John Kerry, Meet Donald Sterling

Secretary of State Kerry, who seems to be working overtime to make his predecessor look good, announced that if Israel didn’t cave to the Muslims, who pray to Allah several times a day for the extinction of all Jews, they ran the risk of being denounced as an apartheid nation. The next day, after an initial firestorm, he decided, as they say, to walk his statement back. Not too surprisingly, Donald Sterling wasn’t allowed the same opportunity, even though he is just another sports team owner, and Kerry is allegedly America’s number one diplomat.

Understand, I am not standing up for Mr. Sterling (born Donald Tokowitz 80 years ago). There’s nothing I like about him, including his past career as an ambulance-chasing lawyer, his name change or his choice of girlfriends. Heck, I don’t even like basketball.

But I happen to hate hypocrisy. So the NBA, which pretty much turns a blind eye to infractions by players, which includes beating up their wives, using illegal drugs, engaging in bar fights, driving under the influence and siring a couple of dozen babies with a couple of dozen different women, lowers the boom on the stupid white guy.

When it comes to the disciplining of players, it usually takes the form of wrist slaps involving short suspensions and fines the players can pay off with the loose change they find under their sofa cushions. But when it comes to this seemingly senile old coot, whose crime consists of shooting off his mouth to his slutty ex-mistress, it suddenly calls for a lifelong banishment from the league and a forced sale of the team.

The dirty little secret in America is that it’s only the likes of silly old white guys like Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling who get pilloried for their ignorant comments. It’s never old black guys like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Charley Rangel and Hank Aaron or middle-aged black guys like Eric Holder or vapid Hispanics like Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

That brings us to John Kerry. He made the vulgar comparison of Israel to the formerly apartheid South Africa, even though two million Arabs and Muslims call Israel home, and enjoy the same rights as Jews and even get to serve in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament.

One might even find it ironic that with as many Muslims in Israel as there are in the United States ( about two million), and even though Israel has a mere two percent of our population, there are more Muslims in the Knesset, about a dozen, than we have in Congress, which happens to be two – Democrats Keith Ellison and Andre Carson. I’m not complaining, you understand, as I personally think they’re over-represented. I just wanted to clear up a few things for Kerry.

In his defense, some liberals have argued that Kerry made his statement in private at a gathering of the Trilateral Commission, but you may have noticed that they had quite a different take when it came to Mitt Romney’s reference to 47% of the population at a closed meeting or Donald Sterling’s private phone conversation. Apparently people should be more worried about scorned women than they are of the NSA.

Naturally, Juan Williams gave Kerry the benefit of the doubt after Kerry, as is typical with this administration, belatedly tried to explain he didn’t really mean what he said. But, unlike Sterling, Kerry’s remarks weren’t unfortunate ad libs; they were written out in a prepared speech and had, like all such addresses, been vetted by the State Department.

There were even some of my fellow Jews willing to defend the Secretary of State’s vile statement. Those, of course, would be JINOS, Jews in Name Only. Those are Jews whose god shouldn’t ever be confused with Jehovah, but, rather, who happens to be any Democrat residing in the White House at the time. They can always be counted upon to be in lockstep with an anti-Semite like Kerry.

Or considering that Kerry looks like he should be pulling a plow, perhaps “lockstep” is the wrong term, and a more appropriate expression would be in “double harness.”

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  • Ron F

    I am not sure saying that if Israel did not make a deal with the Palestinians, it could turn into and apartheid state is the same thing as telling someone not to bring black people to games. It was stupid but it is not the same thing. I do not think the NBAs handling of Donald Sterling and players. The NBA has a collective bargaining agreement with the players’ association which specifies what penalties the commissioner can impose for violations of league rules. There is a separate agreement for the owners with different rules and penalties. On the other hand it seems that the uproar about Donald Sterling’s statements are out of proportion for the harm that he did. I hope he fights the NBA on the monetary penalty as well as selling the team. As for the comparison of the difference in outrage in what Donald Sterling said and Al Sharpton and Reverend Wright. I have heard plenty of outrage over the statements of Donald Sterling and Al Sharpton.

  • Ryan Nichols

    Oh but the NBA protects it’s racist. Look at Kevin Garnet. The man hates white people. It’s no secret in the NBA that he and some other players feel that way.

  • Josh

    I’m not entirely sure of the full history of the Jewish people nor why they were so incredibly hated for so very long, but in this modern age their collective crime, pertaining to Israel, is that they’re considered white juxtaposed against a minority. White oppressing Jews and their imperialism and genocide. The poor oppressed Muslims of the region are only reacting to the instigators. The Muslims really just want peace but are being held underfoot by white people.

    It’s the most popular story to tell throughout the world today. Anyone has a problem? Well, here’s the solution: Get rid of the oppressive white men.

    • Ron F.

      Josh, please cite one credible source who has ever said that about Israel?

      • Josh

        What? That Israelis are white?

        • Ron F

          No, that “Muslims really just want peace but are being held underfoot by white people” or even that it is a white – minority issue..

          • Josh

            It’s my guess that so many folks in the mainstream view it as a white-vs.-minority issue, hence so many liberal people, from kids on campus to folks in the media, decidedly slapping Israel around no matter how many concessions Israel makes. It reminds me of the same never-good-enough nonsense that happens whenever there’s a party that can be painted as a white, imperial, oppressive villain and a poor, oppressed, can’t-do-for-itself minority.

            If you have a better understanding of why so many side with Muslims and have an issue with Israel, I’m all ears here.

            For the life of me, I can’t figure it out. I can’t rightly say it’s fear of Muslims. Folks have been beating up Israel long before Islamic terror hit American soil. And I can’t say it’s that incredibly polarizing per territory. Let’s face it: Most Americans probably couldn’t point Israel out on a map. So, the only thing I can rightly figure is that whiny progressives view Palestinians as oppressed victims of white power (i.e. pitiful minorities, the same way they view blacks and Hispanics) and thus inherently and instantly assume all the world’s ills come from the oppressor.

            I’ve heard plenty variations of “Muslims really just want peace but are being held underfoot by” … though “white people” is my assertion here.

            So, there’s your credible source. Me.

          • Ron F

            Thanks for explaining that it is your guess about how “many folks in the mainstream view it as a white-vs-minority issue”. I have never heard anyone refer to it as a whiter vs. minority issue and most people know that Israel has the minority population. “Support for Israel is not restricted to the Jewish community. Americans of all ages, races and religions sympathize with Israel. This support is also nonpartisan, with a majority of Democrats and Republicans consistently favoring Israel by large margins over the Arabs.” Jewish Virtual Library. Updated March 2014.

  • Porkbevr

    Well stated, Burt. The double standards are jaw dropping.

  • Darren Perkins

    Good column. Couldn’t have said it better.