Taking The High Road

Well the feeding frenzy from last weekend’s tragic shooting in Tucson is well underway. I was going to write an article about my opinions on what may have led to this, either to make myself feel better about it, or to come to some kind of sane conclusion, but then I thought again. I did want to say how happy I was to hear that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords survived the attack, and how sorry I am about the others who were killed, or injured in this act of senseless violence. I am going to intentionally sit this one out, as I feel that taking the high road on this would be to sit back and watch how the piranhas feed on each other. I also thought that this would teach me a bit of self control, as I’m new to this writing thing, at least when it comes to doing a semi regular column or what not. I also feel that the more press that is given to the gunman, the more satisfaction he will gain, and I do not want to be part of that either. Instead, I thought I would put something else up, perhaps in a less morose theme. I do understand the need for the right to defend themselves against the slander that some pundits are using against them in a very disingenuous way for political gains. I may at some point after this settles down a bit choose to opine on the subject, but for now I’m going to leave it alone. Instead I would like to remember a great American singer/songwriter who passed on last week, and post a few of his best videos in honor of him and also of the 6 people murdered over the weekend, and the others who were injured. Hopefully listening to these tracks will take your mind off of those events for a few moments at least. These songs shouldn’t have any political leanings whatsoever, well maybe the last one does a little bit. Enjoy !


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  • Jay Thompson

    I loved his music back in the day. The fact that he died an alcoholic is a sad ending to what was then, a promising career.

  • Jay Thompson

    Loved his music, but alas, an alcoholic, and died one. Ironically, it is its own kind of mental disease…

  • bobbio

    right down the line is one of my favorite “moody” songs

  • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com/the-road-to-hollywood-ran-through-buffalo/ cah

    Honoring a forgotten was the way to go. How peaceful amidst all the commotion.