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The Obama Event Administration

Burt & Yvonne wish all of you a very Happy Fourth of July! Please enjoy this bonus article. As I’m sure you all know by now, Obama has suggested that for the next few months, nobody should send anyone a wedding, anniversary, birthday or bar mitzvah gift, and should, instead, send the money to him….

New Taxes – Is Anyone Really Surprised?


If there was anyone who actually believed President Obama when he said he wouldn’t raise taxes on families making less than $250,000, the Supreme Court has set the record straight. Whether you agree or not with the Supreme Court’s holding, failure to buy insurance under the Obamacare mandate will result in a tax, not a…

The Smartest Man in the World Should Go Back to School


One day in grammar school, the nun told us that we would have a test the following day.  Anyone who couldn’t recite a particular spelling rule had to write it 50 times.  Despite having studied all the spelling rules the night before, the next day I flubbed mine.  So, I went home and wrote the…

It’s Obama’s Country… The Supreme Court is Just Living In It


There are times when President Obama speaks that I honestly can’t believe I’m hearing such pompous, demeaning rhetoric coming from the man who holds the highest office in our nation. It’s often hard for me to sit through, not just because I disagree with him, but because of the audacity he displays by applying the…

The Supreme Court Vindicates the Tea Party


It was December of 2010 when I received a letter from my health insurance company informing me that the rates on my plan were about to increase by a whopping 33% for the new year. Compliance with regulations in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was given as the explanation, along with the gratuitous…