The GOP: Delusional, Schizophrenic or Just Plain Stupid?

GOP-logoAnother day of political news reports. Another day of flip-flops, ridiculously late recognition of the obvious and disjointed and dispiriting dribble from the Grand Old Party. Geez…can they possibly be this mindless and out of touch? Yes, me thinks.

Where in the world to start? There’s enough material for a whole season’s worth of political sitcom episodes…perhaps titled Bozos and Bureaucrats.

I read RNC chairman Reince Priebus “wants to explore the possibility of choosing who actually asks the questions during the debates.” Imagine that. The equivocations in his statement turn one’s stomach.

But, perhaps we should be thankful Priebus stumbled upon a glaring flash of the obvious: the deck has been stacked again Republicans and Conservatives (note the distinction) in presidential debates for, oh, let’s give it thirty years or so.

Perhaps if Priebus remains in his current position another thirty years his growing observational acuity will reveal another revelation, something small, not really significant…like not going to political gunfights with down-filled pillows.

We have good ‘ol John Boehner, God love him. He didn’t trust Obama, but now he does. He once believed the massive deficit is a fatal affliction; now it threatens the country’s financial health no more than a hangnail. He vowed to repeal Obamacare, now he doesn’t. What am I missing here?

And, according to Erick Erickson, Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryan and that stalwart defender of conservatism Mitch McConnell (just kidding) continue to talk the talk of Obamacare repeal, but, in reality are caving like the French Army in 1940.

John McCain and his sidekick Lindsey Graham are always good for a flashback…to the good old days of a permanent Republican minority in the Senate. Go along, get along and relish the positive press coverage for reaching across the aisle to the always reasonable and compromising Democrats.

But…it seems Rand Paul and Marco Rubio are getting a little frisky, not laying low in the bunker. The whacko birds are causing a little heartburn in the so called ‘world’s greatest deliberative body.’ John and Lindsey ain’t real happy about it.

Anybody wonder why four million Republicans sat out the 2012 election?

If you answered that question correctly, here’s another.

Does anyone not understand why that pesky talk of a third party just won’t go away?

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graduate of the Grady College of Journalism at the University of Georgia, Rodney authored “Leading Your Business to the Next Level,” a non-fiction business book in 2005. “Powers Not Delegated” is Rodney’s first foray into fiction; the book meshes his knowledge of history, business and current events to produce a relevant and plausible tale of domestic and international intrigue. Additionally, Rodney writes political commentary on his own blog and for other nationally known blogs/websites. Rodney lives in Atlanta. His passions include hiking, photography, history, reading, and, of course, University of Georgia football.
  • NotADividerAndNotANotAUniter

    They must be getting paid off by the left – why would they keep on giving Obama & the party of jackasses ‘gold stars’ on issue after issue? Let’s finally roll out some big artillery men! Let’s run ads showing ‘End of Olympus’ consequences with no governmnet checks going out to seniors because of green energy programs and high speed rail going to Disneyland and Disneyworld [which is EXACTLY where both the CA and FL trains go to], no border guards and let’s show American teens shooting heroin in the high school hallways, let’s show churches burning to the ground and priests being hung because of their radical positions of ‘hate’. In the 60’s there was a saying, man, ‘Let it ALL hang out’. How about this – the DNC is the party of “NO” – No, to life. NO, to security. NO, to marriage. NO, to fiscal disipline. Right your are Rodney – they MUST stop attending the dressed up, business as usual conventions and get tough, a no holds barred approach. Take that old two x four out of Ronald Reagan’s woodshed and whack ’em. McCain is such a wimp, it makes me ill. I hope he’s not still getting his military retirement, by the way. Let’s GUT all the wasteful spending instead of constantly lecturing us, ‘it’s just a drop in the bucket’. Let’s means test SS, let’s hire Visa, MC, Discover, Amex to eliminate waste fraud and abuse in Medicare. Move Ft. Hood and Camp Pendleton onto the border. Let’s send one million men to Afghanistan and take back all that was lost. Let’s make this country ‘great’, but you have to be careful there’s too much entertainment, sports, and too many political apprentices for anyone to do any real work. Too much luxury this, too much fat that, and latest gizmos this, to get through. The end is near unless we all ‘do with less’, hell, this bloated economy needs to ‘shrink’ not grow. That’s what I do with my budget, how in the hell is theirs any different? Do without, live a simpler more peaceful life, like people used to live. Who in the hell can pay for the Greatest Generations’ and Baby Boomers’ constant need for more and bigger is always better? Cut it back, suck it up, pull it in about 3 notches – go without a haircut, cook your own food, don’t get the car washed every week. Enough already America – you will literally choke on your freedoms. Let us who hate, hate. That is our right too. Hating, is not unconstitutional. Right now, I hate America for what is has already become. Our home lost 50% of it’s value, and I’m mad as hell and if anyone ever steals from us again…

  • DOOM161

    I gotta go with stupid on this one. They couldn’t figure out the reason Obama campaigned against every candidate except Romney during the primaries.

  • ARJ127

    Republicans should remain a minority in the Senate and should be a minority in the House. More people voted for the Democrats in the last election than for Republicans. Why doesn’t the House reflect the popular will of the people? The answer is gerrymandering carried out by Republican legislatures in red states. I wish that this perversion of the popular will could be litigated and brought to the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, it’s filled with Republican die-hards who will bless the practice provided that it helps Republicans.

    The result is that the Republican controlled House will continue to oppose anything brought forward by the Administration regardless of whether it’s sensible or not.

    • DOOM161

      The government last conducted a census in 2010. Under democrat majorities in both houses of congress.

      • ARJ127

        Doom – You are right but your post is relevant. The state legislatures determine the district boundaries. As I found in “After the number of seats assigned to the individual States is determined (apportionment), the task of drawing the new congressional districts (redistricting) is generally given to each State legislature.” The only explanation for a majority of Americans electing a minority of congressmen is gerrymandering, predominantly in red states.

  • DanB_Tiffin

    I think the GOP is just entirely too full of politicians.