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Obama’s De-Nile

I would like to spend a little time wandering through those weird cavernous echo chambers that pass for brains in the skulls of Obama, Kerry, John McCain and Lindsey Graham. But only if I knew I could get out and not be trapped inside with all those stalagmites. While the Republican pinheads speak of reconciliation…

A Nuclear Arsenal Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

Obama insists that in spite of Putin’s body language, their private conversations are often very productive. Indeed they are. For Putin, that is. Without his lifting a finger to help us when it comes to Iran, Syria and Edward Snowden, Obama has agreed not to supply Poland with a promised anti-missile system, has agreed to…

Placing A Bounty On Progressives

If the world made far more sense than it does, conservatives, the folks with guns, would be allowed to shoot liberals during hunting season. They wouldn’t shoot all of them. Conservatives, after all, are conservationists at heart. All they’d do is to periodically thin the herd, the way they do with bears, elk and rabbits….

Wacko Birds & Other Dodos

I readily admit I wasn’t as taken with Rand Paul’s filibuster as some other people were. For one thing, I thought if he was going to engage in a 13-hour talkfest, it should have been when Chuck Hagel was on the hot seat. After all, John Brennan is a far better choice to head up…

How to Become a Racist at Age 76


This is a story that’s the opposite of your typical coming of age in terms of racism.  We often hear about stories of people who were born or raised as a racist, and come to learn that there is no reason to harbor such hate.  These are sometimes rural people who did not have much…

Could This Be Bye-bye Obama?


Political scandals come, and political scandals go, but they all smell the same. I am going to go way out on a limb here, and predict that President Obama will be forced to resign from office before the end of his second term, because of Benghazi-gate, just as one of his esteemed predecessors, Richard Nixon,…

Race and the NY Times


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