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Man Up, Mr. President!


I did not vote for President Obama.  Some might call me a racist, but I voted against him based on the issues.  A 5-minute google search and his interview with Bill O’Reilly revealed to me that he was a far-left guy and told me everything I needed to know about him. He said he was…

Reviewing a Tea Party


I had attended a couple of Tea Party get-togethers, but I’d never spoken at one until Pat Boone invited me to do so at the event he was hosting in Beverly Hills…

True Believers Make Me Nervous


True believers make me nervous, and not just the lefty true believers with whom I have virtually nothing in common.  Conservative true believers make me uneasy too.   They’re too rigid for my taste.  They won’t budge from their rock-solid principles, no matter what.  They are purists who would rather lose an election than compromise, a…