman’s show, viewers are guaranteed to witness an entertaining exchange. Thursday night was no exception. As usual, Letterman’s tone was irritable and adversarial as he quickly shot through a cue carded list of political topics with O’Reilly. They revisited previous disputes with Letterman once again assigning blame…

“Money for Nothing and Your ‘Chits’ For Free”


I know I’m beating a dead horse here, but I just can’t help myself. I run a law office which operates in Washington and California.  I keep calendars, meet deadlines, know in which court my husband is expected to be, and do tons of paperwork.  When I order supplies, I know exactly what I’m buying and know…

Who’s Rich? Who’s Poor?


Almost eighty Catholic educators recently criticized U.S. House Speaker, John Boehner, due to speak at Washington’s Catholic University.  They claim his record is “among the worst in Congress” when it comes to protecting the poor.  The letter called on Speaker Boehner to “reawaken your familiarity” with church teachings on the subject of poverty.  The letter…