The Latest Entry in the Slime Sweepstakes

There’s been a lot of hand-wringing lately, much of it from sensitive liberals, about how uncivil we’ve become.  Just look at those white racist Neanderthals who go to tea parties, liberals will tell you — in case you need proof.

There were the columns in the Miami Herald, the Washington Post and the New York Times, to name just a few – all decrying the supposed rampant racism at the tea parties.

Proof?  Well, what about those racial slurs that the tea partiers yelled out at black congressmen?  Isn’t that proof enough?

Well, no.  The more I look into those charges the more I come away believing they never happened.  (See my recent columns on this subject.)

A mere technicality, because tea party racism has become a mantra on the Left, an accepted truth that only fools, conservative Republicans, and other bigots wouldn’t see.  And surely, these liberals must figure, if they say it over and over again it will become ingrained in the national conversation:  tea partiers are bigots, period.  The bad news is that it’s working.

Every conversation about the tea parties comes around to race and racism.  The innocent victims can deny the charges all they want, but the charges out there nonetheless.

And now comes the latest entry in the slime sweepstakes, this one from a United States congressman, no less.  Steve Cohen, a Democrat from Tennessee went on a satellite radio show the other night and had this exchange with the host, Michael Shure.

Michael Shure: We’d like to just talk to you  … about sort of the pervasive feeling in Washington right now, all this vitriol, all this hate. What is being done in America about this now?

Cohen: Well, I’m not sure what’s being done. The Tea Party people are kind of, without robes and hoods, they have really shown a very hardcore angry side of America that is against any type of diversity. And we saw opposition to African Americans, hostility toward gays, hostility to anybody who wasn’t just, you know, a clone of George Wallace’s fan club. And I’m afraid they’ve taken over the Republican Party.”

Let’s see if I have this right:  tea party demonstrators are like the Ku Klux Klan, without the robes and hoods.  They hate black people, but only for openers.  In actuality, they hate everybody – at least everybody who didn’t support George Wallace, the segregationist governor of Alabama.

Good thing liberals are the open-minded ones, the good ones, the civil ones, the ones who detest hateful speech with every fiber of their being.

Okay, enough of the all-too-easy sarcasm.   Here’s the point:  unless Democrats denounce this kind of hateful talk, they will have no standing to condemn anybody else’s incivility, real or imagined.  They will have lost every ounce of their credibility.  They will be nothing more than enablers of hateful speech, no matter how much they claim to long for a more civil time in America.

Oh yeah, Steve Cohen is a white Jewish guy who has a precarious hold on a mostly black congressional district in Tennessee and will face a black opponent in the Democratic primary – the former mayor of Memphis who says Tennessee needs a black voice in it’s all-white delegation, and whose African American campaign manager says, “This seat was set aside for people who look like me.”  Translation (as if we need a translation):  kick the white guy out.  Two years ago when Cohen ran against a black woman in the Democratic primary, he was targeted by a black minister who sent out fliers declaring that, “Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen and the JEWS HATE JESUS.”

So how does Steve Cohen deal with black bigotry when it’s aimed at him? He turns it around and aims it at white tea party folks, accusing them of bigotry. And if slandering tea partiers as George Wallace fans minus the hoods and robes is what he has to do to convince black voters he’s one of the good white, Jewish guys — and win his upcoming primary, it looks like that’s what he’s prepared to do.

But race is way too sensitive a subject in America to play with so recklessly.  Liberals ought to know that, even if they’re prepared to throw liberalism under the bus just to win an election.

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  • dwstick


    You were WAY TOO restrained in your description of George Wallace. You referred to him as the segregationist governor of Alabama. A more accurate description would be the segregationist DEMOCRAT governor of Alabama!

  • Andy Russell

    White Lame stream pundits love to slander people who don’t support redistribution of wealth as racists. They call suburban and most rural people racists. They do this all for the cause of redistributing wealth.
    Most people are fully aware that racism is primarily a disease of the ignorant. One need only look at the prison system to find congregations of racists. Racists are often drug addicts, prostitutes, thieves ,child abusers etc. These traits are found in all races. Those who are inflicted with these traits are often poor.
    These groups largely hang out together. They tend to live in the same neighborhoods. This is not a matter of race . Their abhorrent behavior isn’t acceptable in most neighborhoods so they end up congregating together. One other thing that is constant is that most of these people are able to maintain their lifestyles because government rewards them with free housing, free food, free health care etc. Looking at crime statistics across the nation one can tell which party these people vote for. They vote overwhelmingly for the far left. Ones race is not the distinction. The desire to get something for nothing is.
    Politicians and pundits that call other people racists have long favored taking other peoples wealth. They will continue to slander and tax the wealth producers of this country. For decades redistributionist have had political control of what are now non functional parts of our society. Redistributionist of power can only survive by creating anger and tension among their constituents. Without that they would be left with their failed strategy of making everyone dependent upon them. Leftist do little to develop their constituents, they enslave them.
    Marxist philosophy has never worked . Stirring up racial fears is a phenomena that is primarily generated by white pundits and politicians. They do so to maintain political power and fat paychecks. Americans are victims of those who thrive on building racial tensions. Americans will eventually recognize that everyone is being hurt by these despicable race baiters.
    Obama should put his community organizer skills to work and insist that people who receive tax supported housing ,food, health care etc. be required to provide community service to the nation and community that supports them. Until responsibility becomes a primary component of American generosity our system will remain a failure. Those who are truly handy caped deserve our continued support.

  • Bernadette Zgorski

    I was at the Capitol on the weekend of the health care “reform” bill passage. I never heard any racist slur from the opponents of the bill. I saw civility and restraint as some of the opponents were being provoked by supporters who were bumping into people using the “m…fer” expletive, among others. I saw someone handing out “Catholics for health care reform” signs to people telling them “Remember, you’re Catholics today” I saw an older couple handing out water to people that they had personally brought from their hotel room. Again, I saw restraint, patriotism and love of the Constitution. I myself yelled at Barney Frank “Just vote no”. If we are accused of using angry, loud tones, it’s because they refused to listen to the majority…tyranny! Barney Frank could have used the tunnel if he were fearful but I think he enjoyed strutting past all of us, pretty much in your face. That is what I saw. Truth. Who needs the media’s perversion of it. The fact is that these people in the tea party movement are for real and they are not going away.

  • Son of Wil Burns

    Please accept my apologies for the insensitivity expressed on this page by my father, Wil Burns.

    While in junior high school, he was severely traumatized when he crossed paths with a street gang called the Repsofwash Hipsters. Over time, he had what FBI profilers refer to as a “psychotic break,” and the Repsofwash Hipsters morphed into Republicans of Washington office-holders.

    As you can see by his posts on this page, Wil Burns is NOT well. In fact, he has been ill for some time. Hopefully, my family will help him get his head together…but in the meantime, my apologies for his insenstive behavior.

    • Ron Kean

      Commit him.

    • Wil Burns

      Would you like to have a conversation with my attorney?

      • Maureen D

        Eww….scary. You don’t have much of a sense of humor. Lighten up.

  • steve

    I find it interesting,the left get together to take our tax money,tell us they can spend it wisely,mind u, better than the man,women,who went to work to make it, and to hell with there plans for there family’s, home’s, lights’,gas,car,food,etc..then tell that people who as they say tea baggers are mean,racist,people..Y do these people call them self’s tea party’s?? Answer. If the dem’o will look back to history,it was G.Washington who was tired of England telling us to pay more TAX’S to them. Not to make the new country better,but to help England..Leave it to the demo’s to bring up race..Every time they throw the race card,always FIRST.Proof did u see who was standing next to his Excellency signing the b.s. health care bill.A good-looking black boy. No white,Hispanic,french,Asian, did this to.there message..WITH OUT ME U DON’T STAND A CHANCE..WITCH MEANS U CAN’T WORK YOUR WAY UP TO BE REMEMBERED,U HAVE TO HAVE THEM, TO DO IT FOR U..SAME OLD DEMO,CRAP..

  • Maureen D

    Bernie, Please get O’Reilly to report on this. If it’s true, it’s leaving me speechless and not in a good way.

    • Maureen D

      Did you see this Bernie? Israeli Nuclear Scientists not allowed US visas, but terrorist professor is?

  • http://odiecologne Anthony Ferreira

    Dear Cousin Bernie: Apparently Steve Cohen is still participating in one of his favorite pastimes, smoking hippie lettuce. There was a time when Steve couldn’t pass a whiz quiz if the test was given open book. Once upon a time in Memphis, rumor has it, some cub media types gifted Mr. Cohen with a Beanie and Cecil cap,you know the one with the propeller on top, a pair of big plastic Bozo the Clown shoes and a water pipe. In a game of chance odds are Steve found all the items useful. Even, John J. Hooker had to demonstrate to Mr. Cohen the best way to chase an ambulance was from the rear not the front. There has always been one aspect of Steve Cohn’s life found honorable. Mr. Cohen has proven you don’t have to be the sharpest tool in the shed to be a lifetime politician. Just a tool. Another fact is certain, If you are ever in doubt of all the great accomplishments in Steve Cohn’s life just ask him, he’ll be glad to expound. Best Regards.

  • Chaz Shrodes

    John Lewis should be making a statement either way. If he was the victim of a racial slur then he should make a statement so we can continue our fight against such bigotry and make our country a better place. If he was NOT the victim of a racial slur then he should make a statement to put the issue to rest. To not do so allows hate peddlers to thrive and victimizes the innocent. I question Lewis’ honor since he has made no effort to shine light on this issue.

  • Larry D. Crumbley

    Bernie it is no different in Miami Fla. than what is being protrayed all across America, What am I talking about? The Cuban people that is what I am speaking about. They elect some of the most vile, and corrupt people for the local gov. jobs Mayor etc. and then they complain to high heaven about the way they are doing things. So the racism is alive and well in America today. But we are seeing more of it on the left than we are seeing any on the right. GO FIGURE!!!!

    Larry D. Crumbley
    P.S.—I know for what I speaking of I use to live in Miami Fla., and that is one of the reasons I left when I did.

  • Morris Crumley

    Bernie, I heard you make mention of John Lewis, and how you felt him to be a man of honor. being from Georgia I too felt this about him. He was a heroic figure in the civil rights movement, one that I have always looked up to. But a couple of years ago, in our local elections in Georgia, Mr. Lewis made several radio adds, along with Andrew Young, and then mayor of Atlanta Shirley Franklin, that directly implied that for Georgians and Atlantans to vote Republican would be the same as returning us all to the fire hoses and dogs of Birmingham. This type of racial politics is unforgivable, and callus in the extreme. While Mr. Lewis was once a man of dignity and heroic honor, I can no longer consider him in that same light. What he did, makes me question very strongly the truth of the allegations concerning what supposedly occurred, in front of the Capitol, prior to the healthcare vote.

    • Bernie


      I not only hear you, I sadly agree with you. Lewis certainly was a man of honor and courage. Times change, I’m afraid. The reason I said he was a man of honor, was to make the case that even he hasn’t come out publicly and said he was called the N word. If Lewis won’t say it, I have to question whether the incident ever happened. That said, I get your point, and it’s a valid one.

  • Ron

    Mr. Goldberg,

    Always a pleasure to hear and read your commentary.

    The racial politics of the less than honorable Mr Cohen reminded me that he tried to join the Congressional Black Caucus back in 2007. He was refused entry due to the pallor of his skin. It is obvious to me that he is trying to maintain his own job by trying to beat the actual members of the CBC at their own race baiting game. Shameful.

  • Maureen D

    I am not a protestor or an ideological political person. I am an Independent. I have several graduate degrees. I am a typical tea party member. I joined the tea party last year on April 15th. I attended a rally in Northport, LI. A NY Times editorialist feigned unbiased interest as he came upon us and then used his experience to write the first nasty, anti-tea party article. We dealt with it by recognizing that at least our opponents acknowledged our existence. Since then, the abuse has gotten worse. I know I am not a racist and I would never be a member of a group that is racist. I know I am not insane or unAmerican or whatever else they accuse us of. I don’t need to defend my actions. I am proud of the people who rally even though they have no interest in doing so. There is no point in going on the defensive because that will just weaken and distract us. The reason we put up with the abuse is to raise the level of awareness. People can see we are normal – well, most of us are. Take a look at the people in these groups – do they look like radicals or Klu Klux Klanners? All we want is freedom from an abusive Big Government. We don’t want to be slaves to an entitled society and extraordinary taxes. We want our government to support our allies such as Israel and Great Britain and stand strong against the Jihadists (I know it’s not PC). If that makes us vile, so be it, but it won’t stop us. It strengthens our resolve and increases our membership. The more the opponents attack, the more people notice that we are legitimate and responsible Americans.

    • L Lane

      Excellent post Maureen, tea partiers must stay on task! I totally agree with putting on blinders and ear plugs when watching and listening to the racial spewing. When at the rally the first time on April 15th in Phoenix, I was amazed at all the “normal” people from all political parties standing together to rally against the “entitlement movement” of our government. I am now, more than ever, going to stand strong against those who spew racial slurs, my black friends know I’m colorblind and search out character before color! If those I meet fail the character test, it doesn’t matter what color they are! I am also proud of those around me at each tea party movement! Keep focused and strong against the attacks; our resolve to fight the unpopular fight will strengthen those who were at first, afraid to speak up. Soon, more of the quiet majority will find its voice.

      • Maureen D

        We have to stick with this. We are losing our country. What kind of administration lashes out at TV hosts, Americans rallying, and anyone who dissents? It is very intimidating and frightening. I have never seen anything like this. We are self-destructing unless people think statism is an improvement.

    • Wil Burns

      Maureen, The Tea Party movement might have at least some shred of credibility if it had begun when “W” exploded the deficit by invading Iraq, adding drug coverage to Medicare, and bailing out AIG and other companies. Instead, it began when Obama took office.

      These “patriots” are not against deficits and big government. They are against color.

      • Tim

        Wil, can you explain why Rep. Clearver is now denouncing comments he made after the victory stroll through the protesters? He is the only one who was quoted that racial slurs were yelled at the protest. Oh, correction the others quoted were unnamed sources.,0,2660745.story

        So is he telling the truth now or is this just good ole left wing politics?

      • Stephen Shields Springfield, IL

        Two of your statemnts are false, and you need to learn the difference between defecit and debt. The debt exploded when Clinton signed bad housing legislation forcing banks and lenders to give bad loans. It has nothing to do with Obama being a man of color. You, sir, are a racists by no other name. How can you be against expansion of drug coverage under Medicare, when you champion a government option that would cover drugs? By the way, there was plenty of outrage of the AIG bailout, but because you are too biased, you refuse to see it.

        • CCNV

          If it were up to Wil, it would be okay for this Administration to rape and pillage every hard-working American. Oh wait, that’s already happening!

      • Jeff


        It doesn’t matter to us whether the spender is Republican or democrat, white or other. Increasing spending is not the way to get out of a financial hole, and BO is spending at an alarming, unprecedented rate.

        Let’s compare: President Bush’s expensive invasion of Iraq was done so with bipartisan support, using the world’s most historically successful military, to take out a rapist/mass-murderer dictator who violated every U.N. resolution in the book. American allies, along with practically every democrat and Republican politician, were concerned that Hussein was a threat. He and his evil sons are presently burning in hell, and the Iraqi people are free.

        BO’s expensive HC legislation was done so by marginalizing Republicans and bribing democrats, to give more power to the federal government. Based on every relevant example in American history, the HC legislation will be an inefficient, financial failure.

        As for your last sentence: kudos on admitting you have no argument.

  • Paul

    MR Goldberg

    I have been a Cop in Memphis for 20 years… Your analysis is spot on correct. Rep. Cohen is about to get into a race war with another racist/bigot (former Mayor Willie Herenton). Cohen knows he will lose, so he is diverting to Tea Party and trying to be a helpless victim… This city is so racially lost and people like Cohen and Herenton feed on this to stay in power. THANKS for bringing to light what a piece of slime Cohen really is

    • Bernie

      Thanks, Paul. What Cohen is doing is shameful. His opponents I suspect aren’t any better.

  • Stephen Shields Springfield, IL

    Now he is concerned with outlandish sermons. I guess Rev. Wright saying America’s chickens were coming home to roost after 9/11 wasn’t extreme. O wait, Rev. Wright and Leonard Pitts have something in common don’t they?

  • George

    Why has no analyst pointed this out? If the Congressman had been spat upon, accidentally or on purpose, why did he not wipe his face? No reaction to the cupped hands of the heckler. Just a continued stare. I know if something wet hit my face unexpectedly, I’d react. AND, there would be a phone video of it somewhere, and someone looking to sell it.

    • Tim

      This is very confusing George. Rep. Cleaver who is quoted in all of the press the day of the protests is now stating in his local Fox network that he made no statements to the press pertaining to the issues of that day. Most of the LSM are quoting him stating that he heard racial slurs and now he says he made no statements.

      Perhaps Bernie is right that the Bias has now gone to corruption in the press.

  • Ellie

    Democrats failed to realize there are lots of their own in the tea party that is chipping away.
    There were folks who voted for Obama just to prove to the world they are not racist.
    Now they see they will be called racist no matter what they do to prove the opposite. Those will never forget how Democrats disrespected their vote for end of the race-card playing.

  • Kathie Ampela

    Black conservative tea partiers are called ‘Uncle Toms’, ‘Oreos’ and ‘traitors’-a bit racist, is it not?

  • eNeecie

    Isn’t it interesting that whenever Democrats want to paint someone as a racists they are forced to use examples from their own party and when they want to point to a good accomplishment they try to take credit for something the Republicans did.

  • Bruce A.

    A read this column three times and I still don’t believe what I am reading.
    What even happened to civility, open debate and common sense in this country?

  • Ken Besig Israel

    It’s all too easy to listen to the ranting of a Steve Cohen and have a good laugh at the low level of political dialogue by one of the nation’s lawmakers, God help us, who happens to have at least a Jewish surname and perhaps even some slight Jewish background. What is not so hilarious is the fact that this particular member of our tribe is almost certainly saying out loud what of much of the American Jewish community is probably thinking.
    The American Jewish community voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama, whom they knew to be at best ambivalent towards Israel and at worst downright hostile to the Jewish State. They were fully aware that Mr. Obama sat for twenty years listening to Reverend Jeremiah Wright, a vicious anti Semite and Israel hater of the lowest order spew his diatribes against Jews and Israel, as well as his own nation, a close personal friend of Louis Farrakhan, and yet in the most knee jerk unthinking fashion, still cast most of their ballots for Obama. And as near as I can tell, the American Jewish Community, far from repenting their support for Obama still stands strongly behind him.
    As a Jew, I figure that most of the non Jews like Ms. Waters who rave about the Obama opposition as being fascists, racists, murderers, pedophiles, or secret Ku Klux Klan members or what have you, well they’re probably just idiots with a talent for demagogery. But when apparently sensible,educated, and cultured Jews like Steven Cohen or Anthony Weiner start ranting along the same lines and almost no responsible Jewish leader or Rabbi calls them out, I have to worry that something deeply disturbing and probably irreversible has infected the American Jewish community.
    Mind you, there are still twenty per cent of American Jews who see Barack Obama for the inexperienced, inept, and corrupt domestic and international wannabe leader his really is, especially dangerous to Israel and much of the Middle East. But my question is can anything be done to pry the American Jewish Community away from it’s largely lockstep support for everything in the Democratic Party including Barack Obama?
    In my opinion, without massive American Jewish support, Obama hasn’t got a chance of reelection. This is not because of the number of Jewish voters which is really pretty small, but more for moral and ethical reasons, that is, without the Jewish fig leaf, the American public will see Mr. Obama as the duplicitous, unsavory, narcissistic, and untrustworthy Chicago political machinist that he really is.
    All the best,

    • Jack Davis

      Self-loathing Jews will stand arm in arm with those who would destroy them.

    • Craig

      Ken, I feel this tide is beginning to turn. As a Jew and physician, I realized Obama would destroy health care and be anti-Israel, but outside of my wife and parents I had to be very careful in public as most of my friends and acquaintences supported the Democratic ticket. Many of my Jewish friends are physicians – I know no physicians (maybe one) who now support the president. The past president of the local Jewish Federation, an otherwise liberal Democrat, sent a blast email article to all board members that was very negative to the president and his administration in the way the recent situation in Jerusalem was handled. I sense Jewish support for Obama is dwindling and I don’t feel alone anymore.

      • Ken Besig Israel

        Craig, I deeply hope and pray that you are right because ever since Obama went off on his diplomatic offensive against Israel the level of Palestine violence against Israelis here has risen tremendously. If American Jews made it clear to Obama that they feel his anti Israel rhetoric was over the top and costing him their support at least maybe he would tone it down or even shut up. All his constant condemnations of Israel are doing now is fomenting Palestinian attacks on Jews and if he keeps it up a real shooting war could break out.

        • Craig

          Ken, the article was entitled “Will Barack Obama Ignite the Third Intafada?”, by Daniel Gordis, Jerusalem Post, March 26, 2010. It’s a must read and from what you say it may already have begun, unfortunately.

      • Wil Burns

        Craig, Did you know Israel have a good national health insurance program–complements of the US taxpayers.

        • Maureen D

          Wil, I thought Israelis employers and government paid for their National Health Ins. Do you have more info?

        • Craig

          Wil, a not too nice anti-Israel, antisemetic dig, which again points out why Jewish people would want to align with enmies like you. My concern as a physician is that the President has demonized physicians as one of the enemies. I accept Medicare and Medicaid at this time but we are already seeing coding changes to lower our reimbursement and with the administration using the SGR as blackmail over our head (21% additional fee reduction as of now) will ultimately force most physicians to stop accepting Medicare and Medicaid (many already have). Once the insurance companies are forced out of the health care business with price controls and mandates and the Medical Oversight Board tells us retrospectively what we can or can’t do and at what cost, it will likely force many if not most physicians out of business and scare young people from entering the field. I fear a great physician shortage is imminent in the next 10 years. There’s no health care if there are no physicians no matter what the politicians do.

          • Ken Besig Israel

            You know Craig, when I first heard Obama state publicly that too many physicians were performing unnecessary tonsillectomies in order to bilk medicare or the insurance companies I thought that a reckless and irresponsible charge like that would be confronted immediately by the medical community. But almost no one said anything to either contradict Obama or to point out that if any doctor performed an unnecessary surgery, it would be a criminal charge of battery and fraud, and not just an ethical violation.
            As far as a physician shortage is concerned I am afraid that Obama will simply pass legislation which will hugely expand the role of nurse practitioners or physician’s assistants to allow them to the same rights and privileges as if they were real physicians and surgeons.
            You see Obama never saw physicians as the well educated, disciplined, humane, and responsible healers of the sick, he only knows them as wealthy overlords who have for years robbed and defrauded the sick, and kept their own numbers low in order to keep their income high. The same with the pharmaceutical companies, they are simply wealthy White men who want to charge the highest prices they can for the drugs they produce and get as rich as possible on the backs of the sick, no matter that the only thing that lets the drug companies research and develop new drugs and treatments is the profits they are accruing from what they sell.
            Barack Obama believes he can do whatever he wants, after all, when a Republican Senator once confronted him over the health bill, Obama was quick to remind him that Obama can do what he wishes because “I won the election.”

          • Wil Burns

            Craig, How quickly the anti-semite race card is used. Shame on you! You have a mistaken notion that we simply cannot afford government run healthcare is pure right wing dribble.. many many better off countries do it just fine, and have healthier people and better lifestyles.

          • Stephen Shields Springfield, IL

            You calling someone out for playing the race card is so frekaing hypocrtical it’s not even funny. Please go back to your cave, troll!

          • Craig

            Thanks Wil. I know you and the President are much smarter and know much more about health care than me and my colleagues; we’re just evil doctors. I also agree about living a healthy lifestyle that incluses a good common sense diet, exercise, and not using tobacco products and consistantly tell my patients the same. I would suggest that you write to the President and give him this simple advice as he continues to use tobacco products in spite of his superior knowledge. Whatever one’s political persuasion, he really needs to stop TODAY if he wants to be there for his beautifrul daughters as they grow up. When I see him, he has a dusky, almost cyanotic pallor of a longtime heavy smoker which is in my view very worrysome. Yet I hear some people “from the left” think its “cool” that he sneaks cigarettes, and myself who is moderately right am concerned for his health. But again, I’m just a doctor; what do I know?

          • Maureen D

            I didn’t realize Wil was a troll – thank you for the tip. I agree with you about the irreparable damage to the medical profession this bill will cause. I read HR3200 and the Baucus Bill and clips about the supposed improvements. It’s hard to believe that something like that was passed in the USA. Doctors, the health insurance companies, Wall St., rich people, tea party people, Netanyahu, etc. are all being demonized to promote the agenda which goes far beyond healthcare. First the bill is sold as cost saving, then it’s sold as an answer to the demons in the medical profession, then it’s a moral issue (this from one of the most obviously corrupt Congresses in history), then garbage is fed to the CBO so they come up with a decrease in the deficit. Next they will have us believing in the tooth fairy if it promotes the agenda.

        • Ken Besig Israel

          I wouldn’t normally respond to the nonsense you spew because you are just a bomb thrower who knows just about nothing regarding what you pontificate. If American taxpayers are supporting Israel’s health insurance companies that will come as real surprise to the Israeli government since Israeli taxpayers are paying some incredibly high tax rates for it. If by chance you are referring to the $2.7 billion in foreign aid that Israel receives every year, 95% of that money, by American law, must be spent in America for American produced defence supplies. And by the way, the Israeli government has requested time and again that America stop the entire subsidy because we don’t need it, only to be rebuffed by the American defence contractors who all explain very carefully to every American government that they very much need it.
          And if you wish to say well that $2.7 billion is fungible and thus relieves the Israeli government of $2.7 billion it would have to produce itself, I would again mention that Israel has no need for the money and has actually tried to stop getting it, and that the Israeli budget is so huge that this aid amounts to less than 1/10 of 1% of that budget.
          I am only explaining this as a courtesy to the people who read this and not to you Wil. You see, when ever I encounter some one who claims that Israelis are getting this or that benefit, entitlement, or good or service because of the largesse of the American taxpayer, I immediately realize that this charge is not the result of fair and factual thinking, it is rather the attempt by a Jew hating weasel to cloak his bias, prejudice, and irrational anti Semitism behind a dispute over American policy towards Israel. I have met Arab Moslems who have told me to my face how much they hate me and what they would do to me given the chance, and you know, I can respect that, an enemy who openly and proudly announces his enmity. What is truly nauseating to me and others are the closet anti Semites who try to hide their real motives by throwing bombs at Israel, perhaps America’s only truly loyal and dependable ally in the world not just the Middle East. Wil, by now everyone on this page knows what drives you is hate and that is very disturbing.

          • Jack Davis

            EXCELLENT post, Ken!

          • Wil Burns

            Ken, I have never written a diatribe against a Jew. Bernie has and I say he is wrong! Steve Cohen is a fine congressman and he does not deserve to be slimed by Bernie! BTW, My favorite congressman today is Fla. Rep. Alan Grayson.

          • Stephen Shields Springfield, IL

            Bernie is Jewish you buffoon! Just because he disagrees with the guy doesn’t mean it is because he is Jewish. Get a grip Wil! You have to be the most uninformed person in America.

          • Ron Kean

            You must not have listened to the now famous radio interview. This guy was off the wall.

    • Ron Kean

      Craig…I’d like to think you’re right. I don’t have contact with secular liberal Jews anymore…only the observant right.

      It’s the old ‘Liberalism is a religion’ factor that grips the Jewish Left. Reform brought about a re-formulation of Jewish values that now substitute the trendy and progressive for Jewish law and the concept of Israel as the promised land.

  • Ron Kean

    Now even Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs is calling millions of people racists (Tea Partiers and Limbaugh listeners). This is really getting out of hand.

    Let’s say we are racists. What does that mean? Does it mean that…we want Blacks to drink from different water fountains?… we want separate but equal facilities?… we say the ‘N’ word all the time?… we think that all Blacks are dumb?… we think that all Blacks are something?… we don’t want to live near them?… we don’t want them to talk?… and the same thing about Hespanics and Asians? Because if that’s the case I’m not a racist. But why do I have to say that? And will anybody who accuses people of racism believe me anyway even though they don’t know me at all?

    What do people who think we’re racists think we think about? What do racists actually do? Do they shoot people trying to register people to vote? Do they want segregation these days? I thought that was all over.

    When I’m called a racist because I sympathize with Tea Partiers…what do they think I’m thinking about?

  • Kathie Ampela

    While we are on the subject of all the vitriol, all of this hate on the Right, take a look at this video (It ain’t no Tea Party):

    Wasn’t March 20th the weekend that Congress was busy ramming through the healthcare bill? Yeah, I thought so. I guess the media were too busy trying to “catch” the tea partiers in acts of racism and hate. They didn’t have to look far, just on a different side of the street (the left). And I don’t recall any flag burning activity at any tea party.

    • Tim

      I wonder what would have happened if Cheney and Bush made a stroll through this demonstration. Do ya think that a few slurs would have been thrown their way?

      • Wil Burns

        Tim, At least Pelosi and Lewis has the GUTS to walk through the Jim Crow TeaNut crowd. Cheney and Bush, on the other hand, would never walk through a crowd of angry liberals because they are cowards. They both avoided Nam and would rather hide underneath a desk!

        • Xian Do

          Pelosi & Lewis made their walk through the Tea Party Protesters because they were HOPING for something ugly and/or violent to happen.
          If anything HAD actually happened, it would be all the proof they needed to solidify their Progressive narrative.

          Since nothing of the sort actually DID happen, they resorted to making it up.

          And I think the fact that not only were Pelosi, Lewis, etc al… unafraid to march through a crowd of Tea Party Protesters but that they could do so without being attacked is a tribute to the civility of the Tea Party Movement itself.
          No vandalism of Starbucks coffee shops…
          No overturned cars…
          No burning tires, trash, etc…
          No scuffles with police…
          No violence at all, in fact…

          Compare that to the actions of “angry Liberals” at any G8 or WTO or Anti-War rally in the past 10 years.

          Put THAT in your bottle, Wil.

          Besides, Cheney & Bush wouldn’t have marched through a crowd of “angry liberals” because they have better class & a healthy respect for those with different views…no matter how hateful or vitriolic.

          • Wil Burns

            X, Gee, the last time I checked, the folks on our side weren’t the ones going around shooting doctors and setting off bombs at clinics.

          • Jack

            Wil, do you really want to go down the path of listing violent activities on the left and the right?

          • Xian Do

            Gee whiz, Wil…
            Neither are we!

  • EddieD_Boston

    Normal people see through this foolishness. It proves liberalism is a mental defect.

  • Wil Burns

    Yes Bernie, There is a vast left-wing conspiracy in this country! It’s called the Constitution of the United States of America. Those liberals took the country away from an authoritarian monarchy, then they took slavery away from the slavers, then they took child labor away from the sweat shops, then they took the 80 hr work week away from the corporations, etc. etc. If that’s not a vast left-wing conspiracy I don’t know what is.

    • Stephen Shields Springfield, IL

      What are you talking about? You don’t make any sense, more so than usual. No, you aren’t smarter than us, and you aren’t thinking on a higher level. You just don’t make any sense.

      • Tim

        You’re right Stephen, I have absolutely no idea what Wil is talking about. This seems to be more senseless than his previous posts.

      • Perry

        No wil, the conspiracy is called Change the Constitution.

    • EddieD_Boston

      And the right-wing gave them jobs and security both at home and
      at the borders.

      • Berg

        Lying about tea party is a left-wing conspiracy. I’m putting it down so that even you will know what is a left-wing conspiracy.

    • Carrie

      What the hell are you babbling about, Wil? Your posts used to be kind of amusing in their stupidity, but now you just sound like a total idiot. Get some therapy!

    • Ron Kean

      I’ve responded to a lot of trolls in my time but there’s something about Wil that I like. Don’t ask me what.

      • Xian Do

        Please forgive the crude reference, Ron…
        But I think Wil Burns is not just an angry, self-enamored troll.

        I believe the comments Wil Burns makes to Mr. Goldberg’s columns, and the reactions he hopes to stir up among the rest of us, are the equivalent of graphic porn sites: I won’t go into detail, but I think he really “gets off” on being such a narcissistic jerk.

        I suspect that if Bernard Goldberg wrote a column claiming that the sun rose in the East & set in the West…
        Wil Burns would call him a liar, a racist, a traitor, whatever…
        …then sit back with sick glee & read the responses with a bottle of Jergen’s Lotion within his reach.

        (Yeah, I went there….sorry!)

  • Berg

    Where’s the offense, Bernie? The tea party movement is under attack. They’re on the defense. One of the things I’ve learned over the years is that offense is the best difference. Seems to me like the left picked up this idea.
    Why aren’t the tea party members attacking back? Why aren’t they calling the left racists, like hey (the left, that is) really are?

    • Dan

      Unfortunately, there are too many folks on the right who still believe in turning the other cheek (or taking the high road, or however you want to put it). Ultimately, this will be to their honor, but you’re right, this is the time to start smashing pumpkins and taking names. Remember in the Super Bowl, when Hank (Don’t Confuse My Hands With A) Baskett muffed the on-side kick to start the second half, and the Saints saw the opening and built on that momentum? That’s what we’ve got to do, only we don’t need no stinkin’ on-side kick – as good ol’ Ben Grimm once said, “It’s clobberin’ time!”

  • CCNV

    Reminds me of the saying, “When you point a finger at someone, three fingers are pointing back at you.” Calling the Tea Partiers (or whomever disagrees with the liberal left) “racist”, is almost laughable. My only question is this: What does the left call the Black Tea Partiers, who are also fed up with the destruction of our country? America is angry, but it has nothing to do with color!

    If nothing else comes from the Tea Party movement, I have to say that I’ve not witnessed a coming together of Americans like this since 9/11.

  • Perry

    Hi Bernie, Watched you on O’reilly last night . I was a little disappointed that Bill kept interrupting you, but that’s Bill I guess.
    This Cohen, is just falling into the liberals form of racism to protect his job. He want’s to be re-elected. That is the only chance he has. If you have noticed, all white democrat’s are doing the same. The reason I think,” and here’s where I will get some hate ,bigotry, and other comments” is in the last decade or two the blacks have taken over the democratic party. that may sound racist, but it’s true. Most of the white dems, are leaving the party.Some are joining the Tea Party, some going independent.
    People keep trying to be politically correct in this country and keep the race card under the table as hush hush , but it’s still there. It’s like the ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ racism is in blacks and whites, but just keep it to yourself. I fear it will never end.

  • Stephen Shields Springfield, IL

    Did anything ever come of the gentelman who claims to be the one who was shouting (no racial slurs or insults, by the way) at the congressmen after the healthcare vote? Just curious if you followed that one Bernie. I’m curious, as a Jewish man, what are your thoughts on the Black Baptist Ministerial Assocation’s assertion that being Jewish is a sin? Hope you had a wonderful Passover Bernie!

    • Bernie


      i handed the info over to a cable news producer who’s checking it out. re the second question … the Jewish part — take a wild guess what I think. Hope all’s well. Thanks for writing.

      • Stephen Shields Springfield, IL

        Thanks Bernie, you too!

        • Kirby

          Stephen, I’m not Jewish or black, but I’ve always been confused about the anger black people seem to direct at Jews. It seems to me that Jewish people were always involved in the civil rights movement, much more so than many Christians. I once heard a black guy complain that Jews were “over-educated,” whatever the hell that means. My first thought was, “Why don’t you get educated yourself, and stop whining,” but of course I didn’t say anything, for fear of being labeled racist.