The Content of Character

The singer Billy Ray Cyrus was supposed to be interviewed on television this week but cancelled. And who can blame him? His daughter, Miley, embarrassed herself and her family on worldwide TV. Her narcissism on full display, the 20-year-old pop singer-actress simulated sexual activity with an older male singer while singing some kind of suggestive song. With millions of young people watching, the scene was as degrading as it was unnecessary.

As her father, Mr. Cyrus should be mortified by Miley's behavior. But he's made no direct comment about it – although he should have.

Generally speaking, there is an epidemic of bad parenting going on in America. The three teenaged boys accused of murdering a young Australian man in Oklahoma were constantly in trouble, according to local authorities. After being apprehended, there were cries that they are "good kids." Bull. The overwhelming evidence is that they are thugs. A background check on their parents finds they are largely irresponsible and apathetic. One mother is even in prison.

In Spokane, Washington, two 16-year-old boys have been charged with beating a World War II veteran to death. The father of one of the accused killers told the press he doesn't understand how this could have happened. Then he admits he hadn't talked with the boy in weeks and that his grandmother was essentially raising him.

There is no question that American society is becoming increasingly callous and coarse, and part of the reason is that derelict moms and dads refuse to set boundaries for their children. Many parents are distracted, simply caring more about themselves than their children – and the kids know it.

Some liberals want the government to replace bad parents by pouring billions of dollars into social programs that often wind up being baby-sitting services. This is a fool's errand. The government cannot overcome bad parenting. What our leaders can do is publicly condemn irresponsible parental behavior in vivid terms.

When was the last time you heard a powerful politician do that? The truth is the powers-that-be are mostly afraid to mention the collapse of the traditional family because the secular-progressives will attack any judgmental behavior by a politician. Unless a public person is a saint, he or she has no right to cast aspersions on any parental situation according to the secular left.

Sociologists well understand that chaos at home causes violent behavior, educational failure and social alienation among children. Yet, many of us in America stay far, far away from this topic.

That in itself is a national scandal. Bad parenting is gravely harming this nation. Let's get that out in the open. And the campaign should begin with the President of the United States.

  • DonaldYoungsRevenge

    O’Reilly, you end with “the (moral) campaign should begin with the POTUS.” Are you joking? We have a man who campaigned in support of traditional marriage between a man and woman and as soon as it became politically correct he “evolved” into a sodomite defending sodomite marriage and thus being declared “the first gay President” by a main stream magazine. Sure, he is the man who needs to lead that “back to morals campaign.” Many members of the church he was affiliated with for 20 years say that Obama was bi-sexual. They refuse to allow their names to be used for fear that they will end up like Donald Young, the black homosexual choir director at his church who was part of the Obama campaign investigating the Larry Sinclair allegations. There is that great moral leader again. Here is the worse offense, there is more than ample evidence to prove that this President has used fraudulent documents in order to be qualified to run for the office of the POTUS. This has the potential to be the biggest scandal in the history of our country. What a leader. Bill, I think you have been running from this man’s criminal record by refusing to investigate it. Shame on you, your credibility has been in decline.

    • Wil

      Donald, Find a high ledge somewhere and jump!

      • DonaldYoungsRevenge

        Wil you and your ilk are part of a bigger picture across the country. You have a pathetic attitude. I am simply sharing with you what the media refuses to cover. This is the biggest scandal of the century and you just don’t seem to give a crap. If you are commenting on something as meaningless as a Bill O’Reilly article and not caring about corruption and criminal activity in the Oval Office than you have the problem not me.

        • Wil

          Donald, The ‘Black Helicopters’ are coming. You have been warned.

    • Jeff Webb

      DYR, you have a really, really unhealthy fixation. Is there any such thing as a column topic that you wouldn’t think has anything to do with your “fraudulent document” angle? Or are you just going to insert it into every single thread?

      • DonaldYoungsRevenge

        Can I assume you are a conservative or at least an so-called independent? If you are than you are a conservative or a so-called independent you should be as concerned as I am about this scandal. Can you please tell me why you are not concerned about it rather than just give idle criticism. There is such a thing as constructive criticism that most people are willing to accept and discuss. I will continue to discuss the topic in the hopes that people will be come curious enough to write or call the Congressperson to demand an investigation. If you are the least bit curious about the scandal you should be at least evaluating the evidence. There is plenty to evaluate. If the birth certificate and the selective service registration and the SS# are all fraudulent would that be of any interest to you? Silence and a do nothing attitude or an “I don’t give a crap” attitude is UNHEALTHY. I happen to abhor fraud and criminal activity especially when the man is the Commander in Chief. Get a grip Jeff. I am the sane one here.

  • Wil

    Mr. O’Reilly, You had no qualms or embarrassment about showing Miley’s performance, over and over, on your show. How come?

    • Wheels55

      It’s all about ratings and selling books for him.