Tell Them to Leave Me Alone, Jesus

I was on the O’Reilly Factor this week and Bill asked me what I thought about the media’s lack of interest in what he thinks is a War on Christmas.  I started out by saying even though I don’t celebrate Christmas, I don’t have a problem with people who say Merry Christmas, nor do I have a problem with businesses that require their workers to say Happy Holiday, if they think that’s the right business decision.

I went on to say that calling a Christmas tree a Holiday tree was really dumb.  And I said that while putting the Baby Jesus in the Town Square wouldn’t bring down the Republic, there were, I thought, legitimate Constitutional issues involved.

No big deal, right?  Fairly reasonable stuff, right?  Wrong.  I got an email just minutes after the segment aired from someone who identified himself as Doug, someone who was deeply worried about my mortal soul.

“Bernie, I’m a big fan of yours, and truly respect and mostly agree with your opinions.

“I was disappointed to hear you claim on O’reilly tonight that you don’t observe Christmas.  I pray for you.

“Jesus is God on Earth.  He is the only way to salvation.  If you don’t believe this, then you must believe you are nothing more than a ‘random bag of atoms’?”

Here’s what I believe, Doug. I know you meant well, that you want me to be “saved.”  But honestly, Doug, all I want right now is to be saved from the likes of you. And while I’ve never given much thought to whether I’m simply a “random bag of atoms” I’m pretty sure you’re a well-meaning random bag of sanctimony.

Don’t you get it Doug?  No matter how you slice it, you’re saying, “Believe the way I do, Bernie, or you’re going to hell.”  Well, Doug, here’s my response: Leave me the hell alone!

I wish you were the only one with a pipeline straight to the Almighty, but I know you’re not.  I know there are millions and millions of people just like you – of all religions, all filled not so much with faith as with certainty – certainty about something no one can possibly be certain about.

But since the Muslim and Jewish fundamentalists don’t write to me – thank God for that! — of all the mail I do get, the most depressing is from people who see themselves as God-fearing Christians.  Not all, of course.  Many are truly nice people who have a live-and-let-live philosophy on life and who are embarrassed by the ones who write emails like the one Doug sent to me. But way too many true believers, as I’ve noted in this space more than once, think the Bible is a science book. They take every word in it literally. They believe God dictated chapter and verse long distance to his faithful scribes on the ground.

They believe the Earth is around 6,000 years old.  They believe dinosaurs and man roamed the planet at the same time.  They believe things that the dumbest kid in third grade wouldn’t believe.  And they believe it because they’re not smart enough to think for themselves.  Or they’re afraid to.

And while I don’t care what they or anyone else thinks when it comes to God and religion, they care a whole lot about what I think.  If they want to believe in God, fine with me.  If they want to believe Jesus is the Son of God and that he walked on water and all the rest, no problem here.  If they even want to believe the nonsense that a Jewish boy who was killed in the Holocaust, or a Hindu man or woman who has spent his or her life helping the poor, doesn’t have a shot at heaven, but a serial killer who accepts Jesus right before the authorities stick a needle in his arm will sit at the right hand of God … that’s fine with me too.  People have a right to believe any fairy-tale they want.

But as far as the true believers are concerned, everyone has to think the way they do.

So if I don’t celebrate Christmas, if Jesus is not my Lord and Savior, well then, poor Bernie, the random bag of atoms, is going to spend eternity in a very hot place with no hope of ever getting out, or even getting some cold lemonade or a little air conditioning.  Here’s an idea: How about we let me worry about that.

During a discussion about raising taxes on the rich a year or so back – the Democrats were pushing for a tax hike just as they are now – Bill reminded me that the Bible says that it’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  I told Bill “I don’t care what the Bible says,” clearly referring to U.S. government policy on taxes.

I got about 10 gazillion emails on that one, many telling me that, “You better care what the Bible says.”  Well, honestly … I don’t.  Not on taxes anyway.

So as Monty Hall (who won’t be going to heaven either, i guess, because he’s also Jewish) used to say, Let’s make a deal:  I’ll leave you alone, Doug and all the others.  And you leave me alone.  You believe whatever you want.  Let me believe whatever I want.  I won’t send you emails about your mortal soul and you won’t send me emails about mine.

And if you’re so inclined, have a Merry Christmas.

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  • andy

    I’d rather see a sermon than hear one any day.



  • Sam Heller

    Hi Bernie! Why isn’t Bill O’Reilly interested in the war on Judaism? In Europe the Polish parliament voted to end ritual slaughter, making it impossible to have Kosher meat and poultry!! There are movements to end circumcision!! These are essential to being and staying Jewish, but no discussion about it.

  • Lenny

    Bernie, I am a Christian and would never write you that letter. I respect other’s faith journeys. It is the one thing that really bothers me about my faith. There are a lot of Bible thumpers that spend a lot of time judging. They do mean well but are very sophomoric in their understanding of Christ and Scripture. The heart is in the right place so give em a break.

  • boone

    You know, Bernie, I always took exception to people that prayed to Jesus. Just for amusement read the New Testament and be AMAZED at how LOST most Xtians are withing their own religion.

  • 49corvette

    Just “Shake the dust off your feet and move on”—not about to endorse Carl Sagan here—however from a “Science / Math” standpoint , bifurcation will just not work—and I am not even in the 3rd grade—My 2cents—Thanx for reading

  • Cliff Quoyah

    I’m reading a book The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn, an eye opener and got my attention….

  • Cliff Quoyah

    John the Baptist got his head cut off because he preached; repentance

  • chief98110

    I love it!

  • fkocheraus

    Well said Bernie!

  • Ellen Sue Chadkin Lerner

    My comment to you earlier was not here. Just wishing you a happy Chanukah, Bernie, and more power to you for confronting Doug. I am so tired of hearing this kine of intolerance but I think some do this because they so much believe in their doctrine they cannot understand those of us who do not and what we do not believe invalidates their belief in their line of reasoning. Been going on that way for centuries. I don’t see any plans for future change in some of these religious evangelists. It’s the same thing trying to explain to an Obama lover that he is not a good president. Their liberal ears are not open.

  • venter

    Lets not worry about who believes in what. A beautiful Christmas tree, and Eight beautifully lite candles. a table of fruits and nuts are reminders of good people who are willing to believe in beiing kind, charitable, sincere, helpful, hopful. Some people are affraid and believe if these things are gone they will be happy. Some people want everyone to be the same. Maybe we should all learn from each other and borrow each other God in times of need, like now. Revenge, racist, wars, divison are all so popular now. Lets all find our way with our own God and be better people for it. . This is the time of year to start over again and enjoy the beautiful symbols around us!

  • brendanhorn

    Bernard, I think you should look at it as a compliment that people like Doug want to save your soul. You might think they are crazy or stupid – but I think you should try to laugh about it. Also, I think that “true believers” do not like being compared to the average 8 year old. If you want them to be kind to you, you might try being kind to them first. Also, I actually think it is more consistent to be a true believer rather than a partial believer. I personally believe that it is easier to believe that there is some intelligent force out there rather than the universe being created through random explosions. How can randomness create beauty? How can randomness create life? I severely doubt randomness can create anything at all.

  • hallrj

    Bernie, you really know how to get a “conversation” going! I am a Christian, and I hope that “Doug” only had what he thought were your best interests at heart (even if his boorish words and manner offended you and others in the process; in your shoes, I would have felt the same way). Anyway, allegorical interpretations of the Bible notwithstanding, I do believe that the Jewish people were, and are still, God’s chosen people, so far be it from me to argue otherwise. (Extending salvation options to us Gentiles was apparently a magnanimous gesture by G’d in His golden years ;-)… Love you man, love your posts, and I respect the good fight that you fight everyday against media bias!

  • rlpincus

    Shalom, Bernie. Not shocked that some looney Christians would single you out for eternal damnation. An excellent article, btw. Happy holidays.

  • Ellen Sue Chadkin Lerner

    Good for you, Bernie. Glad you are a member of my tribe and see the big picture which many apparently do not and that you stand up to this (and perhaps other) evangelistic people. I read thru some of the posts and it is unbelievable to me that one who quotes a bible verse here or there in the new testament is going to make a difference. They just don’t get it! What the new testament says has no relevance to me. Jews do not believe that a man can be part of a god. End of story. Those people need to learn more about history of Christianity and Judaism. I have thought always that those believers who i literally accept and believe exactly what the bible says in their hearts, no matter how good a person they are, just cannot understand anyone who does not believe in what they think is the “word of god” because it invalidates the belief the grew up with or accepted.

  • RonKean

    Actually Bernie, It is best that you give up ham and shellfish for a start.

  • catholicvoter

    Hi Benie! I can understand your frustration because I’m guessing a lot of your fans are pretty serious Christians so of course you are going to get notes trying to change your belief system. I’m also guessing some of these people do not realize you are a Jew. In any case, Catholics believe that folks from all different faiths have a shot at heaven and that not all Catholics are going to make it. I think Doug and your other Christian fans can’t help but care about you because they feel like they somehow know you because of how they see you on O’Reilly. It’s got to be tough being a celebrity, especially an adorable one like you. I”ll be looking for you next week, as I always do, on O’Reilly.

  • Debbie Olsakovsky

    Atta boy Bernie. Render unto Caesar things that are Caesar’s. And then refrain from foisting your belief system on me. Thanks for being a voice of reason.

    • therealguyfaux

      Actually, I’m not really all that big on rendering unto Caesar, if the truth were known…Caesar has a way of wanting more and more all the time. Jesus mighta got this one a bit sideways.

  • moronpolitics3

    Of course “Jewish Fundamentalists” don’t write to you, Bernie. Every time I or the other “secular” teachers at the Yeshiva where I taught Govt and Economics tried to bring in a magazine for the kids to read an article or essay it was rejected by She Who Must Be Obeyed for pictures of women with knees or elbows exposed. OFFICIALLY the boys were allowed to go to the library, but SHE didn’t see how they could possibly do that without coming into contact with inappropriate influences. They couldn’t find an internet filter that met the standards so the system was set to only go to sites which were specifically listed in a directory file of a few dozen pages. No wonder two boys who graduated the year before (in Dallas) asked whether Atlanta or New Orleans was closer and could they get to either in one days drive. Oddly enough they all regaled me on the first day with who Lady Gaga was. At the time I didn’t know except that the POTUS mentioned her in a speech. Hmmmmmm….. Check your publications for those elbows and you might get more letters…

  • Tom Jones

    Bern, you are Jewish and like the Shepard who got hit on the Head with the Shining star to go and see Jesus for nothing. You did not leave a gift for the Babe? That’s who you are and many of the Rabble after you.

  • Tom Riggs

    We believers can be very dogmatic when it comes to scripture. Having been a pastor for many years I have had this conversation many times. Lets not forget God’s grace when it comes down to our lives and how we have lived them. Having been in many conversations with folks like you Bernie I have shared my beliefs but ultimately it’s the the Holy Spirit that deals with the hearts of men to accept Christ or not. There are many people on this planet that have never heard a preacher or seen a bible. Do I feel that they are not “saved” ? certainly not. I hope you make the right choice Bernie becasue if you’re wrong ….. in accepting Christ as savior you have everything to gain and nothing to loose.

  • Shane

    There is a war on Christmas, and we need more people like O’Reilly to fight back against the atheists and liberals who hate Christmas.

    • bmmg39

      The “war on Christmas,” just like the “war on women,” is a complete crock. EVERYWHERE WE GO WE’RE SURROUNDED BY CHRISTMAS, SHANE. Whatever people are warring with Christmas are getting their backsides handed to them.

    • CentralScruntinizer

      You’ll find most liberals love Christmas and many of ’em are Christians, too. The difference is that most liberal Christians don’t see respecting the beliefs and faiths of others to be infringing on our faith and traditions.

  • Paul T

    See Penn Jillette’s reaction to someone concerned about his mortal soul. It’s very powerful.

  • pomeroo

    I’m with you, Bernie. Many conservatives feel exactly as you do about the intolerant religious right.

  • William L Smallwood

    Hurray for you answer Bernie. I get into these same kinds of arguments and I ask back, Why are you imposing your religious beliefs on me–aren’t people free to believe what they want?

    Re; the Obama win. My wife is certain that the women of the country voted Democratic because they can’t stand the thought of the government controlling their bodies and their freedom.

  • Chris Matthewson

    Amen, Bernie. And praise the Lord!

    As much as I criticized your last column for referring to your political opponents as “dummies,” I want to commend you on calling out the truly dimwitted in your audience.

    May I include your essay in my Christmas cards this year?

  • JaciElena

    I am a huge fan of yours. I am also a Christian. Although I think Doug went way too far & insulted you, I wonder what you would think of someone who truly believes that something bad is going to happen to someone but doesn’t let them know. Should the fact that the person believes it is eternal make it better or worse? I am also disappointed that you went way too far & insulted many Christians like me by saying things like “They believe things that the dumbest kid in third grade wouldn’t believe. And they believe it because they’re not smart enough to think for themselves. Or they’re afraid to.” That was totally un-necessary. Would I be justified in stating some beliefs Jewish or other people have & stating that they believe them because they are too dumb or afraid to think for themselves. Please re-consider your stance and apologize to the millions of Christians you have offended. I, for one, still think you are brilliant in your political assessments, but your insults have made me lose respect for you as a person.

  • D meche

    Good job Bernie. I am a Catholic who wishes you happy holidays or Hannika or however you celebrate the season. Thank you for respecting my rights to say Merry Christmas and know that I respect your rights as well.

  • robin in fl

    amen to that brother bernie …I’ve attempted ,to no avail ,to tell people time and time again to let people believe what they want to and think what they like.we are not cookie cutter humans cut from the same exact mold I would hope .
    anymore I have a hard enough time believing the things I do see and hear about..but I do know one thing,speaking for myself,I can have a better relationship with my god just sitting out in the woods and looking around at nature then many people can and do have while spouting off telling others what the MUST believe in and how they MUST think and act.
    and besides if you are just a “random bag of atoms”.I still think your pretty cool guy! and since you spend some of your time in south fl then you should already be used to a fairly hot place just in case!!!! just sayin’!!!!

  • Mary Thaman

    I have been one of your fans since Bias ….even reviewed it for my literary club the year it was published. But last night’s remarks on the O’Reilly Factor sounded like a Bernie Goldberg I had never heard before. You took a whack at just about everyone! Who is bias now?

  • Barbara Wilcox

    Bill O’Reilly needs to read about the origins of Christmas in some good encyclopedias and as a history buff he should know how Christmas was viewed by the founding fathers. In our own country, Christmas was not practiced for many years because most of our founding fathers came here to escape religious persecution and they believed, as do I, that Christmas is not practiced by the faithful. In fact, Congress was in session on Christmas Day for the first 50 years.

    I am a Christian and have read the Bible in its entirety many times. I believe in a creator and God almighty who sent his son to earth to act as a savior to mankind. I do not celebrate Christmas. I believe it is a remake of ancient pagan holidays the early Catholic church embraced in order to appease new converts. If you are skeptical of my comments, please read any reliable encyclopedia and read the history or origins of Christmas. I believe wisdom is acting upon knowledge and I do not believe it is OK to practice such corruption because it is a traditional family day or because it is fun for children. I also realize my beliefs are unpopular with most Christians think I’m a wacko.

    However, if a person believes as I do, should I have to pay through my tax dollars for the city to put up Christmas lights all over town and buy a giant tree to place in courthouse square? Interesting question, is it not? And as the population of our country becomes more diverse with people who do not celebrate Christmas it becomes more of an issue. But O’Reilly is misguided, the Christmas we have witnessed in our lifetime has not always been this way as he states, with baby Jesus and a giant tree in the courthouse square, and lights up and down main street and Santa Claus, etc. These huge community wide celebrations on this magnitude started after WWII when the veterans were prospering and wanted to celebrate with the huge amount of children in the boomer generation. O’Reilly is dead wrong about the war on Christmas. Christmas has not always been celebrated in the USA the way O’Reilly states in his talking points and historical facts backs me up.

    • Jack Lamb

      Finally, a Christian who understands the Bible and the true history of the United States. Christmas does have its origins in paganism and the huge celebration is of recent invention that becomes more commercialized each year. Does anyone who has read the Gospels believe if there was a Jesus that he would be out shopping on Black Friday? While I don’t believe Jesus was God or even if there is a God I have read the Bible and the Jesus I read about would be horrified at the gluttony and excess of the Christmas season in His name. I can just see Him overturning the Christmas tree and gift wrapping tables now. Good for you Barbara.

  • rbblum

    Let us pray: Peace on Earth and goodwill to man . . . and anyone having an issue with that should forever remain silent unto themselves.

  • Paul Courtney

    Bernie: Doug should know that he is NOT the only one w/ pipeline to Almighty, because I’M the only one! And He told me to tell Doug to focus on Doug, God would take care of Bernie. I knew He was right, because He spoke Yiddish! With a Brooklyn accent! Or maybe it was Brooklyn, with a yiddish accent (there’s a difference?!)(that line is funnier if you hear it). Seriously, you are kind to recognize Doug’s good intentions, and correct to berate him. Some of my fellow Christians took grade-school lessons to heart, and particularly for Catholics, pronouncements of the Pope can be taken with a grain of salt BUT the nun in 4th grade spoke absolute TRUTH! My request to the Dougs out there (mine, not the pipeline)-applying religion to divide people or condemn them indicates slippage in a fundamental cog.

  • mcweijun

    What do Jews believe they have to do to spend eternity in heaven with the Lord Bernie? Not eat pork. That makes a lot more sense.

  • joer1

    I remember when all people in the country were free to practice their own religion. We were not “insulted” to see a Christmas tree, a nativity scene, or a Menorah. We said the Pledge of Allegiance and often said a prayer to start the day. Exactly when did people start being “insulted” by Christmas ? I was never “insulted” to find my friends had a Menorah in the window. I wasn’t even “insulted” to know that there were people who had no belief in a God. I was a college professor and some years ago, I hosted the department Christmas party in my home. Two weeks before the party I had not heard from the department secretary so I asked her if she was coming … She said She does not celebrate Christmas … I had never heard that before so I innocently asked: ” What do you celebrate?” She walked away. Apparently, she was insulted and outraged that I chose not to celebrate the “Holiday
    Season”. Right then, I decided never again to indulge these people. To my Jewish friends, I say Happy Holidays or Happy Channukah. To all others, I say Merry Christmas. If they choose to be “outraged” … that is fine with me. I guess I choose intolerance rather than indulgence.

    • bmmg39

      That’s fine, Joe. You go on saying what you like, and I’ll go on saying “Happy Holidays.” That’s sort of the point.

  • Loren

    Bernie is right on the money (pun intended) as usual. By the way, the core issue with Republicans losing and not understanding why, can be traced back to this same type of Christian fundamental fanaticism which leads to dumb remarks about rape, abortion and other ill advised statements that cost Republicans at least 2 Senate seats. I propose the following, new Republican platform: “We don’t care about your sexuality, your religion or lack of it, We don’t care about anything you do legally so long as you believe that a strong work ethic and being responsible for your own choices will always win out over a totalitarian nanny state. If you believe that, we want you in the Republican Party.”

    • Patrick H.

      Right on. I believe it was Barry Goldwater, a conservative icon who said, “The conservative movement is founded on the simple tenet that people have the right to live as they please, as long as they don’t hurt anyone else in the process.” We should take the GOP away from being the party of Jerry Falwell and all the other religious nuts and turn it back into the party of Barry Goldwater.

  • floridahank

    I hear this type of argument all the time. The only thing I can offer is if you want to argue your point of view, I ask, “have you read the entire Bible — the OT and the NT and actually read opinions and findings of experts in Scripture (those who read, write and understand Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Latin and any other ancient languages, who have done detailed research for 40+ yrs in archeology and ancient writings), who have presented scholarly works that you and I could never do) and for the common folk like us — read and study the entire Bible (500-700 hrs) sincerely, and then come up with a valid, noteworthy comment — either pro or con — then I’ll listen to your position. But until you do something like I’ve suggested, I would think you don’t have much to offer to me to consider your viewpoint.

  • Diana

    I must confess I have never questioned anyone’s faith or be belief’s. But I am getting tired of the ACLU’s butting in on small town traditions.

  • Kewgah

    Haha! Merry Christmas Bernie. Hey, I didn’t know that Monty Hall was Jewish, but I had a “clue” that you might be. Anyhow Happy Hanukkah too!! I’m a christian, yet I would be the furthest one to try and save someone’s soul. There are plenty of churches that indoctrinate their parish to “spread the word”, but they don’t believe that THEIR word is flawed. The bible is definitely not a science book, but a book of values that is interpreted by people in different ways.

  • Thisdman

    Bernie some of us love you like a brother and want to spend eternity with you in heaven. Maybe Doug reached out to you for this reason. How dare you yell at him to leave you alone. If that’s what you want stop going on national tv and writing articles about the subject. Unbelievable. It might not be a good idea to use this occasion as an example of your worldly good deeds in your quest to impress God. I never understood people who only believed a portion of what the bible says. I would be interest in hearing your response to Jesus when he says:

    John 14:6
    New International Version (NIV)
    6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

    Seems like pretty plain talk to me and I don’t see anything here that tells us we can get to the Father through good deeds. Now logic dictates there are only 2 things anyone can do with this. You either believe in the above statement or you don’t. Be careful as your eternal future rests in your answer.

    • pomeroo

      When Jesus talks about coming to the Father, it certainly sounds as though he and the Father are two different entities. How many gods do you have?

      • Daniel

        One God. Go read Isaiah 43:10

    • Ellen Sue Chadkin Lerner

      I don’t have a lot of time, but I am compelled to reply to you. The new testament was written by people who NEVER EVER met Jesus. That is a fact. No one knows for sure what Jesus said, there were no tape recorders then, and in all honestly I have never heard of any proof that he actually lived. No proof that moses ever lived either which is why he is not considered a god. The language in the Hebrew Bible was interpreted to Greek and later other languages and not always interpreted verbatim. For example the hebrew word translated as “virgin” in the NT is really closer to “maiden” and yet a whole myth grew up around that which somehow makes the story of a child seem like he could grow up to be a god-like figure. If you believe in myths, then I guess a baby could be born without a father’s sperm. Religion is more a belief and faith system than anything, so what is truth is belief and interpretation. If it makes you a better person to believe in what you believe then that is great. The Hebrew bible is kind of like chapters in a book. It might be allegorical in nature and maybe some historical evidence is there, but in-between is the interpretation which fills in the “chapters”. Hillel was famous for saying about Torah (the Hebrew bible) “go and learn it, the rest is commentary” which means interpretations and history and anything in-between The example I like to use is Abraham. Who was he? What did his father do for a living? How did Abraham become the father of monotheism? The answer to that is in oral interpretation (his father was an idol make) but it is NOT in the bible at all. So someone filled in the blanks to make sense of the entire idea of monotheism. Was Abraham real? What his story an allegory? Who knows? Humans need in my opinion to use their given sense of rationality and common sense to decipher what is and what is not “true” and not to impose what they think is true on those whom they think are unbelievers to their point of view. BTW, to answer what you wrote from a Jewish point of view, there is nothing that stands in the way of a person and God, that is, there is no need to pray to God via some other entity. And since Jesus (assuming he was a live person) was known to be Jewish, I would have to believe that he, himself, did not believe he was the son of god (unless he was a schizophrenic) nor would he believe in the idea that one could not pray to God directly. I believe and history tell us that his fate and a religion based on him was decided about 50 years after his death by certain followers and believers and a culture at the time. I suggest a book called “constantine’s sword” written by an ex priest and still a catholic whose history of Christianity was very interesting and I think pretty accurate.

  • trailbee

    I saw that episode and immediately thought: Why didn’t he say he was Jewish? Which then evolved to: How many times have I not heard Happy Chanukah? I heard it all the time in Montreal when I lived here. Which can only mean that for now, in certain places, Jews have gone underground, so to speak – and flourished. :) If it’s not too late, Happy Chanukah, Mr. Goldberg!

  • Tim in California

    Bernie: Nice one (as usual)… from an agnostic, who is married to a Catholic, with two religious teen age daughters, I say… believe as you wish, but like Bernie – leave me alone… BTW: I LOVE Christmas, and encourage all to say, “Merry Christmas”

  • Trappedincalifornia

    In my family we have Catholics, Mormons, Protestants, Jews and my aunt who is Native American and follows the Lakota religion. We handle it all by believing at the end of our life when we stand before God we will only be discussing one life and our deeds. In other words, only worry sbout your own soul. Works really well for us.

  • bmmg39

    Hi, Mr. Goldberg. I can sympathize what you are going through after making innocuous comments about Christmas. The people “surprised” that you don’t personally celebrate Christmas must have missed that your surname is GOLDBERG.

    My family celebrates Christmas and I attend a Catholic church each week, but I CHOOSE to say “Happy Holidays,” if anything. I think the reason they call a Christmas tree in the State Capitol a “holiday tree” is because if it is a Christmas tree in the State Capitol then it probably needs to come down, for the Constitutional reasons you mentioned.

    I think the “war on Christmas” is completely fictional — as is the “war on women” the left likes to talk about. Each “war” is an exercise in the right or the left firing up its base with a fight it seems sure it can win.

    I just wanted to support you, because I’m sure you’re getting plenty of grief, just for showing common sense and moderation.

    Happy Hanukkah, or Happy Holidays, or just…PEACE,
    Brian Gillin

  • john nazzaro

    As an aside, the eye of a needle referenced in the Bible is a gate in Jerusalem which required camels to bend lower for entrance. I agree with Bernie. Although I’m a devout Christian I think his religious belief or lack thereof is no one’s business but his. I’m sure his correspondent meant well, but the tone isn’t going to win friends or influence people, because it indicts rather than invites.

    • Ted Crawford

      John, I was told that the Camels load also had to be removed before it could pass through, do you know if that is an accurate statement or not?

  • Bob Hadley

    “Bill reminded me that the Bible says that it’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter to Kingdom of Heaven. I told Bill ‘I don’t care what the Bible says,’ clearly referring to U.S. government policy on taxes.

    I got about 10 gazillion emails on that one, many telling me that, ‘You better care what the Bible says.’”

    As i recall, the fuss was over you saying that Jesus would be a liberal Democrat if he were alive today.

    • Patrick H.

      I believe it was both what you said and what Bernie said.

  • Gizmo

    OK, Bernie, I’m taking a HUGE leap here….

    With the last name, I assume you’re of Jewish persuasion?

    What ever happened to the God of the Old Testiment/Torah? Was not one of the mandated given to the Israelites & Judiahites (?) to proclaim to the nations the sovereignty of El Shaddi? Wasn’t that 1 of the reasons for the building of the Temple & other activities? Wasn’t that the reason why God gave to the Moses, Joshua & Hebrew children the Nation of Israel?

    The job/calling of one who is confident/excited/fulfilled/secure in their faith is to share it with others. It’s kinda like the “wisdom & advice” you offer within this blog & what you try to portray with O’Reilly, etc.

    I guess the biggest question I have for you is – From where do you gain your basis, from what do you base your truth?

  • NB

    Well said Mr. Goldberg! And I love your appearances on O’Reilly. Unforetunately, I won’t be seeing you on this show until after New Years, as I have had my fill with Bill for this year. If I want to see religious programming, Swaggart does it far better then O’Reilly.

  • Mike Bisson

    You are under the assumption that evolution is a slam dunk. Qualified scientist can and do make a scientific case for both evolution and intelligent design. You need to become a little more open minded about this.
    about this.

    • Patrick H.

      Okay Mike, name me one. I bet I know who you will name, and trust me, they’re not scientists at all.

      • Patrick H.

        Why am I not surprised you couldn’t name one qualified scientist?

  • LibertysSon

    The words from the song in the movie “The Graduate” by Simon and Garfunkle comes to mind.(with poetic license)
    “And here’s to you Mr Goldberg, Jesus loves you more than you will ever know”………It is so true…and It makes me sad.

  • Mihaly S. Laczi

    I agree wholeheartedly with you Bernie. I am a Christian and believe In Jesus Christ, but people like Doug are the reason the left has ammunition to say that all Christians want to turn America into a theocracy. Yes people like him make people like me shake our head. I come from the backwoods of Eastern Europe and my family were and some still are very religious people but I can’t for the life of me why there is an element in this country that can’t just live and let live. I think this is a small percent, maybe 15 percent of Christians, I hope but they give the rest of us a bad name. God bless you Bernie, merry Christmas and happy Chanukah :-). I probably spelled that wrong.

  • William McGraw

    These comments seem to miss the point. Jews believe in the Torah, Muslims believe in the Koran, and some Christians believe in the Bible. The common denominator is Abraham. These books have a root with the seeds of Abraham. Indeed, all three books have similarities. Isaac and Ismael are still with us in these books. So what?
    The so what is that most of these comments lack a common denominator. What does taxes have to do with the these books? Read the books to find out. Hint: these books suggest people are not to be taxed in excess. Banks are charging upwards of 24% interest. We have lost the common denominator and are relying on secular humanism. These books are for more than salvation, they are also guides to live by.
    If Mr Goldberg does not want to read or follow one of these book (e.g. Torah) that is his free-will. But choices have consequences.

  • Gradivus

    Happy Yuletide!

  • nickshaw

    Well put Bernie, though I think the number of true believers, as you have described, are actually quite small.

    I know a number of folks many would label “true believers” yet, there is no way in heck they could fit your description. They are just as pragmatic as I, an unaffiliated non-believer, when it comes to the material world.

    I agree, the real true believers should not be bothering me or you with their close held beliefs.

    I can’t help but point out though, that many liberals, in the current form, act in the exact same manner and see no problem with elevating a certain elected half white /half black man, being elected his only true accomplishment, to messiah status.

    This is just as irritating and perhaps, a lot more dangerous.

    The following illustrates the position, I believe, most of us can relate to:

  • rider237

    never thought of you as the overly sensitive type 😉 maybe you should avoid O’Reillys show for a bit?

  • moronpolitics3

    Sorry I can’t include the music, but it’s an odd little modal melody. That being said:

    Have a Happy What-ever-holiday-you-happen-to-believe-in

    May it make you GAY

    I mean that it the best old fashioned WAY fa la la la la la LA

    let’s not talk of what divides us, concentrate on what’s inside us

    Make’s us want to sing… like a bell going jingle lingle ling ling I–

    Say Merry Christmas to the followers of Jesus, Happy Hannukah to al the Jews

    I say Salaam to a Muslim if ah-;like-um,

    They can answer back to me just any way they choose

    I made Vegan fruit cake for my Hindu friend

    The Buddhist I made one with every thing
    In my pocket is a card with a jingle bell sewn on it
    It says in emergencies just shake this silly thing

    I saw a man who had no job –not an extra penny for a gift

    Still he smiled as we went by and said

    This time of year I thank God that I’m an Atheist…
    So have a happy happy happy happy happy HOLIDAY

    Stephen Boone

  • Bob Burg

    I’m Jewish and find most of the Christians I know to be wonderful, kind and terrific people, and not judgmental. They live according to their principles and beliefs, do many good works, and respect others who do the same. Of course, there are also those like Doug who – while they absolutely mean well – tend to communicate their beliefs in a way that often causes more resentment than agreement. :-)

    One point I’d like to bring up – if I may – is the false premise by Doug that, “If you don’t believe {in Jesus being God on earth}, then you must believe you are nothing more than a ‘random bag of atoms’?” Absolutely not so. As a Jew I certainly believe in God and believe He is the Creator of all. This is totally contrary to his ‘random bag of atoms’ statement.

    Of course, I don’t share the Christian view regarding Jesus but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in God (the Father). I’m a bit surprised that – regardless of the degree of Bernie’s belief, that he didn’t pick up on this in his response.

    I wish my fellow Jews a very Happy Chanukah and my many Christian friends a very Merry Christmas!

    • cmacrider

      Well said Bob Burg

      • Bob Burg

        Thank you.

    • TJ Conwell

      Very well written, Bob. God bless you.

      • Bob Burg

        Thank you, TJ. You, as well!

  • Charlene Fuhlendorf

    Bernie, I am a Christian, and agree with you. Also, I do not believe that the earth is 6,000 years old. The Bible doesn’t say that.

    • Barbara Wilcox

      Charlene I agree with you completely and this false teaching stumbles many people from having faith in God and his son Jesus.

    • Patrick H.

      You’re absolutely right it doesn’t. Any Christians who are interested, check out this site which uses the Bible and Science to prove that the Earth is not 6,000 years old.


    Hi Bernie – I wish you a Happy Hanakuh! Since I am Christian, I thank you for wishing me a Merry Christmas. As far as religion goes, I believe all people of Faith pray to the One True God, we simply know god by different names, as God made His/Her presence know to us in ways our ancestors via their cultures could understand. Simply put, we are all on Different Paths to the SAME Destination!

  • Richard K.

    Bernard God Bless you, I too am a Christian and dont like anyone to tell me how should I live and breath my religion. Extremism is the demize of all great things in life and religion is the worst kind!

  • George

    The Bible is the inerrant word of God. It is not a Science Book. It is a book of Salvation. For those who believe, we believe. For those who don’t, there is still hope for you but the decision is yours. If it is your choice to not believe, that is your choice. Your belittling of what those of us who believe was wrong, seeing as though your main point was to want to be left alone. Those who throw stones first cannot then expect to be left alone and claim that he is not in the game. You should have just remained quiet. You deserve all the reaction you’ll get. But, honestly, I think the real point of your essay was to call attention to yourself and get back on O’Reilly’s show to discuss this.

    • pomeroo

      The Bible is a book, the prioduct of many human hands. It is not inerrant and it is not the final word on questions of science or ethics.

      • Daniel

        Oh no, please pomeroo, please write a book and produce your findings and research. I am so lost without more of your wisdom

      • George

        The Bible of course isn’t the final word on science as science evolves and knowledge is gained. And, the Bible teaches morals, which are on a higher plane than ethics and the morals the Bible teaches are universal and applicable throughout all of time.

    • Stimpy

      The Bible, like all religious traditions, is largely mythology. By that I don’t mean falsehoods. The myth of Jonah and the whale is speaking in symbols — deeper meanings. Anyone who takes this literally is missing the deeper meaning. Go read some of the work by Joseph Campbell. There are many myths common to many religious traditions. An understanding of that would unify instead of divide.

  • FloridaJim

    It was a much happier time when Christmas included Jesus Christ.Other religions can have their holidays and it never bothers me but Christmas today is much more sad.I went to the Dentist and not one Christmas Carole, not one Merry Christmas and no joy to be seen. These people are from the 60’s generation and they are sad.

    The 60’s generation is responsible for the malaise over America.

    • bmmg39

      I agree that Christmas should be a religious holiday, Jim, but if it is a religious holiday then we can’t have a Christmas tree in the State Capitol building, and you can’t force the guy at Best Buy to say “Merry Christmas” to everybody.

    • bmmg39

      And why are you going to the dentist to hear Christmas carols? I go there to get my teeth cleaned.

  • beniyyar

    Dear Bernie, Have a Happy Hannukah and even though I too do not celebrate Christmas, I hope that you enjoy that Christian holiday as well. I always found Christmas to be a happy time, and surprisingly enough, the birthday of Christ was chosen to be celebrated on December 25 only because we Jews celebrated our Hannukah Festival of Lights and Freedom starting on the 25th of the Hebrew month of Kislev and the Christians hoped that we wuold convert to Christianity due to the juxtaposition of the two holidays. Every Jew deals with the Christian majority and their celebrations in our own way, but the best way is to strengthen our own beliefs, holiday observance, and Jewish identity.
    All the best, by the way, I have met very few Christians who did not deeply respect me as an observant Jew with deeply held and very valuable morals and beliefs. This may be because I deeply respect them and their deeply held and very valuable morals and beliefs, which of course are all deeply rooted in the Jewish religion as preached by the famous Christian Prophet, Jesus the Jew from Bethlehem.

  • Switchlight13

    I love the part about these dirtbag killers “finding Jesus” on death row. It must give great comfort to their victim’s family.

    • Ted Crawford

      I’ll reserve my judgement on those who claim belief at the moment of their demise. As a Deist, I don’t know if ther is a ‘God’, but one thing I’m completely certain of is the fact that if there is, I’m not him and that judgement seems to belong only to him!

  • John Daly

    Advice to my fellow Christians: Living your life as a Christian and letting others observe you as an example is the best way to spread God’s message. Trying to impose your faith on others does not work, and it only annoys them.

    • Patrick H.

      I think you’ve got it, John! It reminds me of the quote of “Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes time and annoys the pig.”

      • Phil Silverman

        No. John is right. THe presunptuous of many of those trying to “minister” to others is quite annoying. Although, it’s believed to be with the best of intentions. The early Christain Church was attended by Jwish-Christians. Look it up. The Nicean council did a number on that frame of mind.

        • Patrick H.

          I wasn’t disagreeing with John, Phil. I’m sorry if it sounded like I was.

        • Barbara Wilcox

          The primary doctrine to come out of the Nicean creed was the trinity doctrine. Constantine called the bishops together but only allowed a limited time for travel so only a small minority were present. This important doctrine was decided by only 74 bishops of the early church. The first century Christians did not believe Jesus was God incarnate but he was in fact the promised messiah and the son of God sent to earth as the savior of mankind.

    • Brian Africano

      “Preach often, and if you have to, use words”- (attributed) St. Francis of Assisi

      • Ted Crawford

        Whom ever said it, they are words to live by

    • Daniel

      So Jesus’ Great Commission is to live a Christian life and allow others to observe it? Obviously not.

      The problem is that Doug expressed his viewpoints to someone who is completely closed – think of telemarketers calling you to sell used cardboard boxes to you. How open are you to buying used cardboard boxes?

      • John Daly

        Oh, I think it’s a more successful method than emailing people.

    • TJ Conwell

      Great advice, John. As a pastor the best witness of your faith that you (we) have is your life without fluff and sanctimonious garbage piled on. Best advice I ever heard regarding the faith was this: “Don’t judge me because I sin differently than you do”. Seems to be very solid words to live by. Absolutely … proclaim in all situations and be prepared with an answer when asked; but in 12 years of ministry, and 19 years of walking with Christ I have never seen someone WON to the Lord AFTER an argument. (As if they are going to say, “OK, fine, I get it .. just shut up and give me Jesus!”) Nope … hasn’t happened yet and I doubt it ever will. God bless you, bro.

      • John Daly

        Thanks for weighing in on this. Every pastor I’ve ever had essentially comes at this from the same angle as you.

    • Brian

      Muslims are worse in regards to imposing their views on others and on getting hostile if you criticize them. Go ask Ayaan Hirsi Ali about Muslims in Europe.

      • Brian

        Or look at how intolerant many of them are of their neighbor Israel.

  • Johnconrad, St. Louis


    I promise not to hack your head off, you infidel:)

  • linda from MS


  • Patrick H.

    Great column Bernie! I like the fact that you aren’t afraid to challenge the Religious Right when you disagree with them. Honestly I don’t see what was so offensive that Doug (and I’m guessing, quite a few others) would e-mail you and say what they would say. Gee, and I actually thought it was one of your better segments. A bit thin-skinned I would say Doug and others like him are.

  • Russell

    You nailed it Bernie.

  • Shortrosen

    Happy Hanukkah!!

  • Scott Berland

    As a fellow member of “the tribe” you expressed my sentiments, exactly. My mom was born & raised Catholic and later converted. I celebrated Christmas with my grandparents in a secular way- tree, meal, family & presents. It was nice. Never once was an issue made that my nuclear family was Jewish. Nor did we question them for not sharing our beliefs. In my opinion, that is the way it should always be. Otherwise we are just Saudi Arabia “lite”.

  • YoYoFishing

    Good article, Bernie. If you don’t believe in abortion, then don’t have one. If you don’t believe in same-sex marriage, then don’t marry a gay person. And if you believe in fairy tales, then keep reading the Bible. lol

  • George

    It says at the bottom of your article, Bernie, that 3 people unfriended you. They were God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost.

    • bmmg39

      I’m kinda hoping God isn’t on Facebook, George.

      • George

        God is everywhere.

        • JustRod

          I’m sorry George, but I don’t think we should try and speak for God or trivialize God. I liked Bernie’s article and I am an Anglican priest. Jesus never forced – he gave invitations. Of course I believe he still does.

          • George

            Well with all due respect, I believe it is you who has trivialized God if, in your position as a priest, you say that you like to read about people belittling God as Bernie did in his article and saying that he just wants to be left alone. The Bible says to go forth and spread the word, not just stay home and mail out invitations. Also, as a Priest, I wouldn’t think that you would take the first “no” from someone as the final answer. I say all this with respect to you but your faith seems to be a bit too passive for my taste.

          • CentralScruntinizer

            That’s why you, like O’Reilly, might prefer the middle ages George, or similarly, you might actually resemble the fundamentalists of Islam more than you might want to acknowledge. I find the Anglican/Episcopal tradition to be very Christlike in that they largely try to inspire and win hearts by positive action not dogma and aggressive evangelism….

          • George

            Were the 10 Commandments less true in the middle ages, or, are they same as today? Some truths are eternal, such as the truth of the Bible for those who believe. You’ve set up a nice strawman attack on me, but your premise is flawed. One can both be inspirational and true to God’s Word as written in the Bible. And, to act on that Word through outreach efforts. As James said, faith without works is dead. If you’re not a believer in the Bible, it’s dogma to you. All religions have their core beliefs, or what you call dogma, to make it sound bad. When, to a Christian, dogma is the Word of God, the Good News of Jesus’ resurrection and a pathway to Heaven.

        • bmmg39

          Facebook isn’t exactly a “where.” If God exists, I would hope (S)He wouldn’t be on social media sites.

          • George

            I haven’t seen on Facebook’s Terms of Service page that God is expressly forbidden from participating. And, God the Father is not a she.

  • Terry Dillard

    IF God is God — and I believe that he is, and IF Christ is Christ — and I believe that, too, then Christians are right to believe that God’s Word is immutable. When we attempt change that Word because of our societal, political, or religious beliefs to fit our current “needs”, then we’re denying that God is God. We don’t get to pick and choose what God says, either He said it or He didn’t. To modify God’s word or espouse beliefs as a Christian that Christ Himself would not agree to is heresy, plain and simple. We do not have the option of picking and choosing what we believe as Christians.Those who attempt to do so are playing God themselves.

  • Pat

    You went too far on this one, Bernie. Sounds like you were releasing a lot of pent-up resentment and needlessly offended a lot of good people, and you did it in a mean-spirited way. Disappointed in you, Mr. Goldberg.

    • RickonhisHarleyJohnson

      You know what bothers me? People who worry so much about offending someone by saying what they believe. Bernie didn’t attack or exhibit offensive behavior on this. So why would so many be offended?!

      • Patrick H.

        I’ll tell you why Rick, I think we live in a culture that encourages people to get offended by opinions who they disagree with too easily.

        • RickonhisHarleyJohnson

          Sure ’nuff!

        • nickshaw

          Agreed, Patrick.
          I wonder what type of culture would encourage one to take offense at nearly everything? Whether it be said, unsaid or merely perceived as implied?
          That’s a whole lotta’ victimhood right there!
          Yeah, I wonder who does that?

      • Pat

        No problem with BG saying what he believes but yes, it was offensive when BG said, ” They believe things that the dumbest kid in third grade wouldn’t believe. And they believe it because they’re not smart enough to think for themselves. Or they’re afraid to.” He is smart enough to have made his point without making a demeaning comment like that.

  • jones.barry

    Well said Bernie. Absolutism- in religion, in politics- is not helpful. It keeps us from working out other problems.

  • LC

    Well, the Christian belief is that if you don’t believe that Jesus is the way, you are lost. Atleast they don’t bomb people that don’t agree.

    • Bryan Gaines

      You’re kidding right? Ever heard of the Crusades? Learn some history, for crying out loud!

      • Patrick H.

        I think he’s comparing Christians in the present and Muslims in the present. I don’t think he was trying to make a historical comparison.

      • mark a mccomas

        Those weren’t Christians–they were bloodthirsty unemployed

      • nickshaw

        What is it with people that have to go back a thousand years to find an example?
        Christianity has evolved.
        islam has not.
        Is it really that hard to understand?

        • Bob Hadley

          Islam is several certuries younger than Christianity. How do you know Islam isn’t at the stage Christianity was during the Crusades. Maybe Islam is evolving.

          • nickshaw

            And maybe that’s an excuse?

          • Bob Hadley

            An excuse for what???? I was offering a possible historical analysis as an alternative to yours. I made no mention or indication of an excuse for anything.

          • reader

            Never mind Bob, Nick. He’s a loser liberal and a Muslim lover.

          • Bob Hadley

            Doesn’t Jesus love Muslims? :) Also, Jesus was very liberal in his time. And Bernie might be correct that, were he live today, Jesus would be a liberal Democrat.
            As for you, you seem to have quite a ways to go before becoming a good Christian (if that’s your aspiration).

          • reader

            Yeah, you called my bluff. Sorry about that, I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and lost my cool. That said, you are correct, Jesus loves Muslims and cares about them, I’m not sure he’d be a liberal Democrat though since he called for individuals to be charitable, not for social programs. That said though, he would not be a Koch Brothers type either. In fact, I can’t see either the left or the right completely wanting Jesus on their side if they were here today. It’s foolish to say that Jesus fits into a political box.

          • Bob Hadley

            Apology accepted. Thanx….As for Jesus’ politics or affiliations were he alive today, you need to take that up with Bernie.

          • CentralScruntinizer

            Aren’t you late for the school bus? Sounds like you’re about 13 and have a lot to learn, so run along.

          • reader

            Sorry Central, I’m older than that although I acted like that last night, I apologize.

          • CentralScruntinizer

            For what its worth, I agree with your later comment that neither side could honestly count Jesus as being in their camp.

          • Bob Hadley

            Who said anything about an excuse????? I was offering a historical analsis as an alternative to yours. Or were you trying to change the subject?

      • MarkAbbott

        Bryan, can you answer this question: why did the medieval European Christians go on their crusades in the first place?

        • jack

          Although the Crusades turned into a bloodbath against Jews, Muslims, Christian peasants and anybody who was in the way the original intention was to save the Byzantine empire from the sword of Islam which was conquering all infidels. So while the Crusades are an historical horror, to put some perspective into this which is often left out, so was the Islamic sword which swept over the middle east and into eastern Europe and led to a request to the Pope by the Byzantines to save them from Islamic invaders. Of course the Byzantines suffered as much from their Christian brothers as they did from their Muslim cousins. Maybe they should have called their Jewish parents instead to moderate this religious family squabble.

      • Debdeb

        History: The crusades were about papal interests and authority, not really about Christianity. Christians that did not pay taxes or honor the pope were also targets of the Crusades. The Cathars, Christians that refused to serve the pope, were totally exterminated in the Crusades. History’s Lesson: No religion should have absolute rule over people.

        • Patrick H.


      • Daniel

        Don’t judge a philosophy by its abuse.

    • Lucky3511

      Not any more, but remember the middle ages when the inquisition was very much the in thing.

    • Barbara Wilcox

      I’m sorry but from about 400 A.D. to 1700 A.D. the early Christian faith was controlled by the Catholic faith who have a shameful history of persecuting anyone in opposition to the papacy. Besides the Crusades, the Protestant Reformation caused many wars in Europe that were strictly Christians killing Christians as the faith splintered away from Catholicism.
      Also the priests were horrible during the Inquisition and murdered anyone who showed any independent thinking from the Catholic faith. The Catholic church even burned priests at the stake for translating the Bible in common languages other than Latin.

  • Jeff Bloom

    You won’t send emails about what you believe but you will write this column. I really don’t see the difference.

    And this quote “They believe things that the dumbest kid in third grade wouldn’t believe. And they believe it because they’re not smart enough to think for themselves. Or they’re afraid to.” says a lot about you.

    You don’t have to worry about me sending you emails or reading anything you write again.

    • Ted Crawford

      Perhaps Mr. Goldberg, wasn’t as ‘politically correct’ as some would want, but putting that aside for at least a moment. have you read Revelations? Do you believe that all these physical entities will appear? Do you believe that the number ‘666’ will actually be “stamped into foreheads or hands”?
      Many Christian Ministers and Sunday School Teachers use the book of Daniel as a ‘Hand-in-glove’ companion to Revelation!
      The King’s dreams involved beasts and so on. He called Daniel to explain them, what Daniel explained came about, but none of the Kings beasts ever did!
      Many of the books of the Bible contain admonishment , ” Let the reader be discerning”! Christs Parables were about specific incidents, yet they, if one chooses to be descerning, are such perfect examples of symbolic teaching, that they are fungable across a hugh portion of Human experiences
      Remember when some asked Jesus about the final judgement and the many who would come claiming salvation because of all the good they had done in Gods name? He told them to get away because he “knew you no”?
      I wonder if some of them were literal believers?
      Learning the ‘letter of the Law’ is, I believe, the easy part. Discerning the intent of the Law is, very often, a very different, and much more difficult task!

    • CentralScruntinizer

      See Bernie? You’re losing some Fox News hard core types here!

  • A. B.

    I’m a Christian and I couldn’t agree more. God bless you!

  • montanachick

    “For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.” ~ Stuart Chase
    “Live and let live.” ~ Me

  • kswatchman

    Great read! As a Christian I couldn’t agree more. I think most folks are going to be terribly surprised when they discover God meant it when he said, “I am the judge”.

  • Al Arnold

    Amen Bernie, Amen.

  • Cyberquill

    I’ll tell them, Bernie. No problem.

  • Johnny

    That is a kick-ass column Bernie. I liked you from your appearances on The Factor, but you’re now my favorite political columnist.