The Dream Ticket Could Be a Conservative Nightmare

Bill Keller, who used to run the New York Times and now is one of the paper’s many liberal columnists, has come up with an idea:  He wants President Obama to gently push Joe Biden aside and put Hillary Clinton on the ticket this November to run as his vice presidential candidate.

If you’re a Democrat, this is a pretty good idea.  If you’re a Republican, you have every right to be worried.  An Obama-Clinton ticket would be formidable, more formidable than a ticket with ole’ reliable Joe Biden on it.

A few years ago I wrote a book called A Slobbering Love Affair about the last presidential campaign, about how the so-called mainstream media fell madly in love with Barack Obama.  Keller, in his New York Times column, demonstrates that slobbering is alive and well in liberal media circles.  Here’s an excerpt from Keller’s column:

“Hillary Clinton is 64 years old, with a Calvinist work ethic, the stamina of an Olympian, the E.Q. [emotional intelligence] to match her I.Q., and the political instincts of a Clinton.  She has an impressive empathic ability – invaluable in politics or statecraft – to imagine how the world looks to an ally or adversary.  She listens, and she learns from her mistakes.  She was a perfectly plausible president four years ago, and that was before she demonstrated her gifts as a diplomatic snake-charmer. … She is, says Gallup, the most admired woman in America for the 10th year in a row, laps ahead of, in order, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin and Condolzeezza Rice; her approval rating of 64 percent is the highest of any political figure in the country.

“So it’s too early to hang up the big ambition.  And a lot of us would be deeply disappointed in her if she did.”

Teenage girls don’t gush that much over Justin Bieber.

But Keller is on to something.  Mrs. Clinton could win over lots of independent and moderate women voters in crucial swing states.  That could be enough to beat whoever the Republicans put up. She’s a bigger draw than Biden, and probably a bigger draw than the president himself.  In other words, she can make a big difference, especially in a tight election.

But wouldn’t a decision to put her on the ticket make Mr. Obama look desperate?  Maybe, but so what if Hillary would help him win?  Wouldn’t it be tough for Mr. Obama to drop someone as loyal as Joe Biden? Tell me when you stop laughing!

Keller ends his piece by saying he fears that his dream ticket is just a fantasy.  I fear that it’s not.  If Mr. Obama makes the offer and if she accepts, Bill Keller’s dream may turn out to be every conservative’s nightmare.

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  • Ralph M. Hahn

    Obama putting Hillary on the ticket is bothersome to me. But, what worries me more is our remaining GOP candidates just handing Obama the election because of the current infighting and vicious attacks on Romney. Wasn’t it Newt who said at the very first debate last year that Republicans should not break the Ronald Reagan’s “11th Commandment,” warning for speaking against your fellow Republican? Yeah. How’s that’s going?

  • rider237

    maybe it’s just because i’m female, or maybe it’s that “angry black woman” thing that’s been in the news….but i see cat fights in that future!! :-)

  • Bob Hadley

    A short while ago you wrote a piece about Hillary running for president in ’12. Is it your hope that she gets in the fray? Do you write these pieces to create (or contribute to) a buzz?

  • Stav

    Now that Romney is pretty much a done deal for the GOP. Obama knows that an “electable” opponent, with guaranteed cross-over Independent appeal, will be going head-to-head with him. Even worse, Romney is likely to pick either Christie, Pawlenty or Rubio to be his VP. Given Obama’s narcissism, and his own sense of history, he will not want to emulate Jimmy Carter’s one-term achievement. He’s already compared HIMSELF to: Lincoln, JFK, FDR & Ronald Reagan – BUT – he has no intention of ever uttering the name “Jimmy Carter” in the same sentence containing his. I’d therefore be hugely surprised if he doesn’t go cap-in-hand to Madame Clinton and beg her to sign on for a Barack/Hillary 2012 ticket.

    You can also be sure that Mrs Obama, now being so accustomed & addicted to her First Lady, Air Force One & White House, life-style, will be appealing to her husband to do everything he can to ensure that someone throws Biden under the presidential bus. Either that or she will personally waterboard Joe until he promises to quit. If Romney wins comfortably in South Carolina & Florida, you can be sure that Debbie Wasserman Schultz will also vocally join the Hillary Clinton cheerleader’s squad.

    In all honesty, I don’t quite get Hillary’s current popularity. She’s not particularly distinguished herself since becoming part of the Obama administration. I don’t recall any major speech she’s given. If anything, she’s under-performed. For example, when she reset relations with Russia the USA got a BIG FAT ZERO in return. Contrast this to Condi Rice, who in 2005, gave a Cairo speech that you could argue warned Middle East dictators & autocratic kings that if they don’t change, they will inevitably be confronted by revolution in the streets. For sure, she predicted the ARAB SPRING. But that’s another story.

    As for Barack & Hillary 2012, as always, time will inevitably tell.

  • david7134

    No, no, no. Get out of the EAST and check the way the nation feels. They hate Obama. It would not help to run with Jesus.

  • Kevin

    Plausible, but I have to believe she hates Obama almost as much as conservatives. She took the position of Secretary of State because it is good for HER, not for Obama. And I would give her the benefit of her own ego that she believed it would be good for the country too. Considering the current occupant of the White House, she in fact may be the only thing between us and a major conflagration of his making. But I digress. In my HO, she would NEVER stoop to being his second. She knows he would use her to get elected and then put her on the Washington Dog Poop committee to keep her from upstaging him. Just my HO.

  • Shirl

    I don’t think it would make any difference. We would just have two Obamas in the wh.



    • Mike Jackson

      Not to mention that she needs professional help.

    • Ken Hansen

      The problem is, if she does her hair up she can start to look like George Washington – she can’t sport the hair do’s she had when Bill was in the White House, and if she goes for something age appropriate, well, she starts to look cartoonish.

      Rush Limbaugh was attacked when he asked “Does America really want to watch Hillary Clinton age before our very eyes if she is elected President?” but as we watch her age as Secretary of State, I think I’m with Rush on this…

      • ph16

        I agree Ken and as Bernie has written, one of the reasons John McCain lost to Obama in the first place was because he looked like “the man of yesterday” I believe he worded that and the more pictures I see of Hillary, the more I think she’s becoming a woman of yesterday both age and politics (a relic of the 1960s/70s radicalism).

        • Ken Hansen

          Remember when the Left all laughed when they found out Sen. McCain didn’t ‘do’ email? The intelligent ones stopped when they found out it wasn’t because he “doesn’t get” technology, it’s because of war wounds, earned in captivity in the Hanoi Hilton…

  • Gena Taylor

    I agree with you, Mr. Goldberg, it could become a real nightmare for conservatives who are only united right now on wishing to oust Obama, and are otherwise not too happy with any of our candidates, other than Paul’s nutcase followers, who are united behind him basically so they might be able to get pot and other drugs without facing possible criminal charges. The conservative do not have anyone on line yet that would bring the enthusiasm Ms Clinton would bring to the democratic ticket.

  • Wallace Flint

    Hi Bernie,
    God, I hope not re any chance of Obama getting back in for another 4 years. Can we handle that? wheter it’s Hillory or that clown named Joe Biden. Let’s cet back to basics in this country.
    There’s to omuch power in the presidency now!

    In Gos We Trust!
    Wally Flint Boonville, NY

  • Wallace Flint

    Hi Bernie,
    That not only would be a conservative nightmare, but also a nightmare for The United States! Just helping to put Obama back in the White house for 4 more years. Can America afford that! We need to get back to baics again to turn this country aroud. There seems to be too much by-passing of congress by Obama, giving too much power to the presidency. This is dangerous!
    Watching what goes on in Washington is getting really scary!

    In God We Trust@
    Wally Flint- Boonville, NY

  • cmacrider

    Bernie: You don’t have to worry. The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit (Romney) who you and the rest of the Republican Establishment are working so hard to make the nominee will generate such excitement that the Obama/Hillary ticket will be obliterated.

  • Webmaster

    I believe Hillary could be more of an Alinsky fan than Obama, I believe actually interviewing Saul for research when in college. She later seemed to use his techniques to project her ticket into the White House as First Lady.

    She was among the Democrat Party presidential candidates that went over the cliff as they chased far-left progressive voters at the DailyKOS convention in 2008, making a decision they had enough support and could dump conservative Democrats from the party. And for 2008 it worked.

    But now with the Democrat’s well-worn racist card growing moss, it is looking as if the Party will do anything in 2012 to prop up their failure for president in front of the voting public. One option would be to ask Hillary to sit beside Obama on the throne of America’s new revolution into socialism. The second benefit to the party would be to allow Democrats to fly the liberal progressive flag again over the White House in 2016 with a woman in office. If Michelle Obama thought it was bad before, she ain’t seen nothing if Hillary joins the 2012 team.

    And sadly, like Slick Willy, Democrats know that all they need to do to fool enough Christians to win the vote for their candidate in 2012 is to simply have Obama carry a Bible in his hand, those Christians then possibly saying, “Amen, the lord has reached down into his heart. Praise Jesus!”

    However those same Christians quickly forgot or never noticed that when Slick Willy wasn’t running for office, the Bible prop disappeared into a closet or the Democrat’s circular file, along with those “Three Wise Men” that were supposed to reform the Clinton master of smoke and mirrors but instead disappeared into the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

    For those conservatives who forgot Hillary’s background, I put the following Web page together when she was running for office four years ago. Her being VP would be like having two Obama’s in office, Hillary cut from the same cloth of socialism, conservative’s early warning system that Marxist cancer cells are ready to enter the body of our Republic.

    Check out how she treated Peter Paul after he paid for a Hollywood Fund Raiser for her before she later tried to run for president. It’s pure evil doing its work in broad daylight.

    Conservatives may have one Tim Tebow hail mary left if the Supreme Court reins in the power that Obama’s Czars have displayed in Washington D.C. A lone couple, trying to protect their property rights, could become the trigger Democrats never saw coming.

    With Fast & Furious and the Democrats protecting their undocumented voters for the 2012 election, the American public might want to bring a new sheriff to town. But when recently watching McCain’s, sick cocky smile after endorsing his RINO for president, America may be cursed with the sage who wrote “the more things change the more they remain the same.”

  • Randy Kizer

    Obama will never be able to tolerate or accept Clinton as his VP. Like most members of the liberal ilk, Obama has to be the smartest person in the room. After all, why do you think he chose old “foot in mouth” Joe?

  • Jeffreydan

    I think the reason Biden will keep his job is the exact same reason Mrs. Clinton will not be offered it: the VP becomes president if something happens to Obama.

  • Ed DeCosmo

    Only a wacko from Manhattan would think Hillary would add anything to a ticket that already has a Fidel Castro groupie on the top. Mrs. Clinton gets Obama nothing that he doesn’t already have. Why not Maxine Waters if the idea is to have two super liberals with gender coverage?
    If the Chicago Gang wants to add a female to the mix and bolster a potentially soft state, they’d go for the lady Senator from Washington State, for example.
    Does Keller think New York State is in play? That really would be a story.
    And by the way, when was the last time a NYT scoop didn’t turn out to be bogus? Ten years? Longer?

  • rbblum

    Question could be whether Hillary is smart enough to stay away from the Obama 2012 ticket . . . for, whoever wins the White House in 2012 is likely to be the biggest loser due to the US fiscal and monetary ills fueled by a fiat currency that will likely begin to spin out of control in 2013.

    • EddieD_Boston

      Say what you want about Hillary but she ain’t stupid.

  • Steve Angers

    Wow! Interesting commentary by Keller. You gotta figure he had to change his shorts at least once while he was writing that piece.

    What interests me- and maybe you could help me to understand, Bernie- is this: Does Keller really believe what he wrote? It seems so far over the top to me that I can’t conceive of anyone seriously thinking something like that, let alone writing it.

    I understand that we all have different perspectives about things, people and ideas. I’m sure that I’ve offered praise or criticism at times that others thought was highly inaccurate or excessive. But “diplomatic snake-charmer”? “Calvinist work ethic”? The ”stamina of an Olympian” (does Keller mean Olympic athlete or ancient Greek god?)? And “laps ahead” of dozens of other famous women in the admiration of the American public? Really? Does she also leap tall buildings in a single bound, walk on water, and tell Chuck Norris when to get up in the morning?

    I know you spent years working with people like Keller, Bernie (sorry, no pejorative intended). Is this how they really think? Or do they just think the rest of us are stupid enough to swallow that crap when they serve it to us?

  • The Obama Timeline author

    HRC has no desire top be Veep. She wants to be POTUS. In 2016 she will be too old, so she has to make her move in 2012. But she has to rely on others to do it behind the scenes. The natural born citizen controversy is heating up and Obama will be forced to “spend more time with his family.” Hillary steps in to save the day.

    Hillary Clinton and Joe Manchin
    Mitt Romney and Allen West

  • Bruce A.

    Like many other politicians if it improves his changes of winning I could see Obama dropping Biden no matter how loyal he is.

  • gerry tache

    I believe Kellers “Dream Ticket” is no more than that; it’s a dream. I am not a fan of Mrs. Clinton but I sincerely believe she and her philandering husband are the savvyiest political couple in the U.S. Mrs. Clinton took a hammering from the Obama machine and I believe she has a long memory. She accepted the Secretary of State job to stay in the limelight. Thanks to a fawning leftist media
    and countless photo ops she has achieved that goal. I honestly believe she and Willy are looking ahead to 2016 and will do nothing to help the incompetent current occupant of the White House to get re-elected. Behind her disguise of being a good servant to the arrogant one I feel she strongly resent’s him and the way she was treated by members of his campaign committee during to 2008 election
    and is looking forward to pay back time. That may be around the corner.

    • EddieD_Boston

      Excellent points.

  • Richard Allen

    Mrs. Clinton would be the choice the DNC should have for the party mainstay. I believe her to be more liberal (Far Left) than Obama, if that is possible and more devious in the matter of politics. Are you sure there aren’t any Reagan clones about the GOP. Excellent column.

  • robin in fl

    Hillary should have been the Dem canidate anyway back when BO jumped in and took over.

    I switched from Dem to Republican after that,BUT now these past 3 years I see some of these FAR right wingers are just as bad as the FAR left..they both hurt their cause by forcing ALL that they believe and calling people who do not agree with every word they say either dumb or stupid..If they can see those types that do that only hurt the side they are on..but they are too busy saying how dumb or ignorant others are…go figure :(

    at what point will some people see that people will also have their own opinions about certain issues??

    yep Hillary & obama may just be a win win ticket…I’ve looked at politics now from both sides and see plenty of people on both sides that just don’t get it.If they only knew they did more harm then good sometimes .

  • Bill Hurdle

    Not that I’m in a position to know the effects of an Obama-Clinton ticket, but I just don’t see how this preempts the deficit/economy issues. From my perspective, the people that will be excited by the O-C ticket are already dedicated Democrat voters. I think this was a trial ballon by the Democrat establishment to determine if there would be any benefit – you can bet the pollsters are working overtime. It could also be an indication that the Democrat establishement is becoming very concerned.

  • Ken Besig, Israel

    Now that Obama has fired Daley, I expect to see a wave of dismissals of senior administration people and their replacement with younger and more enthusiastic Obama stooges. Obama is now in panic mode, and even Biden is likely to find himself getting the axe.
    And while Hillary Clinton is certainly the best replacement for Biden, and would create a formidable Democrat ticket, her enormous appetite for power and her deep resentment of Obama are unlikely to leave her satisfied with second place.
    I frankly expect the Democratic Party to implode during the summer as the President’s team begins to see the enormity of their upcoming electoral catastrophe and the real chance that the party rank and file demand that Obama go.

    • Ken Hansen

      Obama’s loss in 2012 will take down Democratic Senate and solidify the Republican Congress.

      It’s very hard to convince an unemployed man you are a job creator.

      It’s very hard to convince someone watching their paycheck shrink that you are cutting taxes.

      It’s going to be hard to convince someone who just got bounced from their employer-subsidized healthcare that you added healthcare coverage for millions.

      I hope Republicans remind everyone that every ‘success’ or ‘promise kept’ Obama claims is an extension of a Bush policy he mocked in 2008…

  • CCNV

    Oh, but can you imagine the crap that will fly out of Biden’s mouth if he should get pushed aside?! Biden can’t keep his mouth shut about anything! Talk about finding the skeletons in the closets. Maybe it would be enough to get rid of obama once and for all.

  • Ken Hansen

    There is no way I can imagine Obama doing something like putting Hillary on the ticket – it reeks of desperation and his win will be tainted by having been because of a ‘novelty’ candidate.

    I can see him accepting a loss before his signature policy takes effect – Obamacare. If he stays in office & it fails, he owns it, and his failure will tarnish his reputation more than a hundred Aluce in Wonderland parties (or over 80 rounds of golf ;^). But if he loses and the GOP is in the White House, they can be blamed and he can spend the rest of his life telling people it’s the GOP’s fault.

    Yes, Obama IS that vain/superficial – read his books and count the number of times he based decisions on how it would look.

    Every ‘present’ vote in Illinois state senate was him putting image ahead of whatever the vote was on…

  • Fred Pasek

    I have no doubt he would take her on his ticket. But he has pushed her into the shadows repeatedly, and he undercut her a couple times like when she said that we had coordinated the Bin Laden attack with the Pakistanis and he denied it, which no doubt ticked off the Pakis because they lost face, and she no doubt took the brunt. Maybe I’m delusional, but I don’t think there’s a chance in hell she wants to be second fiddle to his b.s. for four years. I think she wants to be president in 2016. And IMO she’d win. Just think we might get 8 year of BO and then 8 of Hillary. Yay. sigh.

  • Bob Forman

    That proposition (Hilary on the ticket) seems to fly badly in the face of the recent Bill Daley departure from the WH….reportedly because he didn’t get along with the likes of Valery Jarret and the first lady. I can’t imagine either of the latter pair playing second fiddle to a female VP.

    • Mike Jackson

      Neither do I.

  • Mike Jackson

    I don’t worry too much about this potential pairing. It seemed B.O. wanted to beat McCain last time with one hand tied behind his back and he did by having Biden as his running mate. My guess is he chose Biden to show the Clinton’s that he could win without them. Heck, Mickey Mouse could have run against McCain in 2008 with the same vote result. The nation would be in better shape if that had happened.

    2012 won’t be as easy for Obama. With the economy in shambles, healthcare before the Supreme Court, and chronically negative approval ratings, winning the G.E. remains unlikely.

    He may also be concerned about pulling a McGovern (1972 replacing Eagleton with Shriver) which hurt McGovern’s chances.

    With Hillary on the ticket, Paul is right that it may give the GOP base some much needed fire and motivation. It would probably give the dem’s some motivation, but they’re bleeding blue collar workers and moderate voters the past three years. I expect that trend to continue as the Democratic continues its leftward movement.

    What does make Obama/Clinton ticket interesting is having a narcissist and a megalomaniac in the same team. Would they hurt each other in the process, and if so, how much?

    My hope is for Hillary to wait until 2016 and try to run against a potentially unknown republican candidate. Age? Old enough for “maturity” while young enough to complete at least one term. And still enough voters who remember Hillarycare which pretty much dooms her candidacy.

    The chief problem for the GOP at this time is a stable of known and viable candidates. Aside from a few, namely Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, most well known potential candidates for president are now in their mid-fifties and older. The GOP needs to groom some youthful leaders now for future campaigns.

    • Ken Hansen

      Healthcare will be through the Supreme Court and decided well before the general election.

      My concern is the Dems can spin a loss in the Supreme Court into a victory in the general election – ‘See what those tea party extremists in the Supreme Court did! We need to re-elect Obama & Democratic Senators and Congress men to make sure we can ‘stack’ the court to support our agenda!’

      • Mike Jackson

        I see the spin, but I also see voters saying “Thanks be to God!” for the decision. The Democrats have abandoned the majority of their historical base and moved farther left.

        The Zel Miller comes to mind. He has a LOT of support from Independents and Republicans alike for his common sense stances, and would likely win a general election but never get the Democratic nomination.

        The dems can spin all they want but people are seeing through it.

      • gerry tache

        Question. Appreciate it if you would identify the Tea Party members of the Supreme Court? Thanks

        • Ken Hansen

          *I* don’t believe there are any Tea Party justices on the Supreme Court, I was imagining the Democratic spin – you don’t think that Democrats need to base their statements in fact, do you? LOL

          Seriously, the left wants to portray Ms. Thomas as somehow controlling her husband’s decisions, based on the Heritage Foundation paychecks she gets (that’s half the basis for thinking Thomas should e somehow ‘forced’ to recuse himself from the healthcare case – the other is he failed to report some income on his Gov’t financial disclosure forms for a couple years).

          Dems already believe the Tea Party *controls* the house, though actual Tea Party politicians in the house are a very, very small minority. If the Dems wanted to, they could neutralize the Tea Party’s influence over the GOP by simply allowing a corresponding number of Democrats to vote with the GOP (but that would mess up the ‘do nothing Congress’ accusation)

  • Ray in Nor-Cal

    I can see it already…with a BHO & HRC ticket in 2012, Chris Matthews will get his ‘thrill’ up BOTH legs!

    • Mike Jackson

      Heaven forbid he stands up. lol

      • Ken Hansen

        Or touches her…

        • Mike Jackson

          Perish the thought! lol

  • Ray

    I’m not so sure BHO’s handlers are all that much in love with having Hillery being so close to ‘their’ action…

    I believe the BHO groupies have no lost love for Hillery – lest we forget, Hillery was only invited to the ‘party’ and granted the appointment to Sec of State as a ‘trade’ for withdrawing from the POTUS race in 08…

    God help us, if BHO does decide to keep her at the end of a 10 foot pole, and ‘invite’ Hillery into the white House ‘fold’ – That’s a natural progression toward Hillery obtaining the big shoe horn to the POTUS slot in 2016…

    Woe are we, the forgotten ones – it’s so important the Rep Party gets a majority grip in Congress – now more that ever…!

    • Ken Hansen

      What ever happened to her campaign debt? Did the folks that helped pay it off (if she has) put any conditions on it, like no presidential run til 2012?

  • judith logue

    I agree. I am an Independent, but live with a conservative Republican who will not vote for either Romney or Gingrich. He would prefer it if Hilary had better legs (like Palin’s).

    With an IQ and EQ like Hilary’s, her experience, and a body with such stamina, I’d rather check out the magazines, Internet, or movies for sex appeal. I agree. If the Democrats run an Obama-Clinton ticket, even John Huntsman might not be good enough competition. I’ll vote Democratic then.

    The Republicans are backward with their creationism, anti-feminist (anti-choice), and heterosexist ideals. The recent numbers on healthcare premiums and the rise in costs for healthcare are greater for private industry than Medicare. I grew up Republican and have voted both ways – I am financially/fiscally conservative and patriotic, so it pains me to see such self-defeating politicians act unintelligently.

  • Joseph Maloney

    Obama-Clinton the Progressives dream come true! Only a Wilson-Roosevelt ticket in 1912 could top this 2012 Progressive Democatic Party dream. This Obama-Clinton combo would be the end of the Repuplic as we knowe it.
    The financial collapse will be a certainty, and the MSM, and the Progressives in both parties will rush to form a new Progressive living constitution and government, because our Framers of Our U.S. Constitution, Reagan, Conservative, and Tea Party are out of step with Progressivism.
    Pompous, elite, Progressives are the old and new Royals of America. Let’s party like it’s 1984!

  • Richard Hilger

    People, please remember that four years ago it was accurately pointed out that this woman was a known entity only because she married and stuck with a bounding womanizer who spent a great deal of his presidency with his pants around his ankles. She jettisoned her self respect as a woman and a wife in order to ride his ill-gotten fame to notoriety. I fervently hope that most Americans deem her, as do I, no more suited for the Oval Office than the malfeasant who squats there now.

    • Ray in Nor-Cal

      Richard, You are of course right on target here…

      The sad truth is that to many ‘voters’ won’t even give an intelligent thought about this part of HRC’s “ill-gotten fame to notoriety” and vote for her anyway…the typical ‘man (and woman) on the street’ has no clue about these details – sad, indeed!

    • RecknHavic

      Your correct about Hill, but the MSM and pop culture pushers love her and will stroke her imagine to goddess level if need be.

      It’s always baffled me that she’s seen as such a strong woman. A strong person would have divorced a womanizing husband; ala Jenny Sanford.

  • Drew Page

    For one reason or another, HIllary has captured the imagination of a certain segment of the American public, primarily the liberal segment. That segment was the one that convinced independents and a number of young people how great it would be to make history and elect the first semi-black president. We saw how that turned out. I’m sure this same group feels the same about electing the first semi-female to the office of Vice President. If it does happen, the remaining 50% of those paying federal income taxes should just assume the position, grab your ankles and wait for the inevitable.

  • Jenna

    Marco Rubio

    Marco Rubio

    Marco Rubio

    • Clarence De Barrows




  • Itchingtogo

    Scary indeed. Hillary will win over many independents. She is much smarter and aware than Obama (but then, so is my dog) and her entry to the ticket will most likely get Obama elected again. I doubt her supporters will look beyond the habit of this administration to only work with his secret little inner circle, and they don’t understand that her influence on Obama will be minimum as long as Jarrett is in the picture.

  • Paul Courtney

    Bernie: Your analysis is on the money, and so is Keller’s, but this is also scary for BO. If he does this and wins, he’s gonna hafta hire a series of food tasters.

    • Charlie

      I guess the Clintons WOULD have to be a little more subtle and careful than they were with Vince Foster…

      • Paul Courtney

        Charlie: Very good, that’s why I put in “series” of tasters. The first few deaths are likely to be unsolved, partly because Hill is clever, but mostly because they’ll be investigated by Eric Holder!

  • EddieD_Boston

    I agree Clinton would make it tough.
    But…with Obama it’s all about him and I doubt he’d want Hillary on his team b/c I’d make him look small compared to her and he knows it.
    She’s accomplished. He isn’t. She’s pragmatic. He isn’t. She can be a leader. He’s incapable. She has thoughts. He gives light-weight, breezy sound bites.
    Yes, women love her. Yes, it’d be a tough tandem to beat. But when has Obama done anything over the last 3 years to show he “gets” anything?

    • Ken Hansen

      An excellent point! It reminds me why Obama picked/accepted Biden as VP – because he makes anyone else look good by comparison – Hillary would have the exact OPPOSITE effect…

      • EddieD_Boston


      • Charlie

        I see why you have a hammer as your avatar, Ken. You hit the nail on the head. Øbama would have to be SO desperate before he put her on the ticket, for just the reason you raised, that I’ll be shocked if and when he does. I don’t understand why (WHY??) Hillary is so respected and admired, but if Øbama did do the smart thing, I would really be nervous about our country’s chances for survival.

  • rick geiger

    Sorry but I am doubtful about the idea that Hillary has a high IQ, not that it matters.

    But if Obama has even a mediocre IQ he will do it, it will give him about 3% in the election and may just win it for him

    And since the Repubs seem to want to nominate Mr. Potter as their standard bearer, it would look like 4 more years for Obama

    • Ken Hansen

      Of course she’s smart – she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, who became famous several years AFTER her birth, she is a Chicago Yankees fan – life-long, I might add, and she has the ability to torn $1,000 into $100,000 in the highly speculative commodities market, she can summon up missing Rose Law firm billing records with the wave of her hand, and she can somehow magically make FBI files of her husband’s political enemies appear out of thin air on a coffe table in the residence… She can also make an office full of travel agents disappear…

      You gotta be smart to do all that in just 8 years.

  • Paul

    I think Hillary on the ticket just might light the fire under the GOP base that is lacking right now. It would certainly do the same for the Dems but, at the end of the day, Obama is still at the top of the ticket. Sort of lIke what happened with McCain/Palin…a shot in the arm, but too little, too late.