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Seattle Homeless Memorial OK – Police Memorial On Hold


I love living in the Pacific Northwest, but I have to say that nearby Seattle is a really screwy place.  I’m very happy not to live in King County. In 2011, the city approved the “Leaves of Remembrance project” which allowed for bronze leaves to be installed on the sidewalks with the names of homeless people who died on…

Spring Sphere Roll, Anyone?


Not content with attacking Christmas and changing the name of our decorated trees to “holiday trees” along with a whole lot of other stuff associated with Christmas, the PC loons are at it again – but this time they’re after – hold on to your seats – Easter eggs!  I’m not joking. While Easter is…

Giving Thanks


I have lots to be thankful for and consider myself a very lucky lady.  I’m married to the “bestest husband in the entire universe” and have a fantastic sister-in-law who’s more like a sister to me, her three children and their spouses, and my four grandnephews and two grandnieces.  In addition, I have other family…