The Mystery Continues — A Tale of Two Polls

This is a tale of two brand new polls.   If you think you’re confused now, wait till you read this.

One poll, of registered voters, was conducted by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News.  It shows President Obama with a lead of six points over Mitt Romney, 49 to 43 percent nationwide.  Last month the president led by only three percentage points.

Good news for President Obama.

The other poll, of likely voters, was conducted by Rasmussen Reports.  It shows Romney ahead by three percentage points, 47 to 44.

Good news for Romney.

According to Rasmussen, 64 percent of those polled say they think government should cut spending to jump start the economy, a position more in tune with Romney than the president.  Only 21 percent favor more government spending.

Rasmussen also reports that, “The data clearly shows why the president’s ‘you didn’t build that’ comments have created such a furor. Seventy-seven percent (77%) of voters believe that small business owners work harder than others. Seventy-two percent (72%) believe those who start businesses are primarily responsible for the success or failure of their own business. Most also believe that entrepreneurs create more jobs than either government programs or big business.”

Back to the WSJ/NBC News Poll:  Only 27 percent of voters think the economy will improve over the next year.

Very bad news for Barack Obama; potentially very good news for Mitt Romney.

And according to the Web site DC Decoder, “That’s down eight points from last month. And that level of economic pessimism is very dangerous for an incumbent.  In fact, it seems almost incredible – the political equivalent of defying gravity – for Obama to have gained ground in the horse race even as Americans’ views on the economy have grown increasingly, alarmingly, sour.

“The question is whether Obama can continue to defy gravity like this all the way to November. Given the strikingly strong levels of dislike for Romney – who trails Obama by 20 points on likability in the poll – the president may still be able to stay on top. But we can’t imagine it will continue to be this easy.”

Rasmussen also has some interesting numbers regarding Electoral College votes.

He says Romney has 167 in the “safe” category; 3 in the “likely category” and 21 “leaning” to Romney.  That adds up to 191 electoral votes.

President Obama has 180 in the “safe” category; 27 in the “likely” category; and 40 “leaning” in his direction.  That comes to 247.

One hundred electoral votes are too close to call.  It takes 270 to win.

Anyone who thinks either candidate is going to blow the other guy away isn’t paying attention.

What I find troubling is that the election will come down to those who are still undecided.  You know, the people who will get plenty of face time on television telling us how torn they are.  Be assured that no journalist will report an indisputable fact:  that these undecided will never be confused with anyone smart.

Do they say to themselves, “Let’s see, on the one hand we have one of the most liberal politicians in ages running for re-election – someone I don’t believe is doing much to help the economy.  On the other hand, we have a businessman who I think will do a better job handling the economy and putting people back to work but I don’t really like him.  My oh my, who should I vote for?”

If you like Obama, fine.  If you like Romney, fine. But anyone who can’t decide between two very different candidates at this late date should not be allowed to vote.

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  • bbf

    The person you call “a liberal politician” complicit in the deaths of more Africans than any President in recent history. A “liberal” politician does not increase the
    use of predatory drones by over 700%…nor does a “liberal” politician have no compunction or regrets in assassinating American citizens….or thousands of innocent men, women and children in Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, Somali…..

    One of thousands.

  • Joseph Dupont

    America will be lucky to survive the first 4 years of Obama. God knows what he will try in his second 4 !  Read his theisis on Russia and now he is ready to drop our nuclear shield.  He is a mad man. I imagine that if the military  sees him as a threat to this country they will put Biden in. scary

  • CentralScruntinizer

    Rasmussen has two phases, a combo that seems to be a winner for their bottom line.  They spend the first 12-15 months of a national polling cycle as the conservative outlier, giving Fox News friendly data that buoys the right.  About twelve weeks out, they “adjust” their data to come into line with the median of the other polls, which often lead to them going from being the most innaccurate to the most accurate coming down the home stretch.   Watch for a ‘correction’ to take place around September.

    That said, there are definitely polls that shade to the left as well  – Pew is one, which makes their ten points and expanding Obama lead very suspect as well.   Oversampling of Dems may be to blame. 

    I know that most on this board will find the dreaded NYT a bogieman, but Nate Silver of their 538 blog does the best break downs of the numbers, analysis and predictions.  He was on the money with Obama in 2008, the 2010 tea party surge, and called Scott Walker holding Wisconsin from about 9 weeks out.   

  • Brian H

    The other interesting Rasmussen #, is the Approval Index  — Strongly Approve minus Strongly Disapprove. It’s at -21 at the moment.  And the Strongly Disapprove is 46% of the voters!! They are all very likely to vote, while the Approve vote is soft. 

  • floridahank

    Polls are totally worthless.  Depending on the makeup of your group,  how the questions were worded, all make the outcome to be as expected.  When I took statistics we  were
    warned that all the elements involved in any poll or survey must be as neutral and
    unbiased as possible, or otherwise the results would be dishonest and worthless if one is truly after the truth.   So since most of the media and news agencies are leftist, their
    polls should be ignored.
    Get on the ‘net and read a variety of political sites — pro and con– and you’ll come to a closer understanding of what’s really happening.

    • James King

      Here, here. I hope people will listen to you but I fear some will not. I think those who will not listen are leftist and rightist (I know there is no such word) who know what you said is true but are committed to SELLING untruth, not realizing that if there is a complete takeover, all who helped it along will not be at the top and then the truth will hit them too late. The rest of us know it is BS.

  • Brushfour

    I’m still waiting for the GOP convention, post Olympics period of this election season. This is when things will really heat up. Right now Romney has lost some of his momentum, particularly in the swing states.  He’s dropped back a few points and Obama has regained his lead in the State by State polling.  Rasmussen however has Romney now up by 5 points nationally.   Romney is going to have to turn on both engines now starting in the next two weeks.  We’ll see what kind of bump he’ll get.  No matter how down you get at times, you can’t argue that Romney is smart good looking, articulate candidate who’s actually kept himself in a very good position to win.

  • terry


  • Lt Live

    Obams’s Greed and Cronyism Vs. Romney’s Self Reliance and Integrity. Simple Choice.

  • Dave O’Connor

    In a country where so many people brag about being bi-polar; I’m left seeing these studies as being ‘bi-pollar’.  Social-climbing elitists vote one way – – – until they vote the other way (as in “being for it before I was against it”).
    The vote will not be about anything more than bragging rights: feeling vs. thinking;right or wrong be damned.

  • Venter

    When I was told I had cancer I had to find a surgeon who could do the best job for the fast growing and not to often see cancer.   Like our economy!  The surgeon I picked had a personality that I had difficulty with.   I wasn’t sure I liked him . however, I felt he was the best for the job.  Twenty years later I still  thank this doctor and twenty years from now I’d like to thank Mitt.  Mitt now that the job is done work on you act.  I told the doctor “job well done . Now work on your bed side manner” (true Story) 

  • Haroldpjaffe

    Its very simple. Those that care for Romney will stay with him regardless. Those that want Obama and his way of  life will go that way. Simple. All these adds wont change anyones mind.

  • FloridaJim

    We do not have all the detail in the polls. In the poll showing Obama leading it turns out the poll writers skewed the statistics to favor Obama , just like the unemployment number crunching. I can’t trust Obama in his speeches nor in any numbers he presents. 

  • Fred

    And, by the way, expect this conclusion to be making the rounds on the MSNBC’s of the world as evidence of the conservative’s ferver to suppress the vote.

  • Fred

    Come on! Should not be allowed to vote? What if they’re waiting to research the candidates’ positions on the issues until the weeks before the election, the equivalent of cramming for a test? This is one of the few times I disagree with you, Bernie.

  • Dave Koffer

    I believe the Rasmussen poll, PERIOD!!!!!!!

  • Laboola2001

    As we all know, testing knowledge or intelligence to determine ones eligibility to vote is no longer legal. That being said…….we, the decided, should be showing the undecided how we walk our walk and talk our talk. Oh wait! That won’t work. Undecideds are probably not smart enough to reason those scenarios out. Focus needs to be on the under 40 voter. Dare them to dream about what their lives would be like in 20 or 30 years. If any one of them can tell me that their hopes of owning a home, having a career and really living the American Dream will come true, I would tell them they are unrealistic. I am 50 yrs old and unemployed due to illness, home in foreclosure and truly living like nothing I have experienced before. Basically one step from being in a box under a bridge somewhere. With all of that, I still cannot espouse Obama’s ideals. I am a hand up, not hand out person…and cannot get any help. I have worked since the age of 18. This is my first experience with this type of living. I have too much. This is what “the Great Society” and all of the politicians who have fed us this stuff has done for us. My taxes have kept someone else in the manner/manor to which they are now accustomed.

    • James King

      Hey, just a note from one who is 73. Your next-to-last sentence should read—this is what the Great Society and all of the politicians who have fed us this stuff has done TO us, not for us.

      Am sorry to hear your situation. Have heard it from several other people, but at least you seem to have your head on straight. The Starting Point this year is to defeat Obama. But after that it is to defeat both political parties and restore the American dream which is freedom, and at this point I want to plug a book that I have nothing to do with except having read it several times.

      The title is, Restoring the American Dream by Robert Ringer. It was re-issued a couple of years ago and it is a text book how to cure our immoral politics. And don’t be confused by the word, immoral. It does not mean what you might think.

      The book was a best seller in 1979. It was a book that like that tired old saying says, changed my life because it led me to other books and so on. If you haven’t read or heard of it get a copy when you can. I was so influenced that after a time when books stop selling and stores want to unload their stock, RESTORING was put on a sale table at Krocks & Brentano’s in Chicago for $1.00. I bought all they had, which was about 3 dozen, and gave them away.

      I still live in the Chicago area, and have thought about that purchase many, many times. If you get a copy, old or the re-issued one, I hope you will get as much as I got from mine. It led me to Ayn Rand. If you don’t know who she was, find out. I was so influenced by her that I have told people that she is the second greatest American behind Washington, and she was from Russia.

      Okay. Didn’t mean to preach, but I hope your situation improves and I hope you don’t go over to the dark side because of it. Let’s defeat Obama this year, and then start listening to the Libertarian Party candidate. They are the only one other than the Repubs and Dems to be on the ballot in all 50 states. At least that was the situation as I last recall it. Obama must be defeated, or we can change the  name of the country to the United Socialist States of America. We’re almost there anyway, what with Illinois, California, and some other states.

  • EddieD_Boston

    Hit the nail on the head Bernie. They should ask you if you’ve ever watched Jersey Shore before they give you a ballot. If they say yes give ’em a blank piece of paper to doodle on with a crayon.

    • Bob Hadley

      I’ve got a better idea.  And this might actually work.  Each state should pass a law that every voter must have a government-issued picture ID before he can vote.  And picture IDs from a state college or university should be deemed unacceptable.  NRA picture IDs would be acceptable. 

      This would thin out the throngs of voters by at least enough to give Gov. Romney an edge in the electoral college.  We’ve got to be smart if we want to get around the fundamental constutional right to vote.

      Of course  there should be a massive PR campaign about the threat of voter fraud.  I can see this working if done carefully.

      • EddieD_Boston

        You foolishly bought Holder’s line at the NAACP convention. If you had even a little bit of a clue you’d know a license to carry is an official government issued ID. A college ID is not official except at the school who gave it to their student, meaning nothing.

        Try thinking next time. Holder is vile.

        • James King

          My only comment is that you already have the highest right to carry a weapon concealed or open and do not need another. I have never understood how government control freaks have managed to usurp the highest law, the Constitution, which issues the highest right to carry a weapon. It is called Amendment 2.

        • Bob Hadley

          Your inartful evasion is hardly enhanced by your name calling.  You completely missed the point.

          Try addressing the central issue.  What Holder says is not relevant.


    I respect your right to believe as you wish, and Thanks for respecting mine.
    I certainly respect anyone’s right to believe as they wish, no matter what they believe. I will never push my religion on anyone and will never let anyone push theirs on me. Nice talking to you, be well also.


    James King,
    When you have FAITH, you don’t need proof that’s why they call it faith. I’m glad that you agree with me on everything else.

    • James King

      Faith is the word many people use to justify believing something they learned, not something that is. Faith literally means, belief without evidence. I know many people who believe this but require evidence for other things. Why this is so has always eluded me, beginning at age 10.

      So you believe without evidence, and that is your right. I will always support that right, even though many people who believe as you do will not support my right. Be well.

  • DeepSouth Dave

    Pundits have NEVER been able to predict elections.  How many landslides have been portrayed as “neck and neck” right up until the results rolled in, starting with Carter-Reagan?

    The thing is, we’re talking RomneyCare Guy vs. ObamaCare Guy — two Establishment insiders.  The fact that Obama would lose big against Any Generic Republican if the election were held today proves what a mistake it was for Republicans to let the Establishment Media anoint RomneyCare Guy as The Nominee for two years before the primaries even started, and now Republicans are sweating it out.

    The lesson should be that Republican Establishment candidates (Gerald Ford, Bob The Dull, George Herbert Walker Bush, and John McCain – who never saw a conservative back he didn’t stab) are LOSERS.

    I’m hoping voters surge to RomneyCare Guy in the end, but I don’t know.  I fear that once again we will see an Establishment candidate snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    It’s sad when a candidate’s only hope for victory is that his opponent is worse.

    • James King

      Dave, you are right. That’s why the Dems and Repubs keep the Libertarian candidate out of the debates because they know that over time, the message would sink in and would receive votes for constitutional government just like our founders.

    • EddieD_Boston

      In Mass we had a Boston Globe poll a week before the special Senste election that had Martha Coakley up 15 points.

      • Dave O’Connor

        And, I recall, Eddie, a tremendous short-called rally for Brown when Obama made a last minute campaign visit. Even Kerry got caught in the rally’s traffic. (The one where Rep. Kennedy, (RI, Hyannisport and othr re-hab sites) referred to Coakley as “Marsha”.

  • Brushfour

    C’mon Bernie,…news wise we’re in the Summer lull, the dog days of July.  As much as you and the people here have been closely following the news cycle and Mitt Romney, many Americans have not really been introduced to him yet; only certain select audiences watched the GOP debates.  If he holds off until the Convention to nominate his VP running mate, then his nightly audience will be relatively large.  Then of course there’s the Presidential Debates.  Give him a chance to get known to those who are not watching.  His favorabilities will probably rise.  The Rasmussen poll of likely voters is the accurate poll and everyone knows it.  Watch for Romney’s Convention bounce and rise in likability numbers and how they’ll affect the poll numbes in the swing states.  My prediction:  After the convention he’ll solidify his lead in Florida, increase his small lead in Virginia and Wisconsin, take a 2-3 point lead in Ohio, overtake Obama in Iowa, take a 2 point lead in Colorado, solidify his winning status in Nevada, and tie or pull within 1-2 points in New Mexico, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. 

  • Drew Page

    Liberals keep beating the “BAIN CAPITAL” drum, but I”m sure 98% 0f their target audience have no idea what Bain Capital is or was.   Those who will vote for Obama don’t really care about Romney’s money or where he keeps it.   What they really care about is the continuation of government assistance.   “Free” stuff is good and there is only one candidate promising more of it. 

  • Gerry tache

    I was unaware we Americvans voted for a president because he is likeable. Do we vote for a moron because he is likeable? Beyond all the hyperbole about likeability what is there to like about a politician who is in the process of turning America into a welfare state? He is an arrogant, pompous, egostical ultra liberal who does not have the foggiest idea of how to build jobs. He is great at expanding welfare and using organizer  rhetoric. He would be dead in the water without a teleprompter. His greatest success to date is destroying jobs, growing the number of welfare recipients, blowing the debt to unconsciable heights, exceeding the annual budget by $1.4 trillion in each of the last three years, tripling the number of Americans on food stamps since he took office, slashing the military budget, engaging in disgusting class warfare  and clueless when it comes to foreign policy.

    • asl3676

      Are you off your meds? You’re hate is showing…

  •éndez-Romero/100001373306737 Cecilio Méndez-Romero

    If you have to ask, proves you do not have what it takes to understand the answer.

  • Concernedarizonan

    If anyone needs to wake up (and start thinking for themself) it’s you.

  • George – CPA

    The polls are bias. 
    President Obama will get 90% or more of the black vote and most likely
    90% of the Hispanic vote.  And, he most
    likely will get most of the white vote in the states that count. 


    People need to wake-up and realize Governor Romney is a
    fraud!  For example, he claims he made
    the 2002 Winter Olympic Games possible. 
    But, Governor Romney fails to mention that he received from 600 million to
    1 billion from the Federal Government to fund the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in
    Salt Lake City, without which the Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympic would have been
    a dismal failure.  Governor Romney gave
    most of that money to his friends and contractors in Salt Lake, most likely all
    fellow Mormons – e.g., were bids taken on all those contracting jobs? We will
    never know because the records seem to have been destroyed by Governor Romney;
    just like the records were destroyed when Governor Romney left office in Massachusetts,
    e.g. even the computer hard drives were destroyed.  Governor Romney is as dishonest as the day is
    long.  Wake-up folks to that fact!


    President Obama inherited a mess from President George Bush
    who funded two wars on credit cards and gave over a trillion in tax breaks to
    the wealthy – those in the top 1%.  Not
    to mention the fact that millions of jobs have been outsourced and are
    continuing to be outsourced.  That is
    destroying America and the working class – the 99%.  Job outsourcing only benefits the top 1%, the
    ruling Plutocracy, the new Kings and Queens of America.  They get paid billions more in dividends
    annually because companies only have to pay 51 cents per hour for labor in
    third world countries like China.  It is
    not now nor has it ever been about corporate taxes being too high or too many
    regulations. Those are American jobs that belong in America!


    Governor Romney will continue to totally support the
    outsourcing of more jobs, just like he did at Bain Capital, which will further
    destroy America’s economy.  If the
    government would forced all companies that have outsourced jobs to bring those
    jobs back to America or get the Hades out of America, the economy would be fine
    – there would be over 20 million new jobs in America.  When are you folks going to wake up?  Job outsourcing has to stop now!


    Our poor economy has been worsened by the refusal of
    Republican and Tea Party members of Congress to pass jobs bills.  It is funny, that on June 29, 1956, President
    Dwight Eisenhower signed the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956, which was passed
    by the House with a vote of 388 to 19. If President Obama Job Act was approved
    by the House, there would be over 2 million jobs created to repair our failing infrastructure,
    and the unemployment rate would drop significantly.  But the Republican and Tea Party members –
    and apparently most of you folks – don’t want that to happen because it would
    make President Obama look too good and assure his reelection.  The Republicans and Tea Partiers hate the
    fact that a black man became President of the United States and will do
    anything to make sure he doesn’t get reelected by blocking any legislation
    proposed by President Obama.  Totally


    Just for the record, I am a white, 63 years of age, and a
    CPA – Certified Public Accountant; and, I vote independent.

    • Jinna

      I think you need to locate your brain. It must have fallen over at some point today.

      You make absolutely no sense and your comment are wrong.

      Wake up.  And please…

      Don’t vote.

      • George – CPA

        I make lots of sense.  Too bad you don’t know the facts or choose to ignore them.

        And, prove my comments wrong.  You can’t!

    • Drew Page

      Well gee, George CPA, I guess there’s no need to hold an election now, is there.    You have decided that Romney is no good and Obama is our savior.  

      You must have brown eyes George, because you are full of it.

    • EddieD_Boston

      The simple-minded don’t grasp how clueless Obama is. The rest understand he has no idea what he’s doing. None.

    • Jeffreydan

        “The Republicans and Tea Partiers hate thefact that a black man became President of the United States…”

        You just lost the argument.

      • James King

        You really do not know what you’re talking about. While I am not a Repub, what they object to is that a communist became pres. Only people like you give a shit as to his race, and that is to lay it on to others. The only people running for pres, Ron Paul and Gary Johnson, were the only ones who would honor, and obey the Constitution. As for the so-called constitutional scandal of the century, it isn’t about Obama, but the huge numbers of elected pols who do not support the Constitution. That includes you, Sir, for the founders were the first libertarians, yet the first pres. is the first person to violate the Constitution by inserting words into the presidential Oath of Office.
        They made many mistakes in crafting the Constitution which I won’t go into here. But make no mistake on your own prejudice. There is only one group of people running for office that supports and would obey the Constitution, and that is libertarians. Both Repubs and Dems despise the Constitution and spend many, many hours trying to find ways to usurp it. The sad part is that they have been successful.
        The American entitlement attitude is here to stay, and those who support it, and they are Dems and Repubs, will not violate their own self-interest and support anyone who fully supports the Constitution. As for me, I am not just a libertarian. I am also an Objectivist.

  • RedinDenver

    EXACTLY!  I always wonder, when I see a new poll, who all those undecideds could be …. People who’ve been visiting Mars for the last year or so???  If you are TRULY undecided at this point, you just either haven’t been paying ANY attention; or you have a problem with reading/audio comprehension.

    • Drew Page

      I’m 68 years old and have lived at the same address for the past 20 years.  I have never been polled.  None of the people I know and worked with ever admitted to being polled.  When is the last time some polling outfit called you to ask who you favored in an election, or what you thought of Obama’s policies or Romney?  These polling outfits must call the same 100 people every time they take a poll.

  • Ralph Hahn

    Polling results should be taken at face value until a) after the conventions and b) after the debates.  Without use of a teleprompter on stage, Romney will have the advantage AND will be on the offensive.  Americans who watch the lamestream media on the alphabet networks only see the well-dressed, polished, articulate Obama.  I just hope that the debates will only take place on the lamestream TV networks.

    • Ralph Hahn

      My last line should read “…the debates will NOT only take place…”

    • rlpincus

       Honestly, have you seen a teleprompted Romney quoting MLK when he finishes the sentence by reading and saying “End of quote.”  Kinda takes the wind out of the teleprompter talking point.

  • bearmountain

    Obama, the Imperial President—-or AMERICA—you decide!

  • concernedarizonan

    There are people out there who will vote for him for reasons other than the economy,  foreign policy, etc. They have different interests and will ignore his broken promises and history of deceit. Young people with the same lack of experience that he has shown over the last 3 1/2 years.  People relying on his ability to provide for their inability or lack of initiative will vote for him regardless of polls,
    debates or 100 million dollar campaigns.
    These people will more than likely be polled by MSNBC in October.

  • John Adams

    As a small businessman I am appalled at how people can even consider Obama and his cohorts for another term. They have wrecked our economy and if the tax and spend philosophy continues, we will be run out of business. America needs to wake up and realize that this country and small business is in trouble.

    • James King

      I agree John, but they won’t. And even if they do will the Republicans wake up and begin to honor and obey the Constitution? I don’t think so. But I do think that if you took the best of both parties, i.e., same sex marriage ok; abortion decision only that of a pregnant woman, things like that, and then you would have people who would obey the Constituion and also honor it.

      But wait, as they say on these TV commercials. We already have that presidential candidate! His name is Gary Johnson. So the biggest question unasked for for me at least is this. Why do voters only vote for Dems and Repubs? This question has plagued me for 40 years and I know the usual answers. Wasted vote; never heard of the guy, etc. I suppose the question could be rephrased to; There are only three political parties on the ballot. One of them honors the Constitution and woudl obey it. The other two candidates do not honor it, nor would they obey it. Which one will you vote for?

      As you can guess I am a libertarian. Our founders were libertarians. Many people think, me included, that if Washington had not lived there would be no America. Washington was a libertarian. Jefferson was a libertarian. But both violated the Constitution, with Washington first. But not even close to the degree it has been violated by both political parties since 1913. Washington and Jefferson would not even recognize America now.

      So that’s a short bit of my story. America does need to wake up, and I hope, John, that  you agree with what I have said, especially with your name because he too was a libertarian.

      • George – CPA

        All you libertarians are
        living in some sort of Old West fantasy world where all that is needed is Marshal
        Matt Dillon, Doc Adams, Kitty, a saloon, and a two cell jail house. 


        Your fantasy world is not
        possible in a nation of 312 million.  I
        suggest that all libertarians pool together and buy a remote small island and
        start over.  You can form your
        libertarian government and somehow build your own infrastructure and military.  You can model your libertarian society after
        the social structure in the novel “Lord of Flies.”  Good luck in your “Brave New World.”

        • James King

          George, just one question. How do you know what yhou said to me is right? Not how do you believe, but how do you know. You are like all statists. You have a good position being a CPA and must believe the party will last forever with the complete takeover by Marxist’s. You believe that force is moral. I believe just the opposite, that it is immoral, and can prove it with evidence. You cannot prove what you say with evidence, only with feelings.

          Our founders formed a libertarian government that over the years has been usurped. In some instances it was usurped by one or more of the founders, beginning with Washington, who was the first to viiolate the Constitution.

          If you are against libertarian facts you are for force. I could attempt to belittle you as you did with me with your Matt Dillon remark, but from what you wrote I think you do not have enough brain power to get it. You are against the Constitution as it was originally written. I am for it. You support force. I do not. And at the same time as you support the immorality of force you do not realize that when the takeover is complete, they will come for you income wise because they want it all. Maybe you do too, but if you are not in the power clique of the moment you will do as you are told by your masters.

    • Paul Courtney

      John:  Well, Obama keeps saying Bush and Rs wrecked it, and unfortunately the press keeps a pillow on the alarm clock that might wake folks up.  People might stir from slumber if the progressive press merely raised the question, are Obama’s and D’s policies hurting the middle class?  The press doesn’t go there because they believe a gov’t program helps people, never hurts them.  Even as we speak, the CBO is telling us that Obamacare (post-SCOTUS) will leave us with MORE uninsured, and the press can’t ignore it enough.  If there was a word for “the press ignoring something out of existence”, it would of course be a German word, like shadenheadinsandfruede.  Or maybe, just Sulzberger.

    • George – CPA

      Small businesses are needed
      in America; but, they are way overrated as to their value.

      Despite the nonsense, the majority of good
      solid jobs in America are in the large corporations; the jobs created by small
      businesses are usually pathetic and underpaid with no benefits. 

      businesses pay wages that are very low and on the most part provide very few
      benefits – most workers could work for small businesses all their lives and
      still not be able to buy a home; and, that assumes that the small businesses
      will stay in business, which most don’t.

      It is the owners that make all the money and screw the workers, just
      like in corporations. They get all the benefits and do not share in the
      profits. They get the mansions, vacation homes, two-three or more cars and
      various toys (e.g., boats, jet skis, snow mobiles) and get to throw fifty to one
      hundred thousand dollar weddings for their children and send them to the best
      schools, while the workers who make the small business owners possible get nada. 

      And, small business owners forget that without the infrastructure built by ordinary
      workers and the Federal government, small businesses could not exist.  Without the infrastructure, small businesses
      would be reduced to selling their products in the local city market.

      • Jeffreydan

          Whether or not you have hard data to back up your statements about small businesses and their owners, and for the love of God don’t consider that a challenge to provide it, you’re arguing on empty here.

          Nobody is forcing the masses to work at those small businesses, whether the conditions are good or bad. 
          If I invest my money, time, and sweat into my company, I can run it as I damn well please. If I’m stupid enough to provide no incentive for good employees to work for me, it’s my funeral.

          People like YOU forget that those businesspeople didn’t get that infrastructure for free, that they were taxed to cover its cost also, and that a great many people who DIDN’T pay for it still get to use it.
          You also appear to be unaware (or you just skipped over the fact) that the businesspeople’s taxes make the existence of gov’ts possible, and there’s no job-killer out there like a liberal-run gov’t. In recent years California’s businesspeople have been hit with excessive/baseless regulations and fees. As if that’s not enough, they constantly feel people in power breathing down their necks, looking for new ways to get more of their money. If you’re smart, you know it’s not a coincidence that California’s economy is in the crapper.
          You might also find some education by looking at Gibson Guitars’ present situation.                  

        • James King

          The key word you use is force, which everyone should be against but sadly, many are actually for. Good response.

      • Russ Henry


        You are full of sh*t!  How much is Soros paying you to write on this site?

        • James King

          Maybe Barack is paying him too.

  • rlpincus

    Bernie, relying on Rasmussen is laughable.  Every other EC poll has Obama in the 220-230 range with leads in 10 of the 12 battlegrounds.  In fact, RCP just put WI in the solid Obama camp.  Why you would rely on one or two polls in this day and age seems lazy.  Whatever.  Do some real research next time rather than look for tidbits to support a story line.

    • James King

      Rasmussen uses LIKELY voters.

    • rlpincus

       Different polls use different methods.  Watch them all and draw your own conclusions.  In this case, Bernie picked two to support his narrative.

    • Jinna

      Most poll a) Democrats and b) registered voters. You won’t get truthful results using that criteria. 

      • rlpincus

         “Truthful”?  Please.

  • MARYJOE1971

    If Obama wins, I don’t think the country can recover from his policies. We have gone downhill so far, can we climb up that hill when he is finished a second term? [Heaven Forbid] PEOPLE WISE UP, A LOT OF GOOD MEN AND WOMEN DIED FOR OUR FREEDOMS, DON’T LET THEM DIE IN VAIN.  I DON’T WANT TO LIVE IN EUROPE,

    • James King

      MaryJoe, I agree with everything you said except for God. God is an imaginary creation by a bunch of ancient people who wrote an immoral book. Just a quick example is, God supports murder and slavery. He even instructed Moses to kill a bunch of people when they were making merry with the gold Idol. Kill, right after receiving instructions not to kill.

      I know, you will be upset, but when you gather yourself look around for some evidence of the existence of God. You won’t find any. It’s a myth, like Santa and the Tooth Fairy. So he or she won’t help you get rid of Obama. That will or won’t come from voters. I hope they do, but if I were a betting man I would bet that Obama survives, but not America.

    • Jinna

      Go talk to George the accountant up above. He seems clueless to these facts.

  • Vermont Cheese

    Bernie, I luv u man, but we still have a ways to go in this election.  If the trend continues, Romney will get the undecideds.  Obama’s comment on “you didn’t build that” will haunt him.  The average American needs time to digest all this.  You media guys live in a 24/7 news cycle.  The rest of us have lives, jobs, etc.  It takes time.  So – please keep up the awareness  that Obama said this about business builders in your broadcasts on O’Reilly.  And as a starter of a small and successful business, I find Obama’s comments absolutely crazy.  He needs to be defeated for the good of the country.  He can’t hide anymore.  He is a pure European-style socialist.  

    One more point  – the “animal spirits” of this great nation are very low.  We need a change.

  • James King

    There are many more people who TECHNICALLY shouldn’t be allowed to vote, and that includes millions of voters who have decided who they will vote for. This is so because time after time they prove they don’t know a damn thing about anything important. Oh, they know how to look at a screen or use their thumbs to type, but those things are a minus on a scale of 1-10 of important things to know.

  • Jamal

    Bernie, perhaps you should have segued to our public school system.

  • Berryraymond

    I would like to see a poll of Jewish voters.  It confuses me no end at how the Jewish vote continues to go to Obama, a President who has no love what so ever for the Jewish homeland, and is the most anti-business president ever.  I know I am not that smart, where am I missing the point.

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      Jews are liberals and they vote liberal.  Blacks are liberal and they vote liberal.  Don’t confuse them with the facts, they get there butts kicked to the curb by Democrats and they get right back up and vote for Democrats.  There is no way to explain STUPID.

      • James King

        Is your first name Mike? If it is I promise I will not mention surname, but I used to know a man in Chicago who was Jewish who was as big a hater as you. And the ones he hated the most were Jews. You label all Jews and blacks as liberal, and I assure you that you are not accurate. And the things you write really do show that there is no way to explain STUPID.

        I am libertarian, and I learned to be libertarian when I learned that Dems and Repubs lie and do not honor the Constitution. I think you do not honor it too. I grew up with a hater as a father who, after telling me not to play with black kids could not understand a simple question. Why? He was like you and I feel as sorry for you as I did him. He was evil. So are you.

        • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

          I thank God everyday that I am not from Chicago.  My comment about the “Jews” was a generalization, a large majority of Jews are liberals and they vote Democrat.  What makes me a “hater” James?  You cannot say I am a “racist” because of my comments about the Clunker from Chicago – he is 50% White and 43.25% Arab and 6.75% African-Negro.  So much for the “first black President.”  That should be easy for a libertarian like yourself to understand, facts are facts.  I am a “hater” when it comes to Marxism, Communism and Radical Progressive philosophies.  I would be willing to bet that I have a hell of a lot more personal good long lasting black friends than you will ever have.  I am sorry you had to grow up with an ass_ _ _ _ for a father, bad break. 

          You make me laugh when you say you are a “libertarian” who honors the Constitution  when you show here in your comments  that you could care less about the constitutional scandal of the century.  I found the same to be true for Mr. Constitutionalist Ron Paul, he clammed up anytime anyone asked him a question about Obama’s eligibility.  He is no better than the rest of Congress who continue to ignore the scandal. 

    • soundnfury

      Sadly, most liberal Jews are more concerned about missing the next sale at Saks than celebrating the next Seder.

  • Ralph Hahn

    The WSJ/NBC News poll gives Obama a bump because of his trip to Aurora, CO. to comfort the victims and their families after the tragic kill-spree of (alleged) mass murderer Holmes.
    Those high Obama numbers will drop again, probably with the release of more bad economic news.

  • Timewarped

    You’re an idiot, take a statistic class and learn something so you don’t act like a fool

  • Timewarped

    Until Mitt and BO square off in a Debate people are not going to know who they will vote for, the people who say they know who they will vote for at this time really just know who they will not vote for.

    I will not vote for BO, he stinks! Therefore I must either vote for Mitt or not vote for either.

    These polls tell us nothing unless we are told who is polled and what the exact wording of the question was.

  • John L. Armstrong

    The nbc poll (registered voters, significantly larger democrat sampling) is meant to shape public opinion…Rasmussen (likely voters, random sampling)  is meant to reflect public opinion.

  • Julie Sturgeon

    I’m not sure those polls are accurate, either, Bernie. How did Obama make such a big leap when all the news against him has been bad, and he made a blunder that pissed off 76% of the country? I just contributed to the Romney campaign to get a t-shirt that says “I built my business, Mr. President.” I don’t even trust pollsters these days. 

    • asl3676

      Whose the fool? Contributing to a guy worth $200 mil for a cheap T Shirt….

      •éndez-Romero/100001373306737 Cecilio Méndez-Romero

         The alternative would be – voting for a guy who is stealing our rights and taking the (T) shirt of our backs!

        • asl3676

          What right is anyone stealing from you? What are you talking about?

          • James King

            One of those rights is the right to your own property. Money. That’s right, money is your property, and to force you to give it to spend on unconstitutional things amounts to slavery.

          • asl3676

            Do I understand that you believe taxation is unconstitutional? If so I’d suggest you check the constitution plus many Supreme Court rulings…Do you object to paying taxes when Republicans are in office?

          • James King

            You need to reread. I said UNCONSTITUTIONAL taxes, and yes, I object to UNCONSTITUTIONAL taxes from Repubs. I am not a Repub, I am a libertarian, just like our first pres. Also, there have been several SCOTUS rulings that have been unconstitutional. Would you like me to quote them? That’s a retorical question by the way. Both parties violate the Constitution. I am against that. But it looks like you are either for it or don’t understand the Constitution.

            If you are a lawyer, know also that many lawyers do not understand the Constitution. Let me give you an easy way. The Constitution does not mean what it does not say. It only means what it does say. And if it were subject to interpretation you would find that language in the document.

          • asl3676

            I guess you are the one who decides what’s constitutional and what’s not? let me know what country you become dictator of so I can make sure I never visit it….LOL

          • James King

            I think you either are just a complete idealog or an imbecile. As I said before, reread and you might (if you have any intelligence) that I am for constitutional government and you are not if you support Dems or Repubs. As for what is constitutional the Constitution says it all. The Constitution does not mean what it does not say. What’s so hard about that to understand? It is simple enough for a simpleton.

      • Jeffreydan

          “Whose the fool?”
          A) Someone who uses poor grammar or spelling while questioning another’s intelligence.
          B) Someone who thinks it’s somehow unusual that politicians of high personal wealth receive campaign donations.
          C) Someone who thinks Obama should be president. 

  • Paul Courtney

    Bernie:  Guess your lefty readers are sleeping in, or they’d be horrified at the notion of taking the vote from busy Americans.  People too busy to pay heed now when they can wait ’til Nov., after the new tv season is played out and the nice, long nap of MLB is done.  Gotta admit thinking this is setting off my “elitist” warning system-am I better than them because they aren’t paying attention?  These folks are almost always deciding these matters, the surprise is that it ever works!  It’s easily the worst system in the world, except for the others.  W. Churchill.

  • Cyberquill

    I happen to be very undecided. So undecided, in fact, that I probably won’t even bother to vote. But since people like me “should not be allowed to vote” anyway, I’m sure Bernie won’t mind my staying home on Nov. 6th. 

  • Bruce A.

    As I learned in statistic class years ago a poll can skewed to produce the results you want someone to hear.  Is this what we are now seeing?  Anything NBC  News is involved with I simply do not trust as unbiased.

    • J

      Of ocourse the Wall St Journal is that bastion of leftist ideals. Do you even know how that poll is constructed and that it uses both a Democratic and Republican pollster to ensure it’s down the middle? 

    • asl3676

      So you must believe the WSJ has turned into a left wing newspaper? YOu probably believe that the earth is flat and global warming is a myth…

      • Bruce A.

        You really mean the earth is not flat.

        • asl3676

          Depends whether you drive off the cliff?….LOL

        • Bob Hadley

          The hoax that the Earth is not flat has been exposed.  It’s just some scam for more research money dreamed up by pointy headed elitists.  :)

    • Allan

       This poll is not jointly done by NBC and WSJ. It is done by two hired companies, one run by a Dem, one by a Rep. Nice idea in theory. The authors bothered to balance males and females in their sample, but not party affiliation. The sample is skewed Dem. It shows us some of the strong shared feelings such as pessimism in the economy and reaction to “you didn’t build that”, but tells us nothing about the likely vote.

      • soundnfury

        You are correct. The NBC/WSJ poll skews D+6, based in part on voter turnout in 2008. In addition, polling of registered voters always favors Dems, while polling of likely voters (as practiced by Rasmussen) favors GOP candidates. This is particularly important in view of the fact that Dem enthusiasm has declined from 68% to 36% between 2008 & present, while the reverse is true of GOP voters. This will impact voter turn-out.

  • RonKean

    Bernie was the first to ‘out’ the media as being biased.  Now we’re learning about biased pollsters which not coincidentally many of which are bound to media organizations so I suppose we’ll see more conflicting polls based on the prejudice of the poll taker…meaning we’re on our own and the polls lose credibility.  

    Actually, Rasmussen is the only one I care about.

    • asl3676

      Perfect…the Fox News poll has Obama well ahead but you only believe that Scott Rasmussen is accurate…hysterical

  • J

    Let me let you guys in on a little secret. The election is over. Obama will win with over 300 electoral votes. “But wait!” you say, “all the polls are showing this to be a close race!”


    Would you watch any news coverage of the race if you knew it was a done deal? Would you read any blogs? Wouldn’t you find something else to pay attention to? Now translate that into the bottom line hit the media takes if such a thing were to happen. 

    Now you wonder why you keep hearing about how close this race is? Also ask yourself why do you keep hearing about national polls when the electoral college is all that matters? You guys need to read 538, where the statistical analysis Nate Silver uses shows pretty conclusively that Obama is the clear favorite to win at this stage. InTrade as well. 

    I’ve learned to ignore what the pundits predict on TV and in print. They are biased towards keeping themselves relevant in times like this. GO to the #’s and only look at them. Any sane, sober analysis of them reveals Obama is the clear favorite at this stage and unless something dramatic happens between now and Nov, he’ll be your President another 4 years. 

    • Donnalenihan1

      Obama will continue to hang himself along the way and I hope for our country he loses.

    • Julie Sturgeon

      Propaganda at its finest. Those numbers are NOT in Obama’s favor. That’s why the polls baffle us. 

      • asl3676

        You seem easily baffled?

    • Miltspilk-3

       You’re scaring me.

    • asl3676

      If Obama is President for four more years I predict there will be a spike in the stocks of mental institutions as right wingers and Fox News viewers go off the deep end….I guess they will have to blame anti-mormon bigotry and MSM influence for Romney’s loss….

      • Jeffreydan

          Looks like ‘clunker’s affliction has spread to you, except your obsession is about Fox News.

          I almost feel sorry for you.  

        • James King

          Me too!

  • RCamsore

    The people who are still undecided are oblivious of politics and the gravity of the situation we are in. Most of them won’t care any more the closer we get to Nov. 6 and either won’t vote or will choose with eeny meeny miney mo. SAD

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    It will not be long before Mr. Goldberg throws me under the bus.  These folks do not like to be challenged by the everyday guy in the street, we are not worthy of consideration and in their own little world and/or circle of good ole boys they fear this kind of truth.  I can understand some of their skepticism in that they are baffled that a man can rise to power, sit next to the “nuclear football”  and get away with such a scandal.  They have no one else but themselves to blame, they failed all of us by not vetting this guy.  At this moment in times the only true PATRIOTS left are all those brave men and women who have placed targets on their backs by simply exposing the evidence that was available to them.  All they have been asking is a LITTLE help from JUST ONE investigative journalist who has access to a media platform to break this scandal out of dark and into the living rooms of the American citizens.

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    People are paying attention Mr. Goldberg, the folks in the Conservative media are not reporting on the scandal of the century, which would also create a Constitutional scandal.  We expect the Liberal media not to report on the scandal, they have been keeping track of the amount of thrills running up their pants and dresses when the President performs.  If folks like Mr. Goldberg would grab pull O’Reilly aside and show him the massive amount of evidence that shows Barack Hussein Obama is using an April 27th, 2011 computer generated forged birth record (according to Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his large investigative team there is no longer “probable cause” to believe the document is a forgery, it has now been shown to be 100% a forgery) and it makes it to Fox, Obama’s poll numbers dive into the tank.

    It would also be quite easy to prove that Obama fraudulently registered with the Selective Service, someone tampered with a postal stamp taking a FOUR digit number and made it a TWO digit number, changing the “08” to an “80” leaving a TWO digit stamp when ALL others used at that time were FOUR digit numbers.  Bingo, a fraudulent registration.

    The SS# is also easy to prove to be a fraudulent number.  It was flagged a number of times by E-Verify.  The SS Admin said they never issued the disputed number to Barack Hussein Obama.  That is not true, the number appears on Obama’s Income Tax returns and Real Estate papers in Chicago.

    I have written hard copy letters and emails Fox News contributors with this same information and with web pages to back up the accusations.  Many, many Republican members of Congress have the same information with much more detail.  The FBI has all the information.  Doug Vogt, a document expert sent the FBI every detail about the forged Birth Certificate.  The SILENCE is disgusting.  

    • Bob Hadley

      Have you read Mariness’ book on President Obama yet as you said you would?  If so, let’s hear your analysis of what Mariness said about where President Obama was born.

      Granted, you “know” he’s a liar, brainwashed, a coward and/or a patsy.  You “know” that as soon as you hear that he says the evidence shows President Obama was born in Hawaii.  But let’s hear a specific and detailed analysis as to what Mariness actually says.

      • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

        If you are going to read Mariness’ book you should have no qualm about reading Dr. Jerome Corsi’s book.  Compare the two and lets see who has the most documented evidence.  Corsi has been doing investigative work for a long, long time. 

        Lord Charles Monckton has evaluated the Sheriff Joe Arpaio evidence, gave it to experts he has been associated with for decades and they determined that the April 27th document is a forgery.  He believed it was so convincing that he wrote a 20 page analysis which he gave to the Brits to prepare them for a possble scandal developing. 

        Frank Gaffney also believes the document is a forgery.  So sitting back and calling me “crazy” and in need of “meds” or of being over zealous is just not true.  All I want is for this usurper to be investigated by Congress.  He is sitting next to the “nuclear football” for crying out loud.  Shame on all of you. 

        • Bob Hadley

          Clever ruse, but no cigar.  Again, have you read Mariness like you said you would?  If so, what is your specific and detailed response to what he says about pres. Obama’s birth.

    • J

      Dude, you’re on the 9/11 Truther level now. Here’s the problem. They have more “evidence” of a scandal than you do. 

      • RonKean

        You’re wrong.  There’s no comparison.

        • Bob Hadley

          Have you read some of the theses concluding that 9/11 was an inside job?  Some are loaded with foot notes, citing various so-called experts as well as a wide array of so-called circumstantial evidence.

          It just shows that any crank can dress-up almost any conspiracy theory to look respectable from a distance.  It’ only when a knowledgeable person gets closer to the theory that it falls apart.

          • RonKean

            Bob, Don’t start with this again.  Don’t talk about knowledgeable people.  You’re in way over your head.  A recent article in American Thinker was written by:

            Mara Zebest is a graphic artist and co-author for a number of Adobe product books including the Inside Photoshop series, which typically exceeded 1,000 pages and was published in at least ten different languages around the world.  Ms. Zebest is also tech editor for numerous books for both Adobe and Microsoft products and has worked closely with the Cold Case Posse (CCP) for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) in providing evidence on Obama’s forged birth certificate.Read more:

            This has been argued too much in Bernie’s blog already.  There’s no comparison period.  Drop it.

          • Bob Hadley

            I’m just continuing the topic you’re on.  

             Are you aware of all the prominent engineers from our finest Universities cited by the 9/11 Truthers to show that the WTCs and the so-called building 7 could not have crumbled due to airliners slamming into the WTCs??????????  Are you going to question all these prestigious experts???????  There’s every comparison.
            President Obama’s long form was obviously in a binder of some sort that was brought out of storage from the Hawaii’s Dept of Health and placed on a copier without being taken out of the binder.  Haven’t you ever made a copy from a book by placing the book open-faced over the copier?
            Are you calling the journalists who said they saw the hard copy of President Obama’s certified long form BC liars?  Are you also calling Hawaii’s Republican governor (former Governor Linda Lingle) and the head of Hawaii’s Dept. of Health, who certified that President Obama’s  short form COLB – the legal BC for the State of Hawaii – is authentic, liars?

            Are you calling a then journalist at the Honolulu Star-Bulletin a liar when she relayed a story (that she wrote to her father about shortly after President Obama’s birth in August of 1961) that “Stanley had a baby!”  This of course refers to President Obama’s mother – Stanley Ann Obama.  It created quite a buzz not only because of his mother’s name but because she was white and the father was black.  Even in liberal Hawaii back in those days, this turned heads.  Hawaii had even fewer black back then. 

            Why were birth notices entered in Honolulu’s daily newspapers shorlty thereafter (as was common practice then)?  Even if President Obama were born abroad he’s still be an American citizen.  Oh yes!!!  Now, I know.  The plot to make him president someday was hatched – pun not intended – the moment he was not born.

            I know, facts don’t matter to you.  You seem petulent that someone would question you.  If not, why haven’t you told that Sendtheclunkerbacktochicago guy to drop it?  He continually  raises the issue out-of-the-blue.

            If Bernie bans me from this website, that’s his business.  Until then, however, I will use my Bernie-given right to respond to whatever and whomever I wish on this website.  :)

          • ph16

            Good points Bob, the thing is that the birthers have already decided that they’re 100% right and nothing anyone says or any evidence shown to them will convince them otherwise. Just like the 9/11 inside job theory. Honestly, this whole “birther” thing has become an obsession and a waste of time if you ask and trust me, I’m no fan of Obama. I just think it’s pointless to go into this any further since tons of evidence has been shown that Obama was born in Hawaii, if anyone wants to nail the President, nail him on his policies. Don’t waste any time on this, since it’ll lead to nowhere good.

          • Bob Hadley

            I agree with you  that we should have a robust and honest debate on the REAL issues.

          • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

            Sure would like to see the TONS of evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii.  There is just as much circumstantial evidence showing Obama may have been born in Kenya.  I don’t know where he was born, I don’t think he has proven anything. 

          • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

            Bob, mine and yours birth certificate are more than likely in a binder.  When they pull them out and put it on a copy machine and copy it you do not get 8 to 9 layers.  This Obama document was a piss poor computer generated forgery.  Nothing difficult to prove.  They have proven it and no one seems to give a crap.  As I said many times if this was associated with a rich white Mormon Republican  it would be 24/7 news coverage unti the man resigned from the campaign and you know it. 

            The physical address on the two birth announcements contained the wrong address for either of the Obamas.  Hell, no Obama ever lived anywhere near those addresses.  A college professor,his wife and three children lived there.  So Bob, you will use this as proof.  Good god almighty.  How does one deal with someone as gullible as a Bob Hadley. 

             Governor Abercrombie couldn’t find a document and he promised to find one to end the scandal.  Hell, he is as liberal as anyone on that island.   So Bob  someone is lying! 

            There was no conspiracy Bob, there are just three fraudulent documents.  If you want to make it a conspiracy that was birthered back in the 1960s you are just showing your ignorance. 

            If he was born abroad Bob than the many lied through his teeth and that should drive him off the Democrat ticket.  If he lied about his birth than it is more than likely he fraudulently with the Selective Service and has been using a fraudulent SS#.  They all go hand in hand. 

            If Obama was born in Kenya and his Daddy was a Kenyan there is no way in hell that he would ever survive an investigation like John McCain went through to prove he was a “natural born cituzen.” 

          • nameless

             you and your racist Sheriff Joe Apario who will let children of illegals get sexually molested and not investigated. I bet he wants to purify America and get rid of the black president in the white house and Mexicans. Joe Apario and you and the birthers are just a bunch of Hitlers and racists who don’t want a black man in the White House and would lynch him, his wife, and his children if given the opportunity.

          • Bob Hadley

            You keep ignoring the fact that Pres. Obama’s so-called long-form  BC is not the legal of official BC in the State of Hawaii.  Again, check the Hawaii Revised Statutes and the Hawaii Dept. of Health regs.

            The long-forms BC   are NOT available to people born in Hawaii.  It’s kept at the Dept. of Health as records, apparently bound up.  Pres. Obama’s personal atty had to fly out to Honolulu and get a special waiver to get Pres. Obama’s long-form.

            The “short-form” COLB is what we Hawaii born use to show our birth info.  Again, check the applicable Hawaii state laws and regs and the Full Faith and Credit clause of the COTUS.

            I was born in hawaii adn have never seen my long-form BC.  I didn’t even know what a long-form BC was bbefore all this. 

            I got my passport with my short-form.  The short-form is used in court when someone’s birth info is at issue (e.g. paternity or adoption cases). 

          • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

            Bob, they told the world that what they posted on the WH web page was a copy of his “long form birth certificate.”  The copy turned out to be a computer generated forgery with many layers.  What is so difficult to understand.  Why the necessity to show a forgery?  The “long form” has been made available to people after Hawaiian officials said that they were not, that was part of the Arpaio press conference.  It is obvious that you did not watch the 1st or 2nd Arpaio press conference, all the comments you posted above were covered in those press conferences, especially in the second press conference where they determined that the BC was no longer suspicious but indeed a forgery.  It is criminal now. 

            If there was no need for a “long form” Obama would have never attempted to present a “long form.”  As it turned out the “short form” was also a forgery. 

            We will soon find out that Obama’s SS# is also fraudulent.  Susan Daniels will win her lawsuit in Ohio.  What will you say then Bob?  The Washington Times will eventually get to the bottom of the Selective Service scandal also and what will you say to that?  All these point in ONE direction, the man is a fraud, a felon and more than likely a usurper.  None of it has anything to do with a “conspiracy.”  

            Do you think it these accusations were being associated with the rich white Mormon Republican that it would be ignored?  The truth please?  I know your answer and all I am saying is why isn’t the conservative media exposing this?

            Jack Cashill is a well respected investigative journalist and he has thoroughly examined the Arpaio evidence and he is convinced there is fraudulent documents.  Lord Charles Monckton is a well respected Brit who worked in the Margret Thatcher government and he examined the document and determined that it is a forgery.  Frank Gaffney thinks the document is a forgery.  Below is an recent article by Diana West and she slams the media for not investigating this scandal.  


          • Bob Hadley

            Hey Clunker,
            I’ll explain this one more time. The Hawaii long-form BCs are bound and stored at the Hawaii Dept. of Health. President Obama’s lnog-form BC was obviously not taken out of the binder when it was copied.

            The long-form BC is not the leal or the official BC in the State of Hawaii.

            President Obama, through his attorney, obviosly obtained the necessary waiver to get his long-form BC to try to quell the drumbeat about his date and place of birth. Too many idiots were clamering that his short-form was inadequate and/or fraudulent.

            How many times do i have to tell you? Don’t take my word for it, confirm what i said for yuorself. Do some primary research. Don’t rely on demagogues like Corsi.

            You’re obviously ignoring anything that flies in the face of your paranoid fantasy.

          • Bob Hadley

            Hey Clunker, 

            I’ll explain this one more time.  The Hawaii long-form BCs are bound and stored at the Hawaii Dept. of Health.  President Obama’s lnog-form BC was obviously not taken out of the binder when it was copied.

            The long-form BC is not the leal or the official BC in the State of Hawaii.

            President Obama, through his attorney, obviosly obtained the necessary waiver to get his long-form BC to try to quell  the drumbeat about his date and place of birth.  Too many idiots were clamering that his short-form was inadequate and/or fraudulent.

            How many times do i have to tell you?  Don’t take my word for it, confirm what i said for yuorself.  Do some primary research.  Don’t rely on demagogues like Corsi.

            You’re obviously ignoring anything that flies in the face of your paranoid fantasy. 

      • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

        “J” have they conducted a criminal investigation for 11 months and then posted presented the evidence in two separate Press Conferences and making charges like “the birth record is 100% a forgery.”  There is not one legitimate source that has been able to prove anything about a conspiracy in the 911 attack.  Sheriff Joe is not calling anything a “conspiracy.”  All he has done is proven that the April 27th birth document is a forgery and that it is more than likely that Obama’s Selective Service registration was fraudulent.  They have the damn paperwork to work with “J”.  Susan Daniels has the hard copy paperwork to prove that Obama’s SS# is fraudulent.  The number was flagged by E-Verify.  Three documents, three fraudulent situations, if you want to call it a “conspiracy” your on your own buddy. 

    • asl3676

      I believe that this person needs to get back on his or her medication…either that or stop watching Fox News…its damaging to the brain..

      • ph16

        I doubt Fox is damaging to the brain unless you count hearing both sides of an issue “damaging”, but that said, clunker’s obsession with this “birther” thing is scary. Like I said, no evidence anyone gives him/her or any other “birther” for that matter will do since they’ve already decided that Obama was born in Kenya and they’re sticking to it.

        • asl3676

          If you believe Fox gives you both sides of the issues you must be watching a different channel than I am….That’s like telling me that CBN gives you the jewish point of view…LOL

          • ph16

            Maybe you’re just reading what media matters tells you about Fox. There are plenty of liberals on Fox who give both sides of the view which leads to some good discussion, at least I think.

          • asl3676

            The “liberals” on Fox are paid to sit there while they are beaten up by the host and the other panel member(s)….I wouldn’t mind getting well paid to take a beating but it’s more of a circus than a debate…

          • ph16

            That’s a matter of opinion, it’s certainly a bit faster paced than other debates, but generally (not always, I admit). Why do you put “liberals” in quotation marks? Does every liberal have to be as crazy an ideologue as Al Franken or Michael Moore to a liberal to you? I’m curious.

          • Bob Hadley

            While there is some good debate on FNC, the liberals are generally drowned out and cut-off before they make an imp. point.  Sometimes they just don’t stand up for themselves.

            But, perhaps most imp. is the agenda. The topic for discussion usually is one that makes liberals defensive, e.g. did President Obama really think that businessmen play no role in their own success, have the Obama people taken Gov. Romney’s “I like firing people” comment out of context, dod President Obama make an apology tour………

          • ph16

            Well just because they make liberals defensive, does that mean those aren’t valid subjects that are worth discussing? Surely you would agree that just because a subject makes conservatives defensive, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be discussed. That said, I do agree with you on the interrupting and cutting off is annoying at times. I mean it’s one thing if the speaker is droning on for a long time and is obviously trying to dodge the question, but  it’s another to cut off someone and drown them out because you disagree with what they’re saying. I understand that time is limited on these shows and that it can be hard to tell when to jump in and rebutt someone’s point, but I do agree it gets annoying even if I agree with the person. I remember Bernie calling Bill out on this a couple of years ago in his segement after the Ingraham-Rangel shootout and I wish he would do that again. Bernie is really one I could see doing it since he seems to be about civility no matter what the politics may be because I notice Bill interrupts him constantly too to name an example. That said, I apologize for rambling and if I have error-ed in some way or misunderstand something.

          • James King

            O’reilly would actually prefer no guests. His program is all about him, but he and the Fox people are wise enough to know that he would not  be popular going it alone. And another thing about them that is smart. At the start and at the end he thanks people for watching.

          • Bob Hadley

            What?????????????????  You’re actually saying that O’Reilly ‘s hard work and talent is not responsible for his success??????????

            Shame on you.  You must be an evil socialist!  You must want the destruction of the American Way.

            Just kidding……..:)

        • Bob Hadley

          To be truly informed you have to get your news from a variety of sources and peice together the true story.  Of course that assumes you have the time and the inclination.

          • ph16

            Absolutely right, that’s why I would never recommend anyone just getting their news from commentators whether on FOX or MSNBC. But from a variety of sources like you said which does include ABC, NBC, and CBS from straight news reports, not commentary which many people confuse as news.

          • ph16

             And I’m sorry if I made it sound like that FOX was the end of all of news sources which it’s not.

          • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

            Can you give me one main stream media source (including Fox) where they have given anyone a platform to prove that Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery, or that his SS# is fraudulent or that his Selective Service registration was fraudulent.  Just ONe ph16, JUST ONE. 

          • ph16

             That reply was to Bob’s comment not yours.

          • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

            Exactly and you would be very surprised at how in depth the Arpaio investigation was.  

        • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

          You have not one shred of evidence to disprove the April 27th birth record is legitimate.  In fact the evidence is overwhelming that proves it is indeed a forgery.  I do not no where Obama is born and neither do you.  If you know please show us a document that is not a forgery.  There is plenty of circumstantial evidence that proves Obama may have been born in Kenya.  In his own words given to his publicist back in 1991 he said he was born in Kenya.  Obama has also said he was born in Hawaii.  Which is it ph16?  I am open to any proof that shows Obama’s April 27th document is legitimate.  Anything, please give it up. 

      • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

        You cannot show one shread of evidence that proves Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his amazing team of patriotic investigators are wrong.  He has proven that the April 27th document is a forgery.  If that doesn’t bother you it is you who has been seduced by the people who really don’t care what this usurper has been doing.  Shame on you!  It will be a pleasure watching you squirm if this usurper gets another 4 years. 

        • asl3676

              I’m an attorney not a psychic…If Arpaio has anything of substance he can go to a court of law. By the way, I don’t care where Obama or Romney were born…why do you?

          • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

            Mr (Mrs) Attorney, does the Constitution say that the POTUS has to be a “natural born citizen?”  If yes, than I guess we would need to know who his parents (plural) were, whether or not they were American citizens (plural) when he was born and whether or not he was born in the United States.  The left wing birthers demanded that John McCain prove his “natural born citizen” status, someone must have cared since there was eventually a Senate debate about it and a resolution was the result.  Are you sure you are an attorney?  Do you have any clients, perhaps Barack Hussein Obama may be looking for one. 

      • Jeffreydan

          You’re obviously suffering from Fox Derangement Syndrome. If you were to give up CNN, MSNBC, HuffPo, and the rest of the hard-left crap, your symptoms (obnoxiousness, inability to debate) would go away.  

  • jtosullivan


    The American people are beginning to understand that the tragedy
    masquerading as our president is a self-absorbed, arrogant, narcissistic, and inexperienced
    empty suit. In just 3 1/2 years we have discovered how shallow this man is.
    Today, the United States’ stature in the world has been diminished due to no cogent Foreign Policy…additionally we have no Energy Plan,  no Immigration Plan, no Deficit Plan, and no workable Healthcare Plan…What we do have is
    paralysis and chaos… an administration that makes law, ignores court orders, appoints
    unelected people who, without oversight, make important decisions which will
    affect our lives for generations…the  intrusion
    into our lives is enormous.  Americans
    know, if only instinctively, that Obama has failed and we must change course.  Barack Obama will be a one term president!

  • Debra

    of coarse they want ppl to believe these polls are not bias in any way…the most important poll will be on Nov 6

  • Ray Raney

    Like I have said on this site before. The lame media only mindlessly reports the headlines. You have to look at the sample, the method of survey, and the margin of error. You tell me how you want the poll to come out, I can construct a poll sample that will give it to you.

    In the case of the nbc/wsj poll, the sample was skewed for the democrats. D+11% in the sample. You ask more democrats, and what would you expect the result to be?

    The bigger story is the active participation of the ‘news’ reporters creating a narrative for the candidate of choice.

    Why cant the ‘reporters’ just cover what the candidates are saying and doing?

    And holding out your vote for a sweetener from a candidate is perfectly legitimate.

  • philips66

    The NBC/WSJ poll over sampled dems by +11 which will never happen. Last month I think it was dems +9. This explains the increased lead for Obama. 

    Not sure about the other one.

    • Royalsfan67

       Rasmussen usually polls about 1.5% more republicans. Probably closer to the real sample that will be voting this fall