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A Dark Vein of Chris Matthews In Some Parts of Colin Powell


How do you react when you turn on a Sunday morning news show and find the highly respected, retired four-star general, Colin Powell, irresponsibly throwing out claims of racism at the Republican party that sound as if they’re being read directly from an MSNBC teleprompter? If you’re a liberal, you probably feel a thrill up…

What Would Martin Luther King Think of Chris Matthews?

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Like many people in our country, I was born after the African-American Civil Rights Movement. I wasn’t around to witness the shameful legalities of racial discrimination, and the bold acts of civil disobedience led by brave heroes to end that discrimination. No, I learned of the historical plight where many of us did: From school,…

Is “Liar” the New “Racist”?


During the Bush era, it used to drive me nuts when I’d hear an obnoxious Democratic politician or pundit on television emphatically insisting that George W. Bush had “lied” about Weapons of Mass Destruction to take us to war in Iraq. It didn’t seem to matter how many fellow Democrats in congress had drawn the…