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Don’t Tell Me What To Do


It seem every time I turn around, someone is telling me what to do.  I’m supposed to use some sort of “clear” detergent for my clothes; a particular type of soap for my dishes; PETA tries to tell me what to wear and what not to eat; Michelle Obama is telling what to eat and…


Fox Movietone News logo

When I was a kid, next to the cartoon, one of my favorite things at the movies was the weekly newsreel. In fact, unless the cartoon starred Tom and Jerry, I often enjoyed the newsreel more. For those too young to remember, in the days before TV, these 10-minute films generally included some politician, usually…

Delay Execution, But Not Abortion


A couple of stories caught my eye this week.  One was about those whacky, naked kids over at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), protesting in Seattle against fishing because fish are intelligent, sensitive animals that feel stress and pain when they are hooked or hauled up in nets. On a more somber…