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Tolerant? Broadminded? Really?


Here’s an “exchange of ideas” which took place on Twitter just this past week.  Unlike me and Jeff who use our real names, the “someone who obviously doesn’t agree with me” doesn’t give his or her name on Twitter.  (And for those you aren’t familiar with Twitter, you’re allowed only 140 characters to say something…

Technology – At What Cost?


I don’t get texting. I don’t text and I’m not sure my cell phone even has the capacity to text although my husband says it does. Besides, what could possibly be so important when I’m in a grocery store, restaurant or in my car, that I would have to text someone? If I have something…

Some Really Boneheaded People!


I miss those days of innocent reality tv shows like Love Connection when the worst you saw were two contestants sheepishly admitting having sex with one another on their first date.  At least back then, they and the host, Chuck Woolery, feigned embarrassment.  Now, you have the Jerry Springer/Maury Povich crowd who readily admit to…