The High Cost of Obama’s America

It didn’t take Carnak the Magnificent to see this one coming.  The euphemistically titled Affordable Care Act … isn’t.  Affordable, that is.  Turns out that hundreds of employees at Wendy’s are having their hours cut because of the new health care law, better known as ObamaCare.  And that’s just in and around one mid-size city, Omaha, Nebraska.

WOWT-TV is reporting that nearly 300 workers at 11 Wendy’s locations in the Omaha area will have their hours reduced to 28 hours a week because the franchise owner says he can’t afford to pay for his employees health care. ObamaCare requires businesses to pay health care for employees that work more than 32 hours a week.

One employee told the TV station that, “It has a huge effect on me and pretty much everybody that I work with. I’m hoping that I can get some sort of promotion because then I would get my hours, but everybody is shooting for that because of the hours being cut.”

In a way this is a good thing, though I don’t expect anyone working at Wendy’s in Omaha to agree.  Ordinary Americans need to feel the pain that flows from Mr. Obama’s vision for a new America.  When it’s only the so-called rich who have to kick in their “fair share” to keep Mr. Obama’s dreams alive, no one really cares. When Americans are asked if the rich need to pay higher taxes, a majority says “Sure, why not?”  Class warfare is seductive, after all, and nobody plays that game better than President Obama.  If the other guy has to pay more to keep the federal government’s spending spree going, millions and millions of Americans think that’s a great idea.  It’s easy to be generous with somebody else’s money.

But when you’re the “other guy,” when you’re the one who pays a price for liberalism run wild, then you tend to see things differently.

When enough Americans endure enough pain – reduced hours, loss of jobs altogether – then maybe they will understand that we can’t keep going down this road that will only lead to economic disaster.

Expect more stories like the one in Omaha.  A lot more.

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  • Pesach Kremen

    Lets place the blame where it belongs, on the greedy employers. fast food companies can afford to pay health care, they are just too greedy to do so. Let’s boycott Wendy’ and others until they stop refusing to pay healthcare to their workers!

  • Cynthia Chavez

    Im in San Antonio Texas. Mother of three with a house payment. No goverment help its all me. My hours are going to be cut forcing me to get a second job just to make it. I dont understand why no one had a safty net plan for hard working americans that are affected by this. I already thought my road was full of holes now its about to get worse.

  • Bob2013

    Not just fast food but Enterprise car rental company has done the same now I cant pay for my own health care. Obama a looser

  • no name

    its not just fast food employees.. i work at oreilly auto, and they pretty much laid me off because of it. i work every other week now

  • Lawrence Duke

    Washington are not listening to the roar of the peasants. “The Circus is being run by the Clowns”
    Can SHE count ?
    ARE YOU KEEPING SCORE ? I have, this is what the record show’s.
    Congressional Control: for 58 years
    U.S. House: 1951-2009, Rep. 7 times, Dem. 22 times. Two year terms
    U.S. Senate: 1951-2009, Rep. 10 times, Dem. 21 times. Six year terms
    Need help with the math?
    How did we ever get to where we are today? Count it over!

    “I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”- Barak Obama

  • Steve Hughes

    Oboma Impeach him now!! We can’t take much more of his shamanagans and survive!!!

  • Jayne Mendez

    they want everyone else to pay their fair share but has the gov. given up anything,, i think not.. are they taking the obamacare which should be renamed obamadisaster.. no their not even taking their own crap.. so Americans are left to deal with the same old empty promises that he claims Bush had.. sorry, no one has spent more than you and with no budget for 4 years, endless spending, and all the take over along with lie and cover up after cover up I’m surprised your still in the white house.. but then again half americans have eyes wide shut!!!

  • Frank E

    I have watched all this nonsence for the last few years. I mean every day I have been watching Fox news and all the debates leading up to the the presidental election. I watched all the nonsence during and leading up to the Obama care act . The craming of it down our throughts. The only conclusion I have come to is to get that person out of office. It could not be done because the 51% of the liberals and the un imformed people that can vote. So we just wait four more years and just hope not to damage is done.
    I would not like to add we have alot of good young Conseratives in the Republican party. So we have something to look forward to.

  • BigBill

    Phil and nogeeks,
    Go F*&K yourselves!!!

  • Jeannie

    Universal healthcare now! America is too great a country to be embarrass by sickness for great profit. Take the employer out of the sickness requirement, healthcare must not be tied to your employer, as is the norm with all other industrial nations.

  • nogeeksadmin

    Bernie Goldberg is still alive? I thought that idiot died years ago. Pity.

  • FloridaJim

    This is another Obama lie one of the 1156 that I recall and Obama had Jack Lew, his new Sec. of treasury, go to Congress and repeat the lie that Obama would not raise the debt, it doubles the cost that Obama sais…a huge lie.Obama said the debt would be reduced , then it would add 980 billion now it will be over $1.8 trillion over the ten year span of which they speak. Does impeachment ever cross your mind?

  • billyboy

    Our days of choosing are long gone….only expect it to get much worse….thanks all you pinheads who voted for the Big “O”

  • Joel Wischkaemper

    I am sitting here at 70 with a very crummy hip, a right shoulder that is so arthiritic I cannot carry a cane, and an excellent medical insurance police to compliment my Medicare. Mobility keeps old folks alive, and if Obama screws this up, I will be in a wheel chair in less than a while and dead just beyond that. Maybe not that bad, but nothing I see in the future looks good at this point and I am literally trying to get everything done before the whole mess gurgles down the drain. Won’t happen though, and I am one of many in the same fix.

  • Mike Farrell

    32 hours per week. Is that computed weekly, or monthly? Two similar companies should consider exchanging employees every two weeks. OR after 20 hour weeks so each will have the salary benefits of a full time job.

  • Deborah G

    Unfortunately the pawns are the very people who believed in OBAMA’s hopey Changy thingy

  • Deborah G

    Waaaaaaaaaaaa can’t we just fire this employee? Obama I mean Cut his hours

  • Snappa55

    Obama still wins because all the uninsured will just go to the health exchanges and get public healthcare paid for by the federal government which gets it’s money from American taxpayers. He did win and the majority of Americans, those apparently not paying attention, love all his programs. I hope they all get what they voted for, a government run health program; sadly the rest of America will get it too and it won’t be pretty! Thanks for voting, stupidly.

  • Buzg

    “Socialized Medicine is the Keystone to the Arch of the Socialist State.”
    –Russian communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924)

  • catholicvoter

    It’s unfortunate that people have to feel it themselves in order for them to care. And it’s difficult to feel sorry for those getting hurt who voted for Obama or who stayed home because Romney wasn’t conservative enough. People need to care more about what is right than simply how it effects themselves.

  • joer1

    The problem is that the folks who benefit from Obama’s vision of America are NOT the one’s paying the bill. …. so, they don’t care. Evidently, those who should care didn’t “care enough” to vote. They allowed Obama to buy the presidency. Beware of strangers bearing gifts.

  • Clark123maybe4

    I dont believe Obama or Wendy’s are at fault here. It’s the price gauging from Pharmacuiticals, Doctors and Hospitals that is the problem. If there fees come down to a reasonable level, all the other issues are solved.

  • disqus_S3Ub9V0huK

    In states with much higher unempolyment than Nebraska, this is already the norm. Here in CA we have double-digit unemployment, however reading the job boards there appers to be lots of openings; lots of part-time and entry level. This is the BHO administrations idea of creating jobs. Nebraskans, and other states still doing relatively well economically, only need look to States like CA, and R.I. to see whats to come. This is BHO’s and the American Socialists idea of social justice and balancing “income-inequality”. This is the collectivist mentality: If we can’t all proper, then no one will prosper. And, it’s coming to your state next.

  • FloridaJim

    After reading your comments I would suggest those who agree with you remember the snide comments of Nancy Pelosi when Obamacare was being rammed through without being read or understood by anyone “we must pass the bill to read the bill”.

    You can thank Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Durbin, Baucus, and an appropriate number of your Congress.

  • Jared Hansen

    The problem will be getting people like these workers to see that it’s his policies that are directly affecting them. It’s not as easy as you might think, when you have a media establishment that will work to spin this into how it’s because of the GOP and the TEA party. They will also use the narrative of “these business owners could afford to pay for your healthcare, if they really wanted to. They’re just being greedy. They’re not willing to take a slight paycut, so you can be covered”.

  • William L. Wilson, M.D.

    Bernie–I’m so sure the average person will catch on before the country goes over the cliff. We have a home in Greece and are spending a few weeks here. The Greeks went through this process as their government borrowed money to pay for services that they couldn’t afford and now the bill is coming due. People riot in the streets but they still haven’t connected all the dots about how they got here in the first place. The unemployment rate here is close to 25% and nobody has any money. Obama wants us to become the next Greece and I think he may succeed.

  • Charlie

    Self employed,pay for own health care, a few thousand, high deductible. Got an HSA account set up last year. Easy! Could tranfer money to account to pay medical expenses. This year the acct. had to be handled by some other entity. I can transfer money for checking acct. to it as before BUT I was told today that it will take 3 Business Days for the transfer to complete for me to use the money, and the day you initiate the transfer doesn’t count as a day. So they have my funds in limbo—doing just what I wonder? Seems like an Obamacare scam. It only takes 24 hours at the most to clear a check these days. Just what are they up to? Investing free money for a few days???? Makes me wonder.

  • Sandra Dumbfluck

    Sure is funny Obama stands on the soapbox and preaches the class warfare card all day long but that damn hypocrite lives the lifestyle of rich and famous. Four million $ of taxpayer $ on a Hawaii vaction while he tells us the rich need to pay theyre fair share. Now he has us taxpayers pay 2% ss tax so he can try out his socialist health care plan on us what a crock of horse sh%#!! Look at that joke Al Gore one of the biggest hypocrite in politics today, the man doesnt practice a damn thing he preaches! Americans will feel the pain of these socialist policies for years to come! We pay the health care tax so Sandra Dumbfluck can buy condoms, what has America come too.

  • moronpolitics

    Well, when Obama won another term every time I spoke with a Black person they said something like “Well, it’s a good thing for ME.” so if I see somebody b*tching about their hours getting cut or when they find out they are going to pay a fine with their taxes because they didn’t buy their own health insurance I just want to laugh and say ” WELL WELL WELL didn’t you put the idiot back in for another four years.? What WRONG, me bucko??? Problems???? HA HA HA HA HA “

  • moronpolitics

    I hate to give der fuhrer ideas but if he can tell banks that government will decide how much someone can pay for the house they bought and their mortgage will simply be cut from the 250K they agreed to pay to 85K why not this next? Any company that has less than 90 percent full time employees will simply have the total hours divided by 34 and be required to pay the healthcare for that many employees. Expect it soon.

  • Randy

    This is one of those things that will prove the law of unintended consequences and cause great harm to the very people Mr. Obama purports to be helping. By the time he gets done “sharing the wealth” no one will be unscathed.

  • potvin

    Ignorance is not a defense. I hope those who voted for Obama pay through the nose. I hope they pay until it hurts.

  • SeattleSam

    I have another suggestion for the Wendy’s operator. Maybe he should just buy healthcare for all his employees and charge, say, 10% more for all his menu items. Surely the half of the country that voted to elect Obama will appreciatively flock to his restaurant eager to pay the Obamacare surcharge. Won’t they?

  • SeattleSam

    Bernie, you really think any of the Wendy’s workers will blame Obama for this? The franchisee is simply one of those Evil Rich who refuses to pay his workers what they really deserve. After all, the fact that I might only generate $6/hour of value to the restaurant doesn’t mean they shouldn’t pay me $10/hour. It’s only FAIR.

  • Phil Silverman

    Bernie, you know that AHCA is here to stay and overall was/is necessary, despite “high costs”. what about the pre-AHCA “COST” of lives? – cancer patients, ready, willing, and ABLE to pay a premium SYSTEMATICALLY denied the chance? tell that to the Fox memo writers. and please reply to my on this blog! :)

  • SeattleSam

    Haven’t you learned yet that a bill’s title is a tip-off? It’s a tip-off that what’s in the bill is the exact opposite of the title. Like the famous American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which had little to do with either recovery or investment. But I guess if they had candidly titled it The Public Employee Union Payoff Act, that might have raised some eyebrows even at MSNBC.

  • Shane

    I saw this coming and I said so. I am not doing the “I told you so” dance!

  • Joel

    The media is largely at fault. Not completely, but largely.

    Years ago California passed a law indicating that if a temporary employee worked more than 6 months, they had to be given permanent employee benefits. Guess what happened next? Many temporary employees had their contracts terminated before 6 months.

    It’s the media’s job to inform the public. However, as I am sure that Bernie knows, the media finds this task somewhat selective. They inform where they see fit.

    I am starting to wonder if, as a whole, the voting public is clever enough to keep a government of this scope running. There is likely more government to be watched and understood than the average voter allows time for.

    Nice column, Bernie.

  • nickshaw

    Not so sure of Russia rebuilding, Switch. If anything, it appears to be heading back to what they were.
    Once people get a taste of having everything looked after for them (no matter how dull, mean and dreary it is), it’s hard to make them fend for themselves.
    Unfortunately, it’s a natural human state.
    I expect full communism to come back in Russia but, with a different name (kind of like what liberal progressives do). There is never a dearth of folks who think they just didn’t do it right the last time.

    • Deborah G

      There is a sign in Yellowstone National Park that says…..”please don’t feed the bears , it makes them lazy , refuse to fend for themselves and they will die”

      • nickshaw

        That’s funny, Deb, seeing as we’re talking about Russians!;-)
        But, what’s true of bears is the same with humans.

  • @TerryOfromCA

    Its frightening that over half of Americans are so ignorant and dense that they actually voted for that pinhead Obama

    • Switchlight13

      It shows how far we have fallen. It’s not going to be a good ending.

    • Deborah G

      I like you!

  • Dennis

    I was all for going over the ‘fiscal cliff’. Everyone, and I mean everyone needs to pitch in and pay for the mess First Citizen Comrade Barack is making for us. It amazed me that libs would jump up and down and crow about polls showing 66% of people agreed with making the rich pay their (and here’s a phrase that has been beaten to death) fair share. Libs would gleefully point to this as somehow proof that their class warfare was shared by most people. I always looked at that statistic and wondered why it wasn’t higher. Only 66% were okay with raising taxes on someone else. I would have thought it would be at least 90%

  • nickshaw

    You know, of course, Bernie, that Zero and his cabal of liberal sycophants will just turn this around.
    It won’t be ObamaKare that caused people to lose hours. It will be those mean, nasty capitalists who refuse to provide health care for their employees while they live in their mansions complaining about not making enough money!
    They are just trying to put the blame on the bringer of light who merely wanted the best for all the subjects.
    Don’t those business owners already have enough? Can’t they spread their wealth around a bit more?
    A couple more stories like this and you will see the campaign ramp up. Who needs more than $500K (forget the millionaires and billionaires!) Heck, who needs more than $250K a year?

    You, the great unwashed, make due on $50K! How dare they make 5 times more than that and complain?!?!
    Yep, I could almost write the script for them.

  • Montana

    The illusion of Robbing Peter to pay Paul is this: While The Government is robbing Peter, Peter relies on Paul for his earnings- but Paul never spends all of his ill gotten gains to Peter- he spends it on John, Matthias and Smokey Bob, the local dealer down the street. So Peter gets less and less, all the while the Government demands more and more, so they can give more to Paul because it’s not fair that Peter has so much and Paul has so little. Eventually Peter either gives up or gives in and becomes: Paul! Someday, however, down the road a ways, they will run out of guys named Peter…

  • Kitcrsn68

    Yes, that’s until they run out of other peoples money.

  • Andy Trimble

    So you disagree with God? The bible says that “the laborer is worthy of his hire.” The Levitical Law states that people who have servants should take care of the servant’s every need. While I disagree with the gubmint “mandating” laws such as this, maybe it wouldn’t have to if companies took better care of their employees.

    (ducks and runs for cover)

    (( I am NOT a liberal/progressive/democrap. I’m a very conservative CHRISTIAN. ))

    ((( The gubmint needs to deal with the cheap products coming into our country. The reason companies can’t compete is because China is not a God fearing country who treats their people in a Godly manner. We should treat our people this way, and tax the crap out of the goods coming from these communist countries. )))

  • Paul Courtney

    Stuff like this is evidence of continued “relevance” of progressive press and its refusal to report on the very predictable consequences of Nancy P’s health care reform (it’s called Obamacare, and it’s his fault too, but it is the work of the dim bulb Nancy and Harry). Local paper had story that Ohio insurers are requesting increases in premiums, up to 40% for small groups, due to Obamacare. In the past, the article would NEVER suggest Obamacare causes increases in premiums or health care costs. Doctors are already running for the exit marked “concierge care”, and a private market will rise while the rest of the health care system slowly strangles on the red tape Ds keep unwinding. Rs have no answer, the only thing left for conservatives is to hunker down and hope the collapse leaves enough rubble to rebuild, or at least hide in.

  • Switchlight13

    Not everyone is hurting. Obama’s “Cash for Drunkards”! The food stamp debit card (EBT Card) is being used by high school drop out welfare parasites to buy booze & cigarettes in liquor stores and strip clubs…..New York Post investigation.

  • cmdorsey

    I’m wondering how HOLDER gets to decide whether the 2nd amendment is wrong or not. And why he gets to decide that WE, the law-abiding, LEGAL citizens must have a complete background check thru the day we were born. Has anyone checked on Eric Holder’s background? How the heck does this criminal even get to step foot in OUR capital – NOW as AG and in Clinton’s adm. as Asst. AG. Take a look at part of his history here, not to mention the fast & furious debacle handing high powered weapons to enemies.

    Holder participated in armed takeovr ofColmbia UnivROTC offce

  • Switchlight13

    Middle Class workers just got hit with Obama’s 2% hike in the 2013 payroll tax. Just another campaign lie by the Food Stamp President. Middle Class smokers hit with a 156% increase in the tobacco tax 2 weeks after the Dirt Bag in Chief took office in 2008. The Socialist beat goes on.

    • nickshaw

      I’ve been trying to tell liberals this for years, Switch! The very first law Zero passed hit the lower classes first with higher taxes. Statistically speaking we smokers are on the lower rung of the income scale.
      The 2% reduction in the payroll tax (big friggin’ deal, until it comes back for liberals!) barely dented the extra cost Zero nailed me for being a smoker!

      • Switchlight13

        Right on Nick!

  • Granny34

    Bernie….you’re so right. Just received notice today my health care is going up because of ‘The Great One’. I dislike him intensely….believe me, I wouldn’t shake is hand if he were standing in front of me with his hand out!!! He is not to be trusted, etc. for many, many reasons. I’d write him a letter telling him exactly what I think of him, but I really doubt he’d read it or even care, being the egotistical iidiot he is!!!

    • Phil Silverman

      I did not know we were in 2014. Okay..ya wanna go back to pre-AHCA? Why? Should we go back to denying cancer care for mercenary reasons so you can figure out your books?

      • Deborah G

        yes I do and have someone intelligent craft a reasonable bill not the libs the republicans who actually are the only adults in the room.

    • Deborah G

      Don’t send him anything! Never know when they will put you on an undesirable list. I was never so sad or mistruistful of anything in my life of 62 years like I am with this disgustion totalitiarian regime in AMERICA

  • mcweijun

    Right again Bernie. When the 20 or 30 something crowd who are still living in Mommy and Daddy’s house can’t get enough hours at their fast food job to buy their I pads, $300 tennis shoes and medical majijuana, things are gonna get ugly. Bring it on.

  • BenDoubleCrossed

    I have been a worker bee all my life and respected the nations political leaders as my betters, even when I disagreed. But not anymore. You see, I can add 2 + 2 and get 4, balance a budget and understand the Bill of Rights.

    • Phil Silverman

      have we lost the Freedom to NOT pay for our own healthcare? is that it??

  • twin130

    As far as the class warfare, there’s that saying, if you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can always count on the support of Paul. About Obamacare, can someone in the media, somewhere, play the clip of Obama saying his healthcare plan will increase jobs and costs will go down? I remember it clearly, because I thought it was one of the more ludicrous claims he’s made, and he’s made a lot. Now I realize there are people who actually believed it! Actually, we need a montage of Obama’s misleading statements. And it should include those gems from Pelosi: “we have to pass the bill to see what’s in it” and “unemployment benefits increase jobs”. Anyone remember that one?

    • nickshaw

      You could run those clips until liberal eyes bleed and they still wouldn’t get it (or accuse you of doctoring the tape).
      Look at the mileage they got out of Mittens 47% quip. And it was essentially true!

    • Phil Silverman

      all out of context: Pelosi’s remark meant that recipients of unemployment can at least have gas money to look for a job and go to the mall once in a while. Obama says 4 million NEW jobs in AHCA by 2014. what is wrong with that statement? with 30+ million newly insured…guess what? (fair & balanced enough?). :)

      • nickshaw

        “Obama says…”.
        A true believer.
        Zero said a lot of things that were not true.
        Particularly about ObamaKare.

        • Phil Silverman

          AHCA…how evil…a NATIONAL version of Romneycare!!!

          • nickshaw

            Give it a rest. Mittens himself said that it was a program that might work at the state level (and it really hasn’t done all that well in Mass. where premiums are rising at a faster clip than the rest of the country). He also said he would repeal it at the national level.
            The fact is, Zero said it would save money in premiums (yeah, sure!) and you would not lose your doctor, to name just two lies.

      • Deborah G

        No offense Bill but why should anyone “just go to the MAll?” once in a while on my nickle? How about they take a bus to look for work >? Or bike it? Why do they deserve gas? have they earned it?

  • Dennis O’Fletcher

    I love it. I’m looking forward to more stories like this. All these morons who re-elected him deserve this and more. And, it is going to get worse. Why do you think all of his ‘supporters’ in the high end did all of their deals before 12/31? They’re going to float by on their capital gains until this genius sinks everything. Then they’ll jump back in to capitalism and take advantage of the inevitable tax breaks that will be present to rebuild.
    Everyone gets what they deserve.

  • Skogee

    It just seems to continue…Republican’s in the House are ‘at fault’ and will be blamed but the Democrat’s (specifically Reid) haven’t even taken up action on a budget for over 1,300 days…??? Pelosi defends the Presidents ability to ‘possibly’ take action and extend debt limit without the House/Senate…??? President considers action for Gun Control without House/Senate – is any of this even legal or moral…but it will continue…and we have this for another 4 years…what will we be left with and I feel powerless to do anything except vote every 2 years and complain (here) in this manner…

  • sonnyboy1

    Isn’t this exactly what Obama and his ilk wanted? Down with the USA? A quote from Obama; ‘My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you’ll join with me as we try to change it”/ And change it, he did.

    • Phil Silverman

      explain how getting out of Iraq ahead of schedule (you know, the war manufactured by the former Vice-President for his former company); rescuing 2 American instuitutions, GM and Chrysler; getting thru Credit card, student loan, wall street reform; AHCA, partially written by Romneycare experts, and telling insurers to stop dnying care to cancer patients; creating a decent # of jobs despite the most Obstructionist House in history, is bad news? what do you mean “ilk”? Were you upset Obama extemnded the Bush tax relief program and TARP? Now go back to your Foxnews memo cards.

  • Poppa

    I feel sorry for the people in Omaha, but I wonder how many of them voted for Obama? “Be careful what you wish for.” Now, let’s just hope they don’t try and repeal the 22nd. amendment.

  • sonnyboy1

    I wonder how many of the workers who voted for Obama are being laid off and/or having to do with a much smaller paycheck?

  • itasara

    so for all the employees that lose their jobs due to Obamacare, who will supply their mandatory health insurance coverage? Medicare? Medicaid? and who much revenue can the government get to cover all these people who don’t have jobs?
    What was Obama thinking?

    • r0n

      Look no further than Illinois

    • Deborah G

      he wasn’t he was thinking about his golf game and his next ParTAY

  • Caren

    Don’t see unemployment going down as a result of “30” hour a week full time employees. Those “30” hour employees will have to do more work, much more, with less people. In addition, front line “salaried” managers will have to pitch in to get the work done as well. Can’t wait for all the folks who voted for BO to lose their private health insurance and have to start using the public healthcare system. They’ll be the first ones to complain. BO is always consistent – everyone looses.

  • Jean-Luc

    They reap what they’ve sown. At least he’s still neat and well-spoken.

    • r0n

      Sadly, we also reap what “they” sow!

  • Robert L Macchia

    This is so sad. Many companies are cutting back hours so they are not forced to provide medical benefits, and Obama can take the blame 100%.

    • nickshaw

      No he won’t , Bob.
      It’s the companies he will blame. Money grubbing capitalists who won’t spend the extra money for their employees well being while they sit in their mansions drinking fine scotch and drive their kids to private school in the Mercedes.
      It doesn’t matter that it’s not true in most cases.
      Haven’t you noticed? Zero is never to blame for anything!

      • Phil Silverman

        really? is that what Roger Ailes thinks? by the way, Corporations and Wall Street were never happier. GM and Chrysler and the returning soldiers (esp. those from the Cheney-manufactured war) are happy. No?

        • nickshaw

          Swell. Segue into something that has nothing to do with matters at hand. Typical.

  • Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    Obama is a Socialist who will destroy the American Economy in order to remake it into a Socialist one. He is following in the footsteps of some who effectively did do so…and go on to murder over 100 million collectively, most of who said, “It would never happen here!”

    Yep, this is the future for law abiding citizens promised by the Obama Socialists and their Marxist friends for America. They are not interested in furthering, encouraging or otherwise promoting the US Constitution…the law of the land. Instead, the Marxist who walk among us are interested in promoting Person Worship Dictatorship like Mao, Stalin, Hitler and Lenin.

    We must RESIST the Marxist Imposer occupying the White House at every step, turn in the road and corner. He deserves the Patriot’s vomit and retribution.

    “We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth…
    For my part, I am willing to know the whole truth;
    to know the worst; and to provide for it.”
    Patrick Henry

  • gbandy

    The addiction to big Government is growing in the US and this will ultimately destroy our Nation. 1 in 4 children of Food Stamps? Virtually endless unemployment payouts? Well for those who voted for another 4 years of Obama you got what you voted for. For those who did not believe another 4 years was good for the Nation we will survive by cutting employment, reducing our needs for Government, and realizing we have only to survive the next 4 years. If we can.

  • Tim in California

    So True Mr. Goldman… Thomas Sowell has eloquently writting about it… The do gooders can not get past “first stage thinking”. Sure it seems like a compassionate thing to do (health insurance fur all), but what are the consequences? (Consequence is a word that was omitted from the dictionary used by liberals)

    • io9f

      Oh, Thomas Sowell is one of the Greatest! His articles should be required reading for all high-schools!

      • nickshaw

        Oh, if that could only happen, Io!
        But, you know it never will. Mr. Sowell is a house negro and, as such, his musings could never be tolerated in today’s institutions of “learning”.
        Now, Toure’s tweets? That’s perfectly all right!

  • Wheels55

    We have just now begun to see the ripple effects of this wonderful piece of cr*p, I mean legislation. The so-called rich didn’t get that way by letting people take their money. Nobody gets rich by getting something for nothing. Like cr*p, econmic pain runs down hill.

    • Robert L Macchia

      You can say cr*p! Because it is cr*p!

    • Phil Silverman

      take “their” $$$. Ok. why is it okay for the middle to send THEIR $$$$$ up to the rich, in the stimulus; covering the lost $$$$ to overseas accounts; deductions and loopholes; and fighting the manufactured wars? why is going back to 39.6% so odious when it generated so much tax revenue, way back when?

      • nickshaw

        I think you’ll find that most here did not support the Stimulus or TARP.
        I would guess there are many, if not all, who would support closing those loopholes you speak of.
        As to sending money to overseas accounts, if it is legitimately earned, what business is it of yours? It’s their money, they can do with it as they please! Are you not doing the same, essentially, when you buy a computer made in China? You’re sending your money overseas for some value returned, right?

        And why is more tax revenue required from particular people? Would it not be better to foster policies that allow more people to work and pay taxes? Like taking certain restrictions off the oil industry?

        How about we look at spending?
        That’s what we do when we don’t have enough income at our houses.
        We don’t go across the street and demand our neighbor give us money.
        Why should the government be allowed to do this?

  • Tim Ned

    There are many of us who choose to provide our employees good health care plans. Unfortunately Obamacare will wipe out that option for my employees as well due to the Cadillac health care tax that will kick in the next few years. I can’t afford to pay that tax which will be forty percent.

    • Deborah G

      he wants everyone miserable so he can control them by making even more promises he won’t keep

  • Kathie Ampela

    I know people who work in retail who would like to work more hours but don’t because retail chains won’t offer Obamacare, it’s too expensive. The government will then require businesses to offer healthcare to employees working 25 hours a week and then the businesses’ will start laying off and increasing their prices to eat the cost. The middle class always suffer despite the “tax the evil rich” trickery.
    The pendulum will swing back to the right as it has throughout history and the collective light bulb will go off but it’ll have to get really bad before it happens.

    • Robert L Macchia

      My son is threatened with a layoff because of this garbage. The rich will not feel the impact of any redistributed income or any tax raises, but I still feel no ones taxes should increase, the economy and jobs in the US are still suffering. My son in law is a union plumber, he has been out of work for almost a year….how much is enough????

      • Phil Silverman

        guess who is to blame for AHCA? the insurers who were allowed to systematically deny coverage to cancer patients. guess who’s to blame for systematically keeping plumbers, carpenters, construction workers in general on Unemployment and headed for Welfare? The McConnells, Cantors, and Boehners at the Capitol.

        • Juan Motie

          Phil, you are the PERFECT liberal fascist brain-dead drone! Your lord and master obama and his evil and angry minions in congress are very proud of your efforts to lie and deceive.

        • Deborah G


        • Red Up

          Phil you drank the kook aid and your talking points prove it. I hope your twenty-something children are well employed, that your aged grandparents are healthy and that you are able to afford to support them. Possibly you are a government benefactor, eh?

          • Phil Silverman

            very creative: “kool aid”; “talking points”! Are you an O’Reilly *premium* member? Did you go with Glenn Beck to Israel?>>> Gov’t benefactor? No, I am not in the top 7%.

      • Eric Tepen

        I agreed with you until you mentioned “union”. To stop paying those thieves would be a good start for our country. Maybe a good place for your son-in-law to start. Did the union refund his fees when he lost work?

        • nogeeksadmin

          Yeah, those horrible union “thugs” like the teachers you want to arm…or the ones who brought you the 40-hour work week, weekends off, workplace safety, end of child labor, etc etc stop whining you swine.

  • Venter

    Nancy Pelosi said vote for the healthcare bill and then you will see what is in it. Well, we all know now! Bernie I agree with you. I feel so bad for the Wendy workers ,but Obamacare is not going to help them and they were the people it was suppose to help. I guess they will be the good people who will spread the word. I am sure many companies will be doing what Wendy’s had to do. Everyone will know of someone who will loose hours. Perhaps this will wake Americans .. We all got our first 2013 pay check. People who weren’t suppose to be taxed now have smaller pay checks. AND now watch out for the big rush on Gun Control..


    • Deborah G

      I fireed everyone that had an Obama sticker on their car to get under the number of employess . Cut my business into two different corporations gave my good people 40 hours split and health care for the ones who earned it the rest? They are under 30 hours a week,

  • Thewryobservator

    “It’s easy to be generous with somebody else’s money.”


    • Phil Silverman

      care to explain that? AHCA demands people ACTUALLY PAY FOR THEIR OWN HEALTHCARE. Ok…if you are amongst the very rich, you’ll have taxes to support it for the next 10 yrs. to raise 30+ billion $$$$$. “someone else’s money”. U gotta be kidding.

      • Thewryobservator

        Why not simply to require under the AHCA, just those person’s who don’t have health care to purchase the same?

        The answer to that one, though it will be the rudimentary beginning of an answer which neglects issues beyond health care, should put you on the right track.

        • freeinaz

          Well done.

          • Thewryobservator


        • Phil Silverman

          why do you want to retrurn to when cancer patients could be denied for mercenary reasons? AHCA simply says, there must be a way for someone who wants and is able to pay a premium, to pay a premium.

          • Thewryobservator

            Why do you want to put words in my mouth that I did not say? I proposed a situation to make a point about where money is coming from, never said a word about regarding treatment of people who genuinely need, and deserve care.

          • nogeeksadmin

            Because your words are the words of an idiot, that’s why.

      • Tim

        I don’t know where you get your information. You are penalized with a Fine/Tax if you don’t purchase insurance. It doesn’t demand healthcare. However it is certain that millions will be added free of charge.

      • Deborah G

        Apparently you haven’t figured out that many low income people are exempt, unions are exempt,entire industries in Nancy Pelosi’s district have been given waivers ad naseum. Someone meaning the Porducers will be paying for two more people than themselves. OBAMACARE is the big=g-e=tpile of hose dung ever produced in Washington and the SC were the biggest fools of all. We are sunk with this bill totally and unequivially sunk. My answer? Stop producing and get free of them

        • Troy Phillips

          He doesn’t care. Just another Alinsky-ite.

      • Patrick H.

        “When Americans are asked if the rich need to pay higher taxes, a
        majority says “Sure, why not?” Class warfare is seductive, after all,
        and nobody plays that game better than President Obama. If the other guy has to pay more to keep the federal government’s spending spree going, millions and millions of Americans think that’s a great idea.” -the paragraph before that.

        There’s your explanation and unfortunately Bernie’s correct, people are the most generous when dealing with other people’s money including our good for nothing politicians.

        • nogeeksadmin

          Why was the USA so prosperous in the 1950’s? Oh right, the rich parasites paid higher taxes. Duh.

          • oldphardt

            Read history….in the ’50’s, we had not seen the LBJ Great Society and the beginnings of the entitlement thinking that is the single most dangerous factor in harming America and the finance problems now seen. In the ’50’s we still had many functioning families, white, black and mixed where there were Mother, Father and children….something now very rare. Church attendance was very high, crime rates were low….I said rates, not the numbers game some of you want to play… In the ;50’s schools with dedicated teachers really taught and American children scored high marks….and then the unions came. The ’50’s were our last decade of balance in budgets, accomplishment in education and in American production along with American values and ethics – the ’50’s were probably our finest decade….I know, I was there !!

          • Alan Curtis

            Two significant things happened back to back that helped destroy the stability you describe. Certainly, LBJ’s Great Society which eventually led to generations of government dependency and the dismantling of entire urban populations, displacing millions from modest, yet intact, neighborhoods with local schools, jobs and businesses, to high rise clusters of government built ghettos with no sense of community or jobs…then using the land to build the urban interstate highways and sports complexes. Secondly, Roe vs Wade and the direct effect it has had on culture and how we value marriage/family and human life in general.

          • oldephardt

            I agree ! Then again, most who would agree have their feet firmly planted and are not ewaiting for the next round or ‘ freebies ‘ as they are able to take care of their own selves and family. Responsibility is a quality of their lives not a word seldom used. Civility follows as another lost quality and to have real pride in ones self is just not often found any more as our lives have lost permanence and become so casual as to easily be blown this way or that way – whichever way Washington wants the parasites among us to go.

    • John Christy

      Well folks, if they hadn’t “passed it so they could see what’s in it” (instead of READING it first) as Pelosi said on national TV, then we would not be having this discussion…. WOULD WE?

  • Herky86

    Good for this guy, and this won’t be the last either. I will be doing the same for my business if forced into the ACA. This will become the new norm the longer the mindset we currently have in Washington exists, and unfortunately those that are really in need will be left behind again and an entirely new norm of entitlement dependency will be created

  • Jeff Johnson

    Companies like Wendy’s will have to hire more people to cover the work load, 30 hrs. a week will be considered full time employment under Obama Care and the unemployment rate will go down because of all this mumbo jumbo and Obama will claim we’re on the right track.

    • Robert L Macchia

      You are so right. Just like the unemployment drops for seasonal holidays. He takes credit for all the crap he started. We are becoming a third world country. I pray he is impeached.

      • mark

        He won’t be successfully impeached. Bill Clinton got by and the Golden Child will get by, too.

        • Phil Silverman

          impeached for what? since Reagan was not for Iran-Contra and the Beirut 241, why should Obama be impeached? since Bush II was not, for sleeping thru 9-11 warnings and then allowing his VP to manufacture a War in Iraq? andcheck this out: there are no laws that Obama broke, in the first place…or can you seriously list even one? Don’t give me recess app’ts, please.

          • Mallet Head

            Since Klinton knew so much about 911 he should be shot for giving a valueless warning of, oh arabs are trying to kill us, cho! Everyone agreed Saddam had WMD’s, every single democrat and eurotrash, right up to the point where bush put troops in Kuwaitt. At best the world set him up. Operating without a budget is a law he’s broken. Arming drug lords is another. You are right about the recess appt though, since there was no recess, he just made the appt. which you know is against the law. bwtf eh? We’re all stupid little proles eh comrade asshole

          • nogeeksadmin

            Could a “moderator” please delete the filth from the poster anove? Thnk y, “moderators”. LOL.

          • Deborah

            Oh grwo up are you a virgin?

          • Eric Tepen

            How soon we forget the war in Iraq started when Iraq failed to meet the terms or the original agreement. They would not allow inspectors in their country as agreed to.

          • nogeeksadmin

            How soon we forget they had no reason to since they were being bullied by an out of control warmngering US government hell-bent on getting their oil?

          • Joer1

            Cut the crap!

          • Phil Silverman

            come on…I’m willing to discuss/debate civilly. why not U? Now..explain “crap” in this context. :)

          • nogeeksadmin

            Phil, this is the Bernie Goldberg Show, where civility is frowned upon and intellect nonexistent.

        • Deborah G

          Where will he get his taxes from when every producer just gives up? I am I’m selling evrything and putting it ALL into Tax free funds. He will never get his hands on another dime of my production. I mean it I have quit. .

          • Phil Silverman

            oooh, givers and takers!!! 47% lazy!!!! yay!!! >>>>>tax revenues will go up when Boehner and his Tea Partyettes end their War on the Blue Collar Workforce and when Red State governors quit returning stimulus $$$$ and when corp. raiders quit sending their $$$$ overseas.

          • nogeeksadmin

            And I will continue to make boatloads of money investing in a stock market that has doubled under Obama. So go ahead, put your meager little pile of pennies into a tax free fund paying you less than the inflation rate, fool. More money for me.

          • Deborah

            I guess you aren’t aware of the ones that pay % 12.7? I’m just not going to prduce anything that gives a dime in taxes until that socialist tax and spend idiot is a speck of dust in my rear view mirror. What I invest in lets me keep all of it at better than the stocks. This isn’t my first Rodeo .I’ll wait out 4 years

          • FrankC

            :LOL – so your one of about ten who bought the market at the low !! ha ha ha h a ha ha ha ha (disclosure – I did buy one or two positions around 7K, then sold)

      • oldephardt

        Third world……surely, you jest !! We have fallen far below that level and there is no stopping the slide as long as we have these hapless leaders lying to us every day.

      • Phil Silverman

        what crap? (and no cheating with Roger Ailes memo cards). He implemented TARP, ended the Cheney-produced War in Iraq, got Bin Laden after Bush officially gave up in ’06, told the insurers to quit denying coverage to cancer patients for no good reason; he has created a decent number of jobs despite the House War on the Workforce.

        • Deborah G

          Phil you are just another Jewish Liberal who are destined for another kind of oven. As a Jew myself I think you are very foolishly beliveing in destruction. Never mind he doesn’t like Jews in the first place. You follow thisa guy? you deserve what you get

          • nogeeksadmin

            Deborah are you just another Zionist creep who supports Likud, or are you a Jew who reads and believes the Talmud, which prohibits a Jewish “state” as abhorrent to Yahweh?

          • Deborah G

            neither I’m a libertarian who had a Jewish dad. We just acted like Americans never been to a temple in my life.

          • FrankC

            Scary that there are two A$$hole jew posters here. Are there more? Allows me to call them names..

            Seriously, I don’t get it. So many of my Jewish associates talked as though they were staunch conservatives when referencing their own personal life and view re: finances, foreign affairs, morality (gays, abortion), etc BUT they then go vote for slimes like John Edwards, Gore, Obama .. ..

            Especially, two of my clients, owners of medium sized businesses circa 50 & 80 million sales, so we’re not talking bubka’s .

            I just don’t get it !

          • Deborah G

            I don’t get it either smart people allowing themselves to be ovanized. Weird science

    • Kevin G O’Brien

      That’s like keeping everything the same (w/o Obama care) and drastically reducing the minimum wage. Same paycheck result. Bad policy..

    • Walter Mattson

      Maybe an answer to Obamacare is for Mac Donald, Wendy’s and Burger King to have the same employees that would receive the total 40 hours or more per week at 14 hours at each facility. After all, many of these fast food enterprises are located across the street from each other. At least the employee would not be denied a full work week.

      • FrankC

        Only would work if each store was a separate corp. But then, I bet, the libs would crack down on that. And they would be too small to fight. Not like slime CitiBank .. sheez.

  • zyzak

    This will be the norm in service businesses

  • GlenFS

    It’s never truly the “other guy” getting hosed, because it all comes around in the end and I’m not referring to karma. When business costs more and the wealthy do less with their money it’s ALWAYS those who can least afford it who’re hurt the most. Obama has been brilliant at hiding the causes from the effects, but as you point out, even a fool will see some of them.

    • nogeeksadmin

      “as the wealthy do less with their money”? Huh? I dn’t see the wealthy cutting back at all. Mercedes Benz sales are soaring, many more Mexicans are cutting their lawns, the third vacation home is under renovation, and they still don’t pay their fair share in taxes as they did in the 1950’s, when we all had a higher standard of living. The rich parasites don’t care about you, Glen. Ghey don’t care aout you at all. They LAUGH at you, all the way to the bank.

  • Chuck_Borealis

    Two 28 hour per week jobs, neither with health insurance, will be the new normal. Unemployment (actual, not the fake one based on collecting unemployment) will go up to 30%

  • Patrick H.

    “In a way this is a good thing, though I don’t expect anyone working at Wendy’s in Omaha to agree.” I hope you’re talking about the long term rather than the short term as I don’t think anyone would agree with you at face value right now. I think this is what you mean, but I’m just pointing it out because this is something your critics can and will probably smack you with.

    • Patrick H.

      By the way, good article overall and unfortunately, people just don’t get it sometimes.

      • itasara

        so very, very true. And that is how Obama got elected and re-elected.

  • Wally C

    Sadly Bernie, most of the voters that vote for a candidate don’t think past their noses. The buy into the rhetoric and mudslinging that peaks just before an election. If a candidate could point out all the fallacies in anothers plans in a simple manner, they probably win. Unfortunately the media have done the american public a dis-service by not digging into the realities of the current administrations policies.

    • Robert L Macchia

      Yes, “the lamestream media,” and it’s lies. They spin the issues to make Obama look good, but he will never be.

      • Kitcrsn68

        The media invested plenty getting comrade Barak both elected and reelected. The media will remain, as always, 100 percent in the tank for Barry in the next 4 years as they did in the previous 4 years, regardless of what a huge inept failure he is. After all, they don’t care about the sad state of affairs in America; it’s all about keeping liberal Democrats in power, nothing else. Sad, but true.

        • Phil Silverman

          explain “inept failure”? not in terms of RNC dictated tripe. Or are you referring to John Beohner’s House?

        • Deborah G

          When the followers can’t afford cable tv then what will he do? Go out with a bullhorn? he’s a joke and this adminsitration has made everyone I know wangry and ready to give up. I have cut everything I can cut and still don’t have any money left . He’s done every samll business in. Good luck

          • Phil Silverman

            who are the “followers”? :)

          • Deborah G

            The OBAMAPHONE crowd

          • nogeeksadmin

            My small business is booming. My stocks are soaring. I can now afford healthcare. My luck is in abundance. Are you one of those poor slobs in Nebraska who got their hours cut by some scumbucket who owns 30 Wendys, makes millions in profit, and is whining over the cost of his minimum-wage workers? I pity you. Funny how no other owners of Wendys in the country are whining.

      • Phil Silverman

        unlike Newscorp, Jerome Corsi, Alex Jones, Wayne LaPierre, Glenn Beck, Malkin, Coulter, InGraham, O’Reilly, hannity, Gaffney, the Washington Times, the Orange County Register, Coast to radio, Drudge.

  • jrhimer

    The public addiction to big government will only begin to be broken when the nation hits bottom. Like addictions to drugs, alcohol, or gambling the addict must go through serious pain before he is willing to experience the pain of withdrawal. The most important first step in recovery is the addict’s recognition and acceptance of the fact that a problem exists. The addicts of big government have yet to reach that point.

    • DanB_Tiffin

      The spendaholic addicts are able to dilute any justified pain due to them by foisting the cost of their addiction off on the rest of the population. So, as you said, the nation itself must hit rock bottom prior to any “moment of clarity” for the liberals. To bad that the pain of their addiction could not be born just by them.

    • Deborah G

      I say let the pain begin sooner than later no debt ceiling raise. I can’t do worse anyway