Easter Bunnies Better Beware

Happy-EasterA couple of years ago, a story went viral surrounding the re-naming of Easter eggs “Spring spheres.”  It has since morphed into an urban legend.  The “story” was never confirmed but said to have originated on a radio program here in Seattle when a 16-year old from a private high school purportedly called in and told the DJ that she wanted to volunteer in a third grade class at a public school as part of her community service project during Spring break.  She said she suggested to the teacher that she’d like to fill little plastic eggs with treats and jelly beans and other candies and give them out to the children.  She got the teacher’s approval but only if she called the treats “Spring spheres.”

Well, it was only a matter of time before the secular progressives in this country would start getting their way.

Two years later, in 2013, this absurdity is now a reality.  School districts in East Meadow, NY, Manhattan Beach, CA, Flat Rock, SC and West Shore, PA, have changed “Easter” eggs to “Spring” eggs.

I thought the secular progressives in this country would be content with attacking Christmas, pressuring municipalities to change Christmas trees to holiday trees, but I was mistaken.  Now, they’re going after Easter eggs.

While Easter is a major Christian holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the holiday is also secular.  Springtime is the time when we see lots of chocolate Easter bunnies, jelly beans, and, of course, children decorating Easter eggs.

Manufacturers such as Peeps, Dove, Cadbury and Hershey’s sell Easter favorites of their candies.  Coloring kits, grass and baskets are marketed as items used to decorate and display Easter eggs.

I’ve read the egg was a pagan symbol but later adopted by Christians to symbolize the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  I’m guessing most people don’t know this and if you asked most children, they’d probably say they love eating the chocolate ones and coloring real eggs and haven’t clue about the religious component of Easter.

So what exactly are the secular progressives so afraid of?    What’s so offensive about an Easter egg?  Are they concerned about cholesterol or are they really trying to make something into a religious symbol that nobody really associates with Christianity?  I know their overall goal is to marginalize, if not eliminate, religion in our society and those who have faith, but “Easter” eggs?  Really?

What amazes me is that someone wakes up in the morning and makes something like this their goal in life.  I don’t have the time or energy; heck, I barely have time to read about it and type a few words.

What’s infuriating to me is the amount of time and energy is wasted on something so ridiculous.  I can only imagine the number of meetings and staffings, memos, emails and phone calls that were had in the school districts to save the children from the dangers of perceived religious indoctrination in the guise of Easter eggs.  Why focus on education when there are far more important issues like eliminating the “Easter” egg?

So, what’s next?  Are the secular progressives teaming up with Elmer Fudd to exterminate the dreaded Easter bunny?  What was a hoax in 2011 turned out to be reality just two years later.  The Easter bunny better watch out… it’s only a matter of time before he’s targeted.

In the meantime, I’ll just sit here quietly, eating my Dove dark chocolate Easter egg while contemplating the fate of Easter Island….

I don’t get it, but if you do, God bless you.

Author Bio:

For over twenty years, Leona has tried to heed her husband’s advice, “you don’t have to say everything you think.” She’s failed miserably. Licensed to practice law in California and Washington, she works exclusively in the area of child abuse and neglect. She considers herself a news junkie and writes about people and events on her website, “I Don’t Get It,” which she describes as the “musings of an almost 60-year old conservative woman on political, social and cultural life in America.” It’s not her intention to offend anyone who “gets it.” She just doesn’t. Originally from Brooklyn, and later Los Angeles, she now lives with her husband, Michael, on a beautiful island in the Pacific Northwest, which she describes as a bastion of liberalism.
Author website: http://www.idontgetit.us
  • Ron F

    I agree that it is silly. On the other hand, I think it is only some secular progressives who are advocating the removal of anything that can be construed as having a religious meaning from schools and other government sponsored events. Just like some Christians want creationism taught as science in public schools as an alternative to evolution. At least the nonsense is restricted to government sponsored events. The Constitution guarantees us the right to practice our faiths as we want in our private lives and can call Easter, Easter. The silly part of it is, they may have stopped referring to Easter in schools, but the children can speak and celebrate Easter, and probably do, outside of school. In addition, it seems like very few school districts have gone along with the nonsense and the voters in those school districts, if they care, can remove the school board members in the next election.

  • Wheels55

    While Easter Eggs really isn’t a part of religion, it is dumb to ban such a name. I guess Easter Island is now Spring Island? I am with you on the whole Dove dark chocolate thing – that is heavenly (take that Bill Maher!!)

  • Roger Ward

    The politically correct police have as their goal the marginalization and eventual elimination of all vestiges of religion from public life, no matter how benign or positive that influence might be. Their efforts began with “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” and will continue unabated until they achieve their goal of a society devoid of any hint of religious influence. (In addition to “Happy Holidays”, they’ve had considerable success in changing “Easter Vacation” to “Spring Break”.) If this goal of liberals meets with your approval, be sure to thank the politically correct by continuing to vote for lefties (i.e. Democrats.)