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The Death of “See Something, Say Something”‏


Less than 24 hours after the shooting in San Bernardino, California had come to an end, a few things were pretty clear: In an act of terrorism, two radical Muslims murdered 14 people, injured nearly two dozen others, and were well-equipped to carry out even more violence. As is typically the case in the immediate…

Placing A Bounty On Progressives

If the world made far more sense than it does, conservatives, the folks with guns, would be allowed to shoot liberals during hunting season. They wouldn’t shoot all of them. Conservatives, after all, are conservationists at heart. All they’d do is to periodically thin the herd, the way they do with bears, elk and rabbits….

An Inappropriate Response

I have no idea what will be happening in the Middle East by the time this article is posted, but it almost doesn’t matter. If there’s a ceasefire, as now seems likely, everyone knows it will merely be a temporary stopgap until Iran supplies the barbarians with more missiles. What I have found peculiar about…

To Scan Or Not To Scan – That Is The Question


I like airports.  They’re a great place to people watch.  It’s still a wonder how an airplane gets off the ground and stays in the air, but I’m a lawyer and haven’t a clue about aeronautics. I’m especially astounded at how flight attendants – whose job description must read “being nice to stupid people” –…