The Mainstream Media Wallow in Disgrace

Fox’s Bernard Goldberg, in commenting on the media’s coverage of the Tucson massacre, put it (as usual) very well: “In all my years as a working journalist I’ve never seen such shallow, thoughtless, agenda-driven drivel as I have in the past 36 hours — and it’s all masquerading as serious analysis and commentary.” He added, “This is as bad as anything they’ve ever done.”

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  • John

    Hey Bernie, how do u like this “global warming” 49 out of 50 states have snow on the ground right now. Someone better tell. Al Gore to put dow the turkey leg and “listen up” lol

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  • Sheryl

    The media and political elite share responsibility for the sorry state of this nation. They have become a thunderous echo chamber of nastiness, serving up few solutions to the vexing problems we face. Sadly, I predict nothing will change in the aftermath of yet another national tragedy. The only reason Tucson is receiving so much attention is that “one of their own” was brutally attacked. God bless those recovering and have mercy on the souls of those who died. Thanks for your insightful commentary.