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This Election Could Wind Up In a Tie


I’m sure you have heard more than once the phrase “If the election were held today.” What could be more frustrating? Unless today happens to be November 6, you might as well be spitting into the wind. We are still more than eleven weeks away from that fateful day when voters will choose either Mitt…

Electing a Criminal Like Romney Could Help You Make Money


Vice President Biden recently warned an audience in Virginia, many of them blacks,that if GOP candidate George Romney captures the White House,“he’s gonna put y’all back in chains.” I guess “y’all” is how they say it way down south in Scranton, PA, where Biden was born. This set me to thinking about the possible money-making…

Should We Repeal Women’s Suffrage?


Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney’s newly chosen running-mate in this year’s presidential election race, is a strong candidate on many grounds. He is a brilliant man, a thorough master of government finances – which as we all know need work these days – and he is more conservative than Romney, which should appeal to the party’s…

Did Romney Kidnap and Rape a Prostitute?


TV INTERVIEWER: This is the latest in a series of televised interviews with people who have told us about despicable misdeeds committed by the Republican candidate for President of the United States. In past interviews we have recounted how this candidate has been guilty of murder, securities fraud, tax evasion, animal cruelty, incest, sexual harassment,…

Weekdays With Bernie: David Frum Criticizes Fox News

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