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What Would Martin Luther King Think of Chris Matthews?

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Like many people in our country, I was born after the African-American Civil Rights Movement. I wasn’t around to witness the shameful legalities of racial discrimination, and the bold acts of civil disobedience led by brave heroes to end that discrimination. No, I learned of the historical plight where many of us did: From school,…

My Dream Speech for Mitt Romney


My fellow Americans, my fellow Republicans: The 2012 election is not an election between two men but between two entirely different visions of America. President Obama and I are simply the standard bearers of opposing, and may I add, irreconcilable visions of what America is and should be. The Republican Party and I represent American…

The ‘Corporate Wife’ and Class Prejudice

Ann Romney

Suppose, next week, in Charlotte, a conservative commentator refers to Michelle Obama as a ‘government wife.’ No need to speculate on the howl that would be raised; the progressives’ outrage and media’s selective sensitivities would spew hyperbole not seen and heard since, well, last week when Mitt Romney joked about his own birth certificate. Like…