The Arrogant and Clueless Mainstream Media

So Bill O’Reilly says Newt Gingrich is doing well bashing the media — will that strategy work in a general election, he wants to know?

When Bill asked me about that I told him the strategy won’t work as well in the general election, because bashing the media obviously goes over best with conservatives who vote in Republican primaries. But, and this is an important but … even Democrats and independents know the so-called mainstream media cheat.

A Pew Poll that came out right before the last presidential election showed that 90 percent of Republicans thought reporters were rooting for Barack Obama to win.  Okay, no surprise there.

But 62 percent of Democrats and (coincidentally) 62 percent of independents thought the exact same thing.  “In the current [2008] campaign,” the study concluded, “Republicans, Democrats and independents all feel that the media want to see Obama win the elction.”

In other words – if other words are really needed – except for clueless liberal journalists, just about everybody knows that the mainstream media are rooting for Obama – and voters know that’s wrong.  They know that reporters aren’t supposed to take sides.  That pulling for one guy over the other is not what journalism is supposed to be about.

So, while going after biased liberal journalists works best with conservative Republican voters, it is far from irrelevant with Democrats and independents.

Most liberal journalists don’t get any of this.  The Pew Poll means nothing to them.  Their arrogance makes them less and less relevant with each passing day.  And they don’t believe that, either.


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  • mark smith

    What’s Kvetching?

  • Billy Frank

    The Journalistic pool within the media:
    They all went to the same Liberal Schools where they rubbed elbows with the same liberal politicians where they learned the same gnostic elitist look down their nose at the oi-poloi of whom they must protect and guide (modernly called statism). These people could care less about the citizens’ kvetching since they look at us as chatel who need to be let out to poop and to be wormed and neutered.

    Why should these people, made from a purer substance than the rest of us, consider our inalienable rights when implementating Obama-Care or any other Ruler Oriented Edict!

  • carroll grandy

    bernie, journalists are citizens too they may see that a candidate may not be good for the country. also by working in the field they also see the dark side of conservatism!





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  • Ralph M. Hahn

    Here’s an other trait of liberal, ahem, “journalists.” They LOVE adding liberal-minded college instructors as “expert witnesses” to political and otherwise-biased “news” topics they are reporting on. I’d rather interview the local or county party chairmen, those who are in the ditches, gettin’ down & dirty.

    Remember the old adage? THOSE WHO CAN’T DO…TEACH?”

  • Tim Hoffman

    Great Graphic Bernie !!!

  • RecknHavic

    “Please be aware that I don’t pick the ads that go in my columns, or anywhere on the site for that matter. ”

    So I shouldn’t have bought gold then…thanks..thanks alot.

    • Michael

      Hilarious! :)

  • kayakbob

    I don’t think media bashing – as much as I appreciate it – is a winning strategy in a general election. (I am not sure it is a winning strategy in a Republican primary either).

    I seem to recall the media team of a previous candidate, ok previous sitting President(!) named G. W. Bush Sr. spent the last few weeks of the ’92 re-election campaign saying something to the effect – piss-off the media, vote Republican. It didn’t work then and won’t work now as a specific strategy.

    Granted we are not the same country now that we were in ’92, except of course the economic rhetoric of democrat’s and the media – “worse economy since Herbert Hoover”. In ’92 it was Bush’s fault. But in 2012, it is..well..Bush’s fault. Ok, I guess we are the same country. LOL

  • Michael

    I think we have a few arrogant conservatives in the mix, too. It’s been amusing to listen to Ann Coulter go ballistic while she twists one fact after another to claim that Mitt Romney is conservative, that Newt is not, that Tea Party voters are for Mitt, and that Mitt came in a “close second” in South Carolina. I don’t know which assertion is the most hilarious. Probably the fact that Coulter calls a double-digit loss in a political race a “close second.”

    Coulter has proven to me that she is just as willing to be disingenuous to push her candidate as the liberals are to push theirs.

    Coulter has also made me think she has no more respect for our ability to think and choose for ourselves than the MSM does.

    Maybe she was counting on Mitt to appoint her to some high-level position in government, or make her an advisor, or maybe Newt just didn’t include her in something when he was Speaker and now it’s her chance to get him back. She strikes me as being that vindictive and spiteful.

    I’m okay with Mitt being the nominee, and I could certainly vote for him and support him. I just don’t want people like Coulter lying to convince me I should, anymore more than I want the MSM lying to convince me I should vote for Obama.

    • Kathie Ampela

      I too was offended by Coulter’s hysterics. Glenn Beck seems to be hellbent on Newt’s destruction as well. I don’t need the liberal media telling me what to think…now we have the condescension coming from our side as well.

      On the other hand, it’s hilarious to watch the establishment on both sides freak out about Newt. Check out the headline on the Drudge Report today…Nancy Pelosi “has something” on Newt and he “will never be President.” If this guy was a Washington insider for 30 years, why does he have so many people panic stricken? Who has more of the scent of establishment on them..Gingrich or Romney? I’ll vote for whomever is the nominee, but I think the more the “smart ones” try to convince us how stupid we are about Gingrich the more it will work in his favor :-)

      • Michael

        Kathie, thanks for the heads-up on Pelosi’s comments. I went over to the Drudge Report and read the article. Pelosi cracks me up. And then I remember that she is serious. Scary . . .

    • Drew Page

      Michael — I saw Coulter’s interview on Bill O’Reilly’s show the other night and I couldn’t agree more with your assessment. She really lost a lot of credibility with that performance. Two months ago, she was clamoring constantly for Chris Christie to enter the race. She liked his brash style and confrontational manner when dealing with unions and his critics. Yet when Newt does the same thing, she wants to hang the guy. This is hypocritical.

      I like Newt and think he is the smartest, most experienced candidate we have, but I also understand that he is a lightening rod for criticism. Romney appears to be more moderate in his approach than Newt, but he has been tarred with that “greedy capitalist” label by his critics. Santorum could be the candidate with the least baggage and fewest critics and could be a compromise between the conservative and moderate camps in the Republican party. I would have no problem voting for Newt, Romney or Santorum for president. I believe they are all conservative in varying degrees and that their main differences are in style and delivery.

      • Michael

        “I believe they are all conservative in varying degrees and that their main differences are in style and delivery.”

        I agree, Drew, and like you, I will support whichever one gets the nomination. The day after that deal is done is when the real fight begins.

    • Glen Stambaugh

      “Counting on Mitt to appoint her to some high-level position”, Michael you’re smoking stronger stuff than you’re accusing Ann of. I don’t always agree with her, but she always tells it like she sees it and usually tells it better than anyone else. Her selections have always been inspired by who she believes will beat Obama. Mitt was not her first choice, just whom she sees as the best shot among available candidates. She and many others see Newt as too flawed to win. I worry she may be right.

      • Michael

        Glen, I have no problem with Ann choosing to support a candidate, but that is not what I accused her of.

        And I don’t smoke. 😉

        • Glen Stambaugh

          Michael, smart choice regards to smoking. I agree with much of your Coulter critique, just thought it a bit over the top. She, like you, is passionate and sometimes prone to overstatement.

          • Michael

            I’ll buy that, Glen. I did come at her pretty hard. But, I just wish she’d stop acting like everyone who disagrees with her is an idiot. I’ll just be glad when we have a nominee so we can all focus our passion on the real target.

  • Wallace Flint

    Hi Bernie,
    So what else is new? Has the Atlantic ocean got salt? Those clowns in the media must be getting paid for siding with the “clown prince” in the White house! They’re a disgrace to the journalistic profession. Who can trust them? As for me, the only channel on T.V. I trust is Fox- the rest like I say cannot be trusted. They are the worst!
    In God We Trust!
    Wally Flint- Boonville, NY

  • Bruce A.

    And what happens after the two major candidates are chosen? Who will it appear that the MSM is rooting for? I guess it will be more of the same.

  • Roadmaster

    The “Gatekeepers” of the NE, liberal wing of the weepubican party have as good as joined forces against Newt. If he crashes again and Santorum rises, they’ll turn their sights on him. They and the dhimmicrats are pushing Romney because he one of them. Neither political party gives much of a hoot who is President, as long as they can carry on with business as usual.

    • Julie

      Isn’t THAT the truth? It’s fear of change they’re fighting. We the people will force the GOP kicking and screaming to fix our country just the same as we would the Democrats.

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    • Drew Page

      It’s about time someone in our camp fought back. I’m tired of Republicans being too politically correct to “stoop to the level of our critics”. Are we always supposed to be above it all? Are we always supposed to turn the other cheek, so that we can sport matching blackeyes? When the Tea Party protesters gathered for rallies, the current administration and the MSM did their level best to insult, demean and marginalize these people for daring to suggest that the government should cut spending and not raise taxes. What was the Tea Party’s response? It was to police their own ranks, pick up their own litter and leave the rally area cleaner than they found it.

      When the OWS crowd turned our municipal parks into open sewers and ‘Hooverville Tent Cities’ what was the response from the MSM? They empathized with the frustrations of the protesters.

      At a time when unemployment ranges between 9% and 18% (depending on whether you count those whose unemployment benefits have expired), when the national debt and government spending have never been higher, when millions of Americans have lost their jobs and homes to foreclosure and gasoline is nearly $4.00 a gallon, what is the most important question on the MSM’s mind? Did Newt really tell his second wife he wanted an open marriage? I’ve gone to proctologists who were less personally intrusive.

      Why did the South Carolina debate audience give Newt a standing ovation for responding to CNN’s John King the way he did? Because the question had nothing to do with the problems facing America today or with how Newt would address those problems, that’s why. The question was designed to embarrass, humiliate and put the Republican candidate on the defensive. It was an attempted political assination that blew up in faces of John King and CNN. I for one was delighted to see it.

  • gerry tache



  • Jim Hudson

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  • Dave O’Connor

    It’s one thing for Republicans to play the ‘enemy of the enemy’, but in six months we’ll witness that entry will be the friend and bed-mate of the enemy.
    The media is treating this a scrimmage to vet Obama’s opponents for the dirtiest game yet to be played.

  • Ken Besig, Israel

    If you don’t like the media you have, you will just have to get your own. Yes the mainstream media is biased to the liberal and ultra Left, and is not about to change.
    If you want a fair, objective, balanced, and ethical media, you will have to create one, it will cost money and it will take time.
    But the present day media to change is never going to change, not ever. They cannot even see that there is a problem.

    • gerry tache

      Suggest you subscribe to The Wall Street Journal for fair and balanced reporting. The editorial and op-ed pages are conservative. They frequently publish op-ed pieces from liberal academics and pro-liberal columnists.
      On the other hand, their Washington News Bureau tilts to the left. Unlike wall-to-wall liberal The New York Times they do cover both sides.

  • Bill Hurdle

    If you accept that many people believe the media is biased towards Obama (I certainly do), the only people that are offended by this partiality are the ones who are disenchanted with Obama. It seems to me that the general election still hinges on tapping into the Obama discontent rather than the anger at media bias.

  • Fred Pasek

    I think a lot of it has to do with the type of person that goes into that profession. IMO, liberals are naturally drawn to media, same as they’re drawn to the legal profession. It has inherent qualities, such as providing the gratification of influencing people through words, whereas conservatives are more drawn to professions such as accounting. I’d bet my life’s savings that there are ten times more liberals who dream of becoming the next Dan Rather, and there are ten times more conservatives who dream of becoming the next Trump. That means the profession is crawling with them, and they talk to each other, and they agree with each other, and when the rest of the country disagrees with them, they don’t let it be, they see it as their role in this world to persuade those who don’t see it their way to change their minds.

    So, once they’ve become cheerleaders for their ideology and their candidates, objectivism is impossible to maintain. But in their hearts, they think that their deception is for the good of all, and that’s how they sleep at night. They believe that, if only they can influence enough people and change enough minds to see it their way, the world will attain the utopia they believe comes with liberalism. And, ultimately, when it fails, they blame those evil conservatives for being so ruthless, or prejudiced, or racist, or just plain too dumb to see it their way. They’re like used car salesmen who tell you the car was driven by a little old lady, thinking you’re buying it. We’re not buying it.

    • Julie

      I was in the industry for two decades. You must have been as well, to describe it so perfectly.

  • Paul Bopko

    The debates are like stale bread.Not enough jelly to make them taste good. Having ABC or NBC hold the debates is like jumping out of an airplane without a chute…The candidates should be showing their difference to HIM and not tearing down whoever is the Rep candidate.

    • Wil Burns

      Hey, Newt wants a 0% capital gains tax so Mitt doesn’t have to put money in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands. That is a lot of bread!

  • Kevin

    It seems the media are divided into three categories now: 1. Liberals fighting to carry the banner of left wing dogma, 2. Conservatives, whose views are never represented in the mainstream, seeking “equal time” and 3. Reporters who tell the truth about bias in the media. You are in the third category, which in my opinion is truly the only neutral and objective voice left in America today. It’s unfortunate that true journalism today must be spent in uncovering propagandists portraying themselves as neutral media. The American people would be better served if a balanced media spent its time reporting instead of advocating.

  • Joseph Maloney

    Arrogant, yes, but clueless I don’t think so. The Main Stream Media and Obama’s supporters are spellbound.

  • Terry Walbert

    What is puzzling about the mainstream reporters is not only that they are biased but that they are all biased in the same direction. Such independent thinking we haven’t seen since Joey Goebbels was running the press in the Third Reich.

  • Mike Jackson

    I think they actually do get it Bernie. Why else are the weather and sports shown near the end of the broadcast?
    Networks and publishers know this but continue to overestimate their own importance and underestimate that of their competition.
    If these networks were truly concerned about their viewership, they would have pulled their collective heads out of the sand long ago and become more credible. Instead, they change the faces we see but the content remains the same. Charging more in advertising fees to cover the shortfall.
    Until their advertising revenues drop, they’ll continue the same march as before.
    I still wonder how much time will pass before the New York Times runs out of ink and can’t afford any more.

  • Will Swoboda

    Good morning Bernie,
    Good article as usual. I’ve read Bias and a Slobbering Love Affair. I can’t even imagine what is taught in Journalism schools when it come to be objective, fair and even handed. I believe that you can be taught how to report news and write fairly even when you don’t have the same world view. In my view, that is what a good journalist be.
    Thanks, Will

  • Wil Burns

    Hey Bernie, Ann Coulter cleaned Bill O’Reilly’s clock last night. You? not so much!

    • Drew Page

      Sorry, but Ann Coulter made a fool of herself the other night on O’Reilly. She lost a lot of credibility with her rant against Newt.

      Two monnths ago Coulter was pushing to get Chris Christie to run. She loved the brash and confrontational way Christie took on the unions and his critics. When Newt does the same thing she goes nuts on the guy. If she prefers another candidate over Newt, that’s fine. She should extole the virtues of her choice. If she is the conservative she professes to be she should not join the circular firing squad of Republican candidates who criticize one another and give the Democrats all the campaign sound bites they need to attack whomever the Republican candidate will be.

      With friends like her, who needs enemies?

      • chuck.tatum

        At least Ann Coulter was the first guest to call O’Reilly out on his oft-repeated lie on every show, “I’ll let you have the last word.”

        Why does Bill O’Reilly interrupt every guest and constantly lie to people when he says they can have the last word?

        Answer: Big loud-mouthed Irish Catholic upbringing.

  • Bob Ziegler

    Dear Bernie, Well he we go again, not only was it a win in South Carolina for Gingrich it was a dominating win. Everything is going as planned by the LSM’s calculation. What really surprises me is just how narrow minded some people are regarding most everything in general. In this case Conservative Republicans want what they want when they want it. All or most Republicans can’t stand Obama, neither can I. What I can’t seem to figure out is how easily derailed they get, instead of focusing on getting Obama out, it turns into maybe having a “Washington Outsider” from the business world as the nominee e.g. Trump who just has fun running for President or Cain. Either one of these guys would be laughed out Washington if they ever won the Presidency. Washington DC politicians on both sides of the aisle would have NO respect for an outsider even if that outsider were the President of the United States. When I saw those two running, I saw Perot running all over again. Now we have someone who likes to tell off the media, because it serves his ego, and he knows he’ll get votes in primaries by doing so. The sad part is that if we allow the LSM to pick our candidate again by manipulating our impulses, we will have McCain all over again.

  • Michael

    Is it just me, or has anyone else had the impression that some of the folks at Fox News don’t want Newt to win this race?

    • John Daly

      I’m sure there are several at FOX News who don’t want Newt to win and several that do. I’ve heard plenty of both on that channel.

    • Scott Fower

      It is a strange angle that is developing. I am a SC voter and voted for Newt. He, at least to me, embodies someone who can debate, contest, and ultimately win against President Obama. He has baggage. I don’t care. The point of the this effort is to reverse the ridiculous and illegal nature of the current administration’s path. I am a Christian and I am more concerned with the deficit than with any other issue at hand. Newt can win.

      • Wil Burns

        Using your daughters from your first wife to convince everyone your second wife is lying about your third wife. Newt, that Still cracks me up.

        • Ken Hansen

          That’s not what he did – but why should that matter?

          Even if you accept the idea that Newt controls the actions of his adult children. You have to contend with the fact that what his daughters from his first marriage did was call ABC News to task for ‘investigating’ a failed marriage of a political candidate. I don’t recall the first Mrs. Kerry, the mother of John Kerry’s children being interviewed by the press when Kerry ran for office despite the fact that John Kerry divorced her and ultimately sought an annulment to clear the path for his marriage to the Widow Heinz…

          Will we soon find ourselves picking political candidates based on how they potty-trained their children? Is there any aspect of a candidate’s private life that remains private once they decide to run for office?

          • Michael

            “I don’t recall the first Mrs. Kerry, the mother of John Kerry’s children being interviewed by the press when Kerry ran for office despite the fact that John Kerry divorced her and ultimately sought an annulment to clear the path for his marriage to the Widow Heinz…”

            Excellent point. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t even aware of it. Thanks.

    • DOOM161

      A lot of republicans have decided that it’s Romney’s turn, even though he sticks by his worst accomplishment as governor.

    • Drew Page

      I believe that many of those supporting Romney do so primarily because they believe he is less of a lightening rod and therefore more electable than Gingrich and the main goal is to unseat Obama.

      I believe that Newt is a stronger candidate in many ways than Romney or Santorum, but I don’t know if Newt will have the same appeal to the general public that he has to conservatives. Romney doesn’t carry the same personal baggage as Newt, but Romney will be painted as the “greedy capitalist” by the Democrats and even his Republican competitors. It could be that Santorum would have a broader appeal than either Newt or Romney; he doesn’t have the kind of personal baggage of Newt, nor has he been labeled a “greedy capitalist” by anyone. I personally would not be upset if Romney, Santorum or Gingrich won the nomination and would support any one of them over Obama.

  • C Watson

    I believe the media is biased towards Dems. I agree with you that Newt’s attack at debates won’t fly in the general election. I believe if Newt keeps winning primaries, he’ll not only lose the general election, but will make it more likely that Paul will run as Independent, thus ensuring an Obama win.
    Thanks for your work in trying to have journalism speak facts and truth rather than opinion.

    • Wil Burns

      This is the first debate where they talked about invading Cuba in addition to invading Iran.That’s exactly what this campaign needs: Fresh ideas!