The Man Who Put His Name Forward

Seventy years old, he was retired with 13 grandchildren, sitting comfortably in Breezy Point, Queens, enjoying life. But Bob Turner is now one of the 435, and trying to get something constructive done in a town that often seems destined for something different. A former media businessman, Turner joins a team that wants to provide a Total Makeover to a real-life series of What Not to Do; it’s not quite a Mission Impossible — at least not yet. 

He spoke at his congressional campaign’s victory party in Howard Beach early in the morning of September 14. He was armed with a clear message, and appeared humble and confident as its advocate. He had been elected to the seat vacated by the now-infamous Anthony Weiner, a seat that may very well be redistricted out of existence next year. But this is just fine with him.

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