The Precious ‘Undecideds’…They’re Getting Real Tiresome

My puzzlement with undecideds first evolved to irritation, then to frustration. Now, finally, I’ve had enough of them and their falsifications, wishy-washiness, ignorance and pseudo intellectualism.

Just who are these undecideds?

First, there are the fakers, the devious liars who, for whatever reasons, simply lie about their political loyalties. Not much analysis required here. Dishonest people do dishonest things.

Second, we have the valueless.

Two candidates are running for president. One, at best, is an ultra-progressive, more likely a socialist. The other is the consummate capitalist. The first emerged with a government-centric world outlook, gaming the system for political and financial advantage. The second, who when handed a silver spoon at birth, promptly gave the inherited wealth to charity and then proceeded to make his own fortune.

The first candidate has a world view where the US is an equal among the mediocre. The second believes in American exceptionalism, and the force for good our country has been and should be.

Any comparison between the candidates presents the starkest contrast in modern political history. How can a voter be undecided at this point two weeks before the election?

I proffer that these undecideds have no core values or belief systems; if they did, they would not be undecided. Their vote is decided on whims…body language, a candidate’s wife, the color of a tie…God only knows.

Third, we have the clueless.

For those who are not political junkies, perhaps indecision was explainable three months ago, maybe even until the debates. However, ignorance is no longer an excuse. Information is everywhere…on TV, on the web, in the print media, on the radio.

The clueless become that way by lacking the intellectual capacity to understand the issues, or simply choosing to remain uninformed.

Lastly, there are the pseudo-intellectuals; those who levitate above the masses, deeply pondering the heavy issues of the day. Their self-proclaimed wisdom and analytic gifts far exceed those of the lowly mortals who actually demean themselves by taking a stand, believing in something.

So, here we have the precious undecideds…the liars, the valueless, the clueless and the pseudo-intellectuals.

For one, I’m tired of hearing about them, angry hearing from them. Tell the truth, get informed, stow the ego…and most importantly, get in the game or get the hell out of the discussion.

Author Bio:

graduate of the Grady College of Journalism at the University of Georgia, Rodney authored “Leading Your Business to the Next Level,” a non-fiction business book in 2005. “Powers Not Delegated” is Rodney’s first foray into fiction; the book meshes his knowledge of history, business and current events to produce a relevant and plausible tale of domestic and international intrigue. Additionally, Rodney writes political commentary on his own blog and for other nationally known blogs/websites. Rodney lives in Atlanta. His passions include hiking, photography, history, reading, and, of course, University of Georgia football.
  • Brad Gillespie

    This is interesting.  I hadn’t really thought much about the undecides, but have had a growing irritation with their inability to make a decision.  My thoughts have frankly been drawn to the conclusion that they live in an intellectual vacuum — not knowing or caring which way the country is drifting, or caring .  They are waiting for some final push to get them over the hump of indecision — and I wonder how can they  make a decision, when they don’t seem to have any valid criteria for decision making.   If the sun shines when Obama speaks, they might drift that way, or , if they wait another day, maybe the sun will shine on Romney.  Where either of these two stand on political principles doesn’t matter at all. 
    Ok, I relent: they make me sick. 

  • Kit

    I recently watched some college students being interviewed and if judging by their answers is the best America has to offer, we’re in big trouble.  These Obamatrons couldn’t tell you who the vice president is or what the three branches of our government are.  As for anyone saying they are still undecided, well,  they’re downright lying or plain stupid.

    • Pep1ron

      Another reason why everyone should NOT have the right to vote.

  • Royalsfan67

    I remember reading Ann Coulter years ago basically saying the same thing. How can someone not have a solid opinion at this point in the game. As much as she despised liberals, she said they were morally superior to undecideds for actually having the wherewithall to have an opinion. 

  • G. Daylan

    To quote Dennis Miller, “I have the utmost concern for the helpless but absolutely none for the clueless.”

  • cmacrider

    Rodney:  You raise the interesting question: “how do the ‘undecided’ decide that they are undecided?   Possibly a census should be taken of all eligible voters 2 weeks before the election and the “undecided” should be reclassified as “not capable of making a decision and therefore ineligible to vote.”

  • Artlouis

    Could it be that these are people who are waiting for something important to happen (or not happen) in their personal lives before picking their candidate? For example, will their application for food stamps be approved? If it is, guess who gets the vote. 

  • BurtPrelutsky

    Rodney: I’ve been ridiculing these clowns for many a year.  Welcome to the fray.  They are everything you say…and worse.