That’s Right I Said It !!! …..Merry Christmas !!!!

I’m really getting sick and tired of all of this political correctness infecting the Holiday Cheer of the season. First we have Nina Totenberg apologizing for using the term in an interview….

Then I hear someone complaining about that Christmas trees in schools and other public institutions make the children of religions other than Catholicism feel left out. Give me a break here. There are plenty of communal get togethers nationwide, and most likely worldwide that do not require you to be of  any certain religion to partake in them.

Two examples come to mind. Santa Con:

…and The Running of the Santas:

This is just the beginning. Do you see any bigotry here? Does this not look like fun to you? Think of all of the joy and cheer that is spread  from noble institutions like these. Me personally, my best memories from childhood surround Christmas. The gatherings with family and loved ones. The great food and libations. The sharing of gifts. There is a tangible hum in the air that most people, unless they are determined to have a bad time mostly enjoy. These Grinches and their out of control political correctness simply must go gently into the night. Every religion is allowed to celebrate their own specific forms of seasonal revelries or abstinences without being persecuted. This is what these nitwits always preach, but once again their double standards are right out in the open, but they don’t seem to want to realize this. Ignorance is bliss, or in their cases, their sanctimonious and hypocritical discontent is their bliss.

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Tim Hoffman has joined in a quest for the truth. Hoffman has worked in the television, video game, and film industries for the past 20 years and brings a unique insight on the role the internet plays on media bias, political opinion, and conservative news. Hoffman is a new media political junkie. He is so "in tune" with the pulse of the internet that the bits and bytes sometimes talk to him in the middle of the night. Hoffman is a Media Studies and Anthropology graduate of the State University of New York at Buffalo. He writes from a secure location within the confines of Halloween by the Sea. Tim loves email and can be contacted directly at
  • Diana

    Love it! You always know how to say it like it is. Hope you have an Awesome Christmas. We”ll miss you.

    • Tim Hoffman

      Miss ya too hun. Give the family my love. And we’ll cook together soon, I promise.