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Paula Deen Out – Alec Baldwin In


Up until a week ago, I didn’t know anything about Paula Deen except I always thought she had great hair.  I’ve never seen her show, I don’t subscribe to her magazine and I don’t have any of her cookbooks.  After last week, and her admission that over two decades ago she used racial slurs, her…

What Would Jesus Say About Adam and Steve?

There’s something about gays that bothers a lot of conservatives.  They may deny it but that something is that they’re gay.  And we can thank the Bible for that. I thought about this after the recent Supreme Court decisions on gay marriage, which, you may have noted, did not go over well with many conservatives….

The Sense in Being a Conservative Supporter of Gay Marriage

John McCain

Earlier this week, commentator Meghan McCain (daughter of U.S. Senator John McCain) received a lot of online attention after expressing her thoughts on Mark Sanford’s special-election victory over opponent Elizabeth Colbert Busch. In reaction to Sanford’s recapturing of his old seat in Congress, McCain tweeted: “Any Republican that voted for Mark Sanford in South Carolina…

So Much BS, So Little Time

Over 30 states have voted against recognizing same-sex marriages, and of the few states where it’s legal, most have had it mandated by judicial bullies, not through the election process. But in spite of all that, gays and other leftists insist that within a few years, homosexual marriages will be legal in all 50 states….

Is Gay Marriage An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court is considering the constitutionality of same sex marriage, it might be a good time to consider this tidbit that should make even the most ardent opponent of gay marriage feel uneasy:  In the United States of America a convicted felon in prison for robbery, rape, murder or a whole…

Not a Profile in Courage

Every now and then, rarely to be sure, a profile in courage comes to our attention.  Somebody who does something brave, and when we hear about it, we know this is a person of great character, that this is someone who knew all the risks, but spoke up anyway. Senator Rob Portman of Ohio is…

Liberal Tolerance Extended Only to the Like-Minded


Oregon baker, Aaron Klein, owner of Sweets Cakes by Melissa, recently said he was living in accordance with his religious beliefs when he declined to make a lesbian couple their wedding cake. As you can imagine, so-called liberal tolerance doesn’t extend to Mr. Klein. I’ve read numerous articles so far and all have discussed the…

What’s So Great about Same-Sex Marriage?


After my first marriage broke up, I spent fourteen years as a bachelor in Manhattan before getting married again. Naturally, I made full use of this extraordinary opportunity. I dated numerous women, and in perhaps seven instances things went far enough that one party or the other started talking seriously about the possibility of getting…