The Left’s Favorite Bad Statistic

Archimedes didn’t say, “Give me a bad statistic, and I will move the Earth.” But that was only because the ancient Greek mathematician wasn’t familiar with the ways of Washington.

An entire movement has grown up around the factoid that American women make about 80 percent of the pay of men. It is a reliable talking point of Democrats who insist the country is racked by a “War on Women.” A raft of proposed legislation purports to remedy the discrimination exposed by the damning number. It is the only bad statistic with a day devoted to it, “Equal Pay Day,” which falls in April to signify how much longer women have to work into the New Year to make what men earned in the previous year. Tradition says that the day must be marked with wailing and gnashing of teeth, and lots of press releases from advocacy organizations.

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  • Jamal Wilkerson

    Someone should research this:   How many American women are employed and paid by male business owners, and how many American men are employed and paid by female business owners?

    If there’s a discrepancy, Congress should pass a bill that forces American women to start or purchase businesses and then hire American men and pay them.