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Suddenly, Romney Becomes the Best Bet


About a week ago  I posted a column here entitled “Romney Isn’t There Yet,” in which I contended that as things then stood, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney seemed unlikely to win more than 248 of the 270 electoral votes required to take the presidency away from Barack Obama in the November 6 election. What…

Romney Isn’t There Yet


I wish I could be as optimistic as Dick Morris, the former Clinton aide turned GOP pundit. Morris believes that Mitt Romney has a strong chance to win the electoral votes of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota, all of which voted decisively for President Obama in 2008. By my reckoning, if Romney can win either…

Romney Gets a Much-needed Boost in Florida and Virginia


No question about it: Mitt Romney struck gold with his commanding performance in Wednesday’s first presidential debate. The Rasmussen polling firm reported Friday the results of new polls in the  crucial swing states of Florida and Virginia, and in each of them Romney got a boost. Romney now leads by 49 percent to 47 percent…