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Gun Solutions not Gun Control


In the wake of the Connecticut school shooting, there is a desire to do something to try to prevent similar types of incidents from occurring again.  The liberals understand this, and have run with it.  They have run in the direction that feels good, but has no proof of effectiveness.  Conservatives have the solution that…

Shut it Down


The Republicans need a new strategy for their upcoming negotiations with President Obama.  The last round, they had a distinct disadvantage where doing nothing would have led to a terrible consequence, namely everyone’s taxes going up.  With these negotiations behind us, we no longer have the sun setting on good policy, which requires action for…

Bush Tax Cut Calisthenics


Has there even been a policy initiative that has received as much attention as the Bush tax cuts?  The fascinating thing is that the conventional wisdom on these cuts is constantly changing.  They are not all that complicated.  In 2001 and 2003 everyone who paid income taxes received a reduction in their tax bill through…

Capitol Losses

Dem donkey

There are discussions underway in Washington D.C. between Democrats and Republicans to come to a compromise in order to avoid the country going over the so called “fiscal cliff”.  This is the year end arrival of tax increases and spending cuts that many economists think will send the country into recession if it is allowed…

The Most Important Election Ever

Quite honestly, the only people I ever hear from who are dopier than liberals are those who identify themselves as conservatives and insist that Republicans and Democrats are identical. Anyone who would suggest that there is no difference between Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner or Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell, is one very dumb bunny….