The Exploitation of Trayvon Martin

Although they may not realize it, some supporters of the dead teenager Trayvon Martin are actually exploiting him. Using his death to advance their own personal agendas. That is very disturbing when you think about it.

After the acquittal of George Zimmerman, one loon out in San Francisco justified some mob-driven property damage saying: "We have to grow a new society. A people society. Not one where Wells Fargo, the Federal Reserve, all these big banks. We need a whole new system!"

Another protestor in DC said: "We don't get democracy. We get capitalism. We get white supremacy."

And then there was race. Radical priest Michael Pfleger in Chicago told his congregation: "We are not in a post-racial area. In fact, racism has a second breath in America today and (the verdict) gave it new oxygen."

So, if you believe the fringe, the reason George Zimmerman was found not guilty by a jury of six women is that they are racists who want big business to dominate the country.

Makes sense to me.

And then there are the grievance folks. Talk radio guy Tavis Smiley told ABC News that it is open season on black men in this country. According to Mr. Smiley, the Zimmerman verdict is "just another piece of evidence of the incontrovertible contempt that this nation often shows and displays for black men."


At the top, President Obama used the verdict to call for stricter gun control measures. And Attorney General Holder told the nation that Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law should be repealed. All of this said in the name of a Florida teenager who died unnecessarily.

The truth is that cynical opportunists often use tragedies to their advantage. For me, the death of Trayvon Martin and the subsequent prosecution of George Zimmerman was a lesson in confrontation, not anything else.

We live in a country where citizens must understand that intense personal interactions can often lead to disaster. I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to confront somebody who was doing something wrong in my presence. But I simply can't. There are legions of sleazy lawyers lined up to attack the affluent in court. If you have money, these parasites will find a legal way to harm you. Just fighting nuisance suits can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

And then there are the unstable folks who will do you physical damage. Road rage, verbal assaults, threats – you have to walk or drive away. It is far too risky to confront the perpetrator and "work it out."

Of course sometimes you must stand your ground. But not often. George Zimmerman was told by a 9-1-1 operator to stay in his car. He did not. Disaster followed. It didn't have to happen.

Exploiters of the Trayvon Martin case should be ashamed. For everyone else, there is one huge lesson: avoid confrontation if you possibly can. No good will come of it.

  • Rick Caird

    Even O’Reilly has it wrong. Zimmerman was not told to stay in his car. He was out of the car before the operator told him they didn’t need him to follow Martin and Zimmerman said OK and did not follow.

    Stand your ground had nothing to do that unless you think Martin coming back was “standing his ground”. The reason we are having all the controversy is because of the lies that are being promulgated. Now, the idiot Reilly is part of it. Way to go, Bill.

  • souvoter

    Just good old common sense always rules but some let their emotions get in the
    way and that usually always has a bad outcome. You’re right, Bill. These days, avoiding confrontation is the best policy, rich or poor but when your back’s against a wall, instinct kicks in to defend yourself.

  • GlenFS

    I agree with most of what your opinion and anlaysis, but think it’s Monday morning quarterbacking to judge GZ’s decision to keep tabs on TM. It was his life he risked, but he could not have known the outcome.

  • DonaldYoungsRevenge

    I wish that one of those witnesses that came to the witness stand during that trial had poked a hole in his/her skin and pointed to the red American blood that coming from the wound and said, enough with skin color, how about focusing on the color of the blood flowing from all our veins.

    I vividly remember a Medivac Chopper landing at a Field Hospital in Vietnam carrying wounded soldiers. I don’t recall anyone seeing anything other than the red American blood flowing from their wounds and it was red American blood being washed from the stretchers and floors after the soldiers were moved treated. I am sick and tired of this race baiting based on skin color, how about ending this stupidity. Every time I turn on the damn TV there is endless talk coming from the race baiting hustlers which include the media, the Democrat black caucus, the NAACP, the so-called Preachers, the President, the Attorney General, they all make me sick to my stomach. They have all jumped into the cesspool and crap flows from their mouths.

  • Darren Perkins

    I am continually amazed at how everyone insists GZ was told to stay in his vehicle. He was not. He was told to get to a place where he could see TM. He was told they didnt need him to follow him after he was already out of his vehicle. He followed the instructions of 911. I wish that you would at least get the facts right when you discuss the case. This misperception is partly why uninformed people think that GZ was in the wrong.

    • Animal

      For that matter, everyone also insists he was on the line with 911. He wasn’t. He had called the Sanford non-emergency line.

      • Darren Perkins

        True although I’m thinking the non-emergency operator and 911 are probably given the same training… might be wrong. They obviously have the ability to dispatch police just like a 911 operator would.

    • Brian Fr Langley

      It’s all kind of irrelevant. I mean does a dispatcher really have the authority to tell you too stay in your car? What do you think the chances are, of the Police finding a suspicious character, if the complainant loses sight of them? A good neighbor (much less a neighborhood watch man) would keep eyes on. As for Eric Holder and the “duty to retreat” another word to describe that behavior is a “duty to flee”. It’s cowardly and it’s un American. I would hope me and my neighbors would look out for each other. (even if it means checking out and possibly confronting a suspicious person in our neighborhood)

      • Darren Perkins

        I agree that it should be irrelevant but to those who would crucify GZ it is relevant as it is the reason they give as evidence of bad motives.

        • Brian_Bayless

          GZ used poor judgment and shouldn’t have followed Trayvon. If Trayvon was casing houses or in someone’s lawn snooping around the home, then investigate. Remember, he had been arrested before so lets not pretend he has good judgment. Given the fact that he had been arrested for resisting officer with violence, its safe to say that he agitated Travyon to the point that he fought back.

          GZ deserves what he gets. He is not going to jail but his life will never be the same again, all due to his terrible judgment.

          • Darren Perkins

            GZ may have been a little paranoid but perhaps with good reason. I don’t know the man personally so I certainly can’t vouch for his good judgement or lack thereof. As far as him deserving to be maliciously prosecuted I would caution that when we condone the actions taken in a politically motivated event (the trial) such as this that you may be next or me or someone else that in your opinion does not deserve it. Whether you feel it is some kind of karmic justice does not change the facts of the case or the fact that his prosecution was never motivated by those facts.

  • therealguyfaux

    Trust me, most of those who lionize the young Mr Martin in death would have had no use for him in life, except insofar as they could point to him and say, “Is this what you want– young black men, angry and desperate because the System keeps them down?”

    It is less about Trayvon Martin the actual person, whom I’m sure most persons, black or white, looking to live a normal peaceful uneventful life would have no truck with, and it’s much more about some idealized version of a poor unfortunate downtrodden slob whose only crime was being black in America.

    There is a cliche’d expression with great currency in the UK right now, “Check your privilege.” It’s a way of silencing anyone who dares openly espouse a position counter to that of The Narrative. Basically it means that, while you have a legal right to say something, and you may even be factually correct, your opinion should be discounted, since you have no way of knowing what it’s like to be that other person. To offer an opinion about Trayvon Martin being some sort of lowlife even those lefties waving his blood-soaked hoodie would probably avoid will get you “Of course, as a white person who doesn’t know what it’s like to be poor and black in America, you really ought to check your privilege to say such a thing.” Of course, it’s never made absolutely clear whether “check” is supposed to mean “scrutinize” or “hold in check”; ostensibly, the former– more likely, the latter. (But of course, the limousine lefties all DO know first-hand themselves, right?)

    • backofanenvelope

      There is a cliche’d expression with great currency in the UK right now

      Must be two UKs!!!! Because I have never heard it.

      • therealguyfaux

        Laurie Penny aka Penny Red, Progressive Female flavo(u)r of the month, has written on the subject (in the New Statesman).

        It mostly comes up as a Leftie sort of expression. If you don’t hang out with the sort of oh-so-politically-correct types Ms Penny associates with (count yourself lucky if you don’t!), you’ll have probably missed it. No biggie anyhow.

        And to avoid any confusion, that’s UK as in Britain, not Lexington, Kentucky, for all you Geography majors at Louisville.

  • Brian Fr Langley

    A former Romanian defector just illustrated in his book, how Stalin and his side kick Khrushchev, routinely used western media to sow division among visible minorities in the west. The goal? To replace American traditional values with Marxism. It is very clear, that if one can impose a victim mentality on visible minorities, they will reject the status-quo (tradition). Thus it should come as no surprise, that free markets, capitalism, and traditional American values are lumped in with racism and white supremacy. A just society is NOT the goal of the left wing, It’s merely their tool.