The Republican Mole

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In the Tea Party, there are wackos. No doubt about it. But they are the exception to the rule. On the other hand, in the case of the Democratic Party, they are the Democratic Party.

Black and Latino politicians like to focus on the large financial gap between their constituencies and white Americans. What they choose to ignore is the humongous gap in education. Although I regard the first four years of liberal arts instruction as an unholy waste of time and money, the way the system is set up, one has to slog through them before going on to become a physician, mathematician, architect, surgeon, lawyer, engineer or CPA. But when most members of the two largest minority groups in America don’t even make it through high school, how on earth can they possibly wind up wealthy unless they are adept at hitting, shooting, running or passing, some type of ball?

It’s not bigotry, as the race hustlers and assorted liberals would have it; it’s reality.

Instead of comparing themselves to rich white people, they should compare themselves to the only minority group that editorial writers and various leftwing sob sisters elect to ignore; namely, Asians. In spite of coming to this country generally speaking a foreign language, they and their children apply themselves and, more often than not, wind up out-earning white Americans by out-learning them.

Roughly 50 years ago, Lyndon Johnson declared a War on Poverty. Several trillions of dollars and countless state and federal feel-good programs later, the poverty level is basically unchanged.

The situation in Africa, in spite of the well-publicized efforts of Matt Damon, George Clooney, Bono and the U.N., is even worse. Considering the cast of characters, a cynic might even say, predictably worse. According to a recent study, in the 1970s, 10% of Africans lived in poverty. Today, the number stands at 70%. God knows Angelina Jolie has done all she can, but she’s only one person and she can’t adopt an entire continent.

The fact is, the War on Poverty, whether in Kenya or Detroit, and just about every other war that the U.S. has waged since 1945 has been an unmitigated disaster.

Am I the only one who finds it odd that although liberals were constantly attacking George W. Bush because he didn’t announce an exit strategy for Iraq, nobody ever demands an exit strategy when it comes to the unending wars on drugs and poverty?

On the other hand, there are a couple of wars that deserve to be waged. Both involve federal expenditures. Although they pale in comparison to the millions of dollars squandered on LightSquared, Solyndra and all those various “green energy” scams pulled off by Al Gore and Obama’s major donors, they are morally reprehensible. For instance, when Eric Holder’s Justice Department holds a conference, money is no object, so long as it’s yours and not theirs. Cookies typically go for $10 each, a cup of coffee runs $8, lunch costs $65 and if anyone feels like a snack, it’s another $32.

I haven’t seen over-runs like these since the last time the Pentagon submitted a budget. It makes you wonder if Michelle Obama is running a catering service out of the White House.

The other financial scandal involves pensions that are paid to 15 former members of Congress who were convicted of felonies including tax evasion, drug possession and racketeering. The list includes 11 Democrats and four Republicans. One of the bums collects $96,575-a-year. All told, these 15 ne’er-do-wells pull down nearly a million dollars annually.

Wouldn’t you think the pension rules would have been changed somewhere along the way, if only to provide Eric Holder with the wherewithal to order more cookies?

Finally, I have decided to make my play for the Pulitzer Prize, which has so far managed to elude me, by breaking the biggest news story of the year. It’s time to reveal the fact that Barack Obama is a Republican plant. In 2008, the RNC realized that after eight years of George Bush, if John McCain was somehow elected, the party was doomed to go the way of the Whigs.

By throwing the election and helping to elect a former community agitator with close ties to unrepentant terrorists, Communists and a racist church, the Republican Party wagered that once he showed his true colors, the voters would come to their collective senses.

But even in their wildest dreams, the GOP never imagined that within two short years, they would pick up Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat and elect a slew of governors and senators in Ohio, Virginia, New Jersey and Florida. When Bob Turner, a Catholic conservative, won the recent election in New York’s predominantly Jewish 9th district, millions of champagne glasses were hoisted all over America toasting their favorite mole, Barack Obama.

It’s ironic that in 2008, unsuspecting Democrats kept insisting that Obama was the Messiah. As things turned out, they were right. Who else, after all, could have raised the Republican Party from the dead?

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  • Chief

    As a minority I agree with your article. I don’t usually mention my ethnic status but given the subject herein I think it adds a little credibility to your observations. I am an attorney licensed in California and Washington State. My practice brings me face to face with the very people that big government liberals want to help. The problem is that throwing money at people does nothing but suck the life out of the very people that they want to help.
    I takes personal contact and a lot of it to get disadvantaged folks out from under the government handout mentality. Organizations such as Goodwill Industries are in my opinion the most successful in really helping the disadvantaged. They do it without government help and by real caring for others. Try getting that at your local government welfare office.

  • Jeannette

    At the risk of being labeled racist, it has been clear to me for numerous years that Asians in particular drive — and drive their offspring — to excellence. Proof is almost everywhere. This drive begins early, which means at home, not in school.

    I have harped for years about the necessity of basic reading skills. Without them, nothing else can happen; with them, everything can happen. Ask a lawyer how important the written word is. The pen is, indeed, mightier than the sword.

  • Burt Prelutsky

    Dear Readers: As usual, I am delighted to find so much good sense on display at my second favorite website.

    Cheers, Burt

  • Ben Groesbeck

    The following video link was sent to you by: Ben Groesbeck

    ABC Primetime Investigative Report

    Ben Groesbeck says: Well worth sharing!

    ABC did an Investigative report on prime time. Visit my website for details. 541-997-9556
    Let me know what you think, after viewing.

  • Drew Page

    It is about time someone wrote an article like this. The black and Hispanic race baiters want to continually carp about the disparity of wealth between their own people and white society,”They have more money than we do. Therefore they are racist and unfair and so is the ‘system’ that allows this to happen.” These race baiters never want to talk about the disparity of educational levels between minorities and whites, about staying in school, studying hard, learning as much as possible and earning more money. And they never want to compare themselves to other minorities like the Chinese, Hindus or Pakistanis who come to this country with limited English speaking abilities who value education, hard work and opportunities found in America.

  • JohnInMA

    Wow, Burt, this small piece is chocked full with many well made points! One note on the income and wealth disparity – it seems more jealous in nature than truly “values” oriented. People I read who have looked at the data admit the highest echelon of earners have accelerated their wealth accumulation over a generation. However, all income brackets have increased as well. Proportions are lower, but the disparity isn’t “sucking” money from the lower brackets. In fact, poverty in this country doesn’t deny anyone a safe and comfortable existence like in many other nations. I volunteer on occasion, and those who would be classified as the “poorest” are rarely without some of the necessities, including gadgetry like cell phones, microwaves, subsidized housing, even cars in some cases. And almost no one is without sufficient food, no matter how poor, unless there are other complicating circumstances such as mental illness, addiction, etc. The canard to make it seem like there are overlords creating a Dickensian lower class is simply a method to create envy. Witness OccupyXYZ, for example.

    Sure, there should be concerted efforts to bring greater prosperity to middle and lower income classes. The path is through innovation and not redistribution.

  • Shirl

    Just like was stated in a town-hall meeting; the giant has awakened, thank God. I just pray the Republicans don’t squander this opportunity. Just give the socialists enough rope and you know.


    • Lonesome George

      Thanks for posting Burt’s thoughts and comments.

      Burt to: “..adept at hitting, shooting, running or passing some kind of ball?” I would add: aspiring to be a gangsta.