The Left: Guilty of Unrequited Stupidity

It goes against my grain to generalize about large groups of people, but when it comes to liberals and Muslims, I find it increasingly difficult to resist the urge.

For instance, House Democrats, led by the thoroughly obnoxious Rep. Barbara Lee, have proposed a resolution calling on Congress to acknowledge that global warming could drive poor women to depend on “transactional sex” for their economic survival. Their reasoning, for want of a better word, is that global warming would lead to drought, and drought would inevitably lead to prostitution as food became scarce and more expensive.

What Ms. Lee neglects to explain is why prostitution is so widespread outside the confines of the already drought-riddled Third World, and has for millennia been referred to as the world’s oldest profession. When informed of the proposed legislation, Bill Clinton was overheard saying, “Remind me, what’s wrong with prostitution?”

Speaking of people named Clinton, as anyone familiar with my work knows, I hold his wife in even greater contempt than I hold her husband. This is especially true ever since her vile performance testifying before Congress on the subject of the Benghazi massacre. One can only imagine the hell she would raise if her own daughter, Chelsea, had been murdered, and a few months later, some loathsome Washington harridan had dared to say: “What difference, at this late date, does it really make who did it?”

Sometimes I attempt to imagine what life must be like inside the mind of a leftist. I’m guessing it’s filled with spider webs, squeaky doors and the faint echo of Obama’s countless lies. Sometimes, as in the case of people like O.J. Simpson, Robert Blake and Casey Anthony, it seems to me that our nation’s jury pools are filled exclusively with liberal morons who are devoid of commonsense and the ability to handle even a single idea, let alone juggle two simultaneously.

Is it possible that between “Perry Mason” and “CSI,” members of juries have no concept of what constitutes a reasonable doubt? Do they equate circumstantial evidence with perjury? Do they even know what circumstantial evidence is, and will anything short of the defendant rising in the courtroom and confessing his crime convince them?

But juries are merely one of the problems with our legal system. Between the endless and absurd appeals that have become standard practice, particularly in capital cases, the recipient of a death sentence is far more likely to die of old age than by lethal injection.

That reminds me of a friend, now deceased, who had worked for several years inside California’s Soledad Penitentiary. He had nothing but contempt for the inmates with whom he was forced to deal on a daily basis. He didn’t regard them as unfortunate victims of a cruel or neglectful society, but as vermin from whom society needed to be protected. The kicker is that he wasn’t a prison guard; he was the prison chaplain!

One of my readers has let me know that he got ripped off by an air conditioner repairman, and that neither the local police chief nor the state licensing board will do anything about it. I told him that it’s a sad day when service providers can get away with behaving like politicians. After all, repairmen are expected to have professional and ethical standards, whereas when it comes to politicians, lying and cheating are included in the job description.

One of my chief complaints with political correctness is that blacks, Muslims, illegal aliens, homosexuals and the transgender crowd, are not only encouraged to take offense with anything that doesn’t advance their various agendas, but are applauded for their alleged sensitivity. Being thin-skinned is bad enough without anyone trying to make a virtue of it. Sensitivity should be a word reserved for those who are concerned about the feelings of others, not for those ballyhooing their own under-developed defense systems, otherwise known as maturity.

Finally, a word to the current commander-in-chief and those who will succeed him: Not since 1945, has the United States engaged in a war with the intention of destroying the enemy. As we should have learned through our half-assed experiences in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, playing for a tie is a great way to squander treasure and gallant American lives.

If the president and the Pentagon are going to continue fretting about collateral damage, nation-building and the risk of offending the tawdry religion of our sworn enemies, they really should step aside and leave it up to the folks who have a serious interest in protecting this nation. I refer to the patriotic members of the NRA and the feisty Daughters of the American Revolution.

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  • veeper

    If Barbara lee has to rely on prostitution to buy food…..

    she’ll starve to death….

    so why is this a bad thing….

  • Hiram

    Lost me in the first sentence. Idiot, whatever the rest of the ramblings were about.

  • plsilverman

    “blacks have agendas”? sounds racially charged to me.

  • plsilverman

    Barbara Lee is “thoroughly obnoxious”? (cough) can you expand on that?

  • Wheels55

    Liberals like being liberal because it is easier to explain things with fantasies. The truth hurts and liberals don’t want anyone to hurt (except their enemies).

  • Brian Fr Langley

    To be fair to the groups you named as thin skinned, the truth is, they’re not as thin skinned as they’re made out to be. This is mostly media hyperbole, designed to move all voices, to criticism of the right, while giving the left a free pass. In Canada recently, a serious contender for Prime Minister called all foes of gay marriage and abortion as “hard right”. Yet portrayed the opposite view points, not as hard left, but rather, as the voices of moderation. Sound familiar. The point of the exercise is simple, people on the “hard right” can be equated with hateful murdering Nazi’s, and white supremacist’s. While their counter parts are just mainstream regular folks. Unhappily it’s working. The language of the politically correct, is inexorably moving the bleating flock into a nice, pleasant looking, (did I mention secure) corral. Where we’ll blissfully await our dinner, but will be served something else instead.

    • Dan Austin

      I agree. It’s working. Big cities that have been run by democrats for decades have the highest unemployment rates, highest crime rates, poorest education, and are going broke. Long time democrat-run states are following the their footdsteps. Yet democrats are winning more and more elections.
      Whether you blame the mainstream media, political correctness, or democrat talking points, it ultimately comes down to uninformed voters making poor choices. Realizing that won’t stop the inevitable, but may allow informed people to better deal with the negative effects.

      • veeper

        blacks always fall for speeches and a line of horse manure…

        rather than look at the actions and effects.

        it’s emotion over intellect…