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“It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad World” and “Sour Notes At The Met”

It just recently came to light that back in February, Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, was booted out of the Navy Reserve when he tested positive for cocaine. A great many people wrote, wondering how it was that the media didn’t cover the story. When I actually delved into it, I discovered that Biden’s daughter, Ashley,…

Lunacy Reigns

I would also like to see America divided into two parts. Our part gets the Constitution and the rule of law; the other guys get Obama and liberalism. The difference between the two groups is obvious. Our side would have gotten the Christian woman out of a Sudanese prison cell and the Marine out of a Tijuana jail within 24 hours, or the bombs would have immediately begun falling on Khartoum and Mexico City.

Hobby Lobby Hysteria and Unchallenged Hyperbole


It didn’t take long, following the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby earlier this week, for many liberals to explode into full-fledged hysteria mode. The Internet predictably flared up with venom-fueled, breathtakingly irresponsible claims of companies now having the right to ban their female employees from using birth control. The assertion was utter…

“I Am A Little Sister of the Poor” and “Hollywood’s Fountain of Youth”

In one of the few Hollywood epics that wasn’t entirely wretched, there was a stirring moment in “Spartacus” when the Roman general stands before the slaves huddled on the ground and demands that Spartacus, the leader of the revolt, stand and identify himself. As Spartacus (Kirk Douglas) begins to get up in order that his…

Is the Fair Tax Fair?

money tree

In this political season there are many ideas being debated to jump start our economy. Reform of the tax system is a high priority with many alternatives competing for attention. The “Fair Tax” is a proposal to replace the existing income tax system in favor of a nationwide sales tax. Advocates tout the efficiency of…

The Obama Event Administration

Burt & Yvonne wish all of you a very Happy Fourth of July! Please enjoy this bonus article. As I’m sure you all know by now, Obama has suggested that for the next few months, nobody should send anyone a wedding, anniversary, birthday or bar mitzvah gift, and should, instead, send the money to him….

New Taxes – Is Anyone Really Surprised?


If there was anyone who actually believed President Obama when he said he wouldn’t raise taxes on families making less than $250,000, the Supreme Court has set the record straight. Whether you agree or not with the Supreme Court’s holding, failure to buy insurance under the Obamacare mandate will result in a tax, not a…

The Smartest Man in the World Should Go Back to School


One day in grammar school, the nun told us that we would have a test the following day.  Anyone who couldn’t recite a particular spelling rule had to write it 50 times.  Despite having studied all the spelling rules the night before, the next day I flubbed mine.  So, I went home and wrote the…