The Case for Logic

The only thing in shorter supply in America than jobs, shovel-ready or otherwise, is logic. And with most liberal arts professors taking their lead from Saul Alinksy and Noam Chomsky, not Socrates, it doesn’t appear that college students will start thinking for themselves anytime soon.

For instance, how is it that every other group in America has to go through the rigmarole of obtaining a city permit if it wants to conduct a two-hour parade down Main Street, and that municipalities can’t even put up Christmas trees in the public square, but the bozos in the Occupy Wall Street movement are free to turn entire neighborhoods into toxic dumps? And how is it that until a few women are raped or a few guys are murdered, America’s mayors and city councils all adopt a live-and-let-live policy to accommodate these creeps?

I say if a Christmas crèche can’t exist on public property, there’s no legitimate excuse for letting a thousand unwashed goons set up their tents and turn the city sidewalks into their personal latrine.

Herman Cain

I’m not surprised that the Democrats are united in their opposition to photo IDs. It stands to reason that they’d oppose anything that served to guarantee that only American citizens could cast ballots. But I am surprised that it’s not just liberals who oppose a tamper-proof national ID number. Whenever it’s suggested, even conservatives get nervous. For reasons I can’t fathom, they seem to feel as if their individuality were being threatened. Inasmuch as we’re all carting around numbers by the bushel load, I don’t see why anyone but Islamic terrorists, biker gangs and deadbeat dads, would object to just one more.

While on the subject, I would also campaign for English as our official language, putting an end to foreign-language ballots, and regular drug-testing for all welfare recipients. And, yes, that would definitely include politicians.

Unlike most people, I like all of the top-tier GOP presidential candidates. Unfortunately, there are also some things I don’t like about them. Although Herman Cain appears to be sliding in the polls, I hope the reason has nothing to do with those unsubstantiated sexual harassment rumors. So far as I’m concerned, once Gloria Allred appears on the scene, all claims to objective testimony fly out the window. She is to the legal system, what Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa are to major league baseball, what Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi are to Congress, and what Jerry Sandusky and Mike McQueary are to the state of Pennsylvania.

Although Mr. Cain seems like a nice guy, there’s no getting around the fact that he handled the accusations badly, that he shows a very slim grasp of foreign affairs and that he had a Rick Perry-sized brain freeze when asked a simple question regarding Libya.

However, I was already questioning his 9-9-9 tax plan. Unlike others who opposed it because they didn’t like that third “9,” a national sales tax, because they feared that giving Congress yet another tax stream is a lot like giving a book of matches to a child. The fact remains that Congress can never be trusted not to raise taxes, but that’s the case no matter what plan is in place.

My biggest objection was that Cain suddenly revised it to 9-0-9 in order to let poor people off the hook and provide for development zones in the inner city. One, I want everyone to pay income taxes. There is something terribly immoral about people who pay nothing on April 15th being allowed to vote for politicians who get to raise the levy on the rest of us. In short, if you have no skin in the game, you’re not entitled to have a say in how the game turns out.

Furthermore, I want the entire country to be a development zone, not just a few urban areas designated by pandering politicians. If a city needs to be rejuvenated, leave it to the city and the state. If the job is too big for them, as with Detroit, for instance, take a page out of Nero’s playbook and burn it down and start over.
Recently, a reader sent me an email. He said that he was surprised that I seemed to be such an optimistic person. He based his conclusion on the fact that I was certain Obama would lose next year’s election, and that I was rather sanguine about the various GOP contenders.

I pointed out that all the evidence I have at hand suggests Obama has no chance of winning, no matter how much money he spends. Also, I happen to be an odd combination of cynic and optimist. Perhaps that simply means that my expectations of the human race, being not particularly high, are often easily met.

As for the various candidates, I would settle for any of them, including Ron Paul and Rick Santorum, over Obama. I even find something worthy in both of them. In fact, if it wasn’t for the fact that Rep. Paul seems to believe that a nuclear Iran would like us if only we left the Middle East — and even though Iran also insists that Israel leave with us — I might even endorse his candidacy.

As for Rick Santorum, he is the one contender with whom I sympathize. He is obviously aching, just dying, to be the president, and he clearly can’t grasp why he doesn’t top the polls when he is the guy who, as he incessantly reminds us, is, first and foremost, for family, the flag and apple pie. Every time I see him on stage at one of these debates, his desire is so naked that I’m almost too embarrassed to look. It’s such a sad case of unrequited lust, I wind up feeling like a voyeur.

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  • William Custis Buffington

    HERMAN CAIN and RON PAUL are the two best candidates to compare and contrast when it comes to even handedness of the press. The left with Gloria Alred’s rush to judgment on Herman Cain with highly suspect “witnesses” as if he were guilty merely by implication contrasted with the Hannity, Oreilly, Simone take on this as giving him the benefit of the doubt. (which I agree with)
    The condemnation of Ron Paul as a racist by these same so-called conservatives even after Paul, like Cain, claimed his innocence is telling. Logic is employed from, or shunned by, both sides of the aisle when it furthers their specific agenda.

  • WilliamCustisBuffington

    Having to show Identification prior to voting is highly discriminatory of the dead, illegal aliens, and crooked Chicago politicians who wish to rig elections!

  • William Custis Buffington

    I reckon that should logic prevail, Ron Paul’s understanding that war and its declaration are solely the responsibility of the Congress and not the president as it has slowly become the domain thereof.
    Also, Rep Paul has pointed out thet if the Congress had asserted that responsibility under our US Constitution and not cave to “police actions” and other pretexts to authority by the executive branch, we would not be nearly as involved in foreign conflicts as we have been since the advent of the exucutive “police-action.”
    Rep Paul is “dangerously” attempting to rein in the usurped power to commence war from the president and put it back into its lawful domain within the congress.
    Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and the other presidential candidates ought be less myopic about the constitutionality of the declaration of war when they make claims about reining in the government mandating that they operate within said US Constittution.
    Furthermore, if those in the media like Bill O’Reilly et. al. want respect from mistatements from the left in their regard, perhaps they should stop with the pejoratives against Ron Paul’s foreign policy sans substantive reason.
    Please note that I have not decided who, among the field of candidates, I would prefer having as our next president.

  • Shirl

    We have some mighty fine GOP candidates, Burt but I think Santorum and even Romney are a bit too affable. Remember who they are running against; not to mention the lying, manipulating press and media. Newt is the best one who can explain the stark differences between Americanism vs Socialism to the masses who are apolitical.

  • Nancye

    Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I’ve had to show a photo ID for years to vote here in Alabama. What’s the big deal? What about a person’s driver’s license? Aren’t our pics on them? Geeeeezzzz

  • Wally

    Yes to a voter ID,no to allow gangs to disrupt the normal course of business, yes to Cain’s plan for a revision of the tax code but in a more thought out way, yes I believe Cain got high jacked, Yes to leaving slums be slums since those that have received new free apartments have destroyed them in a short period since they had no skin in the game, No Santorum and Bachmann should not leave the game until the primaries convinced them to leave and most important, yes to voting Obama out of office.

  • Burt Prelutsky

    Shane: The left and the right are equally wrong when they oppose a national ID card. But it is most often those on the left who are wrong because they are the ones who cheat at election time.

    Bill: I can only hope that when the GOP takes control of the House, the Senate and the Oval Office, after the next election, they will finally adopt a national I.D. card and do what they can to make English our official language, once and for all doing away with foreign language ballots.

    Regards, Burt

  • Bill Hurdle

    My congratulations on touching on so many subjects which punch my hot buttons. Having to identify yourself to vote seems only prudent given the importance of the activity. I don’t know how it’s done at other places, but in central NC all that is required is to step up to the table and give them your name which is then checked against the list of registered voters – no other check/verification required. Why can’t the voter regisration process be more formal with photo ID required – the Dems claim it would discourage regisration – spin for they don’t want validation in the process since it would discourage participation by illegitimate participants. Try working with the SS Administration without all kinds of ID. I’m not offended since the idea is to prevent fraud.

  • Shane

    We won’t get a national ID card unless we are hit hard again by Islamic Jihadists. Both the left and right oppose the national ID card, although I agree it is a good idea to have one, as the easily faked SS card is really a defacto national ID card.

  • Burt Prelutsky

    the DA: I like Rick Santorum. I also like Michele Bachmann. But for whatever reason, they’re barely ahead of Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio, two other people I like a lot. When politicians take part in a dozen debates and campaign for six months and are barely scoring better in the polls than people who aren’t even running, I think it behooves them to drop out of the race. In Santorum’s case, I think the fact that he lost his last senatorial election by something like 17% doesn’t help his chances.

    Regards, Burt

  • Dave O’Connor

    I find in parsing your message, Burt, the key to be; “it doesn’t appear that college students will start thinking for themselves”.
    One reason is, that level of education has become only an extension of secondary school (which should have been formulation) or, even a flip-back to middle school. (Traditionally ‘gymnasium’ was the formulary, and “higher education” was pursued based on that sobriety.
    But thinking has given way to ‘feeling’, means to emote, victim oriention and navel-contemplation. “US Higher Education” (higher than what) has in many places become ideology obedience centers; and nary a student, nor, an instructor,in so many cases, risks raising a question.
    Even humor, one of the geatest teaching vehicles must be responsive to ideological stimuli; hardly with the stimuli that Thalia, its muse offers; she sits awaiting the prompt.

  • the DA

    It’s interesting that conservatives worry about the flip-flops of Romney and Gingrich, but won’t give the time of day to a true conservative who doesn’t have that problem; Rick Santorum. What you see in him is not the ache/lust to be president, but the frustration of “walking the walk”, and then being discounted.

  • Jeannette

    I’d vote for anybody but “that one.” In fact, I’ve already picked the person I want to vote for: Abbo (Anybody But Barack Obama). I hope that at least 59 percent of the nation holds that same opinion.

  • IndependentLasVegas

    Gingrich can’t beat Obama..He’s an articulate smarter John Mc Cain.. But appearance sells.too old too fat..

  • Roadmaster

    Thanks for the good chuckles this AM, Burt.

    How about those with no skin in the game who get money back after Apr 15, when they haven’t paid in SQUAT!!! That torques my shorts!

    Here in Tucson, we have the same Mayor and city council you describe who bend over backwards for the Occupiers, all the while bending the rest of us over…

  • Will Swoboda

    Good Morning Burt,
    I like the part about politicians taking a drug test. Why not? What I do have trouble with is why would anyone be upset about showing ID in order to vote. I believe that voting is far more important than driving a car but if the police stop me, I’d better have some ID that says I own the car or know someone who owns the car. Oh, I almost forgot about my lisence to drive.
    Thanks, Will

    • Gena Taylor

      The main reason the dems oppose IDs to vote, it would not only keep illegals from voting,it would keep people from voting more than once, usng other peoples’ names. And it would lessen the number of dead who vote, one of the democratic party’s main constitutents, who for decades have risen from their graves on election day to consistently vote democratic straight ticket. I say lessen, since I don’t think even IDs would keep all the dead from voting, the dems would find some way to get around that, either absentee (very absent) voting or some other ruse. But at least some of the dead would finally get the eternal rest they deserve.


    bernie, we cant post that you said that already

  • samantha

    on da article:’da case 4 logic’-99% of it is just brilliant!

  • Burt Prelutsky

    Chris: No taxation, no vote.

    Regards, Burt

    • begbie

      Chris is right….and wrong. Of course the answer is not to take away voting rights….the answer is to tax fairly. You point out the absurdity of the no taxation WITH representation effectively though.

      Silly me, this past November I forgot that my ID was not needed, but had it out when checking in. Next year I’ll check in as Fido McRuff to see if I still get a ballot.

  • Chris

    Re: your skin in the game comment…no representation without taxation?