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“Beyond the Pale” and “Terrorists & Heroes”

Not only does Obama trade away five Muslim terrorists in exchange for one deserter, but at the same time he lets a Marine stew in a Mexican jail and rolls out the red carpet for thousands of Honduran and Guatemalan children, who first had to pass through Mexico to reach and then cross our border. I’m just asking, but isn’t it high time we declared Mexico a rogue state and cut off tourism and diplomatic relations, as we did with Cuba?

Delving Into Foreign Affairs

With so many disasters befalling us domestically, it’s easy to take our eye off all the bloody nonsense taking place outside our borders. And of course let it be understood that when I speak of borders, I’m referring to a concept, nothing more than a notion, and not to anything that actually exists in the…

Money, Money, Money & Other Matters

Money has no morality, but that doesn’t mean it should be dispensed by those who share that failing. That is particularly the case when it’s the people’s money, our tax dollars, which are being dispensed. For instance, since going on a murderous rampage at Fort Hood, Muslim jihadist Major Nidal Hasan has collected $278,000 in…

Can You Say Chutzpah? Or Should I Say Descaro?


I believe in legal immigration – my father came to this great country in 1924 from Germany and never looked back.  But he came here legally through Ellis Island. I’m absolutely opposed to illegal immigration and believe it’s despicable that people can break our laws and still benefit from living in this great nation.  I…