The Media Should be Ashamed

The presidential debate was quite one sided due to the fact that Mitt Romney was able to point out so many inconsistencies and broken promises by the President.  What was truly fascinating was how unprepared Mr. Obama was in terms of dealing with these questions.  This is further evidence that the mainstream media has never confronted the President on what he has been saying on the campaign trail.  Unchallenged false claims and unfulfilled promises never spoken of, have done a disservice to the electorate.  This has left a tremendous void that was filled by Mr. Romney in the debate, and the media should be ashamed.

Obama and his surrogates have been throwing around this claim for months about how Romney’s plan would increase taxes on the middle class by $2,000 per family.  This charge has even been repeated by the media, and there is almost no basis for divining what Romney would do to make sure his proposed tax cuts did not add to the deficit.  Mr. Romney had to repeatedly tell the President, in the debate, that he was misstating what the former Governor would do under these circumstances.  After the debate, someone said this was akin to the President saying for months that Romney planned to invade Canada.  Maybe a Pentagon reporter might have asked a question about this severe a charge…?

The President repeated a line, in the debate, that he likes to use about record drilling of oil and Natural gas under his presidency.  Mitt Romney challenged this and made the point that this expansion has taken place on private lands, which the President can’t stop.  He went on to say that the President has cut in half the number of permits that have been given to drillers during his presidency.  Maybe this fact might stir some curiosity in some DC newsroom…?

The President said that companies get a tax deduction for shipping jobs overseas, and that he would close that loophole.  Mr. Romney responded by saying that despite being in business for 25 years, he is not aware of this tax break.  In fact, he suggested that if it were true he might have to get a new accountant.  What the President might be referring to is that fact that we have the highest corporate tax rates in the world.  That is not a loophole to send jobs overseas, that’s The USA losing its competitive edge in attracting businesses.  Perhaps a cub reporter for a financial network perks up…?

The president was challenged on his 2008 campaign promises to…

  1. Cut the deficit in half in his first term
  2. Reduce insurance premiums by $2,500 per family
  3. Keep unemployment under 8%

The likely media explanation for not confronting the President on these issues…

  1. I can’t remember that far back
  2. He didn’t want to answer
  3. I was sick that day

If these challenges were incorrect, we will be hearing the media fact-check machine kick into high gear over the next week.  If, however, this does not happen, then there has been a major lack of reporting on the issues which Mr. Romney confronted the President.

The press has often been called the 4th branch of government, which is a reference to their importance in keeping the 3 branches honest.  The reason we had such a startling, and one sided debate for the Presidency is due to the failing of that branch.  The members of the press who have had an opportunity to challenge this president, and haven’t, should be ashamed today.  The truth is they’re probably not.

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Michael has been an editor and contributor at the website for over 2 years. He has over 20+ years of diverse business experience, from running complex operations where he managed hundreds of people, to starting and running small businesses such as He is blessed, or perhaps cursed, with a logical mind which he uses to analyze government, media, politics, and culture. He believes that his life experiences help him bring a unique perspective to the issues of the day.
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  • Mari Jo O’Neill

    The Main Stream Media are liars when they report news that is not true or reliable especially when it comes to Obama. They have coddled him and paise everything he says and does. They truly believe that most of America is stupid. There are so many ways to get news of the day than to listen to a bunch of left wing liberals who are not ashamed to lie or misstate the truth. Msnbc is about the worst that I can mention as they continually lie about everything and the edit tapes and then they try to say they didn’t say it. This is a really pathetic situation and I can’t imagine what they will do if Obama is not re-elected.  When George Bush was President they villified him at every trun no matter what he did. They even called him names, yet if someone says anything negative about Obama they first say it’s racist or have respect for the office of the President. This only applies if you are a left wing liberal or the main stream media.  If  people want to vote they should educate themselves so that after they vote they are not sorry. Although in today’s political atmosphere it is really not a question. If you want this country run by a marxist who will destroy it, or vote for the other guy who at least knows how to run a business and wasn’t a community organizer or a fraud.

  • Anna S.

    Yes I agree.  If we could change one thing about our current state of affairs in America, I vote for accountability in the media.  In this age of techonology, many facts reported by the MSM can be instantaneously verified for accuracy.  Are there no MSM reporters that see the consequences of their manipulative actions?  They left poor Obama defensless against the facts!

  • DOOM

    Good luck waiting for the media to be ashamed.  They still think they’re unbiased. 

  • venter

      Why he needed prepping?
    answer,  No teleprompter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Alden514

      BWAHAHAHAHAHA!  How did I miss THAT one?!?!

  • venter

    We are in agreement.  Obama could have been blowing bubbles on the stage on 10/02.  The  MSM  is there for him  and he had no fear about what would be reported  Also “Mr. Teleprompter” wasn’t with him and it made MSM’S job harder.  Maybe I am too cynical but could he have known about the unemployment numbers and the calulation changes?    Therefore he knew something  good was in the works for today 10/05.!!!!!  He didn’t  have to study hard.   I quess I am over thinking. ( Ohhhhhhhhhh   WAS it the video that caused  the riots in the middle east?  Has that been corrected?? )  Obama’s performance during the debate did make me  happy because  sooooooo  many  people  watched it and many had their eyes opened.  Perhaps they saw our president more clearly. 

  • wally

    The lack of media “pushing” this administration is part of the reason Obama did so badly in the debate. He has been spoiled by the MSM into thinking that if he says it, it will not be challenged. Welcome to the real world Mr. President!

    • Wheels55

      Exactly what I was thinking. Doing the popular kid’s homework for him does not make Mr. Popular do well on exams. It is final exam time and Odumbo is failing.

      • Alden514

        I don’t even understand his “prepping” thing.  As President of the United States for nearly four full years, don’t you think he should KNOW the issues?  Oh, what am I thinking–it’s hard to attend briefings and focus on issues when you’re out playing golf!

      • Deny916

        Let’s just hope he flunks out in November!!!!!