The Desperate Campaign of Barack Obama

I have figured out President Obama’s re-election campaign strategy:  Keep throwing stuff against the wall until something – anything — sticks.

The “war on women” strategy didn’t work.  Only hard-core lefties believe Mitt Romney is anti-woman.  And even they don’t really believe it.

The “he’s too rich and out of touch” wasn’t resonating with the peasants either.  Neither was the “he put his dog on the roof of the car” and drove to Canada thing.

When they threw “Bain Capital” against the wall, they must have figured they had a winner.  Here was a guy who ran Bain, they told the voters, who was out to “maximize profits” not “create jobs.”  Oh, the humanity!  Or more accurately:  Oh, the ignorance!

There isn’t a company in the entire USA – not a mom and pop drug store or a multinational conglomerate – whose main goal is job creation.   Not one! Someone needs to tell the president that “job creation” comes only after you “maximize profits” … that only when profits rise and business grows do the people who run the company need more workers to keep up with demand.

President Obama didn’t know that because he doesn’t know anything about business.  But enough of his supporters – Democrats all – went on TV and said it’s wrong for the president to demonize private equity in general and Bain in particular.  These companies, the Democrats said, do a lot of good for the country.

So now, in case you haven’t noticed, Team Obama has settled on a new strategy, at least for the moment.  And it’s as thoughtful and reasoned and smart as all the rest.  And it pretty much comes down to this:  A President Romney would be a disaster.

I’ll bet anything that Team Obama put the word “disaster” in front of a focus group of potential voters and found that “disaster” engenders negative feelings.  No kidding!

So a recent headline in the liberal magazine Rolling Stone shouted: “Why ‘President Romney’ Would Be a Disaster for Women”

And a left-wing Web site told us that “Romney Is a Disaster on Education” … while another liberal site informed us that, “A Romney presidency would be a foreign policy disaster.”

Not all Democrats, of course, think Mitt Romney is a disaster.  Bill Clinton for instance, doesn’t think so.  He thinks Romney is a calamity.

Just a few days after praising Romney’s “sterling” business career, Clinton told an Obama fundraiser that a Romney presidency would be “calamitous for our country and the world.”

Bill Clinton and other Democrats say that since Romney is running as a businessman who claims to know how to turn around the economy, then it’s fair game to challenge him on that central plank of his campaign.  And it is.

They say when Romney was governor of Massachusetts he didn’t create a lot of jobs and the state’s economy lagged behind almost every other state in the country.  For this there’s a simple response, one that every voter will readily understand:

“When I left office in Massachusetts,” Romney should tell President Obama at their first debate, “our unemployment rate was 4.7 percent.  Down from 5.6 percent when I took office. After almost four years as president, America’s unemployment rate is 8.2.”  Then, after a brief, dramatic pause to let those two numbers sink in, he should look over at the president, smile weakly, and put the nail in the coffin.  “Most of the folks listening to us tonight, Mr. President, would be thrilled with my 4.7 percent.  It’s a lot better than your 8.2 percent”

One more thing:  If a Romney Presidency would be “disastrous” and “calamitous” what should we call the Obama presidency?  I mean, besides “incompetent.”

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  • terry




  • Brian

    No more Obama. I like a president that turns a surplus into a recession. A guy that wrecks Wall St., ruins the economy and damn near runs the country into the ground. If it weren’t for that damn Obama this country would be in a depression now. I like a guy that is inept at protecting American citizens from foreign attacks on American soil. This Obama guy keeps stopping terrorists plots before they get a chance to kill American citizens. I want a president that  lies to the public about weapons of mass destruction, starts wars for his friends to profit from and gets thousands of American kids killed. Lets go back to the days when a president cant find and excute our enemies. Lets go back to having a stupid president that can’t handle a hurricane, chokes and passes out while eating pretzels. Mitt Romney looks like that guy!

  • MCH

    I guess  “disastrous” and ” calamitous” are politically correct words we can still use.   His campaign strategy and all their attacks have me anxious.  They are eventually going to get down to me a stay -at-home grandma?! 

  • Mary


    • Brian

      Don’t get your hopes up. Wake up! You’re on the wrong side of a landslide.

  • BerthaLovesRickALOT

    Obamas’ polices to do work its just headwins. Rommey will loose! Your a bigget and your poles are rasist!

  • Rick

    Obamas’ polices to do work its just headwins.  Rommey will loose!  Your a bigget and your poles are rasist!

  • terry


  • terry

    A GOLD BAR                                                         FOR VOTES
    FREE CANDY  I YR                                              FOR VOTES
    A FREE DOG                                                          FOR VOTES
    FREE UNDERWEAR FOR LIFE                        FOR VOTES
    FREE CHEVY VOLT                                             FOR VOTES
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  • Haroldpjaffe

    vote for mitt

  • terry


  • Wil

    Bernie, As a noted media watcher, you are aware of Mitt Romney’s lies and
    will inform your flock here. It’s the right thing to do. Remember, even Newt
    said Romney is a liar!

    • Brendan Horn

      Wil, I think you love lies more than anyone, so who will you be voting for?

      • Wil

        Brendan Horn!

  • terry


  • Stigand

    We can call it malfeasant and criminal.

  • LostAtTheZoo

    Obama created jobs.  The lawn guy at the golf course has been busy.  The hotel staff in Hawaii has been busy.   The gardener Michelle hired at the white house has been busy.

  • steve

    Berrie your right i go to Vegas and put $1000.00 that he never cracked a business class book,,because he figured he could do it his way..”Do nothing,,and go to a fantasy camp and land on his backside,,and land on his butt backwards into money”this is a quote from Seinfeld,, that George was describing Kramers life…these are things this Anti American President has concured..Putting his feet on the desk in the Ovel office…This is no lie there has been pictures of him doing this…Hard job  ,,he probably learned this from j wright..he also learned that divied and concure his and the demo’s use and belive in..They are always bringing up race 1st..they have put together there ocupiers to show rich vs. poor..Instead of redusing unemployment,,PLUS BRINGING OUT THE BEST OF THEM,,DRUG USE,,VIOLENCE,,AND OTHER STUPID THINGS IN THERE reduse violence to solve there anger because there unemployed,,and its people that are working,,its there falt..They belived that the President of a company would come down stairs and give them money,,or a job,,witch they cant because of the state of the buisness world,,created by there great W.House leader.. or has been no work on this problem by there leader,,who is sopost to be a wonderful speaker,,,that he dose the demo line…TALK,,TALK,TALK,,,and waste time so it looks like there doing something,,but there second piece to there work they do..And it is have a independent study of the problem…They dont need more of these studys they belive U need them..Y because they been done over,,and over again,,since the the 70’s…It is just away to waste more ,,money,,and time…to reach out again for money,,and for another ELECTION time…See if your good enough to waste 4 years of time and get nothing done,,then no one can say they were they doing anything wrong that they actualey did anything wrong or see there autograph on anything because if it failed,,  then they have nothing to worry about,,except getting there $200,00 dollar salary is safe..We have one of our congress members that is running again and has been there for 36 years,,he has stated that congressional pay raises should be high because it gives congress the best people..He beleives know one can do a better job than him,,and find someone they belive will be tied to there way of life and do as to be told in the old gentealmans club,,that they run the place there way,,or ur out..See this the state of mind that Washingtons politics is run..Probable because they done such a wonderful job that we are in such a great state of no problems in this country,,& we still need them…Because of the GREAT JOB THEY HAVE DONE..Some say that this is still Bush’s fault..4 years latter we went  from 4.5% unemployment to 8.9%…in my city it was 3.2%….Would someone go and get a business book and tell us all,,, that this is higher or lower than what it is now….WELL SIT HERE AND WAIT FOR SOME ONE TO TELL US THE FACTS,,AND HOW MUCH IT COST TO DO THIS STUDY…WELL SIT HERE AND WAIT…THANKS…IF U FIND THE ANSWER PLEASE TELL US, BECAUSE WERE TO STUPID TO KNOW WHAT THE ANSWER IS…          

    • Dave O’Connor

      Point Steve!
      “he never cracked a business class book”
      You mean you’ve seen his transcripts? That’s more than the rest of us.

      • steve

        Then y Dave do the #s of the economy look like a junk yard???? thats y i guess….and if u think he’s great,, maybe u should read a econmics book your self,,by the way u havent answer the question..are we better now??or in 08…answer honsetly or your u might blow a  fuse…1 last question….Do u keep your cheking account in the + way,,or do u allways bounce checks?? See Washington dose not balance it books,,,What happens when u are in the minus??Do u get phone call,,after phone calls??or threting letters in your mail box???If we are going  to be a strong country we need to balance the books…or we lose opertunitys a long the way and other countrys will not take us seriously,,on anything…I like it better when N.Korea,,Iran,, and or enemys dared not move an inch…This Anti-American Pres. likes our enemys and is speending us into ablivvan…He puts this country down when he go’s abroad,,or bows to them like a muslum shek…How much more do u need to see in him he hates America,,He dosent do anything but play golf…that helps the country going in the right way dose’nt???   

        • Dave O’Connor

          I’m not sure I can de-code that last screed.
          But, should I find that there was an question of how I judge Obama’s suitability; I can only proffer that:
          I never thought him capable of being President, and in three years I know I was right then.

          • steve

            Your right…and it still show every day..because he sounds more like a Pres. from Kenya than from America.. 

  • Cyberquill

    So we’ve got two sides referring to the other as a disaster. What else is new in the world of politics? 

  • Wallaceflint

       If the stakes were not so high, Obama would be a joke! What a clown! When I see that Obama is going to speak on T.V., I turn it off – because he is such a liar! Why should people be insulted by having to listen to something they know is not true.
       After 4 years of Obama, we can handle anything. I just hope there is not more,tho. He has crossed the line as farr as being an effective president. Talk about “disasters”. Can we really afford 4 more? Let’s see him run on his record!
                                              In God We Trust!
                                              Wally Flint-Boonville,NY


    • Nancye

      Obama CAN’T run on his record because he has no record to run on.  All he can do is make up stories and criticize Republicans.   

    • Bruce A.

      I also change channels for Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary/Bill Clinton,  Barney Frank, Maxine Waters Sheila Jackson Lee & numerous others who make me sick.  I also avoid MSNBC & CNN.

    • Wil

      Romney responded:
      “That’s a good question, young man, and I would be happy to answer it. The Vietnam War came at a time in my life when I had other plans. I knew in my heart of hearts that I would one day serve my nation. That I would one day hold an office that would help not only our nation, but also the world. So I did what I could to make sure that I would be around to serve my nation, as well as serving God by teaching very important religious principles to a broader audience overseas. My father did not want me serving, and he convinced me that yes, I was too important to go to Vietnam. I had a greater purpose in life. I wasn’t neglecting my nation, but rather preparing myself for a future of service.”

  • Brendan Horn

    There is a definite organized attempt by liberals politicians and the liberal media to brainwash people using simple words that they can understand. They use words like “disastrous” but they almost never back up those words with meaningful explanations as to why Romney would be disastrous. I guess the hope is that people don’t care much for meaningful explanations of a viewpoint, but that they will remember “disastrous” and that Romney is horrible rich white man who hates dogs and loves to fire people while he drives in a Cadillac’s and does not believe an embryo is a malignant cancer. Political discourse seems to go to a lower and lower level with each passing year.  The truth is irrelevant for a lot of people in the media. The liberal media is more interested in creating caricature of Romney, and they hope that will be enough to get Obama reelected.

  • PMS2

    Bernie…you just figured that out? That was obvious the first year of
    his term. Presidential orders and changes were flying out of the White
    House like flocks of geese heading south. Yep, the old “run it up the
    flag pole and see if it flies,” or “toss it in the water and see if it
    floats,” or , as you said, Bernie, “throw it at the wall and see if it
    sticks,” theories were always in play with Obama. From the beginning I
    figured that Obama woke up every morning and wondered… “What can I do
    today to destroy the economy, status, and moral standards of this
    country?”  Glad people are finally catching on!  But a bit too late.

  • kegan05

    A new Ad from the Comrade Obozo Team is taking aim at Mitt’s record as Governor of Massachusetts.  According to FACTCHECK.ORG, the Ad is very misleading and factually WRONG on at least 5 pertinent items.

    Just more propaganda and LIES from this unscrupulous bunch of Amateur Hour Thugs!

    See:  “Obama Twist’s Romney’s Economic Record,” at FactCheck.Org

  • Light_V_Dark

    Children are NARCISSISTS. Then, some grow out of it. NOT, in a Pagan-Smiley-Faced-Utopian culture, though.
    From Sam Vaknin;

    This election(08) was like no other in the history of America. The issues were
    insignificant compared to what is at stake. What can be more dangerous than
    having a man bereft of conscience, a serial liar, and one who cannot
    distinguish his fantasies from reality as the leader of the free world? 

    I hate to sound alarmist, but one is a fool if one is not alarmed. Many
    politicians are narcissists. They pose no threat to others. They are simply
    self-serving and selfish. Obama evidences symptoms of pathological
    narcissism, which is different from the run-of-the-mill narcissism of a
    Richard Nixon or a Bill Clinton for example. To him reality and fantasy are

  • SendTheClunkerBackToChicago

    So I must ask Bernie, why haven’t you and Bill Bob been talking about the 1991 bio where Obama declared he was born in Kenya?  Does it add credence to the fact that this President is the biggest fraud in the history of our nation?  How come you and Billy Bob are not covering the scandal at CNN.  They recently showed a microfilm of what they declared to be a micorfilm copy of Obama’s birth record.  It is a bold face lie.  It should have been CNN’s Rathergate scandal but not a peep.  Are you becoming BIAS in your reporting?  Hawaii refused criminal investigators access to the microfilm so how the hell did CNN get their hands on it.  They are doing everything they can to prepare themselves for the onslaught of evidence that is about to hit the internet and you and Billy Bob remain silent. 

  • Roxiebell

    Its like “are you smarter then a 5th grader” math since 8.2% unemployment is almost twice as much as 4.7% and “so what” if that put the state of Mass at 47th in the nation since that would mean the country was prospering and the rest of the States either had lower rates or that the state of Mass had fewer jobs based on their LOW rate of unemployment? Anyway you look at it or how the libs try to spin it, its still a heck a lot BETTER then today!   

  • FloridaJim

    It is embarrassing for you to have to teach Romney how and what to say.
    The Obamas have increased their net worth by over $10,0000,000 since the election and with Michelle’s new Gardening book that total will mushroom. These people will join Gore, Clinton, Kerry, J. Jackson, Al sharpton et al as multi-millionaires and it is laughable the OWS slugs are hypocritical on their wealth and rant on Romney and Bankers.
    Most of the people on O’reilly are multi-millionaires as well.

    • SendTheClunkerBackToChicago

      I agree, most of the guests on O’Reilly are millionaires, SO WHAT!!  I have news for Florida Jim, I will bet your pension plan is loaded with rich people’s capital.  I will bet that whatever job you may have had is funded by rich people’s capital.  You should love rich people, hell here in America you could have become a rich person Florida Jim.  I know my pension plan is loaded with rich people’s capital.  I am by no means rich but I am happy and satisfied and do not begrude anyone who has worked their asses off to become rich and you shouldn’t either.  Do you know one President in the last 100 years that wasn’t rich?  Give it a shot!!

      • FloridaJim

        I am not against rich people at all I would be called one but so many people on TV, Media, are rich as well and if the OWS is against rich people they are against most everyone although they may not realize those they love and follow are rich.  

      • Sheila

        Dont even send him back to chicago, he was not born there, send him back to Kenya where he belongs, see if Michelle can live like she should, as a wife of a local tribe there. Of course they will stay to keep being a cancer on our world and country
        Quit arguing, get rid of this man, just think of how much worse this country will be if we have four more years of this crap and these people, Get rid of him

  • Brian H

    Poisonous, subversive, sabotaging, destructive, back-stabbing, deceitful.  Lots more where they came from. 

    • Billmccann

      Wow Brian! I hope not. You must be one of the “hard left”  of which O’Reilly
      speaks. The kind that is full of invectives, but never offers anything else. To be honest, Brian, this is a childish response. Ever see a 2 or 3 year old when they are upset? They scream, holler and throw things. This is what you have just done; and before you do it again, think about it and write down what you want to say. Then read it over and ask yourself if this sounds like what an adult would say — whether it is something of which you can be proud! Now, let’s get to work, Brian. We want to hear what you can do when you are doing your best. 

      Thank you.

  • Dave Koffer

    Great article, Bernie!

  • MCFergy

    Nice piece Bernie. If one wants an example of how Mitt Romney can turn thing around; look to the 2002 Winter Olympics. The organizing committee was in complete mayhem, mixed with corruption and whatever else you could throw in the mix to make the “eye of the world” event fail. Thank goodness someone had the good sense to emplore Mitt to unravel the quagmire. Not only did he and the people he pull in make it a success, it made money… the ultimate sin to some.

  • Berryraymond

    When he sees the end is near, he will throw Biden under the bus and Hillary will be the new, forced into action, V.P.  Bill will then come around and all the stars will align, hence the first woman V.P. four years later to become the first woman P. will once again garner the votes of more women and those who want to say, ” I helped create history”, to guide Obama to the destruction of the free market in America.  Lets all pray for ego’s that will not allow this union.

  • Gary Freeman

    keep up the good work, we must get this guy out of office,all conservatives must go to the POLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Neil Moody

    Bernie, you had me with “Bias”. Keep up the good work.

  • John L. Armstrong

    Bernie nails it!

  • Wil

    Mitt Romney is a Mormon!

    ’nuff said!

    • StanW

      Why is that enough, Wil. Is there some sort of religious litmus-test for President?

      • 1LonesomeDove1

        Wil is a religious bigot and hypocrite. If Harry Reid ran for president, Wil wouldn’t have a problem with it.

      • SendTheClunkerBackToChicago

        There is a litmus test to be POTUS and it is called being a “natural born Citizen” and the 50% Black, 43.25% Arab, 6.75% African/Negro President is not a “natural born Citizen.”  He has been using forged and fraudulent documents to enable the continuation of this usurping.  Bernie and folks who have a platform to inform the people refuse to expose this fraud.  They are just as evil as those committing the crimes.  Shame on all of them, especailly Bernie’s sidekick, the spinmeister of all time, Bill O’Reilly. 

    • DanB_Tiffin

      So, Wil hates Jews, black folks, and now Mormons. Wow!

    • John L. Armstrong

       Being a Mormon is a good thing…being a muslim is a baaaaaaaad thing!

      • Bob Hadley

        Noooooooo, being a bigot is a baaaaaaaaaaad thing!  Both you and Wil are bigoted when it comes to religion

        • Brian H

          Being bigoted about Islam is a good thing.  It’s very hard to be bigoted enough to appreciate what it is trying to do to the West and America.  Official, top-down and bottom-up, Koran-ordered subordination of all unbelievers is its MANDATE.  The word “Islam” means “submission”, and it ain’t kidding. 

          Just ask one of the blonde “sluts” gang-raped by roving Muslim “youth” in Sweden. They’re all fair game, y’know!

          • Bob Hadley

            At least you admit to being a bigot.  By definition, a bigot functions on his own narrow emotional state, not on reality.

            Look at all the rapes, murders and child molestations by people claiming to be Christians.   Look back in history to see the mass murders and atrocities commited in the naem of Christianity?  (Remember, Islam is many centuries younger than Christianity.)   Does that mean Christianity is bad? 

            The submission you refer to  is where Moslems submit to their God just as Christians aim to submit to their God.

            BTW, have you read all the vile things in the Bible?

    • PeterFitzwell

      Wil, intelligent people do not care about Romneys religion.

      • Wil

         The LDS posthumously baptized Hitler and his
        girlfriend Eva Braun Mormons. This was done not in the 1940s or 1950s it was
        done in the 1990s!



        • Billmccann

          I know the Mormons are into baptizing the dead; however, this is all for naught. An adult cannot be baptized unless he asks for the privilege. In doing so he must believe and proclaim that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and suffered and died to make amends to God the Father for the sins of mankind. A dead man cannot do this. Now here is the truth and you can hold it close to your heart until the minute you die: In this world, Almighty God is all merciful, i.e., if you are truly repentant and have a firm purpose of amendment (you do not intend to repeat these sins again)  there is no sin too black that he will not forgive. But once you pass over from physical life to physical death then you meet an All-just judge. 
          There is no mercy in the next world. Only God’s justice. Each of us is given a free will to decide for ourselves while we are living in this world whether we will serve and obey God or not.  If you turn your back on God in this world he will turn his back on you in the next. DEATH JUDGEMENT HEAVEN OR HELL! Print it out in 22 pt and attach it to your bathroom mirror; and then, never forget it because it is every man’s choice and resultant end. 

          • Wil

            If there was a God he/she would have a lot to answer for!

          • hillplus

            What about all the people who have not heard of Christ and had the chance to accept him? Are they in hell? God is not very great if that is so. 😉

  • Bob Hadley

    “I’ll bet anything that Team Obama put the word ‘disaster’ in front of a focus group of potential voters and found that ‘disaster’ engenders negative feelings.”

    “‘When I left office in Massachusetts,’ Romney should tell President Obama at their first debate, ‘our unemployment rate was 4.7 percent. Down from 5.6 percent when I took office. After almost four years as president, America’s unemployment rate is 8.2.'”

    Yah right Bernie.  I’ve heard the word “disaster” used by right wingers to describe the re-election of President Obama.  And, right wingers love to use the term “pathetic.”  This term was unveiled by Newt Gingrich immediately prior to the ’94 Rep. takeover.  It takes the the discussion to an emotional level.

    Many Republicans, right wingers and Ditto Heads still love to use this term “pathetic” to describe their opponents.  They apparently think it relieves them of the need to think critically.  After all, if one engages the process of critical thinking,  who knows where that process will lead him! 

    As for your debating tactic for Gov. Romney, President Obama could reply as follows:  “The reason the unemployment rate dropped under your leadership is that many of the unemployed left the state.  If you are elected President, are you going to hope our unemployed leave the country?” 

    I agree that Romney has a very good business record.  But business experience is only one small factor that prepares one for the presidency.  Being a governor is much better preparation for becoming president.

    • Pasquale

      sour grapes

    • Billmccann

      Mitt Romney meets both these criteria.  So, what’s your point? Barry is/was neither. In fact, if a Republican candidate said his sole qualification was that he was a community organizer, no Democrat would think he was qualified. But since Barry is a Democrat, it doesn’t seem to matter. This is a definition of hypocrisy!

      • Bob Hadley

        Ohhhh my!  You’re stuck in the ’08 campaign.   As of now, i.e. the ’12 campaign, Gov. Romney has 4 years experience as a governor and Pres. Obama has 3 1/2 years experience as POTUS.  So if you merely look at resume items, Obama beats Romney in 2012. 

        There’s one thing Obama and Romney have in common:  they both have served during one term as an executive of a body politic (in Obama’s case the term isn’t yet completed), which was doing poorly at the beginning of their terms and was not doing terribly well throughout their terms.

        The difference between the two is that Romney bailed out after his first term to run for President (probably because he was afraid he wouldn’t be re-elected) and Obama seeks a second term as president.

        One excuse I’ve heard certain Romney campaigners make for Romney’s poor showing as gov. is that things were much worse when he took office.  Sound familiar????????????

        Wasn’t it Bernie who said that there’s enough hypocrisy on both sides to choke a horse? 

        • texexpatriate

          Yes, Obama has 3 1/2 years as an INCOMPETENT president, providing you are using his performance as president in the traditional way.  If you understand his performance in terms of how a Marxist would destabilize and deconstruct America, then he has been competent. 

          • Bob Hadley

            You could just as easily say that Romney has 4 years as an INCOMPETENT governor, providing you are using performance as governor in the traditional way. 

            The fact is that President Obama put a floor on an economy that was in free-fall.  He saved the auto industry and, along with it, all the other industries and outlets that are highly dependent on the auto industry.  The list goes on……

            It’s obvious that you don’t have the slightest idea of what a Marxist is.  At its core, Marxism extolls dialectical materialism, historical determinism and the Labor Theory of Value.  What evidence is there that President Obama adheres to these doctrines? 

            A Marxist may or may not work to destabilize and “deconstuct” (whatever that means) America.  A Marxist would say that the American economy and society is intrinsically self-destructive and that he wants to be there to pick up the pieces.

            BTW, if President Obama were really a communinist (which is what I think you really mean), why would he bail out Wall Street and the Auto Industry? 

            It sounds like you really believe all the propaganda you hear.  Try thinking for yourself.

          • Pcourtney14

            Bob:  You reveal much with the “saved the auto industry” talking point.  Ford wasn’t part of it at all, nor were Toyota and Honda (with Cars built here, unlike GM and Chrysler).  Moreover, a traditional, proper bankruptcy would have rid GM of legacy costs and union contracts, making it a pretty attractive property to venture capital, very likely it would have been bought and kept operating, not liquidated.  The arranged bankruptcy simply saved unions AND CURRENT MANAGEMENT, namely the people who least deserved to be saved.  You’re simply repeating the party line.  Are you wearing bobby socks?

          • Drew Page

            Courtney  —   I love your response.  Obama people want to say he “saved the auto industry”.  Baloney.  He used tax payer money to bailout the UAW and its retirees.  I kept hearing how we taxpayers own GM and Chrysler but I never got any stock certificates, did you? 

          • Bob Hadley

            You probably heard that from  Ditto Heads.  The bailouts were loans.  The loans are being paid back with interest, ahead of schedule.

          • Bob Hadley

            It sounds like you’re the one mouthing talking points.  This may be hard to understand, but I approach everthing with a, not negative but, critical  posture.  Some talking points are on target and some aren’t.

            If GM and Crystler went into a Chapter 13 with no bailout they would have then simply been shuttled into a Chapter 7, a liguidation.  They simply had no money!  To simply hope for sufficient private investments to come in time would have at least been very risky, but more likely pie-in-the-sky.   I didn’t hear of any private offer during the months before the bailout. 

            Yes, those two companies don’t comprise the entire Amerian auto industry.  I plead nolo contendre on that one.  But if GM and Crystler had been liquidated we probably would have gone into a full-on depression.  In that case, I doubt there’d be enough money in circulation to support any auto industry.

            Another good thing that has happened since President Obama a few months after President Obama took office (it took that long for his policies to begin kicking in) is that the dow has nearly doubled.  Does he get any credit there?

            I know, anything good that has happened during Pres. Obama’s watch was despite his, and anything bad that has happened during his watch is because of him. Yes, I’ve seen that memo and I’ve heard the Ditto Heads.  And yes, there’s Ditto Heads all over the political spectrum.

            I heard that during the transition from Pres. GW Bush to Pres. Obama, when the economy was in free-fall, Mitt Romney wrote an article advocating that Congress pass a tax payer backed stimulus plan before Pres. Obama took offfice.  He supposedly advocated the stimulus to include infrastructure projects and “investments” in alternate renewable energy. I’ll look into this later. 

            No I don’t wear bobby socks, pal.  But I do bob for the truth.  That’s the only way to do it.  :)

          • Paul Courtney

            Bob:  Hmmm… I’m mouthing talking points, not you?  When you “bob”, you should pull your head up once in awhile.  Your head may be stuck somewhere, but it’s not a critical posture.

          • Bob Hadley

            By definition, bobbing involves coming up for air.  Consult your dictionary.

            Yes, you mouthed talking points I hear from so many anti-Obamaites that if GM and Chrystler had gone into bankruptcy without a gov. bailout they would have been saved from Chapter 7 by private investors. 

            I don’t doubt that you really believe it as many others do.  But it is a talking point nonetheless

            I obliquely admitted that I made an overstatement when i said that Pres. Obama saved the American auto industry.  And yes, that comes from a talking point.  But that was only incidental to my main point.

            It’s not my head you’re looking at.  Know what I mean?  :)

          • Paul Courtney

            Thought I was looking at your head as well as where it’s stuck.  I didn’t say saved from Ch. 7, instead a “traditional and proper bankruptcy”, No?  In what critical analysis did you engage before you typed a statement we hear over and over from “Obamaites”, including those who pretend to be independent (which you now walk back)?  Tell the truth, now (or should I say “bob for the truth, now”?).  Nothing prohibits a Ch. 7 trustee from selling the business whole instead of in parts, and people who say that are misinformed and simply repeating what they heard and liked.  I’ll grant your rank speculation “no bailout of GM and Chrysler=depression was never a D talking point, as even Joe Biden was not so stupid as to suggest a prospect of depression in ’09 or ’10, with D Pres and solid majority of congress.  You’re correct about the definition of bobbing, but thought you’d missed it.  If you’re bobbing for truth in the Dem’s barrel, you could be down awhile and forget to come up. 

          • Bob Hadley

            There you go again.

            The head you’re looking at ain’t mine.  Neither is the tunnel through which you look.  Know what I mean?  :)

            A traditional bankruptcy is where you first file a Chapter 13 – reorganization.  Then you have 6 to 8 months to reorganize AND come up with a realistic and reasonable plan to pay all your creditors.  If you do not do so, you’re placed in a Chapter 7 – liquidation. 

            Yes, theoretically a private investor can buy the whole shebang if his price is right.  But by no means does that spell success, like the federal bail-out succeeded.

            And no private investors stepped forward to save GM and Chrystler in the months before the federal bail-out.

            I have twice told you that my “saved the American auto industry” remark was a misstatement and that, indeed, it was a Dem. talking point.  What else do you want?  Are you  just trying to score cheap points with this Red Herring?

            I should have said “saved a major portion of the American auto industry. ” What critical thought did I engage in when i reached this conclusion?  I used everything I learned in Economic plus a lot of common sense plus what I know about Bankruptcy Law.   I thought about what works and what doesn’t work, not about ideology. 

            BTW, “walking back” refers to backpedaling under the guise of clarifiying.  To the contrary, I admitted twice that I misspoke.

            Now you be honest.  This save GM and Chrystler merely through a traditional bankruptcy and hope for private investors to save the day poppycock is, at best, a gamble that a prudent gambler wouldn’t risk. 

            Again, be honest, that is a Rep. talknig point.  What critical analysis did you do?  Be very honest. 

            By now you ought to understand that I spend at least as much time investigating and interacting with the right as i do with the left.  I’m all about fresh air.   You should try it!  :)

            A former and liberal girlfriend once told me that I punish myself by watching  FNC  so much.

          • Paul Courtney

            Seems we’ve run the string on the reply button again.  Was going easy on you by not hitting this before, but Ch. 13 is NOT for corps like GM and Chrysler.  Are they required to file Ch 11 before being pushed into a 7?  Just because you didn’t hear about it is no indicator of whether private capital would have jumped at the chance to take GM sans legacies and unions.  We’re both left to guess about whether it would have happened, and whether GM would be better off without mandate to build electric cars nobody wants to buy, though you sound pretty sure of yourself.  All that critical thinking and ignorance of Bankruptcy law, and you still arrived at a misstatement, huh?  For my part, very little critical posture was needed to spot a talking point which is obviously wrong, which doesn’t prevent partisans like yourself from repeating it.

          • Bob Hadley

            Nicked me again!  Two gotchas for you.  A bankruptcy attorney friend reminded me earlier today that GM and Chrystler would have first gone into Chapter 11, not Chapter 13.  (Maybe I was thinking of Vegas. :) )  But this, like my “saved the auto industry” misstatement, does not change my analysis, which you try to minimize without critical thought.

            It’s so typical of an ideologue to resort to pettiness and diversion whenever his preconceptions smack  into reality.

            The point is that the federal bail-out worked:
            1)  GM and Chrystler were given a chance to pick themselves up, 2) they’re now thriving and 3) they’re paying the feds back with interest, ahead of schedule.

            On the other hand, right wing ideologues criticize this approach because it didn’t bust the union and the so-called legacies. 

            You would rather have risked the entire U. S. economy and, along with it, the lives of people throughout the nation in hopes that 1) private investors would have come forward to buy GM and Chrystler (probably in the ten of billions), 2) that these investors  would have made the companies thrive and 3) that these investors would have done what you wanted them to do, i.e. bust the unions and the so-called legacies.

            But would you really have taken such a foolhardy and enormous risk if you had to cast the deciding vote?  Somehow i doubt it.  Even Pres. GW Bush threw his ideological bent aside when economic armageddon appeared likely.  He pushed TARP 1. 

            When a crisis appears, you do what it takes.  If your house is on fire do you say “Let me think, government bad.  Unions bad.  private good.    Ergo, I’ll put out the fire with my garden hose and ask my neighbors to help”

            Yes, not even Ron Paul would think like this in the case of fire.  But we faced an analogous situation on a much grander scale.   Our economy was collapsing in late ’08 and early ’09.

            Talk is cheap – REAL cheap – when it doesn’t matter.   

            You’re right, playing your gotcha games doesn’t involve critical thought.  Any fool can do it. 

            Thank-you for pointing out my misstatements.  It helps me be more accurate.  But it’s petty and self-demeaning  to dwell on immaterial misstatements. 

  • Hugo Dawggy

    Call BOs presidency a combination of Marxist and 3rd Reich facist.

    • Pasquale

      very accurate

      • Brian_Bayless

        Very accurate, if you are an overexaggerating lunatic. 

  • docww


    You hit the nail on the head. What more can I say?

  • Mary

    I don’t think Mitt Romney is out of touch, at least he has had a real job and ran a state. We have a community organizer now and look what happened. Obama thinks he is a movie Star or  some kind of a star, I hope the American people take the grin
    off his face in Nov. wise up, this is our last chance, there is no turning back.

    • Pasquale

      And do not forget a  “community organizer” is person who gets money from the government to teach other people how to get money and free stuff  from the government.  Such high aspiration in life.

  • Patrickjk47

    While the President eases into the new title of Barack Kardashian and straddles the potential for failure under the same cloud as Jimmy Carter it makes me wonder if the wrath of Michelle will catapult her back into her former life as “the angry black woman.”  I am always amazed at how people like her from the Ivy League Liberal ilk have the gaul to pimp themselves off as being from modest means and after her four years as the Marie Antoinette of the JET magazine set can she ever crack a smile withuot appearing to be constipated with bad gas.   I really feel for her.  I’ll bet she can barely decide where her next international vacation is going to take place but I bet it’s going to be someplace more expensive than ever before at taxpayers expense while the rest of us tighten our belts and brace for more hard financial times and the up coming election.  Four more years?  I hope NOT! 

  • EddieD_Boston

    I was thinking it last week and Dick Morris mentioned it the other day. The Clintons hate Obama and would LOVE to see him lose in November.

    When Bill Clinton said equity firms do good thing and that Romney has executive experience that was the nail in Obama’s coffin. Actually, it was more like a nuclear missile in Obama’s rear.

    • Brian_Bayless

      Yeah, you an really tell that Bill dislikes Obama. He really doesnt even attempt to hide it if you watch him speak.

  • Tmwight

    Obama is a narcissistic opportunist who can’t believe he’s the president of the United States.  I think he is so lonely, isolated and lacking in self-confidence that he is unable to make decisions.  Having been abandoned by his father and raised by a powerfully critical mother, marrying a similar woman, it is no wonder he is empty.  Couple that with a true gift in voice, attractiveness but a low intellect and you get…President Barack Obama, America’s first American Idol — The President.  He needs reelection to survive emotionally and will — and is — doing anything to continue to be president.  But being narcissistic he is unable to see the world as it is: decoupled from him.  I believe history will show Barack Obama to  be a minor character in America, only the color of his nose and ill-fated attempts at governing will remain as memorable.

  • Tmwight

    In my opinion, for two reasons President Obama has taken for himself the right to arbitrarily kill innocent people – people not indicted, tried nor found guilty of anything. 
    First and foremost I believe he perceives vast benefit in presenting himself for reelection as a warrior.  A warrior by drone perhaps but as he sees it, a warrior, which will play well in the center of the United States.
    Second, I believe that to a narcissist, there is ultimate irresistible power in deciding the life or death of another human being. 
    He has ordered the deaths of American citizens and recently in Pakistan, another human being: Abu Yahya al-Libi. Do you or I know what this man did? Was he found guilty of anything? Under our laws, he is, therefore, innocent. Yet, our president ordered him killed by drone. I have no idea what this man did or did not do, and I will never know. If that isn’t frightening…to all American citizens I don’t know what is.You Democrats who read the NY Times and saw the networks excoriate former president Bush for “enhanced interrogation” — waterboarding included — and agreed that his actions were wrong, against the law and against humanity (“torture”) , how can you condone arbitrary killings ordered by our president? HAVE YOU EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT IT? What if it was a mistake and many, many innocent human beings have been killed by these drones. “Collaterial damage”. You Democrats who are against capital punishment, after trials by juries of peers, and appeal after appeal, typically twenty years and $20,000,000 how can you accept arbitrary killings with the president of the United States being sole judge, jury and executioner by proxy. HOW CAN ANY OF YOU LIVE WITH YOURSELVES?

    • Billmccann

      After bin Laden was assassinated, a-Libi became the number 2 man in Al Qaeda behind Ayman al-Zawahiri, who is now #1. Abu Yahya-al-Libi fancied himself an Islamic theologian, but like all Islamist fanatics he is bent on murder and mayhem to destroy what he considers the decadent, Judeo-Christian West. 

      It appears that your perceptions of justice are not related to anyone who has faced these people in front of exploding bombs or the chatter of machine guns. They are ruthless, and I dare say that if one of your loved ones had been the victim of these people you would not be so “pure” in your sense of justice. 

      The truth of the matter is that we are at war with these barbarians and we have to protect our citizens and country with anything we have to preclude them from being even remotely successful. 

      I am not criticizing you — just trying to explain why it is necessary to continue to behead the leadership of these ruthless, fanatical leaders of a terrorist organization.  Bottom line, “We kill them over there to prevent them from coming here.” 

  • Drew Page

    Funny isn’t it, Mitt Romney is “out-of-touch” with the American people because he’s rich.   Then I guess that would also  make George Soros, Steven Speilberg, Jeff Imelt, Bono, Bonjovi, George Clooney, Sean Penn, Barbra Streisand, Oprah, Warren Buffet, Michael Bloomberg and all those folks who can afford to spend $40,000 a plate at Obama fund raisers “out-of-touch” with the American people.   How come no one who accuses Romney of being out-of-touch because of his wealth ever mentions the above individuals?   Yes, I know these other people aren’t running for president.  But they sure as hell spend a lot of time and money trying to convince the rest of us that we should vote for Obama.  Did anyone on the left ever accuse John Kerry of being ‘out-of-touch’ with the American people because he married into the Heintz ketsup fortune? 

    • ph16

      Yeah, I never quite understood what made liberal rich people more “in touch with the people” than conservative rich people.

  • rbblum

    From where Obama is coming from and the path he will continually pursue, look no further than the anti-capitalist words spoken by Van Jones . . . at the tearful tirade from union members in Wisconsin . . . or, the entitlement recipients insistent calls for social and economic justice. . . .though, one could reflect upon Obama’s own words to fundamentally transform the United States of America.

    Is there really any choice during this year’s presidential election?

  • Paul Courtney

    Bernie:  Ahead will be posts chiding you for not calling out Rs who say Obama is a “disaster”, “calamity” etc.  Here’s the difference-there really is a fiscal disaster ahead, both sides say so.  Obama’s answer is to tax the rich, even though the projected revenue from such a move is a fraction of the revenue needed.  He’s not proposing spending cuts, so it’s fair to use words like “calamity”-that’s where he’s taking us, and fast.  Rs propose spending cuts, and though nowhere near what’s needed, it’ll at least be a slower walk off the cliff, maybe even a softer “landing”.  Another difference-while Ds in IL raised taxes, got less revenue than projected; Scott Walker cut spending, is actually realizing the projected savings, and is restoring WI to fiscal prudence.  Hope independents are paying attention.

  • Kevin

    I have  a hunch that team Romney will be bare, if not brass knuckled about this campaign and His Majesty will have to deal with being on the receiving end of a bloody nose for the first time in his short political life.

    If game films are any indication,  the participants in the  Republican primaries heard things said about them they had not previously imagined were real, let alone actually said. And there is no doubt he has been waking up and falling asleep every day with one thought on his mind, becoming President, for the last four years. He is not about to let this slip away over Marquess of Queensbury rules.

    I have another hunch that he is going to bring something to this campaign that His Majesty has not even thought of yet…executive organization…because His Majesty has none.  That is, a consistent message from the top to the bottom of the campaign. Aside from a few verbal gaffes, his state to state primary campaigns have been remarkably well played and well strategized.

    Contrast that with the VP outburst on redefining marriage, on the Sunday morning circuit, Axelrod doing whatever that was he was doing, and a host of other loudmouths mucking things up for the President and one begins to see who has the machine this time around, and who is on the south end of a northbound train, to put it kindly.

  • Terry Walbert

    Obama’s problem is that he has never really had to fight in a campaign.  Two of his opponents withdrew during the campaign.  In 2004 it was Fitzgerald whose “sealed” divorce proceedings got “unsealed.”

    The President is probably waiting for Romney to withdraw and concede the election.  After all, that’s what McCain did in 2008.

    • Billmccann

      I have to disagree with you. Obama gave Hillary a run for her money in the 2008 primaries. It was a knock down drag out fight for months. I think the difference between 2008 and 2012, however, is that Obama has lost about 30-40% of his support. He no longer is the “rock star”of the inexperienced young voter, and there are Democrats that see evidence that he is not a team player. Romney 57% Obama 41% Others 2%. You can take it to the bank!

  • genann59

    Love it, again. Love how you point out facts and not hysteria. Point out inconsistencies and propaganda. Ya the man!!

  • Vince Ricardo

    I believe that Bill Clinton is, per usual, thinking ahead, setting himself up for FHOTUS (First Husband of the United States) in 2016. I WAS thinking that he’d want to get Hillary on Obama’s ticket this time around, to set her up for 2016, but I think he can see that it would be a disaster to tie her into Obama at this point. Clinton is betting that, if Obama wins, there is no way the USA would elect another Democrat in 2016 after another four years of APOTUS (Amateur President of the United States). If Romney were to win, however, Slick Willy could easily get the Dems to back Hillary for 2016.

    He has made his “Pro” Romney comments. Now, Clinton has to get back “on board” and at least appear to back our Second black President. Slick Willy ain’t a Rhodes Scholar for nothin’.

    • Drew Page

      Vince  —  One step at a time.  Let’s not start worrying about Hillary just yet.  there is the matter of ousting Mr. Obama and electing Mr. Romney.   I sincerely hope that the results in Wisconsin are indicative of the thought s of a majority of the American people.   Only time will tell.  Slick Willie’s  endorsement for Wisconsin’s governor didn’t seem to carry much weight.  I think it may have done more harm than good for the Democrats.  I don’t think the majority of Wisconsin voters appreciated Obama and Clinton sticking their noses into a state election. 

      • Vince Ricardo

        Sorry, man, but there’s no “one step at a time” in the Dem’s thinking. Never has been. Yes, Obama has to lose in November first, but don’t think that every contigency has been thought out by Mr. Clinton, and he practiced “never let a good crisis go to waste” long before Obama was in office, you know that.

  • Kathie Ampela

    Scott Walker’s win last night in Wisconsin could be a sign of things to come in November. But, Bernie, remember your column of just two weeks ago; “the sister soljah moment and the nuclear option?” Bill Clinton is sending out mixed signals all over the place…he could be positioning for a Hillary place on the ticket this summer. While I tend to agree with your column, this is not over yet, so don’t get too cocky.

    • genann59

       Kathie – I agree. And I find it interesting that a bunch of leaks are suddenly coming out of the White House, prior to the Democratic convention to make sure America and I believe mostly Americans who tend to vote democratic party, are fully aware of how incompetent this president is. I find it also interesting that leaks are coming out of the White House to indicate that insiders in the White House think Obama is very close to coming completely unhinged. Coincidence, I do not think so. We know Clinton wants Hillary to run in 2012. She refuses publicaly saying it would be disloyal, however, if Obama can be made to appear to be a disaster in the making himself, to the point he either decides not to run (unlikely) or that enough of the party decides he has to go, Hillary can then offer herself as an alternative candidate without appearing to be disloyal. Am really curious as to what more comes out about Obama up till the Democratic convention, and what goes on at that convention. I think there is a movement from the Clinton camp to get him out of office. We all know by now, there is no love lost between these two men of greater than life egos.

      • Drew Page

        Genann  —  That would be too much to hope for.    I would truely love to see a Democrat primary pitting Obama against Hillary again.  I would put on some popcorn, grab a beer and sit back and watch.  I would roar with approval every time one accused the other of something.

        • genann59

           In most states, the primary season is long gone, which would mean an even uglier fight at the convention, which would be even more fun to watch. Most delegates, from what I hear, if committed delegates at all, are only committed for the first vote, if it is not decided on the first vote, they can cast their subsequent votes for whomsoever they please. I’m just really curious to see what happens between now and the convention that could be used to bring about a fight for the nomination inside the convention itself. I’m expecting a lot more really ugly accusations against Obama to come out of “leaks” from the White House, to make sure everyone is aware not only how unqualified he is, but how unstable he is.
          And if traced, I would imagine most of those “leaks” would end up discovered coming from former members of the Clinton Administration who still hold more allegiance to the Clintons than to Obama.

      • swampcreek

        Hillary Clinton would be a breath of fresh air compared to Obama. She may have some decidedly socialist tendencies, but at least she could return some decorum to the office.

        • Roadmaster

           Hillary is distancing herself from the disaster which the Obama regime truly is, by staying as far away from his reelection campaign as possible – like Azerbaijan!  She couldn’t survive being so closely linked as VP and I don’t think Bill would go for it either even tho Father Time is sneaking up on him.  They want to get back into the WH in the worst way but not as second fiddle and definitely not under Obama because I think Bubba truly hates his guts!  Ol’ Cankles is building her cred in foreign policy hoping she can do a 2016 run to either replace Obama or Romney.  My prediction?  By ’16 she’ll just be an old Marxist/Alinsky-ite hag, a has been about as appealing as Helen Thomas, and Bill will be dead from heart disease.

      • Billmccann

        While there are points of logic in your suggestion, I do not think so. To upend a sitting President would be a shock to the country that I do not think the Clintons, who are serious about their legacy, would want to be a part of. In addition, there is no guarantee that people would not be so upset with the Clintons that Hillary would win the election. No, I think the better idea was voiced earlier; i.e., torpedo Obama’s re-election, guaranteeing a Republican President from 2012 to 2016. Then, try to unseat the Republican encumbent in 2016. However, even this is highly unlikely. If the Republicans keep the House and regain control of the Senate then Romney will have his way. I have no doubt the country will be in better shape in 2016 than it is today under Obama. 

        Would Hillary want to run against a popular Republican president with control of both houses? Would you? I don’t think so. Why would a majority of the country want to return to the Democrats when in 2016 they are better off than they were in 2012? 

        Now one more thing. Hillary will be 69 in 2016 and will have to run some kind of a primary. She remembers how debilitating the one was in 2008. She is now 8 years older in an age range where 1 or 2 years can make a trememdous difference in stamina and endurance. 8 years, especially after a minimum of 4 years as Secretary of State would be devastating at her age. No, I think Bill Clinton will try to maintain a presence for some time, yet, but I think their time on the center stage is gone.  

  • RonKean

    It’s heartening that Romney seems to be doing fine counter-punching after Obama attacks.  It’s said he’s not warm.  He’s stiff.  I think what he is is cool.  He seems cool, calm and steady.  We’ve almost forgotten the primary.  Remember how the others rose and toppled?  He remained consistent throughout and he’s steady today.  It seems as if he’s not even trying.

  • Brian_Bayless

    And that 8.2% doesnt even include those who are no longer receiving unemployment benefits. Maybe he shouldnt have spent all his time trying (and failing) to fix healthcare.

  • Bernie

    Just read the first six posts.  You guys are the best.  FAR AND AWAY the best … funny, smart, civil.  

    I read posts on other sites and cringe.  I can’t thank all of you enough …


    • Terry Walbert

       You’re my favorite newsman ever since Irving R. Levine retired.

      • J.L. Tremain

        He’s my fav since Cain slew Abel.

    • RonKean

      You’re my favorite since Charles Kuralt died.

  • Bruce A.

    Pres. Obama makes me miss Jimmy Carter.

    • GlenFS

      Too late to send him a sweater, what with summer here.  Aah, the nastalgia.

    • Wil

      Mitt Romney makes me miss Brigham Young! I can get silly too!

  • Michael

    I hope the Romney campaign rolls out a few more John Sununu types who can and will take the fight to the Obamalytes.

  • GlenFS

    I can’t think of a better adjective for the past three and a half years than “disaster”.  Maybe we should take Bill Clinton’s assessment under advisement and move up to “calamity”.  It sounds promising.

    • John

      “Disaster” is a noun.  I assume your English teacher was an NEA member. 

      • JohnHD

        What does that do to the Tea in China?

        • GlenFS

          Yes, of course, I was thinking of “disasterous” refering to years under BO.  My teacher was not an NEA member and she would not have been pleased.  Thank you, John.

    • Wil

      This video of Bush with his hat in his hand begging America to pony up
      almost a trillion dollars reminds us what really happened. 


  • Kevin McDonald

    The Obama campaign lacks a “Thing-a-ma-jig” to go with it “which-a-ma-call-it” to drive its “Thing-a-ma-bob” name calling machine.

  • Astrid’s

    Great article.  Keep it up Mr. Goldberg…a voice of sanity in an insane Obama world.

    • John Lance

      can you please give me the name of sa poor man that gave a 40 hour a week job to anybody and I wili hold my peace,