The GOP Onstage, Again

Feel like some quick notes on last night’s presidential debate in Tampa? The Republicans were all onstage, smiling brightly, doing their best. As I said, I’ll make my notes quick. (“Miss it quick!” we say in golf.) And I’ll give them in the order in which I made them, sitting in a mighty comfortable leather recliner. (Did I say sitting? I meant reclining.)

You want to know what one qualification for the presidency is? You have to run. You have to participate. Whether we like it or not, the GOP nominee will be one of those eight, probably Perry or Romney. Who declined to run? Well, Gov. Mitch Daniels, Gov. Haley Barbour, former governor Jeb Bush, former governor Sarah Palin, Sen. John Thune, Rep. Paul Ryan, John Bolton, others.

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