The ‘Corporate Wife’ and Class Prejudice

Suppose, next week, in Charlotte, a conservative commentator refers to Michelle Obama as a ‘government wife.’ No need to speculate on the howl that would be raised; the progressives’ outrage and media’s selective sensitivities would spew hyperbole not seen and heard since, well, last week when Mitt Romney joked about his own birth certificate.
Like many, I was both impressed and moved by Ann Romney’s speech in Tampa. Sure, political commentators note the speech was scripted and delivered with clear objectives: to soften her husband’s image and appeal to women. Granted. That’s why speeches are given at political conventions…to garner the voters’ favor.
However, to all but the most cynical, or the most prejudiced, Mrs. Romney’s telling of her life experiences and marriage was clearly sincere and heartfelt. She loves her husband, and told the attendees and viewers why. She’s bright, self-deprecating and has a sense of humor. One may not agree with her husband’s politics, but who would doubt her sincerity and ignore her personal qualities?
Juan Williams.
Williams’ negative comments were the only I observed; I’ve since read others from the usual suspects in the media. However, Williams’ were the most personally insulting to Mrs. Romney.

“looked to me like a corporate wife…the stories she told about struggles – ah, it’s hard for me to believe. I mean, she’s a very rich woman. And I know that, and America knows that.” “speaking, I think, for the tremendous number of single women in this country or married women…she did not convince me that, you know what? I understand the struggles of American women in general.”

Ignoring the rather incoherent nature of the comments, the majority of which Williams made after asked to explain what he meant by corporate wife, we hear the progressives’ tired words and themes: corporate, very rich, struggles,…the general inability of the corporate and the very rich to identify with the struggles of the common man and woman.
However, more disturbing was Williams’ apparent personal animus, indicated by how he delivered his comments. He was utterly dismissive of Mrs. Romney. Until asked to explain further, his corporate wife stereotypical label was all he had to say.
Williams’ reflected his deeply held prejudice; it was clear he profiled Mrs. Romney.
In Williams’ mind, here was a woman who only raised her children and supported her husband, obviously not clever enough to work outside the home. She snagged a rich guy to marry…maybe she was even a gold digger. She lives in a mansion surrounded by servants, hosting tea parties for other very rich corporate wives in between leisurely gallops around the estate on her very expensive horses.
Juan Williams has always presented an enigma; his role at Fox never quite clear. He sporadically vacillates between the ‘house liberal’ role, to a dogmatic ideologue to a reasoned observer. By all accounts, Williams is a nice guy and wonderful family man. And, though his comments sometime infuriate conservatives, seldom, if ever, has he stooped to personal attacks a la MSNBC.
However, his derisive comments and attitude regarding Mrs. Romney reflect a most unattractive insight into Williams’ thought process and personality.
Prejudice: Preconceived opinion not based on reason or experience.

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  • miamier

    It would not surprise me if he later back-pedals a little from using that specific term.  But I think his issue was with her pointing out the “struggles” her family has faced.  I’ll grant her she had to deal with breast cancer and MS, but the family hasnt had any financial issues/struggles…i think that’s what JW was alluding to (but “corporate wife” is a poor choice of words).  

    Personally i dont care if they’ve had struggles or not, i just want Romney to get the job done if he’s elected.  But this class warfare nonsense will be a point of attack from now on, especially if he’s elected (you aint seen nothing yet).  

  • Wheels55

    Juan disappoints me at times. I think he wants Obama to get re-elected so badly that he feels like he has to fall away from his journalism side and be Bill Maher. Bad move Juan.