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Sanford and Weiner – I Knew They’d Be Back


When both of these guys left public office a few years back, like cockroaches who’ll survive nuclear war, I knew we hadn’t seen the last of them. I was right. Former Republican Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina was just elected by a landslide to his old House of Representatives seat and Democrat Anthony Weiner,…

The Sense in Being a Conservative Supporter of Gay Marriage

John McCain

Earlier this week, commentator Meghan McCain (daughter of U.S. Senator John McCain) received a lot of online attention after expressing her thoughts on Mark Sanford’s special-election victory over opponent Elizabeth Colbert Busch. In reaction to Sanford’s recapturing of his old seat in Congress, McCain tweeted: “Any Republican that voted for Mark Sanford in South Carolina…

When Private Choices Affect Public Trust


“It’s his private life; it has nothing to do with being President.”  This was the mantra my liberal friends chanted when President Clinton was involved with Monica Lewinsky in our House – the White House. The choice to engage in risky behavior is a reflection on one’s character, on one’s ability to make decisions. My…