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The Rabbi’s Advice

One of the many oddities of this administration is that while it’s constantly referring to congressional Republicans as bomb-throwing terrorists, villains with whom it’s useless to negotiate, they are always willing to give away the store to actual bomb-throwing terrorists in Syria, Iran, Afghanistan and Palestine. The fact is that they were so fearful that…

Trail Balloons

Politicians are always floating trial balloons to test the winds for their various programs. I have my own balloons, and I often wish I could use them to float off to another planet For instance, I received an email from a fellow who had spent 40 years working in procurement for the U.S. military. He…

“Republican Cannibals” and “Lower Forms of Animal Life”

The Catholic Church came up with the concept of excommunication. But as you may have noticed, such Catholic luminaries as the Kennedy clan, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin and Joe Biden, all spent years promoting abortion on demand and nobody in the Catholic hierarchy even raised an eyebrow, let alone said anything about denying them communion….