The U.N. Human Rights Council — and other Jokes

I don’t know why those nasty conservatives are always taking cheap shots at the United Nations.   I mean, the U.N. cares about stuff, important stuff.  Don’t the delegates who leave the comfort of their homes in places like Zimbabwe and Bangladesh only to endure the hardships of Manhattan and Geneva do really important work?

Why yes they do.  Here’s just the latest example. The U.N. Human Rights Council is meeting in that aforementioned hellhole called Geneva, Switzerland taking up a matter brought to the council’s attention by the NAACP.  The civil rights group says that laws in the United States that require voters to show photo IDs before casting their ballots hurt poor folks in general and black folks in particular.  Photo ID laws, according to the NAACP are discriminatory because they disenfranchise voters who don’t have the wherewithal to get a picture ID, and, that, the argument goes, suppresses the minority vote.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a human rights violation to me.

Want to know how bad it is?  I’ll tell you anyway.  Eight states passed photo ID laws in just the past year and similar laws are pending in 32 more states.  Talk about your crimes against humanity.

“This really is a tactic that undercuts the growth of … democracy,” according to Hillary Shelton, the NAACP’s senior vice president for advocacy, speaking about those photo ID requirements.  Ms. Shelton told Fox News that such a burdensome requirement “undercuts the integrity of our government, if you allow it to happen. It’s trickery, it’s a sleight-of-hand. We’re seeing it happen here … and we are utilizing the U.N. as a tool to make sure that we are able to share that with those countries all over the world.”

So who’s going to listen to these cries for help?  Well, let’s start with the delegates from Saudi Arabia, a nation that cares deeply about voting rights.  Unless you’re a woman.  Then you’re not allowed to vote.

Then there are those two beacons of light that care so very much about “the growth of democracy” — China and Cuba, one-party dictatorships where it’s not a good idea to criticize the government for anything, especially for trampling on the human rights of its citizens.  Oh yeah, that lighthouse of enlightenment, Libya, is also a member of the Human Rights Council.

So what’s going on here?  That’s easy.  The NAACP is trying to embarrass the United States in front of the whole wide world because it’s losing the argument here at home. Most Americans figure if they have to present an ID to rent a movie at the strip mall or check into a hotel … or buy a gun, which is a right granted under the Constitution, then is it really oppressive to require citizens to show a government-issued picture of themselves before voting?

But as the saying goes, reasonable people may disagree.  So the NAACP may have a case.

But to take that case to delegates who represent tyrants and thugs who wouldn’t recognize a human right if it kicked them in the rear end … well, that is embarrassing.  Not for the United States.  For a once proud civil rights organization.


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  • Jeff Metz

    I blogged on this same topic last week.  The United Nations has been pretty much a joke for since its inception.  One can just see the Saudis telling Americans who and who can not vote.  And don’t forget the Russians, where Putin has pretty much set himself up a quasi-dictatorship.  Although apparently the President doesn’t think so since he was caught whispering in our counterparts ear.  

    Jeff Metz

  • patriotbelle

    The NAACP is a JOKE!!!!!!!

  • questioning

    NAACP is the water boy for the DNC

  • questioning

    The NAACP has become the National Association of Allied Communist Party members and hope never to pertmit peaceful race relations for  it would dry up their robbery of blacks and corporations.

  • Jamal Wilkerson

    The UN is an excellent example of what happens when you give turd-world persons an equal vote on important policy matters.

    I wonder whether the ambassador from Somalia carries a photo ID.   Perhaps he can’t afford one.  I suppose we’d better not burden him with a requirement that he show one before voting on whether Americans should show one to vote.

  • Jamal Wilkerson

    “The civil rights group says that laws in the United States that require
    voters to show photo IDs before casting their ballots hurt poor folks in
    general and black folks in particular. ”

    Obviously we need to repeal most laws, because they hurt the people who break them, and some identifiable groups of people break them more often than do other groups.

    With each passing decade it becomes more difficult to mock the public-policy positions of liberals in hope of helping them see the light.  That’s because their positions are absurd, and anyone who doesn’t already recognize that fact is hopelessly dense and unlikely to be fazed by sarcasm.

  • Bob Hadley

    Let’s see, you have the act of voting on the one hand, and the act of buying booze and renting a movie on the other hand….I wonder if there’s a difference.

    • Ron Kean

      When people buy booze, rent a movie, or drive a car, they’re not helping to decide where my tax money goes.  They’re not telling me to pay more money to anybody.  They’re not deciding anything that has to do with my life.  

      But voting?  They might pick somebody who might end up picking my pocket. I don’t want foreigners, people who try to vote multiple times, or some who may use the names of the dead to decide where our taxes go.

      • Bob Hadley

        My point is that voting is a fundamental consitutional right and a cornerstone of our political system. 

        Yes, it’s important that, to the extent that it’s a problem, we seek to restrict the vote to those who are eligible to do so, and make sure that they do so only once per election. 

        On the other hand, it’s important that we don’t put stumbling blocks in the way of those who are eligible to vote and who might or might not select someone who’ll “pick your pocket.”   

        That’s why I’m trying to find out how often someone ineligible to vote goes to a voting poll and impersonates someone who either has not voted yet or who has died but who is still on the voting roster AND who happens to have a utility bill of that yet-to-vote or deceased person.

        • Ron Kean

          When people are born in the USA they can get documents to prove it.  They can ask people to help acquire those documents.   It will cost $20 or maybe a little more.  It isn’t hard to do.  If people don’t, it shows they just don’t want to and that’s not our problem.

           If they can’t figure it out or refuse, they shouldn’t vote.   It shows that they just don’t care about being a citizen and consequently being part of the governance of the country.   When people become citizens they receive documents to prove that. They care and there’s little problem there.It’s so easy to get an ID that it gives rise to the opinion that people fighting voter ID really want abuse for their own gain.  It’s just too easy to get an ID.  

        • Drew Page

          Bob  —  You ask how often someone ineligible to vote goes to a voting place and impersonates someone who either has not voted or who has died, but is still on the voting roster.  I’ll tell you how often, as often as they get paid to do it and as often as they want to vote for someone who promises to give them something they don’t have to pay for.   I have lived all my life in Chicago, so I know what I’m talking about.  

          Perhaps you remember a group called ACORNmthat was responsible for massive voter registration fraud, was indicted in a number of states for voter registration fraud and ultimately had its government funding cutoff.

          Please don’t resort to this stuff about the poor rural sharecropper, walking barefoot behind the plow all day, unable to get to find a birth certificate, without ten cents in his pocket, having to fight a massive state bureaucracy and pay exhorbitant fees just to get a picture ID card so’s he can vote.   Most, if not all, states that want voters to present a picture ID have offered them for free to those who can’t afford it.

          • Bob Hadley

            ACORN’s voter fraud would not be addressed by the voter ID laws.  The ACORN people used fraudulent names in getting people on voter registration lists.  Even Mickey Mouse – or was it Donald Duck? – was on one list. 

            I know of no evidence that anyone showed up at a voting poll and tried to impersonate any of ACORN’s make believe names by showing utility bills of those fictitous voters.  Do fictitous people actually get utility bills?  :)

            As to your statement that the type of voter fraud addressed by proposed voter ID laws is rife, where is the evidence?  All I hear are bald allegations.  Talk is cheap, real cheap.

          • Ron Kean

            Drew’s absolutely right.  You prove him wrong.  Get links.  Show iron clad evidence.  Spend time.  Let’s see it.  Make it happen.  Just do it.  I agree. Talk is cheap.

          • Bob Hadley

            What do you want me to prove?  I wasn’t saying there is no voter fraud of the type addressed by the proposed voter ID laws.  I wanted to know why drew insists that such fraud is prevalent. 

            Besides, how do you prove a negative?  It’s like proving that 9/11 was NOT an inside job.  All you can do is attest to a dearth of credible evidence and say what a serious charge it is.

            I have done some preliminary research actually looking for the type of voter fraud addressed by the voter ID laws.  So far, I have found none.

            But why do you think Drew is right?   In this instance your effort to turn the tables is inapt.

    • Ron Kean

      People who say it will hurt blacks are racists.  They think blacks are too stupid to get an ID.  They think that blacks don’t have the brains to figure that out.  

      I disagree with those racist Democrats.  Blacks, hispanics, asians, arabs and the rest.  They’re not stupid.  They can do it.  We’re all together at the door to the polling place.

      • Bob Hadley

        So, you’re playing the race card?  I know, various liberals do it, so you’re entitled, right?

        I know someone who had to get a state ID.  It’s a major hassle even if youre familiar with the the step-by-step process.  It includes ordering a birth certificate.  It is especially onerous for those living in rural areas with no transportation, those with mobility problems and those who don’t have spare time (e.g. a full time job, a parttime job, a spot job and three young kids).

        And IDs issued by state colleges and universities should be valid.  I understand that the proposed Texas voter ID law would exclude those IDs.

        An aggressive drive to get state issued ID’s to all those eligible to vote should precede voter ID laws.

        Another resolution is to have voter rosters scrubbed of all deceased voters and those who are ineligible to vote.  This is not a 100% solution, but it’d certainly help. 

        BTW, my understanding of voter ID laws is that they will not prevent illegals from voting as long as they’re on the rosters and they have a picture ID.  Regitration of illegals is a different problem.

        I’ve done some preliminary research on this and so far have been unable to find that any major problem with  people going to voting polls and impersonating others who are on the rosters but who either have not voted yet or have recently died.

        Incidentally, I agree with Bernie’s point that the NAACP should not have gone to the UN about this matter.

        • Ron Kean

          I don’t believe it’s hard to get an ID.  And yes, it’s racist to think one group is incapable to the extent of being exclusionary.

          • Bob Hadley

            I think you’re attacking a straw man.  I’m unaware of anyone saying that blacks as a group or blacks in general lack the capability of getting a state ID. 

            Do you have a state issued ID?  Here, I’m not talking about a driver’s license.  If you don’t have one, you can do a little experiment by getting one for yourself.  If it’s such an easy thing to do, it shouldn’t inconenience you much.

        • Ron Kean

          And it’s okay to say the KKK is racist or similar organizations but it’s not okay to say it about people who disagree with the president or the attorney general.  The term ‘race card’ is a game that people play to advance their cause whether or not the accused is guilty of racism or not.  It’s all about the context rather than using the word solely as a weapon.

          • Bob Hadley

            And weren’t you playing the game by turning the tables on race baiting liberals?   Your remark harkened back to Bernie’s article on calling Jon Stewart a racist “just for fun.

          • Ron Kean

            You’re right.  I was having a little fun with that.

  • David R. Zukerman

    I suggest we solve the problem by replacing reality voting with virtual voting — provided that the outcome guarantees rule by the left and thier cronies.

  • Wil

    Bernie, No question about it – if you require a voter I.D. and charge for that I.D.
    you have just instituted a poll tax and that is unconstitutional. Maybe the
    constitution is not as important to conservatives as they claim.

    • Glenn218

      Bull, in most if not all states, you can a state issued id for free.

      • Wil

        Really? No time wasted and travel fees.

        • Kenawellr

          I will gladly give anyone a ride for free.  I have looked.  There is not one person willing to take me up on the offer.

  • Wil

    Bernie, If only we had a system in place wherein people registered to vote prior to elections, and election officials could confirm beforehand whether a person was eligible to vote. Well we do!

    And are you actually going to argue that voter fraud prevention is the goal of ID laws? There’s no question here: the GOP sees demographics shifting and is actively working to disenfranchise voters that consistently go against them.

    “Voter fraud” is a joke.

    • Drew Page

      No Wil, you’re the joke.   Voter fraud is real and it can rob legitimate voters of their preferred candidates.   Worse, it discourages legitimate voters from going to the polls.  I have lived in Chicago all my life, so don’t tell me voter fraud isn’t real or a problem.  We have the jailed Governors, politicians and judges to prove it.   

      You know better than claim that the requirement of showing a picture ID is equivalent to a poll tax.   If you believe that, then you must believe that the government (we taxpayers) owe everyone who wants to vote a free ride to and from the polling places, at times convenient to them.   God forbid anyone be inconvenienced.  I’m sure there must be something about the public’s right to be from inconvenience in the Constitution.   If you can’t prove who you are, maybe you don’t know who you are and if you don’t know who you are, you shouldn’t be voting.

      • Bob Hadley

        “We have the jailed Governors, politicians and judges to prove it. ”

        That’s a Red Herring.  We all know voter fraud in general does occur.  But what governor, politician and/or judge has gone to a voting poll and impersonnated someone else who is on the voting roster?

  • Roxiebell

    The opposition of requiring a photo ID to vote is like a neon “voter fraud” sign around the necks of those who want to cheat in an attempt to control the outcome of the election, it is so obvious its pathetic. 

    Just why is it that the far left, liberals and liberal organizations like the NAACP insult, degrade and demean people of color in this country?  Its abusrd that they always expose themselves as absolute failures since they continue to hammer us with the point that the people they supposedly serve just “can’t” seem to function in modern society.  Its ridiculous.

  • PeterFitzwell

    Geneva would make a very nice headquarters for the UN.

  • countryroad2012

    I just made a doctors appointment and was told I had to show photo id when I came to the registration desk before I could see the doctor?  If I have to show id for that I think you can show id for voting!
    P.S. is this a part of Obamacare?

    • Wil

      So, why shouldn’t you need an ID to vote?

      Voting IS a right guaranteed by seven constitutional amendments*.


      Any questions?

  • martah11

    As always, super article. & as always written with Bernie’s fantastic humor.

  • Elemconeil

    You’re last line said it all.  A once admired organization reduced to a bad joke.  It is sad.

  • FloridaJim

    What part of the United Nations works well? I do not know of one thing they do that is done well and without the ones where performing the task doersn’t benefit the doer more than the recipient. The graft, the payoffs, the gratuitous falsehoods remind more of congress than a well-managed goodwill organization. We use to drive down I-80 from Chicago East and see a sign in the 60’s “Get out of the United Nations” I believe we should have followed that notice.

  • Michaelharris99

    Bernie, You forgot to mention that they need a ride or some form of transportation to the government office to get their free photo I’d if they are poor. Hard to get there. Well hard to travel to vote.

  • Wallace Flint

    Let’s face it, the U.N. is a joke! What gets me, is the fact they seem to go out of the way to embarras the U.S. A. in the U.N. and we seem to take all this “crap” all the time.
    Seeing we are paying the lions share of the “tab” for all this b.s, many times I thought
    maybe we should get out and let some of these clowns pay their fair shsre, for a change.
    Why the hell do we have to stuck all the time? Now this, with countries like Cuba, China or Saudi Arabia are passing judgement on us. Whet a damned joke!!
    Back in the days of the Korean War, the troops were referred to as the U.N. forces many times. Hell, I didn’t mind that as much, seeing that maybe this was a new start for this sort of thing.But as time went on, the U.N. proved to be a big joke, more and more.
    Let’s face it, if the U.S.were to suddenly “disappear” who the hell would try to keep the peace and keep other people free. What a waste of lives-the Korean War was the forgotten war. Well, I know those of us who served over there at the time-haven’t forgotten.
    If it wasn’t for the U.S. I fear a lot of the world wouldn’d be free as it is.

    In God We Trust!
    Wally Flint- Boonville, NY

  • Glen Stambaugh

    I haven’t heard any “reasonable” disagreeing statements yet and the folks making them don’t offer much credibility towards being reasonable people either. Unless of course, I’m the unreasonable party here.

  • tready

    If your poor, and on welfare/foodstamps, guess what you gotta show to get in that program?…..duh….Illegals are voting for obama, and illegals voting when there not U.S. citizens is ILLEGAL….has nothing to do with being poor…

  • Ron Kean

    I think the name National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is anachronistic. I wonder if they’re quietly embarrassed with that name like some people get when they hear the lyrics to the songs in Porgy and Bess.

    I wonder if they know that the best way to advance socially and economically is to go out and buy Hart Schaffner & Marx suits, white shirts and ties and look like President Obama.

    I wonder what the total revenue is from the United Nations organization and how much the city of New York would suffer if the UN moved to Tunis, Bombay or Bankok.

    To think the USA pays 20% of UN expenses when the gulf oil states and China pay little adds to the disgust.

    It was best for the USA when Daniel Patrick Moynahan and John Bolton were representatives. They brought at least a little sanity into the place.

  • Betts

    Even the doc I’ve been seeing for 30 years now requires a photo ID before I can be seen!

  • Drew Page

    Yeah, what a tremendous hardship requiring a picture ID to vote. You can’t cash a check, get on a plane, rent a video movie, check into a hotel/motel or drive a car without a picture ID. I believe the states requiring picture IDs for voting have offered to supply such IDs free of charge to those who can’t afford them. So what’s the big deal? I do not believe that any of the states making picture IDs a requirement for voting saying that only “poor people” or only “minorities” needed picture IDs to vote, so where’s the discrimination?

    Living in Chicago all my life I can tell you that requiring a picture ID would cause great incovenience to Democrat voters since 20% of them are legally dead. This post-mortem constituency is one the Democrats cannot afford to lose and that is why Eric Holder, his boss and the NAACP are complaining about it.

    • Bob Hadley

      “Living in Chicago all my life I can tell you that requiring a picture ID would cause great incovenience to Democrat voters since 20% of them are legally dead”

      This is a serious allegation. Where is the evidence to support it? As we all know, talk is cheap. Any fool can make an allegation.

      I’ve heard similiar allegations before, and I’m not saying this is not true. I’m just unaware of any supporting evidence. But anyone making such a serious statement should have the evidence to support it.

      • Ron Kean

        James O’Keefe recently exposed on tape flagrant voter fraud in Vermont and New Hampshire. Hearsay about Chicago is irrelevant to the need for voter ID because of what’s already been demonstrated.

        • Bob Hadley

          Do you have a link to the O’Keefe matter? My understanding is that he got caught trying to impersonate a dead or absent person.

          My understanding is that it’s extremely rare for someone ineligible to vote (or who has already voted) to impersonate someone who is eligible to vote but who has not yet voted or to impersonate someone who has died but is still on the voter rolls.

          I’m looking for evidence for a comparison of this type of voter fraud to evidence of those who who are eligible to vote but don’t have a requisite picture ID and who would have trouble obtaining one.

          The voter ID law would be OK if any state issued picture ID (including IDs from state colleges)were accepted AND before it went into effect there were an agressive and pervasive drive to get the requisite picture IDs to those needing them.

          BTW, those spouting off about voter fraud in Chicago or elsewhere should either put up or shut up. I’m not saying it is not true, but I want to see the evidence. And no, I’m not trying to stifle anyone’s right to free speech. Everyone has a constitutional right to be irresponsible. But i also have a constitutional right to free speech.

          • Ron Kean

            I don’t care if you doubt me.

          • Hawaiibred

            I didn’t say I doubted you.  I asked you if you had a link showing the O’Keefe matter. 

            Who was it who said “trust but verify”?

          • martah11

            Why not researh on your own?

          • Bob Hadley

            I do.  But why not backup allegations with facts and sources?

          • Tim Ned

            I don’t know the stats about dead people voting. However there is a 2005 GAO report that some registered voters showing up for jury duty were non Americans.  There is much debate from both sides on this report.  Indications are that perhaps as many as 3% of voters are non citizens in those states studied.  States such as mine you simply need a gas or electric bill to register to vote.   Nothing else.  So the question is; how do you determine fraud?  If an exit poll was taken outside of polling centers on the citizenship of exiting voters, that pollster would be labeled the biggest bigot of the century.

             I suspect Bob that if Republicans were crossing the border into our country, the democrats would have a much different opinion on Voter Ids as would the Republicans.  But my position is clear.  You must be an American to vote.

          • Patrick

            Good point and weren’t the Democrats the ones screaming voter fraud back in 2000? 

          • Bob Hadley

            If so, I missed it.  The Democratic Party did raise the issue of voter suppression and voter intimidation in 2000.  

            Regardless of party, however, if people voting more than once or who aren’t qualified to vote is a REAL problem, it should be dealt with accordingly

          • Bob Hadley

            OK, now I’m really intrigued.  You say all you need to REGISTER to vote is a bill.  I thought the voter ID laws pertained only to people showing up at the polls to actually vote.  If so, voter ID laws would not prevent someone from fraudulently registering to vote.

            Do voter ID laws also apply to those registering to vote?

            Again, I’ll do some independent research on this. 

          • martah11

            Do you remember Roy Wilkins or are you too young?

          • Bob Hadley

            I guess I’m too young.  Enlighten me. 😛

          • martah11

            Chicago is to legal voting as China/Cuba is to human rights. – I once said, we have the most corrupt gov’t. The person, from Chi-town said: you haven’t seen anything till you see what it’s like in Chicago. – You folks are famous for Al Capone style voting. Thug City, USA. – How’s Gov. Blago doing in his new home?

          • Bob Hadley

            You haven’t provided one shred of evidence.  You have merely stated beliefs and quoted others’ beliefs.  Your post is meaningless.
            BTW, Blago was not convicted of going to a voting poll and impersonating someone on the voters registration rolls who has not yet voted or who is deceased.

          • Patrick

            Not the O’ Keefe matter, but here’s an example of voter fraud that happened by…surprise surprise, ACORN Bob, voter fraud does actually happen and if I think of it/have time, I’ll provide you with more links/evidence of voter fraud

          • Bob Hadley

            I couldn’t pull up the link you provided.  I’ll do some research on my own.

            But please note, voter ID laws address only a particular type of voter fraud. 

             If your link refers to ACORN people signing up voters by fictitous names (e.g. Mickey Mouse), that’s different from someone going to a voter poll and impersonating someone who’s on the voter registration rolls.

            I know of no one ever going to a voting poll and claiming to be Mickey Mouse.  :)

          • Patrick

            Also, another case in Indiana just this past February, again not related to the O’ Keefe case, but there has been voter fraud:


          • Bob Hadley

            As far as I can tell, this Indiana case above is NOT about someone going to a voting poll and impersonating someone on the voters registration rolls who has not yet voted or who is deceased.

            The Indiana case above is apparently about a government official registering to vote in a district where he does not live so that he can benefit financially from the state tax payers. 

            I’ll do some research on my own. 

          • Patrick

            I’m sorry Bob, I was just trying to help. But best of luck to you.

          • Bob Hadley

            Thhanks Patrick!

          • martah11

            You missed my gig about Blago – not important though.

          • martah11

            And bob, it you think your elections are straight, look again. At least, I am honest about mine. – Politicians are notoriously corrupt. You’re too defensive and unrealistic about them. (Even some that I liked have disappointed me. Then I realize, they’re politicians!) Neither party is perfect.

          • Bob Hadley

            I don’t doubt that you honestly believe what you say, but believing something doesn’t make it true. 

            What are your beliefs based on other then other people’s beliefs and general allegations? 

      • Jamal Wilkerson

         Right, and anyone who claims Americans have been to the moon had damned well better be ready to show me a certified moon rock.

        • Bob Hadley

          That is a completely illogical and emotion-laden rationalization for a bald allegation completely devoid of any supporting evidence.  Isn’t that what liberals do?  Are you a liberal?

          I can provide oodles of documentation for our moon landing.  What documentation can you provide that 20% of Chicago Democratic voters ipersonate dead people who are still on the voter rolls? 

          Or are you equating reality with beliefs?  If so, there really is a Santa Clause and an Easter Bunny.  😛

  • robin in fl

    I heard about this yesterday and all I could do was shake my head and roll my eyes and say “whatever’…just when you think you can’t hear anything lamer,something else ALWAYS comes along.

    thanks for the good read Mr G :)

  • Ken Besig

    To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, the UN has become the last refuge of a scoundrel.

  • T Ivison

    The NAACP is so desperate remain relevent that they stoop to this kind of silliness.

    • Drew Page

      All the NAACP is doing is perpetuating the stereotype.

  • Dave O’Connor

    We’ve institutionlized hypocrisy.
    What’s so remarkable is that the NAACP wants us to believe that they have faith in representatives of countries in which they’d never be allowed a ‘charter’. I suppose they think it will add weight to Holder’s menial argument, as it embarasses the United States. with the argument, “What will the world think?”
    This is just exploiting publicity to feed their own shallow resentments.

    • martah11

       The NAACP is not was it was; it’s now a shill for the Democrats. Jump, says Obama. Yes, sir, how high? asks the NAACP.

  • the DA

    We have become a nation of the absurd. Common sense is no longer an asset in solving problems in America. We’re like clueless parents who let their children run the house, and then wonder why things are so bad.

  • Kat

    The next thing that will happen is that all the rest of the world will have to “approve” of our food, our clothes, our recreational habits and so on. What a crock!

  • Dan

    Nailed it, as usual. Well done.