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Raddatz Should be Sued for Malpractice


In the wake of the vice presidential debate Thursday night, I watched a gaggle of so-called journalists on network TV gibbering about the way Joe Biden “dominated” his GOP opposite number, Paul Ryan. Yes, the old screwball dominated the debate in the same sense that someone who pulls down his pants and takes a dump…

Bill Clinton’s Million Dollar Speech


I find myself wondering whether Bill Clinton got paid for his speech the other night to the Democratic National Convention. He earns something like $75 million per year from speaking engagements, and charges, depending on what source you believe, between $500,000 and $1 million per speech. I suspect that the speech he gave to the DNC…

Hey, Biden Had Girlfriends Too!


The news that Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan dated a black woman at school before his marriage to a white woman has shaken Democratic party strategists. Their consensus is that this can only help Ryan and his running mate, Mitt Romney, among black voters in this year’s presidential election. It had generally been agreed that…