The NYT Versus The White House on a Tea Party Story

  • David

    Just think about how different this country would be if the press covered a story giving the reader all the facts about both parties. Giving a true and honest account of our goverment. Really looking out for the people and how our hard earned money is spent. If they would only trust “we the people” to make decisions on our own and not thinking of us as children who need to be protected from the truth because we might make the wrong choice, ( ie. one the press didn’t agree with).

  • Elias

    I totally agree……..!
    And by the way, I am Republican, and marched with the Tea party people to Congress last time…!

  • Jim Burke

    Bernie, always enjoy your views. You’re correct the Tea Party is bigger than either the R’s or the D’s suspect. I’ve never been a joiner but I do participate with the Tea Party and support their candidates.
    Continue to keep O’Reilly honest!!