The 5 Stages of Mitt

The last time I wrote in this space I concluded my column with this:  The fat lady may not be singing, but she’s warming up in the wings.  I wrote that right after Mitt Romney won Florida — my way of saying, the GOP race is almost over.  Since then he won Nevada.  And he won both by big margins.  So …

It’s over.  Fatso is singing.  I don’t care how many more races there are in how many more states.  Romney, unofficial as it may still be, has won the GOP nomination.

I don’t expect real conservatives to be happy with the news.  Romney is not a reliable conservative, a point I have made in this space more than a few times.  What bothers a lot of us about Romney isn’t so much that he’s moderate.  It’s that he doesn’t seem to have any core values.

Deep down, I suspect, Mitt Romney is a fiscal conservative and a social moderate.  So is Rudy Giullani. But Rudy didn’t change his mind on abortion or gay rights four years ago just to win over social conservatives.  This is who I am, he told primary voters.  They didn’t want that kind of Republican and Rudy said, I get it – but I’m not going to become somebody I’m not.  Romney gives the impression that he’ll become whomever he has to be in order to win.

So, of course, conservatives aren’t going to be happy with the news that he will be the nominee of the party.   And no, they won’t be enthusiastic about his candidacy.  But it’s time for the anti-Romney Republicans to start to come to grips with reality.  It’s time for them to acknowledge the obvious:  He’s better than Barack Obama.  And they have to acknowledge one more thing:  if their lack of enthusiasm leads them to stay home on Election Day, they might as well cast a vote for Obama, and four more years of the kind of politics they claim to despise.

In 1969, a medical doctor named Elizabeth Kubler-Ross came up with what has come to be known as the five stages of grief – stages that we face when having to accept some kind of very bad news, like death.  The first stage is “Denial” – a stage that many of you are in right now.  “This race isn’t over,” you’re telling yourself and anyone who will listen.  Except, it is.

After “Denial” comes “Anger.”  This is the “It’s not fair” stage.  Get over it.  Life’s not fair.  Move on to stage three.

This is the “Bargaining” stage.  In instances when people know they’re going to die, the “Bargaining” stage is about trying to figure out how to postpone death.  The victim says something like, “I understand I will die, but if I could do something to buy more time …”  In politics, the “Bargaining” stage goes something like this:  “Okay, I know my guy isn’t going to win this thing.  But there’s still hope.  Mr. X, whom I like a lot, can still jump into the race and make everything right.  Or maybe there can be a brokered convention – and everything will be OK.”  Bad news coming:  There will be no Mr. X and no brokered convention.

This leads us to stage four:  “Depression.”  This is the stage where we start to understand the certainty of things – in this case the certainty that Newt isn’t going to get the nomination and neither is Santorum or Paul.  I’m sorry you’re depressed.  When you’re not, read what comes next about the final stage, stage five.

Stage five is “Acceptance.” This is the part where we say, “I can’t fight it.  I have to accept it” – and this is the important part – “It’s going to be OK.”

The sooner the Anti-Romney Republicans get to stage five the better.  Getting there won’t be easy.  But perhaps they can take comfort remembering how much harm they believe this president is doing to the country; how much they believe he is nothing more than an old school Chicago politician hiding behind a million dollar smile; how he talked about bringing the country together but has made a conscious decision to divide us just so he can win re-election; and how often they’ve said, Anybody would be better.

Anybody is here.  His name is Mitt Romney.  Accept it.

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  • Vee

    Yes, Bernie. I, too, have gone through the Five Stages Of Mitt. You would be proud of me…today, sadly, I have reached “Acceptance.” I began thrilled and excited when Newt entered the running for the Presidency. I knew he was experienced, wise on things that matter and had the strength of conviction to fight for what I believed in. Then, his campaign workers jumped ship mysteriously and I began to doubt Newt’s ability to work with others. I looked to Michelle Bachmann for her ambition and knowledge of taxes and the novel idea that perhaps her message of conservative conviction was strong enough. Mitt had no fire, no strength of conviction and no message I could truly get behind. Alas, I had to come to terms with that fact that Michelle was not going to survive. Her message was not as strong as the others. And people wanted to crush her character. Then, I listened and heard Herman Cain speak of his determined plans if he got elected. It sounded plausible. It was detailed. It had legs. I followed Herman Cain and hoped others would hear (and get behind) his clear message of fiscal change. But then all I heard was how the media was destroying Herman’s character. I was shocked how ruthless and determined they were to ruin (and distract) Herman’s fine bold character. Herman once blamed Mitt for the attacks. In my heart, I could believe that Mitt wanted to be president so much that he would go so far as to ruin his rivals in such a way. I hated Mitt more as I sadly watched Herman’s fire burn out. Anyone but Mitt, I thought. I clung to the hope that Newt would gain ground. But his true nature got the better of him. The nation all agreed Newt had the knowledge and the guts to kick Obama’s butt…but then what? Too dangerous, right? Mitt was becoming more and more the safe choice. I hit the “Anger” and “Grief” stages at the same time. I was desperate. I reached out to Rick Santorum for solace. He had a glimmer of JFK in him (well, a Republican JFK) and I needed a quick fix of steady, pure conservatism right away. I knew he was way to right for most of America, but his words echoed in my heart. He’s an intelligent man, with honest aspirations and…courage. But my common sense has beaten my heart down. I have “Accepted” that Mitt Romney will be our candidate. Yet, in one last attempt to prove my vote is important…at least to my convictions, if at all…I will step into the primary voting booth and vote for Rick Santorum. Mitt might have won the battle. But he will never win me.

  • James Crook

    Let’s face it. The prize isn’t the white house, it’s congress. We the people have to get out and elect conservatives to the senate and house. You can be anti Obama, dislike Romney, and cry all you want but outside of the presidential race the real prize is to take back congress and then, hopefully, control over the future of this country, the direction we take as a people will be under control.

  • lemonfemale

    Particularly after Santorum’s Tuesday performance, …

    What we have here is not death according to Elizabeth Kubler Ross, but death according to Monty Python.

  • Countryroad2012

    I think you are correct, Romney has the best chance of winning the nomination and winning over Obama. People should look at the candidates lives, how they have lived their lives, Only Romney and Paul have lived conservative lives. Romney was mostly a business man, husband, father, and church leader. By the way, a christian who was a church leader did not “personally” believe in abortion. But even if he did “change his mind” that is what most pro-lifers want to happen. So what is the problem? Time will tell who will be the republican nominee. I will vote for whomever that is! Anybody but Obama!

  • Rick Johnson

    Still think the fat lady is singing, Mr. Goldberg? She may have gotten a midwestern frog caught in her throat after last night’s caucuses.

  • Brian

    First, I am shocked that Santorum did so well last night. Especially in Colorado and Minnesota. Correct me if I am wrong, but I never thought of those two states having that many Evangelical voters. Missouri, does not surprise me, but no delegates were won last night in that state.

    I still think that Romney has the best shot at beating Obama. Romney should win all the New England states, Utah, New York, California, Pacific Northwestern states, and the Potomac states.

    Santorum concerns me with some of his religious views. Now, I am not attacking his beliefs. But I am a Libertarian Conservative more than a true Republican on most issues. So therefore, I am a little uneasy if someone from the religious right wins the nomination.

    Abortion and gay marriage are not my main concerns and I feel that if society is that offended by them, leave it up to the states to decide. Also, if abortion did not exist, keep in mind that crime would go up and more social services would be needed.

    Lastly. Considering the changing racial demographics of the US, especially the fast growing Latino population, I feel that someone like Romney would be more likely to win more of their votes than someone like Santorum or Gingrich. But maybe, I am wrong.

  • Old Grouch

    Bernie has hit a home run here, he has summed up my views. I was, and still am a Cain supporter at heart, with Santorum being my second choice. Romney is obsessed with becoming POTUS purely to feed his ego and will say or do whatever it takes to get his sorry self elected. Like most of the other people responding to this article, I believe Romney is, at best, just the lesser of two evils when juxtaposed to B. Hussein Obama, but I will be voting for Romney if that is my choice in November.

  • Wallace Flint

    It may well be that Mitt Romney will,if elected, be a great president. We have got together and get rid of Obama! Four more years of him,we don’t need!
    Mitt has to jump on the foreign policy issues as well as economic issues. I fear a general war will break out in the Middle East. We MUST back Isreal, as she is the only friend we have in that area.Islam seems to more than just a religion. it’s a polico-religion, wnting to dominate every bit of thinking and doing that goes onin this world. It kind of reminds me of Nazism. When does this foolishness end? We should be ready for anything that happens in this tired old world today. Meanwhile we should back Mitt Romney. We should stand tall together to beat that Chicago politician and his motley crew!

    In God We trust!
    Wally flint-Boonville,NY

    • Michael

      “she is the only friend we have in that area”

      You apparently have never visited the US bases, storage depots, joint training missions, etc. in numerous countries in the Middle East. Google the US 5th Fleet and then tell me what part of Israel it’s based in.

      The Israelis cooperate with other countries in the Middle East whenever possible. There’s no reason we shouldn’t. We can help defend Israel without throwing the people and leaders who are trying to work with us under the bus.

    • Brian

      Agree. Getting rid of Obama is the first priority.

      Disagree regarding getting involved in another Middle Eastern war. America does not have the money to fight another war at the moment and doing so would likely cause a draft to eventually come back, which would not be popular at all.

      I actually believe that if Israel took out Iran’s nuclear facilities, other Middle Eastern countries would actually secretly root for it as Iran is not an Arab nation and has a Shia majority.

      The issue is that Iran has so many of them and they are all deep underground, that I am not sure that all of them could be taken down with air strikes.

  • Florida Jim

    I am afraid you are correct. We have Mitch Daniels, Bob MacDonald, Rick Santorum,Paul Ryan, Christie, Palin, Kasich et al but there must be reasons these people won’t run perhaps the scrutiny of the lamestream media, absent from Obama, drives them off?
    You hit the nail when you said Romney has no core values he is Newt without the weight and they both have on each side of most issues and videoed in the process. It looks like “anyone but Obama” will be my mantra and Romney is “anyone but Obama”.
    You were angry about Ellen De Generes, on O’reilly, but I feel if a company does something I don’t like I will send them a note and stop buying from them. I am sick of the homosexual agenda which has permeated everything much like the abortion as birth control agenda.I look forward to you on O’Reilly.

  • Kathie Ampela


    I am pissed off at the power structure in this country and the 5 stages of Mitt have nothing to do with it. It will not change regardless of the outcome of this election. Your analysis last night was excellent regarding the MSM’s disrespect of people with a pro-life prospective. Please show the same respect to your readership who still believe in a democracy, even if you do not. Calling those who believe in democracy “in the 5 stages of grief” is not respectful. Please do not stoop to the level of the elitist media, we need you to be better than that.

    • ph16

      Why do you think he has no respect for a democracy? Basically, I think his point, Romney is charging ahead and winning in big margins in some very important states. Let’s not neglect that Gingrich and Santorum have some heavy baggage which could scare off moderates and independents in the fall especially since as we all know Obama will be bringing out the big guns then. Bernie’s prediction might be too early, but his, I think like or lump it, is going to be the true one especially since Gingrich and Santorum are characters that could push the independents and moderates over to Obama.

      • Kathie Ampela

        I think he has a lack of respect for others with an opposing point of view..or at least in this case I think so. You can’t call out the elite media for disrespecting the views of pro-lifers as was the case last night, and then write a column telling us we are in the 5 stages of grief over Mitt Romney and get over it. In order to win the nomination, 1144 delegates are needed. Romney has 85. Because you believe Romney has the nomination in the bag and agree with Bernie’s column is your right, but it doesn’t necessarily make it so.

        • ph16

          I disagree with you on his disrespect for an opposing point of view. Could you give me an example, like an actual quote of his (not paraphrased)? I’m sorry I didn’t mean to sound like it was so and honestly, I wasn’t thinking when I typed this and don’t think it is as quite in the bag as some others may think. but I do think he has the best chance better than Newt and Rick because he has no baggage that could be used against him, that’s at least what I think. But you are right, we do have a long way to go and as Yogi Berra said, “It ain’t over till is over”.

  • wally

    Bernie, You may be right but I disagree. I think the primary process should proceed as long as the contestants feel they have a chance. Who really knows who will win. At this point it appears that Mitt is the one but like Yogi says, ” It not over until its over”. At this date, I am looking for Santorum to make a charge. Regardless of who wins, I’ll vote for the unlucky one because I believe like Mark Levine, “I’d vote for a orange juice can before Obama”. Also, I’m determined to skip the intermediate steps and go straight to the acceptance phase.

  • EddieD_Boston

    I said it before and I’ll say it again. Romney is the least threatening to independents of all of the Republicans and he’ll win in a landslide. The only thing Democrats will have is the stupid notion that Romney is evil b/c he only pays 15% capital gains tax. The stupid (Jerry Springer nation) and the clueless (Ivy League PhDs) will buy it hook, lone and sinker. But people who think will know be already paid 35% on the income before be invested it and then was taxed 15% on the capital gain.

    Obama is done. Done.

    • cmacrider

      EddieD: The polls don’t seem to support you on this one. Hope you are right but after Romney’s carpet bombing in Florida … I’m not to sure how enthusiastic the conservative wing is going to be. Secondly, Romney doesn’t seem to garner much more excitement than John McCain and we saw how that one went. I just can’t see Krauthammer and Bernie Goldburg out manning the constituency phones or driving people to the polls … but I could be wrong.

      • Michael

        “I just can’t see Krauthammer and Bernie Goldburg out manning the constituency phones or driving people to the polls”

        Charles is a favorite columnist and my favorite panelist on Special Report, and Bernie’s is my favorie no-nonsense segment of O’Reilly (and I love his website).

        The fact that I like both of these guys makes it all the more hilarious as I imagine them in your scenario: Charles in a heated conversation on the phone, urging a Tea Party leader to let bygones be bygones and please get his TP members to the polls, and Bernie standing beside the open sliding door of a 15-passenger van plastered with Romney stickers, urging little old ladies wearing “Newt’s Gonna Rise Again” buttons and “Stand up for Santorum – He Really Is a Nice Guy” stickers to please just get in the van and go vote.

      • EddieD_Boston

        I can’t see Romney being compare to McCain. McCain looked OLD compared to Obama. McCain was/is a Washington insider. McCain didn’t have business experience, which is where this election will be come Nov.
        I don’t see ANY conservative staying home knowing what the results will be if this fool gets a second term.
        Plus, all the polish has been rubbed off Obama. Transparent? End the divisiveness in DC? He’s a fraud.
        As Dick Morris states repeatedly, if you’re an incumbent and you’re below 50% approval you’re toast come election day.

        • cmacrider

          EddieD … The real comparison between McCain and Romney is not age … it’s the fact that neither one are very convincing when it comes to election results. After all Romney has only won what 3 out of 8 primaries(approx) If he can’t beat Santorum how is he going to beat Obama.
          Romney has to step forward and give a major policy speech not just talk about how he was a corporate director and “knows how to fix the economy.” Conservatives are not going to get excited with someone who says he’ll ‘adjust the spark plug gap’ and ‘readjust the carburator.’ They are not going to get excited simply because he is an expert at negative advertising. I feel a bit queasy when the strategy seems to be to stay in the fox hole and hope Obama blows himself up. The conservatives and independents need something to vote for not merely vote against Obama.

  • Tim

    Sorry GOLDBERG, when you stated on Fox that if the GOP loses this race against Obama, that it would be conservatives fault, that is when you lost all of your conservative anti-Romney cred, so do not try to come back now you think he has this thing in the bag and try to make us feel like you have been on our side all along.


    Number 6,
    “Gatitude’after “acceptance” may have nothing to do with the reality of dying, but Obama is in a way responsible for the the beginning of the “death of America”, and he is its president!
    I’m grateful for a flawed Mitt Romney.

    p.s. Bernie, I was disappointed to hear your commentary on O”Reilly tonight in relation to Helen Degeneres. I know that won’t bother you, but I felt you were speaking for the left.

  • Sunnyr

    I don’t have a problem with it. Romney is an honorable man who has no hint of scandal in his life, all the way back to High School, for Pete’s sake. He is the only viable candidate left who can beat Obama.

    In spite of the fact that Sarah Palin is all but endorsing Newton Leroy Gingrich (she has to be a few feathers short of a whole Duck!) there is a very revealing YouTube Video that proves Newt is NOT a Conservative. He describes himself as a “Wilsonian Progressive” many, many times and also says our beloved Constitution is “obsolete. He professes great admiration for one of the most vile, racist and propaganda-peddling Presidents of all time, Democrat Woodrow Wilson, and when asked about his FAVORITE US President he quickly answered, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

    Now we see Newt whirling around the country, waving the Constitution and saying he is a “Reagan Conservative.” Yeah, sure he is. And Callista is Mother Teresa!

    See this stunning one hour Video before you decide to vote for this erratic, duplicitous, terminally immoral LIAR:

    • Michael

      I can certainly see why your name is “Sunny.”

      • Sunnyr

        Actually, Sunny is my dog’s name. My name is Grucilla Grunchbinder.

        • Michael


  • Bob thomas

    It feels like bigotry… Just like the stand against Ellen not having a right to work … The religious right is determined to destroy Romney because of his Religion!

    • Sunnyr

      Religious Bigotry has to go! No one should lose their job because they are Gay! I do not approve of Gay “Marriage” but I do feel Legal Contracts are fine. Go for it! But please don’t try and make your Homosexual relationship “mainstream” by insisting on MARRIAGE. For more than 2,000 years it has been an institution where one man and one woman join to form a family unit for the purpose of raising children. Political Correctness is robbing this country of our Traditions and Freedoms. Gay people should never be denied their right to join as a couple in a legal contract to profess their love and dedication to each other. But leave marriage as it has been for thousands of years. Please. JMO.

  • IndependentLasVegas

    I can accept it but the media is elated about Romney that’s a bad sign. He’s a pinatta that Obama is going to enjoy hitting during the campaign.

    Romney is not only facing Obama he is facing ABC,CBS,NBC,CNN,MSNBC,CNBC,HLN, and PBS. He’s too weak and does not have the type of personality to retaliate against this mob.

    The GOP needs a tough articulate SOB to take it to Obama and the media.

    • Bob

      Wrong… The media has made Romney synonymous with cult, flip flop and Obama lite! He was treated this way for two years! Romney became mainstream when he raised money for 150 GOP hopefuls in the 2010 midterms…. From there he built relationships preparing, planning, organizing for this run. He took it seriously while the other hopefuls were on a cruise to Greece.

  • Randy

    Everyone needs to take a deep breath and get over it. You don’t get to the choice you want, you get the choice you get. I am really sick of everyone quoting Regan. Great man. Great President (even with the flaws). And a once in a lifetime leader. Romney is going to win the nomination unless the hand of God comes down and swoops him up. Not likely.

    This guy has worked for what, six years for the nomination? He knows darn well that he will be expected to do something about Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, Bail-outs, the deficit, etc., etc. etc. He’s also smart enough to know if he doesn’t get something done, he will have worked so long, so hard and spent so much money to be a one term president. I think he is smarter than that.

    At least he understands how business works,and he obviously understands how to make money. The rest he will have to learn. Money is the root of all our problems and we need to fix that or kiss it all goodbye.

    And no, I’m not an anyone but Obama guy. I really do think Romney will work out and will be a darn sight better than what we current are enjoying.

  • Davud R. Zukerman

    Didsn’t I see a Times account, pre-South Carolina, quoting a S.C. GOPer saying that she preferred Romney because he is the Republican closest to Obama?

    Romney obviously will be the latest in a string of failed GOP candidates — a la McCain, Dole, GHW Bush. I would prefer that the convention settled the nomination. I would also prefer that we have candidates who are presidential contenders because of considerable support among the people, not because of considerable political ego. Mainly, I want a presidential candidate who will commit himself to the counsel given by Madison in the first half of Federalist No. 57, and who will remain of the people, not of the insiders and, therefore, will have nothing to do with fundraisers with $35,800 as price of admission.

    Vote for Romney or Obama and let’s just dispense with the Constitution’s ban on a titled nobility. Indeed, let’s give up on our founding legacy completely, confessing that gov’t of, by and for the people was a passing fad that could not withstand the aggrandizing aspects of powerful political figures.

  • Chaya

    Bernie – you were the first love of my life – I was 17; you were 18; and I have been following your career ever since. But as far as this is concerned….I sure hope you’re wrong. But as we are all saying -ABO!!

  • Bruce A.

    I don’t care who it is. My vote is anybody but Obama, & it will be cast for the one who has the best chance of beating him come Nov.

  • Tom Riggs

    As painful as it was to read your message I knew deep down in my conservative core you are correct. And I truly believe that Obama will get reelected if Mitt is the GOP choice. And that will break my heart, but we will have gotten what we deserved as a nation. So what do I tell my children and grand-children?

  • Ken Besig, Israel

    Mitt Romney, as you so astutely pointed out is going to be the GOP nominee no matter how much Newt whines and moans about how unfair it is.

    • Sunnyr

      It isn’t the least bit unfair. Mitt is the superior candidate. Newt is a Hypocrite who calls Mitt a flip-flopper but after viewing this one hour YouTube Video, it proves Newt has flip flopped 10 times more than Mitt Romney! And Newt is NOT a true Conservative, by any stretch of the imagination. Not when he says things like our Constitution is “obsolete.” OR, “I am a Wilsonian Progressive.” Really, Newt??

      See it for yourself:

  • Drew Page

    Bernie — Thanks for saving all us dummies the trouble of thinking for ourselves. I’m sure the other candidates will be pleased to know they can relax now and just go home. I’m sure the Republican party will be happy to know they don’t have send any more money to the campaigns of the other candidates. Mitt I am sure will be happy to know that he can go home now and rest up for the election and that he won’t have to spend any more money campaigning for the nomination.

    Please be so kind as to let us know who will win the presidency. It will save all of us voters the nightmare of listening to all those nasty campaign sound bites. It will save each party the time, trouble and expense of conducting the campaigns. It will eliminate all the complaints of voter fraud, hanging and pregnant chads, calls for recounts and Supreme Court rulings on all of the above.

    Maybe, Bernie, you could let us know who will taking seats in the House and Senate. That too would save a lot of time, trouble and money for all concerned.

    • Bill Hurdle

      This commentor appears to be solid in Stage 1, denial.

      • Drew Page

        Not in denial. If Mitt wins, so be it. I will vote for him over Obama. I just don’t agree that it’s over just because Bernie, or anyone else says it is. Do you call the winner of a horserace just because he is leading coming out of the first turn?

    • David Hunter

      You seem to have forgotten that Mr. Goldberg is an opinion columnist. If you do not wish to know his opinion, maybe you should stop reading his columns. Or, even better, you might give reasons WHY you don’t agree, rather than just being sarcastic.

      • Drew Page

        Listen Dave, I know full well that Bernie is an opinion columnist. Usually I share his opinions. Once in a while I disagree and say so. If that offends you, too bad. I don’t intend to stop reading his columns just because I disagreed with this one.

        If you want to know why I disagreed with him this time, and you probably don’t, it’s because he has a lot of readers in places where they haven’t conducted primaries yet. Some of those readers might conclude that it is pointless to vote for the candidate of their choice because Bernie has opined that none of the other candidates have a chance.

        If you don’t like sarcasm, take your own advice and don’t read my responses.

  • waterlilies84

    Comments like this are more apt to make people stay away from the polls than go to the polls. MO is as important in this process as all the states previous. Every voter counts!

    Bernie, I am immensely disappointed. Not because you “picked” Romney but because you know the power of such statements. What you have just told the rest of us is that we don’t count so don’t even bother. That makes me angry! Usually I agree with you, but this time you have really hit a sour note!

  • DOOM161

    This is good. It means we get to choose between the individual mandate and the individual mandate. I think the individual mandate might pull off a squeaker.

  • Richard Gronowski

    Well this is the first time in my life I am not voting, I was for Newt, sure not going to vote some turkey that belongs to a cult, actually I really like Mr. Goldberg or Bill O’riley, either one of them would be great. What I would like to see on the O’Riley Factor is Alan Combs stand in for Bill, wouldn’t that be a riot.

    • ron1

      By not voting you will actually be voting for obama!

    • Sunnyr

      A CULT? More Religious Bigotry? Or were you referring to Ron Paul and his gaggle of Groupies?

      Your man, Newt can be seen on YouTube Video, in his own words, saying things that no Conservative would ever say in a million years. Sample: “I am a Wilsonian Progressive.” And, “the Constitution is obsolete.” This is the tip of the Iceberg. See it for yourself:

  • Michael

    “perhaps they can take comfort remembering”

    Perhaps a physically weak male prisoner can “take comfort remembering” he only has to take it up the arse from his cellmate once a night, and that the rest of the day in comparison really isn’t so bad, and that fighting back may just lead to more long-term damage.

    We’re not interested in “taking comfort.” We’re interested in fighting. I don’t know if the Washington political insiders or the NY media elites really know what that is (as opposed to their metrosexual bitching and back-stabbing), but for a lot of Americans, it’s still a much more appealing choice than “taking comfort” in giving up and giving in.

    Sorry for all the comments, Bernie, but you really hit all my buttons with this article. :)

  • Michael

    A candidate needs 1144 – that’s one THOUSAND, one hundred, and forty-four – delegates to win the Republican nomination.

    The delegate count to date is:

    Romney: 85
    Gingrich: 29
    Santorum: 16
    Paul: 8

    Now, I don’t know where you “it’s over” guys went to school, or how well you did in math, but I learned that 85 is a little short of 1144.

    You all are weighting your numbers like a bunch of Democratic economists. :)

    And, really, do you want a country in which we all quit so easily in a battle we say is so important to the future of our country? If you want Romney, fine. If you think Romney is going to win, fine. But don’t try to force him down our throats and act as if we’re stupid for not “getting it.”

    • Michael

      For those of you still having trouble grasping the meaning and value of those numbers . . . sometimes when I log onto Bernie’s Home page I see a banner ad for Elkhonon Goldberg, Ph.D., offering Cognitive Assessment. It’s my pleasure to refer you to his website:

      Hope it helps.

    • ron1

      I agree but the way things work the “big money” goes to the one who is leading. And, we all know that it’s the money that elect, not the votes.

  • Sue Nolan

    I get it! Bernie, you are right. I came to that conclusion after Florida. I don’t live in the U.S., so maybe I see things from a different perspective. Obama is viewed as a weak leader outside the U.S., and a politician who is dragging the U.S. down the tubes–not a pipeline– and the free world with it. Time to accept that Romney is the best choice. With 4 more years of Obama, there won’t be much for anyone to believe in.

    • kayakbob

      interesting perspective from an american (or Canadian? or?) outside the US. (That wasn’t a snotty comment. I am serious) I do wonder about how Obama is percieved outside of the US. 4 years ago I got that all he needed to be seen as was “not Bush” to be liked around the world. But now?

  • M. Free

    Bernie is RIGHT ON! People need to remember that there are more democrats than republicans, so in order to defeat Obama, independant votes are REQUIRED! Independants will NOT vote for a right wing conservative. So who do you want to be president, Obama or SOMEONE ELSE!!!!!!!

    • Michael

      I think you just made our (Gingrich and/or Santorum supporters) point about Romney’s true political leanings. Thanks.

  • Jenna

    Newt will never win. If we don’t win in November, I don’t know what I’ll do with myself. Independents do not like Newt. Period. We have to get through ’12 to get to the real conservatives in ’16. If Obama wins in November, say good riddance to getting another Republican in office. All of the illegals will become citizens/voting persons, and that is that.

  • Fred Pasek

    If he turns out to be a fiscal conservative and social liberal, I’d be elated. My fear is that he’ll turn out to be a fiscal independent. In that case, is it really better to have him in there than Obama? At least with Obama in his second term, the Dems will get the blame for the disaster and the Republicans might have a chance to get a conservative in office in 2016. If Romney turns out to be a big spender, then it gives the Dems ammo. They point to the presidencies of Bush, Bush, Romney, and declare that the Republicans are just as big a spenders as the Dems. And they might be right.

    • Drew Page

      Fred — I’m having a little difficulty with your logic. You are suggesting that it may be better to give Obama a second term so that we will know who to blame when everythinhg goes to hell. I’ve got news for you friend, everything has gone to hell and Obama, the Democrats and the liberals are still blaming Republicans. That is something they have historically done, do currently and will continue to do for as long as there are Democrats and Republicans.

      You sound like the guy who goes happily to his own execution because his executioners gave him the choice of being shot, hung or electrocuted.

  • Nancye

    Bernie said:

    Anybody is here. His name is Mitt Romney. Accept it.


    No way! It’s not over till it’s over, and it’s not over yet. There are still muchos states to vote in the primaries, and the media isn’t going to pick our candidate and neither are you.

    Five states have voted and it’s over? You kiddin’?

    • Voting Mama

      You’re clearly in Stage 1.

  • Kathie Ampela

    So nice to know elections can be bought by SuperPacs! Let’s cancel the rest of the primaries and hold Romney’s coronation tomorrow then! He is the new crowned prince! Bernie Goldberg and the GOP Establishment have deemed it so..our election process is now determined by whom has the biggest war chest..there’s no need to continue any further…Romney is the nominee! We serfs need to know our place for the ruling class have made the determination. No, I will grit my teeth and vote for Romney in November if need be, but don’t you tell me my election process has been pre-determined. That will be the downfall of the Establishment…this election will be the last stand of the GOP Establishment.

    And by the way, I think “electability” argument is B.S. I realized it after Obama’s SOTUS address. He has laid the groundwork for Romney’s defeat with one word: “fairness.” That is Obama’s narrative..Romney has no narrative and is not quick on his feet. He has a tendency to stick his foot in his mouth. So the conventional GOP wisdom is wrong too…the last deperate attempt by GOP moderates will lose the election for us. They are forcing out the tea party at the state level Romney is talking the talk, but he will not walk the walk. But I’m so glad he’s “electable” at least.

    • Ron Kean

      Romney wasn’t ordained. He won the majority. How exactly is irrelevant. And just like you and I are free to give our opinion here, so is Bernie.

      Let’s leave the abortion and marriage issues alone for a moment. I had a friend who was in the consulting business like Romney. They studied what was working and what was hurting a company and made recommendations to the management. With approval, they took a percentage off this and off that and hopefully turned things around. Divisions of companies were severed, bought by someone else or closed putting people out of work. Sad but a reality of life.

      Romney’s the only one now that has the experience of turning poorly managed organizations around. Only that can save the country which should be the only goal for now. He’s the only one.

      • Kathie Ampela

        You are entitled to your opinion. And so am I. You are entitled to vote for Romney, that is your right. In my opinion, Romney was the best candidate money could buy and that is not irrelevant. With Bernie telling us to “get over it” my response is, let’s call off all the other primaries and make Romney the nominee right now..our electoral process has become a joke. And that is not irrelevant. You can hold to your opinion that Romney is the better candidate based on merit, that’s your choice. But the big money machine wanted Romney because he will play ball with the establishment, the tea party will be pushed out and nothing will change. And that is not irrelevant.

        If Obama wins in November, will it be because the best candidate won or will it be the best candidate money could buy? That is relevant.

        • Ron Kean

          But the primaries will be held and if Romney continues to win, you will have to choose. You can complain too but to what end?

          I believe the tea party has been internalized by regular people. I attended one once. Good people. I believe they’ll do the right thing and join with the Republican candidate.

          Politicians are salesmen selling a vision. People will give them money to realize that vision. Gingrich and Santorum haven’t made the sale convincingly enough to get enough supporters behind them. Romney and Obama (so far) have. America will choose. You’ll have your say too.

          • Kathie Ampela

            But if the Tea Party has been co-opted by the Establishment, what will ever change? Isn’t that how we got here in the first place? We are playing ring around the rosy. Nancy Pelosi is forcing out blue dogs on her side so the progressives will be in control on Dem side..the “moderate” GOP are pushing out the Tea Party and with Romney at the helm, what will be different? It will be a slower bleed (maybe) instead of a hemorrhage.

            We are constantly told that it takes money to get elected…we hear it ad nauseaum. People are free to donate to whichever candidate they choose, but where does the big money come from? It is naive to believe John Q Smith donating $25 dollars to Mitt Romney is where the bulk of his funding is coming from. And if the salesman philosophy is accurate, we will see how Romney holds up once he has $1 billion in attack ads launched against him.

    • Nancye

      Kathie Ampela
      February 6, 2012 | 6:57 am

      So nice to know elections can be bought by SuperPacs! Let’s cancel the rest of the primaries and hold Romney’s coronation tomorrow then! He is the new crowned prince! Bernie Goldberg and the GOP Establishment have deemed it so..our election process is now determined by whom has the biggest war chest..there’s no need to continue any further…Romney is the nominee! We serfs need to know our place for the ruling class have made the determination.


      No – we “serfs” will vote for who we d*** please. The media isn’t going to select our candidate. In 2008 they did – but no more!!!

      • Bob


  • Shirl

    Maybe next primary, we should all just sit home and let the elite media and RNC pick our nominee for us; why bother to vote! And for so long now, they’ve been pumping us all up about how important it is to be heard. Talk about hyprocracy; looks like it is also alive and reeking on the other side of the fence. Sure hope Romney gets some more training and learns he can’t just flip off the poor and make bets of $10,000 so casually. And I’ll betcha these won’t be the last gaffes the opposing team will be able to use in the general.

  • Ron Kean

    Great analogy. The conservatives should come around. I believe people on the right aren’t that stupid to sit out the election or put up a third party.

    I can only imagine the 5 stages of grief we’ll see on network newscasts if Romney beats Obama. It will be a great spectacle. If it will only happen.

  • Michael


    I love you, man, but don’t ever apply for a job as a motivational speaker or a combat leader. I can hear the speech to the troops now, in response to the German offer to accept surrender of the 101st Airborne to the Wehrmacht: “It’s over, guys. Bastogne is surrounded, it’s cold, we’re running low on ammo, the weather won’t permit resupply drops by air, and there’s no way a relief column can get here through the snow in time to save us. Hey, facts are facts. After all, prisoner-of-war status is not perfect, but it’s better than dying for nothing.”

    That would have been a lot more in line with coming “to grips with reality” than “Nuts.” But, those hardheaded paratroopers just weren’t very practical.

    You don’t calculate values. You either have them or you don’t. You believe in them and fight for them, or you spend your life like a weasel.

  • RecknHavic

    Im afraid you are right Bernie, looks like Romney has it now. History is a good teacher and it tells us that in most circumstances moderate to liberal Republican candidates lose presidential races. It also points to very wealthy Repubs losing races in other venues (US Senate, gubernatorial, ect). History will repeat and Romney will lose. But it wont be the fault of the Tea Party or conservatives as we will reluctantly vote for Mittens.

    Just remember what you said months ago Bernie and eat the deserved crow the day after the election when Obama wins.

  • cmacrider

    Bernie: Now that you have persuaded all the conservatives to enter the “acceptance stage” I suggest that you and the GOP Establishment should start accepting the fact you many have to work the constituency offices. That, I suggest, is the real problem because there are going to be a pile of conservatives who won’t be getting excited to do the leg work for Romney.

  • Joey Bayer

    J Eric what is the alternative, pick our marbles up, go home and be victims and followers or choose the best of what we have to choose from? I ask this respectfully.

    • J. Eric

      The Constitution Party Candidate. I have voted for Howard Phillips before and slept very well at night.

      What I am trying to convey is that I will not participate in the BIG MONEY Republican Dog and Pony show of politics as usual.

      And I have only given money to TEA PARTY candidates the last several election cycles.

  • J. Eric

    You sir are a pragmatist. I will not vote for Romney. Period.

    And if Mitt Obama loses in the General Election it will be the fault of the Republican Party and its big money machine being opposed to true change in government. Perhaps loosing the White House in two consecutive presidential elections may sober up the elite RNC on what the base of the party and the vast majority of working Americans see with great clarity.

    I stopped calling myself a Republican 20 years ago when I recognized the game BIG MONEY was playing in the republican party. It is just business as usual. And all it has accomplished is a financial disaster waiting to happen.

    If we fall off the cliff to financial oblivion at 5 mph is it really any better than at 60 mph?

    I paraphrase Ghandi,”You may control my body….but they (THE R.N.C.) WILL NOT HAVE MY OBEDIENCE.”

  • Robert Ekker

    I will vote for Romney only if he’s the last man standing. My preference is for Newt.

    I honestly believe that BO is in the Whitehouse for the glory and the perks of being President as he has spent more time vacationing and campaigning than governing. Just look how much face time he has given Boehner; virtually none. At least Clinton and Newt worked together; same with O’Neill and Reagan.

  • Joey Bayer

    With regard to the race, I am flabbergasted by Rick Santorum getting any face time this AM on the Fox Network and secondly his message. His message if we want to apply the truth to it is this: “My campaign was steamrolled across the board since day 1 and now we’re energized heading to the next states and on into Super Tuesday. We’re so excited. Those other guys are not running as good as I; in a national pole we are the only one that can beat Obama.”

    I ask what am I missing? Is he outright lying? Who would vote for a man that has reduced himself to clown status by not getting out and making such outrageous claims. Parse the data baby.I think of Tarik Aziz every time I see his face now.

  • Allan

    You are right, the train has left the station so get on board or be run over by the Obama train

  • dmv

    In 2008, moderates marked Obama on their ballot. This mark was not so much a vote for Obama as it was a vote against Bush and the hypocrisy of congressional republicans when it came to spending. I have talked with many a moderate that didn’t know what they were voting for when they marked the ballot for Obama. Only in the last three years have they found out what they were supporting and they don’t like it.

    I support Santorum and will vote Romney in the general election, but I believe the most important elections in 2012 will be down the ballot in House and Senate races. Here is where you will see that the Tea Party sentiment is very much alive. Because if Romney is the candidate, conservatives will be hedging their bets by filling Congress with Representatives and Senators that will hold the Republican ruling class – President and Leadership – accountable or fight tooth and nail against the “Road to Serfdom.”

  • JGM

    In addition to seeming that he has no core values, I also feel like Romney’s only real passion is a passion to be president. In this political climate, I fear that such a perception is poison. I will vote for Romney, but I am really not optimistic about his winning. How the GOP has managed to mangle their opportunity to best take on a vulnerable president, I will never know. But that seems to be what is happening. (btw…I am with Lori on Santorum. I will be voting for him Tuesday here in MO. Maybe he can have a surprisingly good showing. We have a huge immigration question on the ballot in SW MO, and that may bring up turnout in an area of the state that would seem to be strong for him.)

  • merc

    Not going to let the media decide this

    • Wade Foutz

      I don’t think any individual running for President of the United States should compromise his or her core values for votes. Unfortunately, nowadays with the combination of todays electronic technology and the liberal media these candidates are under ever increasing microscopic scrutiny. I’m certainly not making excuses for any of the republican candidates but what we need to realize is that we are ALL imperfect and have our own demons. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone when Mitt or any of the other guys on occasion “sings to the choir”. Just do your homework America and pick the tune that you believe represents your own values the best.

  • Lori Ray

    I’m not the kind of Republican that would stay home if my #1 choice is not the nominee. I will support Romney when he’s the official nominee. My first choice was the true conservative without the baggage, Rick Santorum. If nothing else, like Ron Paul, Santorum has been getting the fiscal and social conservative message out and I’d love to see the country embrace it completely in time. My question is this: Does a “split” conservative like Romney (fiscal, but not social) bring moderate reform that compromises true conservatism in the long run? Any of these guys will govern better than Obama, but can’t get excited about Mitt Romney.