P.C. Stands For Politically Craven

I know that those who police American society searching for the slightest offence to members of any minority group, be it gays, blacks, illegal aliens or Muslims, are convinced that they are the only reason that the majority aren’t busily engaged in dispensing horse-whippings on every street corner. The fact is that the only thing they’re really doing is turning inconsequential molehills into mountains. Bruising someone’s tender feelings should not be confused with a lynching.

I’m not sure when we turned into a nation of wussies, but I know it got a lot worse once we actually elected a wuss to be our commander-in-chief. When a president constantly backs down from a confrontation with a bully like Vladimir Putin, draws meaningless red lines in the sand and allows Iran to not only unilaterally extend meaningless negotiations for four months but simultaneously receive a $2.8 billion bribe, it sets a bad example. Our enemies kick sand in our face, and instead of muscling up the way Charles Atlas did in those old magazine ads, Obama depletes the military just before flouncing off to play a round of golf.

Obama isn’t really a leader; instead, he’s the human equivalent of a Potemkin Village. For those not up on such things, it’s been said that in 1787, Gregory Potemkin erected fake settlements in order to fool Russian Empress Catherine II during a state visit into thinking that under his stewardship Crimea was a happening place.

In the intervening 227 years, the term has come to mean anything concocted to deceive others into believing that something is better than it is. Although it is generally used in connection with an actual structure, it could just as well be applied to an economic report that suggests the unemployment rate is plummeting without disclosing that most new jobs are part-time and that millions of people have stopped even looking for jobs, thus removing themselves from the unemployment rolls.

I have tried to figure out why liberals get so upset over what they regard to be unfair treatment of women, homosexuals and minorities, here in America, but seem oblivious to far more revolting behavior in Muslim nations, where, typically, women, homosexuals, Christians and Jews, are stoned, burned or beheaded, for no other reason than that they are who they are.

What does it make us that we’re even civil to those who perform clitorectomies on their daughters, who set fire to churches and the worshippers inside them, and who condemned a Christian woman to death for the crime of marrying a non-Muslim?

Speaking of Meriam Ibrahim, whose life was finally spared after the intervention of American church groups, I hope Pope Francis doesn’t limit his involvement with Mrs. Ibrahim to a meet-and-greet at the Vatican. I’d like it if he remembers to leave a note for the next pope or the one after that she be canonized when that day arrives. Even though she wasn’t killed, she did spend six months in a prison believing she would receive a hundred lashes and then be hanged, even giving birth to a son in the Sudanese pig sty, all because she, a Christian woman, refused to abandon her faith and convert to Islam.

In fact, if the Church ever gets around to electing a woman to the Holy See, they could do a lot worse than choosing Mrs. Ibrahim. What she did was far more impressive than venturing out on the balcony to deliver yet another speech devoted to arguing for the redistribution of other people’s wealth.

A question that bedevils me is why Barack Obama, John Kerry and our State Department try to appear even-handed when it comes to Israel and its enemies. We didn’t feel the need to be non-judgmental during World War II. We didn’t pretend that Germany and, say, Holland or Denmark were equally to blame for the bloodbath. So why, when the Palestinians have sworn to kill all the Jews, and Israel, for its part, keeps ceding land in exchange for an ever more elusive peace, do we feel the need to claim a moral equivalence where one clearly does not exist?

I am wondering if it’s because Germany was a nation, whereas Islam passes itself off as a religion. Or could it be because Obama once famously stated that he would stand with the Muslims if the political winds shifted in an ugly way? Although his defenders insist that he was referring to standing with American Muslims in the face of religious intolerance, it can’t be entirely coincidental that when asked how to best solve the problems in the Middle East, he said it would be a good start for Israel to retreat to its suicidal pre-1967 borders.

Something that seems to have been lost since 9/11 is that when the Palestinians saw the Twin Towers coming down on their TVs in Jenin, Ramallah and Hebron, there was dancing in the streets. And those people don’t even like to dance. Also keep in mind that was years before Hamas terrorists started winning elections.

I am not easily astonished, but I must admit I am dumbfounded that we have American teachers, professors, journalists and even Presbyterian ministers, who openly declare their support of Islamic fanatics and Arab fascists. But perhaps it was all those years in which they defended communist butchers in the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, North Korea, East Germany and Cambodia, that prepared them for their signature role in the world, forever typecast as useful idiots.

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  • SAWB69

    Like it Burt–you’re right on, as us old hipsters used to say. Looking forward to your show tomorrow. Your Tybee Island buddy….

  • potemkin_village_usa

    “The fact that censorship always defeats its own purpose, for it iterates, in the end, the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion. In the long run it will create a generation incapable of appreciating the difference between independence of thought and subservience.”
    ___Henry Steel Comager, Historian and Educator

  • potemkin_village_usa

    THE NEW P.C. VIDEO GAME Portrays Tea-Party As Racist With The Goal of Killing As Many As Possible!

    __German children were taught in the classroom that Jews were sub-human enemies and could not be trusted in any way in keeping an oath or contract. The young German children were taught that Jews kidnapped, abused, and drank children’s blood. These kids were taught that God’s natural order demanded the marginalization of Jews which engendered murder on them by their formerly peaceful German neighbors. Jews were propagandized as perverts, murderers, and greedy miscreants where grotesque pictures were shown in the classroom to young children illustrating their lower order on the evolutionary ladder thus relegating them to animals. This made it acceptable for the government to kill them with public support.
    __We are now seeing this same trend being resurrected in Europe in the dehumanizing of the Jews. The Tea-Party in America is now a target for the Left in Demonizing them and rendering them ‘fair-game’ for extermination.
    Notwithstanding the Bounty for evidence proving that the Tea-Party is racist never being claimed due to a lack of evidence, the left persists in its false and vicious mischaracterization of the Tea-Party engendering mass murder against them “getting what they deserve, like their brothers in the Klan.”
    We must Educate the public ceaselessly or degenerate ourselves to a Nazi-esque society!!