Take Buffett’s Money

I think it is lovely that Warren Buffett wants to give more of his money to the government. I also have reluctantly concluded that the government should grant his wish and take it from him. I don’t see how we can make folks like Buffett and Bill Gates truly happy unless we take at least half their annual income away from them. I suppose we just have to accept it as a given, as Buffett obviously does, that the government will spend . . . er . . . invest his money better than he can himself.

But if we raise taxes on the 500 richest Americans, or alternatively on all Americans earning over $10 million a year, I want something in return. For every dollar we confiscate from the super-rich, I want to lower the tax burden on small businesses and on those persons making between $250,000 and, let’s say, $3 million (often they are one and the same). We can debate specific income amounts after we have an agreement in principle.  

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