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“Where, Oh Where, Is Barry Goldwater?”

What more people should remember about Goldwater is based on fact, not a slander perpetuated by a cynical political operative; namely, that he was the man, the Republican senator, who went to Richard Nixon and told him to his face that it was time to resign, that he was an embarrassment not only to the nation, but to the political party to which they both belonged.

At Sea In A Leaky Rowboat

Every day in just about every way, the world keeps getting spookier. Not necessarily in a Stephen King/Dean Koontz kind of spooky way, but more in a Three Stooges nonsensical sort of way. For instance, we had to replace a dishwasher recently. We went to Sear’s, got a Kenmore, and a couple of days later…

Implausible Deniability & (Bonus) Translating Obamaspeak

Generally, when it comes to White House scandals such as Watergate and Iran-Contra, the relevant questions are what the president knew and when he knew it. However, when it comes to Obama and Benghazi; the monitoring of the AP reporters; the targeting of Fox’s James Rosen; and the IRS’s intimidation of conservative groups; the questions…

The Dimwits are Always with us


I don’t recall ever hearing the term “low-information voter” before this year, but I have been familiar with the concept for more than a half-century. Low-information voters are those who know nothing about politics and politicians, but who insist on voting anyway. Both Republicans and Democrats are using the term to describe the bulk of…